A Cheer Leader Objects Part II

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Ms Lamanski and Kim were seen by everyone at the school. The story was true, they had both cut their long manes short, very short, to a 3” all over Pixie Cut. The talk of who was going to be chosen, TO have to comply, their hair would be reduced to the 3” Pixie Cut required. Then there were the guys who were to be given a crew cut to 1/2”. Ms Lamanski decided that the announcement should be made at a school pep rally. This would surly become a hair raising event,(pardon the pun). The rally was set for August 23, as the announcement had previously stated, the Cheer & Yell leaders would be chosen, everyone could enjoy the selection, eeryone would now enjoy the makeovers. Ms Lamanski had arraigned for the Salon to be at the school, they would be set up on stage to do the makeovers for everyone to see.

August the 23rd was now here, the Gym was full, all the student body was present, the staff were also there to see who was to be selected, who was going to be made over. Remember back in the 1960’s most girls had long hair, some very long hair, many had never had a haircut outside of a trim, so this event was going to be a real head changer for the cheer leaders as well as the school. This selection, this Hair event was going to really take place. Ms Lamnski walked out onto the stage, Kim followed, the student body went wild as both women walked out with their manes, the cut off long hair, held up for all to see. Ms Lamanski stepped to the Podium, then opened the ceremony with the National Anthem. The band played, the crowd was then asked to sit down. Six Beauticians came on stage, with each one, they had a beauticians chair, clippers, combs, scissors, and a cape. They stood by their chair. Ms Lamanski explained, that as each newly selected cheerleader would be chosen, she would then walk on stage, be seated in a beauticians chair. Once all girls were seated, then each would have her new style done, as all would watch each girl be transformed from a long haired girl, to a new 3” Pixie Cut. Once this was completed, then the guys would be chosen as yell leaders, they would then walk on stage, be seated and given a new 1/2” crew cut. Ms Lamnski then said: “Let the cutting begin, as we will have the only Cheer and Yell Leaders, that will be uniformed equally.”

With that said and done, Ms Lamanski announced the first Lead Cheer Leader was Kim, who was a Senior, who had just chartered the way with Ms Lamanski, as both had her hair cut in compliance to Ms Lamanski’s new conformity. The first name to be brought forward at the assembly was read by Ms Lamanski: JANICE BROWN, COME ON DOWN . The crowd cheered, Janice walked bravely to the stage. Janice was 5’5” tall, she had a beautiful head of brown hair that fell to just below to mid back, just past her bra, maybe 5-6”. Janice was seated by the first beautician, who immediately started the cape up of Janice. Janice was thinking about becoming a cheerleader, how she was happy, but her mind raced about,she was going to be in for a change, she was soon to have her hair cut to a 3” Pixie Cut. Janice tried to remain composed, but; this was going to be the shortest hair she had ever had in her 16 years of living, Wow this was becoming a reality for sure now.

Kim then called out the second cheer leader: LORRIE BROWN,COME ON DOWN. Lorrie Brown, she was Janice’s sister, she was 5’4” and had Auburn hair that fell to her mid back like her sisters, but; about 4” shy of her butt. Lorrie walked to the stage, a little knee wobbled, she was shaken, her and her sister were going home with a 3” Pixie Cut each. Lorrie knew her fate was sealed, she wanted to be a cherrleader more then anything, even if it meant having her long tresses soon to be reduced to a 3” Pixie Cut would be worth it or would it be?

Ms Lamanski read the third name: CAREN WITTEN, COME ON DOWN. Karen was 5’6” and had a beautiful head of Red hair that fell to her knees. Caren was seated next to Lorrie, the crowd cheered her on, CAREN CAREN, she was visibly shaking. Caren now was thinking about all her long beautiful Red Sonja type hair, her mane event, her crowning glory, her knee length mane, was about to be reduced to the 3” Pixie Cut, along with her friends, she felt like a spectical sitting, looking out at the crowd. Caren had never had a really short haircut in all her 17 years, just a trim of 2-3” on the ends every 3-4 months maybe, now she was to have all her knee length hair cut off. She knew a lot of the students would love to be seeing this cutting, since everyone in school had asked her when she was going to cut her hair to maybe waist or bra length? Well now it was going to be cut to a 3” pixie cut?

Kim read the fourth name, JOANNE O’CONNELL, COME ON DOWN. Joanne was 5’4” tall and had Black thick hair that was cut in a Chin Length Bob, with Bangs. Joanne was 17. Joanne bravely walked onto the stage, she was seated, then Joanne gave the crowd a thumbs up sign, the crowd responded cheering wildly. Joanne was a trend setter, she had lead the way in a new style at the school. Joanne had waist length hair, but; that was last year, she had cut it off to a chin length bob cut to be different. Joanne thought to herself, this is going to be fun. Getting to watch all these long haired silly sallies, having their long tresses cut off finally. Joanne thought, I think I will just tell my beautician, when everyone is having their long braids and ponytails being cut off, to just take the 3” clipper guard to her head, in one swift move, thus reducing her Bob Cut, to the 3” Pixie Cut immediately. This way she would be the first to have the new 3” Pixie Cut. She was always the first to accept change. Now she would be first to adorn the 3” Pixie Cut.

Ms Lamanski then called out the Fifth name: MEGAN MOORE, COME ON DOWN. Monica got up and walked to the stage. Monica was 5’5” tall, she was 16 years old, with Brown Reddish highlighted hair that fell to her mid thighs. Monica was walking to the stages steps, she was so nervous that she almost fell down. She was happy to be chosen as a cheer leader, but; like everyone else, her hair was her pride, it was her long beautiful hair, it was her pride as she showed it off daily, always being worn down for all to see. The realization was now, that her long thigh length hair, was soon to be reduced to a 3” Pixie Cut. Monica was seated, she was almost ready to cry, but; she was now going to be an elite Cheerleader and the hair would grow back she told herself as she looked at everyone watching her. Monica was not really looking forward to her hair being cut off to a 3” Pixie Cut.

