A bitchfight

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As a person who graduated exactly a year ago I can say my high school years were hard. For the first few months I was bullied but later I was forgotten. I was like 14 and I had shoulder length brown hair, glasses, freckles and braces. I was not exactly pretty but then I started to become interested in actually looking good and I spiced myself up.

My hair grew pretty long, I think it was almost reaching to my butt but I later decided to cut it to mid back length but my hair grew pretty fast. So my last school year came and everyone prepared for graduation even when the year started. I had no friends in my school and was lonely all the time.


So one day I was studying for a test in our school library and a girl sat in front of me. I didn’t look at her at all and just studied until she talked to me

“Hey what’s your name?” She suddenly asked. I looked up my book and said “it’s Sally” I said. She smiled and I noticed she was very pretty. She had brown curls, tanned skin and stunning green eyes. She complimented me on my hair and I thanked her. I continued to talk to her and she actually turned out to be a cool person. Her name was Gina and she gave me her number to go to our favourite shop together.


This is how I met her. We became very close and later I got another friend thanks to her. She was a beautiful blonde named Jenna but we preferred to call her Jen. Together we had a lot of fun. My 18th birthday party was the best thing to ever happen.

So one day we had a sleepover and talked about boys. I felt so left out because I was the only girl who didn’t have a boyfriend. Jen and Gina made fun of me because of that. I laughed it off but I was kind of embarrased but luckily the next day they introduced me to a guy from another school and let me tell you: I fell in love immediately. He was tall, had broad shoulders and a nice smile. His name was Alex and after meeting up a lot he confessed his feelings towards me and a week later he took my virginity. I was so in love with his blonde hair and brown eyes… it was an amazing time.


A few months passed and I slept at his house. I was pretty drunk and don’t remember a lot. The next morning I woke up to a thousand text messages from Gina and Jen complaining I had changed and didn’t see them as often anymore. I knew they were right so I promised to see them more often and invited them to go to the mall. We went to the mall that day and decided to go to a hair salon. Jen was getting some lighter highlights while Gina was just there to get permanent straight hair. I hesitated but decided to go platinium blonde and get my eyebrows shaped and after 3 hours of washing, dying, styling I was done. My girls were shocked and told me how gorgeous I was. I smiled and when I walked out in my revealing outfit all eyes were on me. I put some makeup on and I looked gorgeous. So at the cafe we met the boyfriend of Jen and he was constantly talking to me instead of his girl. I noticed Jen being mad at me but I enjoyed it. When he left us I gave him the prettiest smile possible. Jen was unusually quiet for the rest of the day…


A day later I posted a new picture on facebook and texted Ginas boyfriend. He was really handsome and I told him that several times. At school I hung out with him in secret and eventually we made out in the dressing room. It was amazing and we did that a lot every now and then. We actually dated in secret but still kept our relationships. Alex didn’t go to my school so it was easy to hide from him but Gina was a challenge. We almost got caught once. But eventually we got caught… Actually not, he actually confessed to Gina behind my back but he only told her I would send him messages and flirt with him. I told Gina the truth that he flirted back but she did not believe me.


So she avoided me for a while until I got a call from her that she would forgive me. Me and the girls went to Jens home and were happy once again. She brought some alcohol and they got me drunk. The next morning I woke up quite hungover but it was still okay. The girls were still sleeping so I went home and there I fell asleep again. When I woke up I suddenly had thousands of messages and I saw why: these snakes took ugly nudes of me with several veer and vodka bottles and published them. I tried to call them but they straight out ignored me. When I went to school the following monday everyone looked at me, some laughed and some even made comments. When I went home again I cried for an hour.


But then the thought of revenge came to my mind. Since our graduation ball would be 3 weeks later it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ruin their hair, right? I took out a big pair of scissors and an electric razor. The next day I went to school and confonted them about it and they admitted to feeling bad too. I asked them to stay in school with me for a bit longer that day to talk more about it. So they did.


We sat in the cafeteria and talked a bit, apologized but then I got up and grabbed Jens long hair and with my ther hand I grabbed my scissors and tried to cut it. The scissors didn’t work too well. I cut of a bit but just in time Gina grabbed my wrist. I pushed Jen away with my left hand and took the scissors from my other hand and tried to cut her hair too and it worked but I couldn’t cut off much. She screamed and pushed me away. Both ran away and I almost ran after them but I realized I was pretty slow compared to them. So I decided to do something kind of stupid.

I put the scissors very close to my scalp and cut off a chunk off my hair. The scissors worked better when cutting off small sections of hair so I stood there for 15 minutes wildly cutting off my hair. It looked messy. Some hairs reached to my shoulders, others to my chin and I even had weird bangs. One section was uncut and reached my butt. I took it in my hands and cut it as short as I could. It took a bit of time thanks to that shitty scissors but it was off and I held it in my hands. Soon I grabbed my electric razor, one that is actually for pubic and armpit hair and I went to my hairline and I pushed it to remove some hair. It didn’t go too well but I had a huge bald spot. I didn’t have a morror anywhere but I felt it and touched my right eyebrow that was thick and perfectly shaped. I took that electric thing and from right to left shaved it off. I touched over it and there were just a few short hairs. I was covered in blonde hair. Some was on the ground but a bit was on my body. I realized what I did and ran to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and cried. What have I done? I went home. Luckily it was almost dark. At home I took that electric razor and while crying I tried to shave everything left off. It took a long while but when I was done I put the leftovers of my shaving cream on my head and now had a smooth bald head. I cried again. I realized I didn’t deserve to be beautiful and it was all I deserved after being a hoe. I noticed again I only had one eyebrow. It looked so beautiful and had such a good shape. I stroked it with my fingers, it was so soft and so dark but it fit me perfectly. I covered my left eye to see what I would look like without both eyebrows. I didn’t like that. So I hesitated. I sat there thinking and thinking. I became so bored I cut my eyelashes off and after that I took the electric razor and shaved it as fast as possible with tears in my eyes. Then I shaved it with a normal razor too und dried my head and face with a towel. I cried once again. I looked so different. My ears could be seen for the first time in years. It was 1 am already and I had to go to school the next day so I slept. The next morning I tried so hard to draw on my eyebrows with eyeshadow. It didn’t look too bad. Then I took an old black wig I wore last Halloween and thought it was okay. I came to school and everybody looked at me. I walked past Jen and Gina and they both looked like they always did except their hair was in a ponytail. I didn’t want to look at them but someone suddenly pulled my wig and everyone was shocked and looked at me. Jen and Gina both came to me laughing and touched my head. I turned around looking for the person who took my wig but they were nowhere to be seen in the huge crowd. I couldn’t cover my head and ran to the bathroom to apply my makeup and draw on my brows a bit better. When I went home I got some stares. At home I whiped off my eyebrows and it looked terrible. I cried again. The next day I bought a better wig and met Alex. When he first saw me he was surprised I got a new haircut but I started crying again. He was confused and hugged me. I told him to pull my hair. He did and held my wig in his hands. His eyes widened. He asked what happened and I told him I shaved it. He touched my head too. He looked in my face and saw I had no eyelashes or eyebrows and gently wiped off my drawn on eyebrows. He didn’t say anything but then he kissed me. I was surprised. He told me how ugly yet sexy I looked and I was so happy. Ever since I had never seen myself with hair again. I shave every day.


At our graduation party I came without a wig or makeup, just a pretty dress. I looked silly between all those girls and their pretty hairstyles. But Alex thought I was beautiful and a day later I shaved his head too and even his eyebrows. Now we are a bald couple and I still feel bad for cheating on him. He knows it but forgave me.

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