A boy’s hair roller fetish dream comes true

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For as long as I can remember I have always had, what I though was a very strange sexual fetish.  Although, since finding others online, it seems that I am not alone. To me, there has been nothing more beautiful, sensuous or exciting than a woman with her hair in rollers.

Woman and girls having their hair in rollers was very common in the 1960’s when I was growing up, but, unfortunately, seeing a woman or girl in rollers was very rare for me. I was an only child and my mother always had her hair cut very short. Often, I would see women out shopping ect with their hair in rollers, but their sets would nearly always be covered with a scarf. Even so, I would always get an erection even if I could only see the outline their rollers. Sometimes, I would gaze in the windows of hairdressing salons and watch the women having their hair set. Maybe only getting brief glimpses made my fetish even stronger and made my most memorable experience even better.

This most beautiful and exciting experience happened when my parents had to go away for the weekend and I went to stay with my aunt Mavis. She was a hairdresser although I did not remember her working as she had been a housewife for as long as I could remember. On the first morning I was there, she said “Do you remember my best friend Mrs Grey and her daughter Elaine?” Well, I certainly remembered Elaine. I had met her several times when I was at my Aunt’s house but the last couple of times, things were very different as we were both older. All of a sudden I had a huge crush on her. I thought maybe I was in love and we seemed to get on very well. I wondered if she felt the same. It seemed that I was thinking about her all the time and had wondered if I might get to see her this time. 

I thought that would be wishful thinking and I did not want to get my hopes up. My Aunt said that Elaine was going to be in a school concert that night and Mrs Grey had asked my aunt if she would do her hair. She said that Mrs Grey would be bringing Elaine over shortly so my aunt could set her hair. Mrs Grey would then be bringing her back later in the afternoon to have the rollers taken out and have her hair styled. Could this really be happening?, I could not believe my ears. Maybe I was dreaming because, not only would I get to see Elaine again, but I would get to see her having her hair set and get to see her in rollers. The excitement was too much. I thought that this would be the most beautiful experience of my life.

Soon there was a knock at the door. I was waiting in the kitchen where my aunt had brought a large case and had put it on the table. My aunt answered the door and I heard voices. After a few moments my aunt came into the kitchen with Elaine, Mrs Grey and Mrs Grey’s younger daughter Sally. Elaine looked at me in surprise but quickly said “hello” and gave a little smile. I could barely speak but was able to say “hello Elaine”

We all sat down around the table. My Aunt and Mrs Grey talked about the concert and Mrs Grey said “thanks so much for doing Elaine’s hair. I really want it to look nice. I set her hair all the time now but it never looks as good as when you do it. “It’s a pleasure” my Aunt replied. I love doing hair and I don’t get the chance very often any more. I’m glad of the chance to do Elaine’s””. My aunt said to Elaine, “well, lets get you shampooed.

She took Elaine over to the sink and took Elaine’s hair out of the pony tail and put a fluffy towel around her shoulders. Elaine leaned over the sink where my aunt had put a special hose with a spray head at the end. My Aunt soaked Elaine’s hair and then poured some shampoo out of the bottle and gently massaged it into Elaine’s hair. This was so sensual to watch and I already had the biggest erection. I had never seen anyone shampoo somebody’s hair before. My aunt rinsed the shampoo from Elaine’s hair and put more shampoo in and massaged it in again. She then rinsed Elaine’s hair again and wrapped her wet hair in a towel

My aunt then said “now, just sit down here dear while I put your hair in rollers. Elaine sat down and my aunt put a towel around Elaine’s shoulders and unwrapped the towel from her hair. Her wet hair fell over her shoulders. As my Aunt gently towel dried Elaine’s hair she asked Elaine “do you like having your hair set now that you are old enough.” Elaine said “Oh, I like it and I love the way it looks after it has been set. but it was a bit uncomfortable to sleep in them at first. ”You will soon get used to it” my aunt said. “I sleep in rollers nearly every night and I don’t think that I could sleep now if they were not in”. Mrs Grey said “I know what you mean, I don’t think I could sleep either if I didn’t have them in Elaine sleeps in them two or three times a week now.

 “Sally has been wanting to have her set too but I said that she wasn’t old enough yet” Mrs Grey said.  “When will I be old enough” said said. My Aunt said “I’ll tell you what, next time your mum brings Elaine over to have her hair set, I will put some rollers in your hair too”. A big smile came across Sally’s face.

My aunt opened the case on the table an took out a spray bottle and a comb. She spayed Elaine’s hair with the liquid in the bottle. It smelled so nice. I could not help myself asking what it was. “It’s setting lotion” my Aunt said. “It goes in before the rollers to so that the curls last longer.” My aunt gently combed the setting lotion through Elaine’s hair. She then took two boxes out of the case. One box was full of yellow magnetic rollers and the other box was full of clips. Mrs Grey took both boxes so she could hand the rollers and clips to my aunt as she needed them.

