A Change for Thrills

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“I was thinking about cutting my hair shorter, what do you think?” Jessica asks as she twirls a lock of hair around her fingers.

“Kind of a weird time to ask, don’t you think?” Pete replies from his position below her.

A little smirk appears on her lips as she raises her eyebrows and glances down behind her.

“Nahhh, I don’t see why you would say that.”

Jessica keeps thumbing through her hair as she sits completely naked, upright on Pete’s hips.

Jessica has long black hair that lies draped down over her, ending just below her breasts. She is a petite woman in her early 30s, and what some would surely describe as “a catch” and Pete wasn’t so bad himself, he was average height but had sharp features and deep blue eyes. He kept his dirty blonde hair buzzed short, with just a bit more length on top. Her and Pete’s bodies are those of retired athletes. The definition makes it clear that there was once chiseled and strong muscles under the skin, but now there appears to be a softness about each curve that comes from being comfortable in one’s own skin. Each had decided that with their lives growing busy, they were happier to just stay healthy instead of over exerting themselves, using the extra time gained as time spent together.

Pete lay on his back just as naked, with Jessica perched atop him, her bare ass making occasional contact with his ever growing erection. It’s a game the two would play sometimes. She would try to turn him on, and as the contact of dick to asscheeks increased, so did her success.

At the mention of her getting a haircut she had received an unexpected pulse from Pete. A clear indication that whether or not he liked the idea, it definitely excited him.

She moved her hands through her hair again.
“Seems like that would be a yes wouldn’t it? But how much to cut off..” another pulse goes off.

She forms her fingers into a pair of scissors, bringing her index and middle finger up into her hair.

“Soooo, what if I cut it..here?”
She holds her fingers slightly above her breast and waits for the thump. After a few seconds of nothing, she starts to move her fingers up.

“Huh, Guess not.. but what abouuuut..here?” She stops just below her chin and feels the pulse of Pete’s erection.

“That’s better.. looks like you want me to get it cut after all, but is it enough? What if I cut it tooo ..here?” Her fingers slide up to her cheek and she feels another pulse thump against her ass.

Jessica smiles again, knowing she is winning their little game.
“Seems like you’re enjoying this. But I still don’t know how short to cut it”
She gives a long pause and a look of mock contemplation before looking back at Pete.

“How about this, you just tell me when I should stop?”
With that her fingers start sliding slowly up her tresses. As she passes her eye she can feel his cock start to throb and push into her. Seems like Pete is starting to really enjoy her little foreplay.

As her fingers reach above her eyebrows she arches one brow up, surprised he hasn’t given a signal to stop, but before she can comment, Pete sits up and draws her into a deep kiss. He then pulls her down onto the bed with him and uses the new angle to thrust into Jessica’s wet pussy. In response she pushes her hips down forcing him deeper into her.

“Would you like that? Would you like if I chopped my hair off?”

Pete bucks below her and grunts.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get that. I asked if you wanted me to chop this off?”

She guides Pete’s hand into her mane as she questions him. He grunts and thrusts harder into her.

Jessica drags her hands over Pete’s body and whispers in his ear.

“I don’t speak caveman Peter, tell me if you want to cut my hair off or not.”

Finally Pete grabs her hair and pulls her into him, timing his response with each thrust.

“Cut. Your. Hair. Off. And. Fuck. Me”

Jessica groans and smiles, their little game was a success once more.

There is no more talk as the couple ravage each other. The only noises being made are occasional grunts and moans of passion as they fuck like wild animals. They dont make love, they fuck, primal, intense, and pationate. The sheets get balled up and thrown around as they swap to different positions, the bed frame creaks with each thrust, and limbs fly out at random accidently knocking against the wall or pushing something off the bedside table.

Then after an unknown amount of time, they lay in each other’s arms, breathing heavily. Too tired to move or to talk but still embracing on the tatters of a once clean bed, they manage to pull one of the sheets up enough to barely cover them before drifting off to sleep.

A week goes by with no other mention of Jessica’s hair. One night Pete gets home from work and finds take out containers on the table.

Jessica emerges from the kitchen with plates and utensils.
“I know it’s an early dinner but we gotta eat quickly or we will miss the appointment.”

Pete sits down and starts emptying one of the containers onto a plate.
“I wasn’t aware we had an appointment to go to. I’m sorry I forgot..but uh..could you remind me where we are going?”

Pete has learned it’s better to admit his mistake rather than to flounder around for a correction. Before he can feel too bad however Jessica responds quickly.

“Well it wouldn’t be a surprise if you knew about it would it?”

