A bat-mitzvah and a haircut

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The day was here, Reut was no longer a little, naive girl but a young lady.

Her mother, Rebekah, made her daughter proper for the ceremony.
She ironed Reut’s hand-made dress and mended her shawl to look its best.

“Reut”,Rebekah called,”Hurry up or we’ll be late”.

The girl came down with stunning flare.”Aw, baby, you look just like I did during my bat-mitzvah. Now, come along, we don’t want to be late”.

The family piled into the van and rush to the synagogue. Rabbi Boaz greeted them with prayer of welcome and said,”Reut, this is a very important day for not just you but our people as a whole. Are you ready?”

“Yes, rabbi”

“Then, come this way”,he guided her to the podium and lit some incense, letting it fill the room with its sweet aroma.

“You can start when you’re ready”

Reut, the smart girl she was, recited the scrolls in perfect Hebrew and superb pronunciation.

She completed it and her synagogue cheered with a standing ovation as she was handed the scroll.

During the after party, she was given her cash to start her new life as a young lady if she so desired.

She danced, talked with her friends, and enjoyed the party as much as she wanted.

When the after party ended, her mother asked her to stay back as her father took her siblings home.

“Are you ready?”she asked,”To officially become a young lady”.

“Yes mama”, Reut said.

“Then, let us go”.

They had talked about this night and day: a special ritual that every girl in their clan went through to become an adult.

They walked the sidewalk with brisk strokes,”This is finally it”.

Soon, the infinite red, white, and blue spiral met their eyes.

A bell tinkled as they arrived:

“Good evening, ladies. Man, I thought I would never live to see the day”,said David, the Jewish barber of Caramel street.

“Yes”,said Rebekah,”Reut is finally of age”.

The barber patted the chair and Reut hopped onto its flexible cushion.

“Short style?”he asked, the mother nodded as she sat in the waiting area.

“Okay, here we go”

He started by caping Reut in a teal cape and parted her hair into two parts.

He braided her black halves and severed them with his shears.

He handed them to Reut who would keep them for the rest of her life.

The barber parted the hair again (crown from sides) and started trimming down the hair.

He then applied a number #3 guard to the silver clippers and continued shearing the sides.

Reut’s shoulders and lap were littered with strands and bits of hair and she smiled sheepishly at the scene.

Finishing the sides, David unclipped the top and trimmed the hair.

He layered and dusted it and sprayed some hairspray on it.

“Wa-lah”, he signaled for Rebekah.

“You’re beautiful”,softly put Rebekah, sifting through Reut’s new style,”you’re finally a young lady”.

To that, Reut smiled warmly and said,”Thanks mom”.

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