I was already so excited that I was shaking. After fantasising about women with their hair in rollers so much and only getting glimpses from a distance, I could not believe that I was going to get to see a girl my age up close with her hair in rollers. Not only that, I would get to watch while she was having the rollers put in. Already I had a full erection and hoped that nobody asked me to get up because everyone would have seen the outline of my erection in my pants.

I tried not to seem like I was staring as my aunt combed the first section of Elaine’s hair at the front. Mrs Grey handed my aunt one of the rollers and my aunt rolled her hair tightly and took a clip and pinned the roller in place. As my Aunt combed each section ready to be rolled,. Mrs Grey would hand her a roller and then a clip. My Aunt rolled Elaine’s hair on top in a perfect straight row. She then started setting Elaine’s hair on the sides, rolling her hair tightly in perfect neat rows.

I could not take my eyes off Elaine and I was very embarrassed whenever Elaine looked at me and saw that I was staring. To my excitement, each time she just gave me a little smile. Mrs Grey was watching closely as my aunt was setting Elaine’s hair and my aunt was giving Mrs Grey some tips and pointers. “I am glad that I have you to do Elaine’s hair” Mrs Grey said to my Aunt. “I so want it to look perfect for tonight, I can never get it to look like you can” she added. “It just takes years of experience” my Aunt replied.

As my Aunt began rolling Elaine’s hair at the back my Aunt said to Elaine “we’ll leave the rollers in until this afternoon. We want your hair to dry with them in before I take them out. I don’t have a drier anymore but you get a much better set if it dries naturally while rollers are in”. Elaine replied “I don’t mind, we always leave my hair to dry naturally after mum has set it, so I’m used to having them in. I’ve never been under a dryer”.

Mrs Grey said “I always give her hair a good shampoo and set on Saturday mornings and she has it in rollers until I take them out on Sunday afternoons ready for school. My Aunt said “the set is always much better if it dries naturally, I never use a drier myself. She added “I always prefer to let it dry naturally, I just set my hair and get on with things. Sometimes I forget that my hair is in rollers” Mrs Grey said “I leave my hair rolled up all the time too. Instead of putting them in and taking them out, I think its easier to just stay set until you have to take them out.”

My Aunt then said to Elaine, “your mum will bring you back later this afternoon and and I’ll take out the rollers brush you out. Because you will be having the rollers in all day, I’m putting your hair up in plastic rollers because they will be more comfortable. The brush rollers can get a bit uncomfortable but you won’t even know these are in. They need to be in tightly to get a really good set but I will make sure that they are not In too tight.

Before long my aunt finished putting in the last roller. Elaine looked even more beautiful and sexier than I could have imagined with all of her hair in rollers. Her hair was still wet which seemed even sexier and the rollers were in very tightly and in beautiful neat rows. Mrs Grey then felt some of Elaine’s rollers and said that she could never get them in so neatly and tightly. My aunt said that it just took years of practice. She then felt all of Elaine’s hair to make sure that the rollers were all in tightly and she also felt the clips to make sure that they were in place.

Sally, who had been watching intently, asked if she could also feel Elaine’s hair while it was set. Elaine put her head down so that Sally could feel her rollers.“That feels so nice” Sally said , I can’t wait to have some in my hair.” I just sat there thinking that I would have given anything to also feel her hair. Although would have completely exploded in my pants and make an awful mess which would have been very embarrassing, it would still have been worth it

We then sat around the table talking and drinking tea. I still could not believe how beautiful Elaine looked with her hair in rollers. Even more beautiful than I could have imagined.  Mrs Grey said “we had better be going. Elaine’s dress is being altered at the dress shop and we have to stop on the way home to pick it up”. She said to Elaine that she had better come into the shop too to make sure that it fitted properly.  “It won’t matter if your hair is up in rollers” Mrs Grey said.  My Aunt added “you see lots women out with their hair in rollers you will look very grown up being out with you hair set. We can put a scarf over your hair to hide the rollers.”

This had been the most beautiful experience of my life but I was so disappointed that it was about to end. To my surprise, Mrs Grey said to me “I also have a son who is just older than you. Would you like to come home with us and you could have a game of something”. I had no interest in playing with her son but going going back to their house with Elaine was a dream come true. My aunt bought out a scarf and gave it Mrs Grey. Mrs Grey put the scarf over Elaine’s rollers. We all said goodbye to my aunt and went out into to Mrs Grey’s car. Elaine sat in the front and I sat in the back with Sally. Although Elaine’s had the scarf on, the scarf did not quite cover all of the rollers at the back. From my seat, I had a perfect view.


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