Pete relaxes in his chair, content to start eating.
“So do I get a hint where we might be going, orrr is this one of those ‘You will know when we can get there’ type of deals?” Pete’s voice mimics a shrill old lady as he makes the remark

“Hey! I do Not sound like that!” Jessica teases as she hears Pete’s interpretation of her. She also proceeds to take a fork full of food from his plate as recompense.

Pete smirks,
“Of course not, you’re beautiful and amazing and wonderful in every way. But you also havent said I’m wrong.”

All Jessica can respond with is
“Yeah well..” before quietly mumbling “you will know when we get there..”

Pete knows it’s no use to push the subject, so they make quiet conversation as they finish their meals before heading out.

Pete is surprised when they pull into a salon parking lot. Jessica usually goes alone to get her hair trimmed every other month or so.

She pulls into a spot and gets out of the car, ushering Pete to follow.

They go inside and can instantly smell the various hair products waft through the doorway. Jessica walks up to the counter and is politely greeted by the receptionist.

“Hi, I’m here for an appointment with Melissa, my name is Jessica.”

The receptionist looks down at her book before responding.

“Ah right Jessica! Yes we have you here, but I do have some bad news. Unfortunately Melissa had to leave early today because her kid got sick at school. But Katie said she could stay late and take you today if you wanted, and we could waive 50% for the inconvenience.”

Jessica bites her lip and thinks for a second. It’s a nervous habit she has always had, Pete thinks it’s cute but she always feels self conscious when she catches herself mid bite.

“Ummmmmm..yeah ok. I would like someone I know but I don’t really have the time to reschedule. I’m sure Katie will be fine.”

“Great, just have a seat over there and she will call you when she is ready. She is just finishing with a client now.”

The two take a seat in the waiting room. The area is small with just a padded bench and the reception desk, along with shelves set up to hold an array of hair care products. The salon is layed out so that each stylist has their own room instead of a public area with multiple stations. That way the clients can expect a private and comfortable environment each time they come in.

After a few minutes two women enter the waiting room. One woman is wearing a short pink dress and a short pink Bob to match it. The other wearing a smock over her button down and jeans, sporting a fohawk that has been dyed in a rainbow pattern.

The woman in pink speaks up.
“I love it so much! I was a little nervous at first but it turned out so cute! Thank you thank you thank you!”

“My pleasure, I’m glad you like it. Just come see me again when you need it touched up.”

“Oh I certainly will”

The receptionist cuts in before they can continue.
“Hi Katie, this is Melissa’s 7 oclock. She said she is fine with the swap. Do you mind closing up after you finish? I think Mel had planned to stay a bit later today but I’m technically off at 7.”

“Not a problem, you can leave after you finish up, just lock the door when you leave.” Katie then looks back at her pink client.
“You can pay here and set up a future appointment if you like. I’m going to take these two into the back though. Have a great night and enjoy the new style!”

The pink woman fits in one more “thank you!” As Katie ushers Jessica and Pete into a room in the back.

The room is small, with a large barber chair in the middle and a mirror against the wall. Below the mirror is a washing station and counter set up with various drawers for different hair styling tools. There are two small backless chairs tucked into each corner near there door for guests or if the stylist needs to sit while working on a client. Folded on the counter in a stark white cape, and on the floor there is about 6 inches of brown hair mixed various tufts of short pink strands.

Pete takes one of the seats in the corner as Katie asks “Do you mind waiting a moment to let me clean up? As you can see my last client lost a bit of hair. Will only take a second to sweep.”

“Of course.” Jessica says as she stands back toward the door, trying to get out of the way.

“Oh no you can have a seat! I will just sweep around you.”

“Oh, ok.” Jessica plops down in the chair and looks at her reflection in the mirror as Katie takes a small broom and cleans up.

Her hair hangs down as straight as ever, her grown out layers now starting at her shoulders instead of her chin. It’s hard to imagine that her hair will be above her shoulders soon. There is still time to back out if she wants though, it’s not like she has said anything, she could always ask for a trim.

Her thoughts are interrupted as the white cape is flicked out over her and drawn up, snapping in tightly around her neck.

“So Melissa told me we are going short today. Do you want to do it in stages, or just go for it?”

Jessica shifts in her chair slightly, observing herself caped in the mirror. There goes her idea of backing out, but taking it slow wouldn’t hurt.

“I guess stages maybe? I don’t want to take up too much of your time but I am a bit nervous.”

Katie pumps up the chair before flipping it around to face her and Pete, away from the mirror.
“Alright, how about we compromise with 2 stages, the cut you want and the cut you need. That way you can back out if you hate it.”

