A Change for Susan

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This story goes back to 1960. Susan and I were Grade School sweethearts. Susan has just turned 13, she was beautiful at 5’5” tall, just starting to develop into a young lady. Susan had Blond hair that she had never cut, reaching to her ankles. Beautiful thick blond straight hair. Every afternoon we would sit in the basement watching American Bandstand, Susan and I would dance to the new tunes, new dance moves. Susans hair would flow with each twirl, it was so nice to watch her hair flowing in motion with the music, slow dances we even nicer as I carressed her long mane of hair as we moved slowly.

One afternoon Dick Clark brought a young lady with hair to her waist, on stage for a makeover. The short Pixie Cut was in vogue along with the flip hair style. The young lady sat down, was caped up, the beautician brought out the scissors, then cut into the ponytail, soon servering the ponytail leaving hair at chin length. The beautician then strted cutting away at the 6” of hair until a short Pixie Cut was accomplished. Susan and I watched as the makeover took place. Susan looked at me, smiled,she then asked,; “OC do you think I should cut my hair? It is becoming outdated, do I need a new style like the Pixie Cut she just got?” I was in shock, I loved Susan’s long flowing mane of hair. What could I say?

Susan said; “Lets go upstairs for a minute, OK?” “Ok” I said as we got off the couch to go upstairs. I was behind Susan going upstairs, marveleing at the hair flowing to her ankles as we went upstair, then Susan stepped on her hair, almost fell backwards, I braced her almost fall. Susan then said; “That’s it, I have had it, this long hair has got to go, I want a Pixie Cut, I want it now, right now OC, OK?” WOW what a comment. Susan wanted to cut off her long beautiful thick mane of hair, Wow, I said; “OK if that is what you really want to do?” Susan got upstair going straight to the kitchen, Susan grabbed a chair, went to the linen closet grabbed a sheet, then to the bathroom grabbed some toilet paper off the roll, came back to the kitchen getting the scissors out of a drawer, then said ready. Oh no need rubber bands 3 of em to section the hair off with plus a diaper pin to pin the sheet with. Ready OC. I said lets take a picture of the hair down, flowing loosely around you, plus I want to measure the length. We took photos of the hair loose, a ponytail, a braided, updo, loose and braided to the left and right shoulders etc. I measured the hair at 64” long, so soon to be cut off to 4” for the Pixie Cut, so 60” of severed Blond hair was soon to take place, I was getting excited to do this cutting, Susan was on edge in the chair, then got up ran out coming back with a mirror to watch the event that was about to take place.

Susan very meticulously sectioned the long hair from the temple to the back of the ear on both sides at 4 1/8” from the scalp, then asked me to do the back from ear to ear also mearing 41/8” from the scalp. There it was 3 sections of Blond long ankle length hair sectioned off to be cut. Susan asked me to cape her up. I took the sheet, put it around her neck, then fanned it out around her. I then placed the tissue at the nape around her neck 2 times, then pinned it with a diaper pin. Susan was smiling as she looked at me saying; “Lets do this OC, free me from this bondage of hair, I want it all cut short, a short short 4” of hair left, we can do this together, plus I will always remember my boyriend cut my hair short for me, also I think deep down you would like to see me in Pixie Cut?” I could not deny the thoughts had crossed my mind of Susan in short hair, especially when going out, she spent 15-30 minutes getting the hair right before we could leave, I thought, if the hair was cut short, it would be a comb or brush over then gone, so yes I have thought of cutting her beautiful mane of hair short, many times.

I looked at Susan as I lifted the scissors to the right temple section, Susan was looking in the mirror in anticipation of the hair cut that was about to become. I put the scissors at the hair band and started snipping. Susan was beside herself as she watched the scissors severing the long hair, leaving a short 4” of hair left that fell away from the mane of hair. With each schinking, Susan would watch and say; OH MY GOSH, OH MY LONG HAIR IS BEING CUT SHORT, OH YES, YES, YES, NO MORE HOURS OF PAMPERIN HAIR YES.” Finally the first section was cut off. Susan reached up touching the newly born short hair at 4” saying; “OH MY LORD OC; THIS GOING TO BE SUCH A CHANGE, YES YES YES, HURRY UP AND FINISH, I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE ME IN A 4” PIXIE CUT OC; HURRY UP.” I gave Susan the long spire of severed hair, Susan took it .looked at it, stroked it, then put it o her lap. I went to the Left side, Susan was wide eyed as I started cutting off the next spire of long hair presenting a nice short 4” of hair now matching on both sides framing the face. I handed Susan the second spire of hair which she carressed against her face feeling the cutt off ends as a tear fell from her eye. “OH OC, I will not miss this long hair as a conversation, but; in reality I am looking forward to having everyone saying she cut her long hair off, yes what a relief it s to be out from under the umbrella of hair I had, hurry now finish up OC hurry” I took the last section and started cutting into it, Susan could not see the hair being reduced to 4”, but; she could feel the hairs dropping at her neck as the section was cut off . “OH OC FINALLY as she stood up and shaked their hair from side to side saying, OH LORD OC HOW COOL THIS IS, Short hair finally. The Susan turned to me, carressed me and gave me a big long kiss, saying thank you my love, thank you OC, Thank you Honey.” Susan sat down, I finished up the style cutting over the ears, done, Susan Screamed YES OC.

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