A Change for Cindy

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Tawnta was gone, Cindy (my wife) pulled at my hand saying; “My turn now OC, you set Tawnta up for a haircut, now I want mine cut short again, she did look great in the short 1.5” Pixie Cut, it just fit Tawnta so nicely, impish, bold, daring look she now has. Now it is my turn to go short again OC.” We went back downstairs to the basement salon. Cindy looked at me, gave me a kiss saying; “Lets get this thick long mane of hair cut off.” Cindy’s last Pixie Cut was on October 20, 2017. (Cindys Birthday) Cindy had gone from waist length hair, to a short Pixie Cut. After the cut, Cindy kept her hair short. She was letting the White hair she had, grow out making sure no brown came back. In January, I gave Cindy her last shaping of the Pixie Cut, she was wanting to grow out a nice, thick, all White Mane of hair to her waist.

From January 2018 to present (August 1st 2020), Cindy grew her hair out . It is a beautiful mane of all White thick beautiful mane of 40”,of hair, very thick hair in a ponytail at 5” thick. Cindys hair grows at 11/4 to 11/2” per month, a very fast rate of growth. The mane of hair was now loose. Cindy smiled at me, pulled my hand saying; “OC, I want my husband to give me a very short 2” Pixie Cut. I am older then Tawnta, I will be 62 in October, so maybe a little bit longer hair, since I am not a youngster any more, so lets go with a 2” maybe 2 1/2 Pixie, what do you think OC?”

I looked at Cindy, fluffed up her hair, played with it for a moment then said; “ How about a 2 ½ on top to a tapered 2” cut on the sides and up the nape?” Cindy looked at me a big smile came over her face again. She gave me a hug saying: “Lets do it, I like the idea OC, lets get it done. I got out the camera, took some pictures of the long 40” mane that was soon to be a memory.” Cindy smiled then she sat down in the chair, I put a cape around her, Pulled the mane out throwing it to the right side. The hair plopped on the cape. Cindy ran her fingers threw the mane fron nape to ends, then looked in the mirror, looked up at me putting tissue around her neck, then fasting the cape tightly at her neck. Cindy said: “Are you going to miss my long hair OC, or are you as anxious as I am to cut it all off again?” I smiled saying; “It will be nice to go riding on the motorcycle again on a short notice with short hair that is wash, towel dry and go, instead of waiting for your long mane too dry. Yes I will enjoy cutting all this hair off again to a nice short Pixie Cut that I have always liked since 1962,when I did Adriannas knee length hair to a 3” Pixie Cut. So lets get this done tonight Cindy, lets do it now love.”

Cindy was now ready, looking in the mirror as I was braiding her long 40” mane of thick hair. I thought how thick, how beautiful a mane to be sold on line. Some 3′ of hair that was also a 5” thick mass of hair. If I cut it right at the nape, very close I can sell 3′ of hair. The braided hair was now ready to be severed once and for all from Cindys head. Cindy was looking at me as I grabbed the scissors, schinked them 2-3 times before starting the cutting, into the thick braid of hair. Cindy was all excited, she watched in the mirros, I held the braid up, then out with the Left Hand, the scissors in the rigth hand now came to the braid. I started cutting into the thick mass of hair, slowly severing the braid. The severed hair falling to Cindys right ear. As I cut more into the braid, hair loosely fell at the neck line then the Left Ear. The braid was now severed from Cindy’s head. I handed Cindy her braid. Cindy looked at it, stroked it from the servered end to the tail of the braid. Cindy then put the cut end of the hair to her face, rubbing it into her face giggeling. Cindy put the braid on the counter top. I took some pictures of the severed braid in its full thick long length. Thinking to myself I said this hair should bring $3,500 to $5,000?

Cindy said; “ OC I am liking this short hair idea already, what a weight that braid was, lets finish this up now so we can have some fun in bed OK?” I smiled, nodded then said; “ Sounds like a plan to me love” I brought out the clippers, put on the 2” Attachement with the 1/2” blade, turned the clippers on, Cindy’s eyes were now wide as I brought the clippers to the nape of the neck running them up to the crown. Moving to the right side, up and over the ear to the temple as hair rained down on the floor, covering the cape. Cindy was speachlees as she watched what was 4-6” of hair being reduced to a nice short 2 1/2” cutting all over her head. Cindy grinned approval as she ran her hands up over her head. Cindy then giggled saying; “OC lets finish this up, I am ready to take you upstairs OC this cutting and the clippers warm as they are is exillerating OC.” I smiled putting the 2” attachement on to the clippers. I started at the Right side burn, running the clippers up to the eye level, then straight back to the crown region. Hair was falling everywhere as Cindy smiled, winked at me saying, “Hurry up OC, I want you to make love to this lady I am looking at in the mirrors, hurry OC hurry.” I finished up, uncaped Cindy as she sat in the chair rubbing her head screaming about how nice it was to have a short Pixie Cut again. I grabbed Cindy up out of the chair, we kissed all the way up the stairway, like two teenagers in lust. I ran my finger through Cindys short freshly cut hair as we made love all night long, I will leave to your imagnation what we did.. OH The braid, I put the braid for sale on the internet selling it for $4,200. now we can really ride the Harley for wind therapy.

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