Jessica bites her lip again, painfully aware that she hasn’t said what haircut she wanted. She had talked to Melissa about it though, even sent her pictures of cute pixies and bobs until they had decided on a sort of pixie bob in between, leaning more towards the bob. Melissa must have showed Katie the pictures before she left.
“Umm, yeah. Yeah we can do that.”

“Great! Let’s get rid of this then!” Kaite says as she reaches for a larger pair of scissors on her station. She then proceeds to take a handful of long hair, and unceremoniously hack it off a few inches from Jessica’s ear.

Jessica winces slightly at the sound of metal crunching through her long locks.

Pete watches as Katie works her way around Jessica’s head, throwing the hair on the ground as she goes, forming a dark mass of that quickly covers the white tile floor. He crossed his legs to hide any sign of his arousal, and Jessica picks up on the shift of movement with a knowing look. She smiles and tries to give a face of confidence as more hair as severed from her head.

Knowing that he was enjoying himself helped her relax as the last of the length is removed, leaving her with a rough cut bob. Jess refuses to look down, thankful she couldn’t see the mirror at this point as Katie starts spraying her hair with water.

Once she is sufficiently dampened, a comb starts running over her head as her hair is sectioned off. Then she feels a slight pressure as her head is tilted forward.

Katie swaps scissors to her usual pair and starts at the base of the neck, snipping it straight across before taking the hair between her fingers and snipping it barely an inch away from the head. Katie continues working up and around. When she gets close to her ears Jessica can hear each *shnick* *schnick* of the scissors slicing through, unable to tell just how much is being taken off.

Katie snaps the scissors open and closed around the perimeter of her ear, and Jessica swears she could feel a slight breeze after Katie pulls away. Jessica can feel a comb run from the base of her hair to near her crown and hear the futter of the shears as Katie uses a scissor over comb technique to clean up any strays. Next she steps in front of Jessica and starts combing her hair out.

It is at this point Jessica sneaks a peak at her severed tresses as her bangs are pulled down over her eyes. She catches a a glimpse of 3-4 inch strands of hair on the cape before snapping her attention away again, too nervous to look any further. Her bangs are lifted off her face as she feels Katie pull them up and rest her hand on her head. Jessica closes her eyes and hears another few snaps of the shears, feeling something land and tickle her forehead after each snip. When Katie takes her hand away Jessica waits for her new bangs to fall back down, barely resting on her cheekbones, except she doesn’t feel anything.

Shit..how short was her hair right now? The picture she had showed Melissa had been more of a short Bob than a long pixie. As Katie continued lopping hair off the top of her head, Jessica could tell that this was not the picture they had discussed. She looked back at Pete as her top section was cut and textured. He was staring at her, enthralled by what was happening. It was a look Jessica had seen many times before, which usually led to both of them naked.

She took a deep breath and looked down for real this time. Her heart skipped a beat as she took in seeing her hair scattered everywhere. On the floor lay over a foot of length, and now that she was looking she could see strands of hair that could even be 6 or 7 inches piling up toward the bottom of the cape, where her eyes had dared not venture last time. As she stares down she can see more of the longer locks joining the pile after each new cut Katie makes until she finally pulls her gaze back to Pete.

Jessica felt her thoughts racing, this is why she had wanted Melissa. She trusted Melissa, Melissa would never have cut her hair that short without her asking. How would she look after this? How long would this take to grow out? What would Pete think? That’s right Pete, he had seemed excited about a short haircut but would he like it so short?

Her thoughts were interrupted by two hands combing through her hair. She had been too lost in her own mind to realize the cutting had stopped.

“There we are, all cleaned up. What do we think?”
Katie asks as she finishes fussing with Jessica’s hair, and spins the chair to face the mirror.

It was what Jessica had thought. It was much shorter. Her ears were fully visible, instead of teased with a bit of length, and the everything around the back and sides was tapered to a fuzz. Her bangs were styled into a fringe that ended barely above her eyes.

She had a short, messy, pixie cut..and she loved it. Any doubts had instantly vanished when she saw herself. It was cute, it was short, it was fun, it was sexy. It complimented her face shape perfectly, made her eyes pop, and had enough texture to still look very femenine.

Katie notices her admiring the cut and says
“I’ll be back in a second, give you a moment to take it in.” Before picking something up off the station and walking out the door.

Pete jumped to his feet as soon as the door closed, racing over to Jessica.

“Holy shit you look so hot”
He says as he lifts her chin into a big kiss. Their lips connect and Pete moves his hand onto the back of Jessica’s neck, feeling the soft short bristles of hair slide through his fingers. He pushes in closer and almost falls on top of her as they embrace. Jessica can feel his erection rub against her leg as he starts leaning into her. But before it can get out of hand Pete pulls back and stands up, snagging her hand from below the cape as he does so.

