A bob and then some.

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I walked the streets downtown enjoying a beautiful summer day with my husband with the feeling nothing could be better.  Well, maybe it could have been 10 degrees cooler as I noticed the sweat beading up on my nape as I pulled my hair into a pony tail. “That feels a lot better.” as exchanged a knowing glance with Jay.  “I am burning up too and can’t wait to get my hair cut!”  We continued down main street on our way to Jay’s barber as we passed a girl with a super cute short bob.  I commented, “She must feel great without having to worry with her hair on her shoulders.”  “She also looks really cute.  I don’t mind short hair on girls.  Have you ever thought of cutting yours short?” Jay inquired.  Replying quickly, “Before we met I used to have a super short pixie that was actually buzzed on the back and sides.  I should show you a picture!”  Jay grinned “You could just show me today.” as he motioned toward the shop.  “Nah, maybe later.” I smiled remembering the feeling of that short cut.

Entering the shop we were greeted by a young lady who appeared to be in her early thirties.  She was super hip appearing with a trendy style.  She wore a pair of combat style boots, jeans and a sleeveless top that showed her sleeve tattooed left arm.  Her hair was tightly buzzed all around the back and sides with the longer top pulled into a pony tail on top. She was attractive and my first thought was not having her anywhere near Jay.

“You both getting haircuts?’ she inquired.  “Just me.” Jay replied.  “Is James here today.  He usually cuts my hair.”  I was instantly relieved that he did not know this girl as I realized my jealousy withdraw.  “Nope, he is out for the week on vacation. I am Emily and I will be glad to take care of you though.”  Jay replied with a calmly, “Ok, I am Jay.” as he sat in her chair.  “Have a seat, can I get you a drink?  I have cold Pino Grigio  in the fridge.”  she warmly offered me.  I gladly accepted as I took a seat.  She quickly returned with the wine and turned her attention to Jay as she put a bright pink cape on him joking “I love a man in pink!” as we exchanged a laugh.

“How short we gonna go today Jay? I know that heat must have gotten to you!” as she ran her finger nails up his nape and brushed out his hair.  Jay looked my direction “What do you think babe?  I used to have much shorter hair before we met!”  A bit surprised and  clearly on the spot as Emily smiled in my direction.  Stammering, “I don’t know.  Emily, what do you think?”  Emily’s smile widened “Well, I am a sucker for a man with a really short cut, but that would be a drastic change!  Wanna go short for the summer Jay?”  He paused clearly nervous as I blurted out “It’s only hair! It will grow back!” as if someone else almost said it.  “She’s right Jay.  You will look great. Trust me?”  With new found confidence Jay replied “Sure, let’s give it a try.  Whatever you girls think looks best.”  Emily nodded and looked my direction “Artistic license ma’am?” she questioned.  Feeling almost paralyzed by her confident demeanor my lips released “Your the professional.  Clean him up nice.”  She nodded as she picked up a pair of red clippers.

The pop and hum they made took me instantly back to my child hood when my mother would take my brothers to the barber.  I remember watching them both reluctantly sit in the chair with my mother having previously instructed the barber “Summer cuts please.  Nice and tight.”  I would sit curiously as my sheepish brothers looked down as the barber shaved their heads down to nothing.  I was alway curious as to what that would feel like.   I returned from my day dream as Emily’s voice came over the hum of the clippers.  “Head down please.”  Jay dipped his chin as he may eye contact with me grinning.  She used a comb to pull his hair down as the clippers passed up.  I remember seeing the clumps of hair rain down the pink caped as a knot formed in my throat.  She moved around to the side quickly leaving behind bare scalp as the clippers peeled his hair away.  She had certainly decided to use her license as she aggressively removed Jay’s hair.  She then changed clippers and quickly reduced the remaining hair on his top and crown to a barely visible fuzz.  He was nearly bald and appeared to enjoy it with a confident grin.  He couldn’t see himself and I don’t think he realized he had just been peeled.  “That feels great!”  Emily quipped as she roughly rubbed his head and dusted him with brush.  After fading in the sides she used a foil razor and took his nape and sides completely bare.   She then used a straight razor to clean up the back and sides around his ears.  As she applied the cream and brought the razor up rather high I could tell Jay realized how short she had gone.  After cleaning him with a towel she applied after shave and massaged his head then she released him from the cape.  Turning to see himself Jay was quite surprised as Emily smiled at him, “You’ll need to come back every 2 weeks to keep that cut up.” Jay walked over smiling and rubbing is freshly shorn pate, “What do you think babe?”  Smiling and realizing I was really turned on by the experience I blushed as I blurted out “You look really hot!”  He smiled as we walked to pay Emily.  She interrupted us, “You sure you wouldn’t like a short cut for the summer too hun?  Getting this haircut is the best thing I have every done with this heat!”

I again found my self on the spot.  Jay looked at me, “Well, we do have time and you did like that girl’s bob cut.”  In the moment I decided why not, looked quickly at Jay and made my way to Emily’s chair.  I sat and she caped me quickly and asked, “What do you have in mind for this bob?”  Confidently replying “Short I guess. Maybe about jaw length.”  Emily tugged my pony tail admiring my features.  “I would go shorter.  You have a beautiful neck and would rock a short bob with a bit of an undercut.” Emily said with emphasis.  Jay piped in “Remember dear, it’s only hair!”  I laughed realizing the role reversal, “Whatever you think Emily.  You are the pro.”  “Awesome” she replied.

She quickly grabbed her clippers and went to work removing my pony tail.  She handed it to me.  I could already feel the weight lifted from my neck.  She then pulled my hair up using a comb to create a line around my nape and about 1 inch above my ears.  She then grabbed the red clippers again and began shearing my nape.  The breeze was instant and the vibration of the clippers gave me goose bumps.  She must have notice as she commented “Feels good right?  I am taking you to the skin all around but don’t work the top will cover it when it is down.”  Glancing up as she moved to my right side I saw the red clippers removed the hair from my temple revealing by bare white scalp. Shocked I glanced toward Jay who nodded in approval.  The sensation was unreal as I could feel the cool breeze on my naked nape.  Emily gave it a rub commenting, “Tight, Jay you are going to love the way this feels!”  Feeling vulnerable the next few minutes were more like a usual haircut as the cut the bob in layers leaving my earlobes barely exposed.  Just when I thought she was done the clippers popped back to life.  “Chin down hun, I am going take the back up a bit more.”  Complying I tilted my head down as she pushed the clipper into my hair till the came into contact with the back of my head just below my occipital area.  She continued angling down toward the sides exposing my earlobes completely.  When she was done outline she used the foil shaver around my ears and took it high up my nape.  Gently caressing her work commenting “Smooth as a baby!”

I was uncapped and realized my freedom had been returned.  She spun me around to the mirror and handed me a hand mirror revealing my very short bob.  My nape was barely and rather drastically exposed.  Reaching up with my hand my fingers tingled as I felt my bare nape.  Caught in the moment Jay broke in “You look smoking babe!”  Glancing back at him with his definitive admiration I smiled.  Caressing my neck, “I like it too but this will take some time getting used to.”  Emily confirmed “Yeah, but you’ll soon see just like I did that you can’t wait to get it buzzed again!”  Blushing I admitted “I think you are right.”

After paying we spent the remainder of the day admiring each others new look and the feel of our freshly shorn locks.  Not exactly what I expected from a simple comment about the heat and a cute bob haircut.

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