A bowl cut and then……………..

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My mother always keeps her hair very short. I used to accompany her to her friend’s salon when I was small. She had frequent trims because her hair was always in a short pixie cut. My hair was long and sometimes I got a trim to just maintain it. Anyways watching my mother get short haircut was really fun. I remember the hairdresser saying to me little girl is that mommy’s hair on the floor and I got really exited when she said it for some reason. One day after my mom got her usual haircut she reached out for her purse to pay the hairstylist mom saw me wiping my sweat by my hands. I was really irritated by the sweating and really struggled with my hair.

I had kindda up to shoulder length hair at that time.I also have a condition of excess sweating( known as hyper hydrosis) I sweat a lot its kind off painful from me to have long hair. Mom asked me to get up on the styling chair that was for kids and she went to have a chat with her hairdresser friend.

The hairdresser came back and put a cape on me. I heard mom ” She sweats a lot so use the clippers also ok ”
The hairdresser started cutting my hair right above my ears a lot of hair started falling on the cape I was really scared. That felt like the longest cut I have ever had. I had only gotten small trims before that . After a long time of cutting the hairdresser put down the scissors.I thought it was done but then I saw her take out an object from the drawer.She stood behind me with that. ZZZZZZ It started on my neck there was a tickling sensation. I felt like it was eating my hair and my hair was cut into a bowl cut with the sides and neck shaved.
I fell in love with clippers from that time. That summer I didn’t have problems with my sweating.

I tried many clipper cuts after that although I was really scared to do anything drastic.
I had the nape shaved bob for every summer. When I was 15 I gathered up some courage I decided to shave a little hair above my ears also and got an undercut with the nape and sides shaved.

Some weeks later of having that haircut the sides had grown out and my haircut looked messy. My father was on a long trip. I saw his clippers everyday in the bathroom. One day when no one was at home I decided to redo my undercut my self( I shouldn’t have).

I didn’t knew that beard trimmer and hair clippers have different guard sizes. My hair was done on #4 so I selected the same on these clippers and ran them on the side of my head. It was cut so short it was almost bald.I panicked , but I was confident that I would be able to even it out. Also I got aroused to the point where I couldn’t control my self I had to continue cutting. I should have stopped then I think there would have been a chance of fixing my hair.
I tried to even out my sides but I messed up.At this point I thoroughly examined myself in the bathroom mirror. I had the worst haircut one can  possibly think off my sides were bald and the top had very long hair but not long enough to hide the extremely short shaved sides and back. I put the clippers down at this point and I waited for my mother to come back. When she saw me ohman….. her reaction was so annoying. She was laughing like hell.

I was crying I asked her to do something and fix my hair. “Common let’s see what can be done” mom said. I got up and went to the bathroom again with mom. Mom started inspecting the damage.
I explain to her how I wanted to re-shave my undercut and ended up like this. After listening to my story she said let’s cut the long hair at the top to the same length as the side. I freaked out after hearing this. “what are you saying I don’t want to be bald”.
I was so surprised as well as aroused .I said sobbing ” It’s not normal for girls to be bald”.
“Then what do you want to do.”mom asked. After shedding a lot of tears I gave up.
Mom started the clippers. “You used #4 guard right” I just nodded.

The clippers started at the back of the head and went up they but struggled to get past the top.
“Oh these are not meant to go through this long hair let’s go to the shop nearby and get it shaved”.
I absolutely didn’t want to go to the shop nearby and get humiliated by getting my head shave there.
At this point mom was fed up and she removed the clipper guard and this time put the running clippers on the top of my head and pulled the clipper down past my forehead . This time the clippers left a clean path without even a tinny bit of hair . ” Now you have to go bald if you went to the shop maybe a little hair would be left” . I honestly didn’t care at  this point the huge chunk of hair that fell to the ground had got me aroused to the point of no return . Mom slowly reduced all my hair to nothing re-shaved the sides and back and after some time I was completely bald.

I had to take a very long shower there were many tiny hair on my body after that I came out of the bathroom mom hugged my kissed my bald head and rubbed her hand on my bald head. It felt so good I cannot even begin to describe it. Dad came back some weeks later and had a positive response to my new look though he laughed very hard at the story of how I did it . It was annoying.
Tinny hair began to grow back on my head when I went for shower I would spot the clippers and I wouldn’t be able to control myself and shaved myself bald. I did this 2-3 times till I started to really miss my long hair and started growing it long again.

After some months and in that time 2 visits to a salon, I had my hair back in a bob.



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