“I mean it. You really look incredible.”

Jessica’s cheeks burn bright red
“Thanks, I think I like it too. Just had a bit of panic when I saw how much she took off, guess she decided to skip the whole stages thing..”

Pete chuckles in response
“Yeah, I guess so”

Meanwhile when Katie had left, she had gone to the front desk to swap the blades on her clippers. They were getting a little dull and she wanted to make sure they were ready to go. She popped off the attachment, swapped the blade, then popped it back on. It was a #2 which would be fine, she just needed to get it short enough to get rid of the bulk. Then she headed back for the room.

Katie enters the room and sees the couple staring into each other’s eyes, which makes her smile. She sneaks by and plugs the clippers in without distracting them.

“Alright, let’s put on the finishing touches and you’re good to go” she says, realizing more to herself than to them as they are currently quite distracted by each other.

A flick and buzzing noise starts up as an unfamiliar noise fills the room. Jessica is still holding Petes hand when she hears Katie say
“Chin up please.”

Jessica does so and catches her reflection as clippers touch down on her forehead. Before she can say anything she feels vibrations massage into her scalp as Katie pushes the machine into her hair and over her head.

Dark hair rains down onto the cape and Pete’s hands tighten in hers. She goes into shock as Katie continues right down the middle of her head. As she pulls the clippers away and give a quick brush with her comb, black hair slides off her head. Where there was once a cute fringe there’s now barely fuzz remaining.

The clippers get ready for their second pass when Jessica snaps out of her shock and musters a “Why..?”

“What do you mean why? I told you we would do two stages to save time.”
Kaites replies in a relaxed tone. However, when she goes to pull back the clippers this time Jessica pulls her head slightly out of reach
“Just.. just wait a second please.”

Katie switches off the clippers and silence takes over the room once more.
“Ok, what’s up?” Her tone sounds comforting.

“What’s up is I never agreed to this.” Jessica says as she uses her free hand to point’s to the path of buzzed hair.

“Yes you did.” Katie responds calmly.

“What are you..”

“When we talked about what to do I said I could do two cuts for you. The one you wanted and the one you needed. We did the one you wanted. You asked Melissa about going short so I gave you the best cut for your face and style. Next comes the one you need.”

She waives the clippers in her hand

“Which means first we need to take off the bulk with this. You wanted to try something new, something exciting, and escape your comfort zone. So I’m going to show you what it’s like to be just you. With no hair to get in the way. Then when you’re ready to grow it out, you can come back to me and we can grow it into that cute pixie. This cut won’t look better than that one, but it will feel better. Plus, judging by the bulge in your boyfriends pants there and his constant surprised expression, I’m guessing you also did this to spice things up a bit. Or am I wrong?”

Pete shifts his weight slightly at the casual mention of his genitals before Katie adds.
“Oh don’t bother, it’s fun for both of us. I’m fine with you enjoying this to your heart’s content. This is a private room after all, so what you both do with your privates will stay..well..private.”

Pete stutters a few times before Katie continues
“Also I would point out that it’s a little late to turn back now.” She tostles the hair around jessicas buzzed spot. “So just keep you head still and let me finish my job.”

With that she flicks the clippers back on, and buzzing once more fills the room. Katie places her free hand on Jessica’s shoulder, pulling her back in the chair, clippers poised in the air next to Jessica’s ear.

Katie winks at Pete, who is still in shock.
“You know the drill, chin up.”

Biting her lip Jessica slowly, reluctantly, raises her head, trying to postpone the inevitable.

“Good girl”
Her free hand moves to cup Jessica’s chin and hold her head still as she places the clippers back on her forehead. She waits till she sees Jessica look at herself in the mirror before she continues.

The clippers plow into her hair once more, the sound changing as the whirring blades chew through her tresses. Pass after pass the blades easily glide through, making short work of the textured pixie cut as black hair cascades down like a waterfall. It doesn’t take long till a uniform crop is all that remains on the top of her head.

“Head down” Katie says as she positions the humming blades at Jessica’s nape and removes her other hand from her chin. But she is forced to pause a moment when Pete speaks up.

“Stop a second.”

Katie lifts an eyebrow.
“I thought we were both enjoying this?”
She says with the clippers poised.

“We are, but her, not as much.” Pete says as he nods at Jessica who is on the verge of drawing blood from her lip due to her nerves.

“Did you mean what you said? That we can enjoy as much as we want?”

Katie sighs and doesn’t turn off the clippers as she places them in her smock. Then without warning she grabs Pete by the crotch and pulls him closer, taking one of his hands and placing it on Jessica’s tit as she moves to grope the other.