Kim called out the last and final cheer leader chosen: SUSAN BLACK, COME ON DOWN. Susan was 5’7” tall, 18 years old. Susan had a nice spire of blondish brown hair that fell freely to her butt, then curled outward along her butt line. Susan walked onto the stage. She also was visibly shaken, nervous, feeling strange about loosing her hair. This was real now, she was going to have her hair reduced to a new style, a 3” Pixie Cut, Susan had kept her hair long for 18 years. Nothing but long hair. Now this event was overwhelming to Susan as she was seated, a tear fell from her eye, she as well as the others were all becoming teary eyed, sitting in front of an audience, Susan felt like the proverbial lamb before being sheered. She sat staring t everyone looking, everyone cheering, everyone waiting in anticipation of all the girls who were soon to be loosing their long spires of hair, that each had grown, each had taken care of, each had treasured for so long, now to be scissored off, then shorn to a new 3” conformity Pixie Cut?

Ms Lamanski waited for Susan to be fully capped up. The sixth Beautician gave a nod when she was done. Ms Lamanski then looked at Kim as they both said in unison: “ASSEMBLY, ARE WE NOW READY TO SEE THESE BRAVE NEW CHEERLEADER S, GOING FROM THEIR LONG EVERYDAY HAIR, TO THE NEW MODERN CHERRLEADERS OF THIS PROUD SCHOOL, BY GETTING A 3” PIXIE CUT FOR EACH NEW CHEERLEADER?” Beauticians are you ready?YES WE ARE.” Cheerleaders are you READY FOR YOUR CHANGE?” “YES WE ARE.” Then with that said let the cutting now take place. The crowd went wild, the six beauticians each held their cheerleaders hair up, their scissors held to each braid and ponytail, except for Joanne, her beautician had a 3” guard attached to her clippers ready to plow through Joanne’s Bob cut, to a nice 3” Pixie Cut immediately. Each cheerleader now knew that what was going to be taking place. The crowd, the cheerleaders, the staff, all sensed a newness they were about to be seeing, what was going to take place, this was a once in a life time hair cutting event. Six girls, all at once, all on stage, all having their long hair cut off. They all now knew this was an event they had never seen before, plus probably would never see again in their lifetime.

Each beautician was now cutting into their clients hair. Janice had her hair braided and the beautician was shinking through her hair with the scissors for a start as Joanne felt the braid being cut into, she heard the shinking sounds knowing her braid was being cut off for sure. At the same time, Lorrie heard the beautician say to her, Lorrie we are now going to begin with cutting off your braid. Lorrie heard the schinkking sounds, knowing her braid was soo to be severed. Carries Beautician had Carries hair done in a loose Ponytail. Carrie felt sad as she heard the clippers pop. Carrie listened as the clippers started cutting into her Ponytail. All Carrie could think of was her knee length hair was soon to be a thing of the past. Carrie broke down tearfully, all she could see, thinking of herself as a short haired girl, in a soon to be 3” Pixie Cut. Carrie could not contain her emotions anymore and started to cry. The beautician said: “It will soon be over Carrie, you will love it Carrie, having a short 3” Pixie Cut, with your bright Red hair, wash and go hair, you will be a knock out Carrie.” Carrie tried to smile, but; she had never had short hair, so would she be the best looking one? Joanne’s beautician had done as Joanne had requested. A clipper cut into her Bob Cut was begun. The beautician brought the clippers to Joanne’s forehead, then with a quick push, ran the clippers straight back to Joanne’s crown. Hair fell from above, raining down onto the cape and floor below. Joanne was estatic now, knowing she was to be the first one with the short 3” Pixie Cut. Megan’s beautician had done her hair into 6 small sections. The plan was to sever each section to a new 4” haircut for Megan, then on to the 3” Pixie Cut. Susan’s beautician had Susan’s hair in a very loose Ponytail. Susan wanted it all cut off at once, no scissors, just the clippers, a 3” guard, cutting off all her butt length hair at once. Susan had thought to herself, this will give the audience something to see for sure. All her hair buzzed off at one cutting.

As each beautician cut their clients hair off, the crowd was in awe at the sight of all that hair being cut off before them. They cheered with each cutting done on each cheerleader, as each spire of hair was being cut off snip by snip. The newly reduced hair on each girl was by the beautician, held up their cut off mane of hair, before the crowd, as a victory that had just been accomplished, as each cheerleader was handed their hair for a keepsake. Now each beautician had attached their 3” guards. The popping sounds of the other beauticians clippers came to life for the crowd. Each beautician then raised their clippers to the cheerleaders foreheads. Each beautician then like a synchronized unit pushed the clipper from the forehead to the crown. Masses of hair went falling to the capes and floor. The audience went silent for a moment, then roared with delight at the sight of each cheerleader’s hair being cut to a 3” swath of hair on their heads. More passes on the top of the head, then to the right side burns up to the forehead. Every cheerleader felt a pride overcome them, a new joy, the joy of now being a part of a new era, cheerleader’s who would be in unity, unity with each other, they were all having their hair cut off, in front of the whole school, to be seen as trend setters, to be daring to take the plunge, to lead the way. As each cheerleader was finished, they were uncapped, they all gathered together in unison as the new era of cheerleader’s. This bond would be for ever, as their lives were changed that day.

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