A Barbershop Haircut and Shave

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It was Mid-April of 1972 in the Woods of Ontario; Claire was a Junior High student who is going to the Great Lakes for Spring Break.


After driving through the Woods for about 20 minutes, the car suddenly stopped.

C: “I’m Out of Gas!”

C: “Damnit!” *Sighs* “I’m going to take a look around”.

Claire got out of her sedan and saw that the sun had set. “I got to find a place for the night, can’t sleep in the car.”

She had long ankle-length hair, which meant it could get tangled in lots of knots.

C: “I think I see a light. It may be  a town!” “Hopefully, it has a hotel and a gas station.”


After about 10 minutes of walking, she reached a sign that said: Welcome to Richardson!

Claire took a gander and saw the streetlamps turned on, but no shops were open.

C: “Everyone must’ve headed home and I don’t see a hotel.”

Claire found the gas station, but the lights were turned off. A sign on the gas station door said, “Be back in 2 hours”.

Claire sighed and looked around a bit more.

C: “Hold up, An open shop! But…It’s a barbershop!” “Odd, but if it’s the only shop that’s open, so be it. As long as there is a phone I could use.”


She opened the door and saw three barbers, one who is with a client who just finished getting a mohawk.

“Um, Hello?”

“Oh, Hello Young Lady! My name’s Jake!”

“Um, I’m Claire, I was wondering if you knew the guy who owned the gas station down the block?”

J: “Oh, Frank’s Gas and Go! Hehe, he’s a 22-6 kind of guy!”

C: “Cool! Do you know when he’ll open?”

J: “At about 10:30 or 11:00 at the latest, give or take an 5 extra minutes.”

C: “Is it okay if I stay here until he opens?”

J: “Sure! I could do your hair if you want?”


She was uneasy and knew her hair was a “security blanket”. However, it did get in her way and she’s going to graduate in June. A new look would be necessary.


C: “Ok, I’m up for it.”

J: “Have a seat.”

Claire sat down and Jake pinned up her hair. Then, he wrapped the strip of tissue around her neck and then caped her with a silver and black striped cape. He unclipped the hair a turned he towards the mirror. As he was combing out her hair, Jake said ->

J: “Just the ends?”

C: “I want it shorter, but I don’t know ‘how’ short I want to go.”

J: “A Mullet? Flattop? Fauxhawk? I can make a Fauxhawk very interesting. Or maybe a Peter Pan Pixie? A Shoulder-Length Shag?”

C: “Let’s do a Flattop! I’m constantly doing my hair and it’s weighing me down!”

J: “You got it! I’ll first get rid of the bulk.”

He grabbed Claire’s long blonde hair and held it about an inch from her head, he took a large set of clippers and used it to take the long hair off in about 15 seconds. She held the arms of the barber chair, while the large ponytail hair was being sheared. The hair was a mix of a very short bob and an uneven shag after the cut.

He sprayed the remaining hair and turned Claire towards the waiting area. Then, Jake took a guard and put it on the clippers, picked up a comb and started shaving the back of her head.

J: “Don’t worry, this isn’t military flattop. It’s a bit longer, but still low-maintenance.”

He continued to shave away at the sides of her head until they were even. He then started at the top using a pair of 7” scissors by combing and cutting neatly twice over and then on the sides. He then used the same method but thinned it a bit up top and used the blow-dryer to get rid of the hair on Claire’s face. Jake said he was almost done and took out a small, white set of clippers. He used it to clean up the edges and around her ears. Jake finally used a straight razor to clean Claire’s neck and put wax in her hair.


However, she didn’t expect what happened next.

The chair reclined and Claire saw something out of the corner of her eye. Jake had a small bowl and what looked like a make-up brush, as well as a towel. He put the towel on her face. It was hot, but not scalding. Luckily, she wasn’t wearing make-up.

He took the towel off and started to put shaving cream on Claire’s face. The cream was put from her nose down. He picked up his razor and tilted her head back gently, so he could get the cream to go underneath her chin. Small, short strokes were made, and the strokes got longer once Jake got to her cheeks and under the nose. He wiped off the extra cream and sprayed her hair with a soothing Lavender mist.

J: “Ready?”

C: “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Jake turned the chair around and Claire looked awesome. She saw that it was still long enough to style and had a 2012/2013 Kristen Stewart vibe going on, even if it was shorter. Jake used a small mirror to let her see the back.

C: “Cool! How Much?”

J: “Ten Dollars.”

She took out a twenty-dollar bill from her purse.

C: “Here You Are! Keep the Change.”

J: “Thanks!” “Hey, Look! The gas station is open!”

C: “That’s good to know.” “I’ll come back soon.” “Maybe In the Summer?”

J: “You Bet!”

C: “Have a Nice Night!”

J: “Same To You!”


15 minutes later, Claire’s car is gassed up, back on the main road and headed to the Great Lakes to meet her friends.

C: “I can’t wait to show the others my new haircut! Whoooo-Hoooooo!!!!!”




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