“Happy?” She asks while massaging with both hands.

“Yeah, but I had something else in mind for the beautiful woman in the chair”. Pete says, pulling away

He moves in front of the chair as Katie still looks confused. But when he gets on his knees and places his head under the cape, it clicks with her. She smiles wide as Jessica’s cheeks start to glow even brighter.

“I love the way you think Pete. Go right ahead.”

Under the cape Pete undoes Jessica’s pants and starts massaging her clit with his tongue.

Kaite takes the clippers and places them on Jessica’s neck. She waits for her first moan, and sees her hands tighten on the arm rest before finally continuing the haircut. This time she moves the clippers excruciatingly slowly up her nape, letting the vibrations sink in. More dark hairs rain down over Jessica’s shoulders. Jessica didn’t think she even had any more hair to lose, but the large clumps of dark fluff falling around her say otherwise.

As Katie clears up what little remains on the pixie cut, Jessica can’t help but let out a long moan. The feeling of a head massage combined with Pete’s efforts cause her to forget the fact that even her pixie cut would be considered long compared to what’s being done to her.

Seeing her client so close to climaxing, Katie continues to run the machine over her head, carefully and slowly working around her ears, then making multiple passes to ensure none of the old haircut remains.

Finally Jessica tenses in the chair as she reaches a climax. Her back arches and
her nails dig into the padded hand rests. As she finishes so does Katie, switching the clippers off and brushing any remaining hair from Jessica’s new buzz cut.

As Pete emerges from below, Jessica feels a blanket of warmth encompass her head.

“Almost done” Katie says as she wraps the hot towel around her. Next she folds out the small basin from her work station where the sink is attached. She spins around the chair as Pete stands back up and then proceeds to recline it so that Jessica’s head is resting in the sink with the warm water running.

Jessica loops a finger around Petes belt and pulls him in closer. Then without asking she reaches her hand into his pants and starts rubbing around his rock hard cock.
At the same time Katie works on rubbing something into her hair. Jessica feels the pulses in his dick as Katie methodically brushes what she thinks is shampoo from her hair.

Except Katie is not brushing shampoo out. She is carefully shaving off the fuzz with a straight razor, while using the warm water of the tap to clean her blade of hair and lather between swipes. With each motion she sends a load of tiny hairs down the drain. Jessica pays no mind to the fact that such short hair is being bushed, happy knowing that there is at least enough to wash. She smiles up at Pete while she plays with him as he is transfixed with what’s going on with her.

Finally when Katie finishes, she adjusts the chair back to its normal position, forcing Jessica’s hand out of Pete’s pants. Next she flips the chair back around and lets Jennifer admire her new bald head.

Jennifer lets in a quick gasp as her hand shoots to her head.
“It’s gone! It’s all gone! I have nothing left!”
Her hand brushes over her head to confirm what her mouth was saying. Her head is in fact perfectly smooth, not a single hair was saved.

Katie unsnaps the cape from around her neck and sends the loose tufts of what was cut onto the floor.
“Now, I’m going to book you in for bi weekly visits at a much cheaper rate. That way I can help you get back to that cute pixie. But in the meantime, you can enjoy this.”

She gives Jessica’s head a little rub and the sensation of fingers on her scalp ripple through her body.

As she folds the cape Pete speaks up.

“Jen. You look amazing.”

Her cheeks turn red.
“You really think so?”
The words come out nervous and soft.

Instead of answering Pete sits directly on top of her and draws her into another deep kiss. As they lock their jaws together each one’s hands start to wonder onto the other’s body.

“Hey hey, I’m fine with enjoying the show but my work here is done” Katie pipes up.

“I don’t want to sit here and just watch you two go at it for an hour. Shops closed.”

Jessica and Pete stop for a moment and lock eyes. Jessica’s flick over to Katie, and Pete gives a quick nod. Then, Jessica shoots out a hand and grabs Katie by the collar, pulling her into a deep kiss.

While they embrace Pete whispers in her ear.
“No one said you werent invited”
Before stealing her into his own kiss.

Katie leans in, clearly excited for what happens next.

Noting her approval, Jessica shoves the two off the chair and presses them up against the mirror, using her and Petes body to sandwich Katie. One of Pete’s hands enter Katie’s underwear and starts exploring, while the other hooks around both women and hugs them close. Jessica uses one free hand to cup Katie’s tits and picks up the clippers with the other, flicking them on with a loud pop.

The last thing she says before the three of them lose their clothes is “What did you say about the haircut you need?” As she draws the blades towards Katie’s pretty rainbow hair.

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