A Cheer Leader Objects

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It was 1963, applications for cheerleaders to be chosen, for 7 cheerleaders and 3 yell leaders, on the High School Team was posted. Ms Lamanski was the Departement Head for the cheerleaders. Ms Lamanski had posted try out dates, plus times, for August as follows:
Tryouts: August 1st -9th from: 10 am to 2pm, selections will advance to Round Two Selections
Round Two selections: 12th -16th to be selected for final Seven cheerleaders and 3 yell leaders.
A team will be chosen by August 23rd. Tryouts bulletin said: All who made the team, would be required to be uniform, this was especially meant to be, that all chosen, would have their hair cut uniformally in a nice short 3″ Pixie Cut. The Yell leaders would have a 1/2″ Crew Cut.

All the try outs were held as noted by the poster date. All cheerlearder applicants signed an acknowledgement of, if chosen, they would be getting a 3″ Pixie Cut. The 3 yell leaders agreed to a crew cut. Each applcant came forward and signed the agreement. When Kim came forward, she refused to sign the agreement. Ms Lamanski was stunned, Kim was to be a 4th year Cheer Leader. Kim said to Ms Lamanski: “I have always had my hair to my waist? I am not cutting it, I feel you are out of line.” Ms Lamanski stated that she was trying to be uniform, trying to present a nice clean cut looking squad of yell and cheer leaders.. Kim responded “Well if I must cut my hair for uniformity, that is your requirement. or a demand, what about you Ms Lamanski, is not your hair very long hair? You cut your hair Ms Lamanski, then I will cut mine, now thats uniform and fair.” Ms Lamanski thought about it, then replied: ” OK Kim, I will cut my knee length hair to a 3″ Pixie Cut, at the same time you will be having your hair cut to a 3″ Pixie Cut, do we have a deal Kim?” Kim looked stunned and said “DEAL.” Ms Lamanski stood up and said: “Kim come with me we will get this done now and be done with it.” Kim followed Ms Lamanski to her car and they drove to the Salon.

Ms Lamanski parked the car in the Emanon Salon lot, got out, waited on Kim to get out of the passenger side, then they both walked torwards the salon front door. Kim was stunned as she walked, she thought “Have I overloaded my mouth? Was Ms Lamanski really going through with this? Were they both really going to have their hair reduced to a 3″ Pixie Cut? Was Ms Lamanski really going to be doing this? Oh my Lord what am I getting into? We are getting closer to the front door, I cannot back out now, maybe Ms Lamanski will back out, thats it, she is testing me, she will not walk into that shop, or will she? She will not say we will both be having a 3″ PIXIE CUT, at the same time, or will she? Oh my no, no, no, she is opening the front door now, oh Lord we are really walking to the front desk, she is waiting on a Beautician to come to the desk, oh Lord help me Lord, this cannot really be happening, I have to be dreaming, OH MY GOD.”

Now Ms Lamanski was thinking all the way to the shop what a nice day this will be. I finally get to cut this long hair off and hubby cannot say a thing. I will say, I was challenged, a challenge was made back to me, to do what I asked of the team, to get a Pixie Cut for uniformity. So when challenged, well really, think about it, I could not back down now could I? Thats what I will say to him. Oh this is working out so great, Kim fell for it, I thought she would object, I cannot wait to see her seated, caped up and her long hair cut off to lead the way for anyone else who would object. I cannot wait, finally I am going to get all this knee length hair cut short. Come on I cnnot wait for this makeover to be done, where is the receptionist or a Beautician?

A receptionist came to the desk and asked “What can I do for you today?’ Ms Lamanski said: “We are both wanting to get a short 3″ Pixie Cut, that will be done at the same time, side by side chairs, is that possible?” The receptionist replied: “Well yes, we can do that right now, please follow me right this way please?” Kim was thinking, this was actually going to happen now, no backing out now, this is going to happen, all my long hair is going to be cut to a 3″ Pixie Cut, Oh My Lord. They followed the receptionist to the chairs in the back, the chairs were next to each other, just as requested by Ms Lamanski. Kim thought about how calm and collected Ms Lamanski was, no expression at all as she was seated first? Then the receptionist asked Kim to have a seat and seated her next to Ms Lamanski. The Receptionist then called two Beauticians to her. She explained that both clients were to have their hair cut, to a 3″ Pixie Cut, both to be done at the same time. The beauticians looked at each other and said: “OK, we can do this together, in unison.”

