A beauty week with Miss Judy

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I was about 16 and my parents were going away for a week or so, just before my father was going overseas again, and my mother arranged for me to stay with Miss Judy. I was already working for her part time in her beauty parlor and I usually rode with her to work anyway. I day they left I said my goodbyes and took my stuff over to Miss Judys house. When I knocked on the door I could her her call out that the door was open and just to come in. She told me to put my things in the first bedroom right next to the bathroom. As I walked into the room I noticed that everything in the room was white and pink and that were clothes on the bed. I asked her what she wanted me to do with the clothes and she told me to try them on to make sure they fit. I picked them up and noticed that they were all girls clothes. Dresses, blouses, pants, panties, pajamas and a nightgown. I asked if these were for me and that my mother packed me some clothes. She said, “I dont know why she sent clothes, I told her I had some for you for the week.”

She walked into the room wearing a bra and some loose fitting pants with her hair up in a loose bun. She told me to try the clothes on so she could see how they fit, so I proceeded to change out of my boy clothes and into the ones she bought me. Everything fit perfectly and she had me put on the bra she got me and a pair of older pants she had and follow her to the bathroom in her room. There was a chair in front of the sink with a lot of stuff on the counter. I asked he what we were going to do and she told me ” Honey, we are both going blond today.” I asked her if my mother knew about this and she said yes she does. She also knows that you are going to be in girl clothes with make up and polished nails and getting your hair done daily. This was nothing too new for me as my mother would shampoo and set my hair and have me wear some type of feminine clothing on days my father was not home.

Miss Judy instructed me to have a seat and then wrapped a towel around my shoulders and secured it in place. She began to brush and section my hair to get it ready for the bleach. After she had my hair sectioned she began to mix up the bleach and apply it to my hair section by section. She said “pay attention because next you are going to do my hair.” It took a while for her to apply all the bleach but after she was done applying it she worked it in a bit and then piled my hair up and secured it with a plastic clip. She said “OK its my turn.” and sat down in the chair and wrapped a towel around her shoulders. I brushed and sectioned her hair like she did mine taking my instructions from her each step of the way. She mixed the bleach and handed me the brush and told me to get started. I was nervous and did not want to screw this up but she calmed me down and had me apply the bleach to the first section. After that it was not that hard and I got all the bleach applied to her hair.

We looked at each other with our white/blue heads and giggled. I asked her what now? She said “lets go eat something.” We then proceeded to the kitchen where I saw she had set up her roller tray and her shampoo tray. She told my that it was going to be easier to rinse the bleach and shampoo each other at this sink because it has a nozzle. We made some lunch and ate keeping an eye on the time. She kept checking the process of the bleach and our color. It was almost 45 minutes for me when she had me sit in the chair and leaned me back into her shampoo tray. She turned on the water and began rinse my hair. The cool water felt good against my scalp as she used the nozzle to get all the bleach out. She turned off the water and picked up a bottle of blue shampoo and poured some into her hand and then handed me the bottle to put the top back on it. She applied it to my hair and lathered me up a]making sure to get every area on my hair. When I looked at the bottle I noticed it was Clairol Colorfast shampoo for blonds. I had seen this before in commercials and at her beauty parlor. She said this is what we need to use when we shampoo while we are blond.

She finished shampooing me and rinsed the lather from my hair. She wrapped my head in a towel and had me get up. She then sat in the chair and leaned back onto the shampoo tray herself. I turned on the water and began to rinse her hair making sur to get all the bleach out. As I rinsed her I noticed her hair was really light blonde almost white. She told me we were not done with color yet as we need to apply the toner for the shade we want. I was finished rinsing the bleach and was ready to shampoo her. I picked up the bottle and applied some to her hair and began to lather her up. She told me to take my time and give her a good shampooing like I do in the salon. I poured on a little more shampoo to thicken up the lather and worked it in. I asked her if she was ready to be rinsed and she said OK. I turned on the water and rinsed the shampoo lather from her hair and then wrapped a towel around her hair and she stood up.

She directed me to a chair at the kitchen table where she had the toner and applicator bottle ready. She took the towel off my hair and made sure my hair was mostly dry and then wrapped the towel around my shoulders. She mixed the toner and developer in the applicator bottle as I watched intently. She combed and sectioned my hair again and began to apply the color. I asked what shade we were going to be and she told me champagne blonde. She got one section done then moved to the next section making sure my hair was saturated. She had applied all the color mixture and began to work it into a creamy lather into my hair. She asked my if it felt good having my hair colored and shampooed and I told her yes it did. I told her that I also loved being set in rollers and she told me that she and I would be in rollers a lot this week.

She had me get up so I could color her hair. She sat in the chair and she wrapped the towel around her shoulders. She also helped me mix up the toner and section her hair. I began to apply the toner, section by section until it was all gone and her hair was saturated. I did the same thing that she did working it into a creamy lather like a thick shampoo. I continued to work it through for a while until she told me to stop. She got up and she poured a small glass of wine and we went to sit at the table while our hair processed. We talked about her plans to do my make up and nails and try out  a lot of hairstyles on me during this week. She offer me a sip of her wine and asked if I had ever tried it before. I told her no I hadn’t yet but wanted to try it. She said after we are done setting each other in rollers maybe we can have some more.

The timer went off and it was time for us to rinse. She had me sit in the shampoo chair again and leaned me back to rinse the color. I felt the water run over my hair as she worked the color mixture lather up to rinse it. She shampooed me again to get all the color out of my hair and then rinsed that. I had her sit in the chair to rinsed and shampoo her as well. We sat at the table and looked at each others hair and could not wait to see it dry and curled

I was first to be set as she began to comb and section my hair. She used the gold, gray and copper colored magnetic rollers to set my hair. As she combed up a section a handed her the roller and then the roller clip. She told me that our hair color looked good against these colored rollers. As she got to the side of my hair she began to use half rollers in the tighter areas. For me the more rollers the better. It took her about twenty minutes to finish setting my hair but when she was done my head felt heavy with all the rollers she set in. She placed a net over the rollers and had me stand up.

Now it was her turn. I began to brush then comb and section her hair to begin setting it up. Her hair was a bit longer than mine so she had me use some red, blue and beige magnetic roller to get her set up. As I sectioned her hair she handed me the rollers she wanted me to use. I was getting pretty good at roller sets and she kept coaching me on setting patterns. I had to reroll some sections and struggled with the half rollers but I finally got her hair all set up. It took me about forty five minutes to het her set and had to rewet her hair and used more setting gel a few times but it looked good. She had a lot more roller in her hair than mine so I had to used a larger net to cover all those rollers.

She had me follow her back to her bedroom/bathroom and brought out a large case with make up in it and she said ” this is for you and this week we are going to work on your make up skills.” We spent the rest of the afternoon trying out different eye shadows, blushes and lip colors. After dinner that night we sat on the couch and we did each other nails. She taught me how to file, buff and polish the right way a girl should do her nails. When we got ready for bed she had bought me a nightgown and robe which I changed into.


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  1. Just trying to help out but we have gay sites out here that you might find more suitable. Let us know if we can help. We love your shampoo girl thing and think you would be good here with us. Let us know if there’s anything we can do. 👠

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