A Cheer Leader Objects Part III

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The ladies of the cheer leading squad were selected, were given their new 3” Pixie Cuts. They then stood on the stage embracing as all cheered, THEY WERE ALL UNITED IN A NEW AND SAME STYLE. Ms Lamanski then said: “It is now time to have the yell leaders, to be called to come forward for their crew cuts.

Ms Lamanski said the First Yell Leader is: JOHNNY ROBERTS, COME ON DOWN. Johnny came down, he was 6′ tall, Johnny sported long hair in a Beatles cut. Long over the ears about 5-6” of hair thick, all over his head. Johnny took the seat on stage, a beautician was waiting, ready to cape Johnny up. Johnny was ecstatic, it was his girl friend Trisha who had wanted him in long hair, like a Beatle. Johnny had always had an ivy league haircut, 1-2” long at most till 6 months ago, so this was going to be nice. Finally short hair again, plus Trisha could not object, she was the one who wanted him to be a Yell leader. One voice was heard in the entire audience, it was Trisha, she was yelling: “OH MY GOD, NO, NO, NO, JOHNNY, OH MY GOD NO.” Johnny smiled as he was caped up there was nothing Trisha could do now, she got a Yell Leader and he was getting a crew cut, YES.

Kim said the Second Yell leader is: MIKE MYERS, COME ON DOWN. Mike came down, he was 5’11” tall, sporting a long hair style to his shoulders. Mike had taken a dare to grow his hair out by his group of friends who were in a Rock and Roll band. Mike took a seat, on stage, with beautician number 2 who was waiting on him. Mike was now facing the beautician, who was going to be giving him a short crew cut. The Beautician was smiling and told Mike as he was seated: “I am going to enjoy this cutting for sure Mike.” Mike smiled and said: “Going to be different loosing all this hair for sure, it has been 12 months since I have had a haircut, now I am going to be getting a crew cut, WOW?”

Ms Lamanski said the third Yell Leader is: JERRY NYLAND, COME ON DOWN. Jerry came down. Jerry was 5’10” tall, Jerry Sported a long Elvis style cut. Long hair like the guys in a later movie called GREASE. His style was combed back on both sides into a DA or duck tail style with long hair on top combed into the side and back. The third beautician looked at her victim relishing the crew cut she was going to be giving to Jerry. Jerry was also looking forward to a change. He had joined a group of guys who all wore the Greaser look as they were his friends. Jerry’s family said as long as he kept his grades up, he could do as he wanted, But; Jerry was tired of the Vaseline used to keep his hair combed back. Jerry was probably happier about being chosen then anyone else.

Ms Lamanski then said: “ARE YOU THE STUDENT BODY, ALL READY FOR THE HAIRCUTTING TO BEGIN?” The audence replied with a “YES WE ARE”? Kim then asked: “BEAUTICIANS ARE YOU READY”? “YES WE ARE.” Ms Lamaski then asked: “YELL LEADERS ARE YOU READY?”YES WE ARE.” Kim then said: “LET THE YELL LEADERS CREW CUTS BEGIN NOW.” The crowd went wild as they watched the beauticians, in unison, bring their clippers to life with a pop, the whirling sound aroused everyone. There were no guards on the clippers, just a steel blade, which was a #3.5, or a 1/3”. This was a surprise from the 1/2” usually used by the beauticians, who thought lets make this event rock. Each Beautician brought their clippers to the forehead of each Yell leader, then ran the clippers straight down the middle. Hair was separated as the clippers cut their way through the hair of each yell leader. It was like watching a bulldozer peel the ground from green grass to dirt. A nice white swath of scalp was now showing on all three yell leaders. Jerry’s hair looked funny with all his side burns and comb back now showing a white swath on top. Mikes hair was falling all over the cape, down onto the floor in 9” lengths, the audience went wild. While Johnny’s Beatles cut was being reduced, leaving a nice white pathway down the middle of his scalp. Hair was falling all around the beauticians, as they made a second, then a third and fourth cutting.

The crowd was enjoying watching each head become pure white skin, almost a bald on top. The beauticians went to the right side, straight up the sideburns to the top, hair falling down like a snow storm, with a lot more hair still to come off on the sides, then up the backs. The beauticians were skilled, they worked like a well oiled machine, the fourth pass on top was the final pass on the top, of each yell leaders head. Everyone was loudly cheering as more and more hair rained down, covering the capes, the floor, cheers arouse, as the yell leaders were all completely exonerated of their top hair. Next the beauticians went to the right side burns, clippers running straight up to the top of the head, that was already shorn like sheep, very short. More hair falling down on the floor and capes. The crowd was ecstatic, watching there guys loose their prized locks, each becoming funnier looking with less hair then before, more scalp showing then hair. Mikes hair was long still to shoulders on the back side of the ear to the left side. Each had lost a lot of hair, Johnny’s hair was the best as it was about half gone with only the back side of the right ear to the left side. As each beautician was done with a section, they moved to the back side of the right ear, then ran their clippers straight up, as more hair hit the capes and floor. The beauticians worked equally, as they went up the back of the nape to the crown 1-2-3-4 times done. Now to the side of the left ear, then over the ear, then the left side burns to the top, they were done. Each Yell leader now sported a new 1/3” crew cut. Each Yell Leader reached up feeling their new found 1/3” crew cut style as each was being uncapped, then stood up, all three holding hands in unity. They stepped off stage and joined the cheer leaders, all were applauded for their transformations, their each showing their bravery, each giving the crowd an event no one will ever forgot. Ms Lamanski said: Thank you all for coming, thank you my cheer and yell leaders for leading the way, to be in unity as one, I applaud each of you as my heroes. The crowd again gave a 15 minute roar, cheers and a lot of pictures, 8 mm movies, all taken to be in the newspapers for the next week. The cheer and yell leaders set a new level of unity, plus many of the students in the next year followed their 3” Pixie and crew cut styles as a way to seek joining a movement. Ms Lamanski’s husband enjoyed his wife’s new look and they had a very sexual marriage after her hair cut, plus she never grew it out again.

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