Kims beautician grapped a cape, Ms Lamanskis beautician did the same. Ms Lamanski was caped up first, but; Kim was about a second behind being caped up also. Kim was wide eyed sitting watching as the beautician pulled her hair to the front. At the same time, Ms Lamanskis beautician just caped up Ms Lamanski, since her hair was done in an upsweep design, on top of her head. Kim was caped up fully and her pontytail was swung to the back. Ms Lamanskis beautician undid the pins holding Ms Lamanskis hair in place.Once undone, the hair cascaded downward to the chairs back, the hair bounced out, then fell full length to the back of the chair and recoiled to the to the floor. The beauticians both yelled: “WOW LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR.” Everyone in the salon turned to look at Ms Lamanskis hair, which fell downward like a waterfall, to the floor. Everyone was a buzz, all were gasping, talking about, look at this, both ladies are going to cut off all their long manes of hair now girls. Everyone in the salon had heard the receptionist say, both ladies were getting a 3″ Pixie Cut, but; all that hair from Ms Lamanski was a lot to be cut that short. Of course they then looked at Kim sitting with her ponytail touching below the back of the chair. Kim looked at all the hair that Ms Lamanski had. She had heard about it being long, but; never had anyone ever seen it all down, until now, Kim and the whole salon were viewing all her long hair to the floor. The beautician tied off Ms lamanskis mane into a low ponytail. Kim looked at her Ponytail for the last time in the mirror, she said to herself, good bye my long mane of hair. Ms Lamanski looked at her hair for the last time and said: “Oh my Lord have I waited for this day to come about for so long, now it is reallt going to happen.”
The beauticians looked at each other and said: “Are you both ready, ready for each of you to have all your long hair cut off at the same time now?” Kim looked at Ms Lamanski, Ms Lamanski looked at Kim, Ms Lamanski reached out to hold Kims hand, Kim reached out to Ms Lamanski,both were holding each others hand in a solidarity of loosing all their long hair together. The beauticians grabbed Kims and Ms Lamanaskis hair as both replied “YES, lets do it now.” The Beautician with Kim was left handed, as the Beautician with Ms Lamanski was right handed. It was fun to watch, each beuticians scissors cut into the clients hair, the severed hair fell to the left side for Kim and to the right side for Ms Lamanski. As more hair was being cut away, the severed hair fell limp on each beauticians hand, the hair from the heads of the two women fell at their napes to their respective chin. It was kind of mezmorizing, as Kim and Ms Lamanski watched the hair fall to a new short length at the nape, then on the other side, curling at chin length was so different to see it happening. While the ponytails were laying limp in the beauticians hands. Finally the last cuts came for both Ms Lamanski and Kim as they sat and looked at themselves in the mirror. Kim said: ” I like this style, I might just let it grow out after my Senior year, to a nice chin length Bob Cut.” Ms Lemanski was in awe at the hair curled under her chin, it had not been this short in some 25 years. Ms Lamanski reached up and touched the short ends, while the beauticians handed each lady their ponytails. Ms Lemanski looked at her long ponytail and said: “Hair, my long beautiful hair, finally it has been severed to a nice Bob Cut, Oh how light headed I feel.” Kim looked at her ponytail and stated:”Oh My God, look at this ponytail, I never thought I would have cut it until now Ms Lamanski, now I am glad I have cut it off, like you said, it is a lot lighter on my head now.”

The beauticians both admired the ponytails of each lady, holding the tails up and looking at the lengths. The Beauty Shop was a buzz with women talking about what they had just seen. Two women with long hair, both at the same time, having all their super long hair, all cut off, they had never seen a show like that before, especially with one lady being done, but; today they had seen two women, with super long hair, shorn at the same time. They were all a buzz, they all talked amongst themselves. Mean while, the beauticians both said: “Are you both ready to go shorter now?” Both nodded, then said: “Lets do it.” they said it in unison. The shop was now really buzzing with talk about they were both going shorter, to a Short 3″ Pixie Cut, as they had overheard earlier. A 3″ all over Pixie Cut was now comming up for a really nice eventful day for all who were getting to witness this event taking place. Everyone in the shop was watching, the beauticians both grabbed their clippers, the clippers were fitted with a 3″ attachement, both turned on the clippers, Ms Lamanski and Kim jumped at the sound, knowing now as the clippers were now roaring, that their Bob length hair, was very soon, going to be reduced further, to a 3″ Pixie Cut. Both women watched a the beauticians brought the clippers up to the nape of each ladies necks, then ran the clippers straight up the nape to the crown. Both heads were being reduced to a 3″ clipper cut, as hair rained down from both women, the shop was now really buzzing, sort of like a bee hive that had just been hit. The buzzing of the clippers almost fell into tune of the buzzing of the women who were spellbound, getting to be a part of those, watching as these two women, were being shorn, each at the same time, to a 3″ Pixie cut. The clippers moved up the nape 3 times on each lady, hair piled deeply on the floor, very thick piles were mounting, as both ladies were loosing about 6 more inches of hair each with each clipper passing. Then the beauticians went up and over the left ear, hair was piling up on the capes now, more was gathering on the floor. The the beauticians went up the side burn to the top, as hair piled on their individual capes. The beauticians were like two race cars, they turned the clippers to the foreheads, then ran them back to the crown, more hair fell. More OOHS AND AWES were heard from the crowd, as the style was now half done, all could see a nice 3″ style was taking shape. Then the beauticians raced to the other side at the side burns, up and over the ear, then they were done. In a matter of 15 minutes, the two ladies had gone from a chin length approximately 9 inches of a Bob Cut, to a new 3″ Pixie Cut. Cheering was heard from people all around the shop as they clapped in approval of the newly made over ladies.

Kim looked at Ms Lamanski and Ms Lamanski looked at Kim. Both were uncapped and they stood up. Both were given their ponytails. Both grabbed their ponytails, held the ponytails up for all to see. The Salon went wild with enthusiasm. Both then said: “Now that was fun, wait until the others get their manes reduced to the new cheerleaders 3″ Pixie Cut and yell leaders crew cuts, more is to come to this salon.” Both Ms Lamanski and Kim walked to the front desk swinging their ponytails for each booth to see and admire. They waited to pay for their new hair styles, their new 3″ Pixie Cuts. The Receptionist looked at them, then said: “Now that was an event, everyone here will never forget. Oh, I got some photos of the whole cutting of the ponytails and then the bob cuts to a 3″ pixie Cut.. Would you allow us to use them in the news paper? In exchange, the cuts will be free, if your willing?” Ms Lamanski and Kim looked at each other and said together, “WHY NOT?” Ms Lamanski and Kim walked out of the salon together. A really close bond was now developed between them, having done this together. As Ms Lamanski and Kim rode back to school, both talked about the next 6 cheer leaders and 3 yell leaders who were going to be made over. They both grinned and talked all the way back to the school. Both were holding their ponytails and shaking them at each other as they walked into the school to select the new makeovers they were going to have the pleasure of seeing made over next in the sequal of this event to be continued.

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