The Newest Cheerleader Is Shorn Of Her Golden Locks

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“Here she comes, get ready,” cheer captain Melanie announced excitedly to her fellow squad members Emily, Dana and Christine. “I want to teach that bitch a lesson!”


They all giggled and took positions inside the locker room door leaning against the wall. Other than the four girls plotting revenge, the locker room was empty as the rest of the squad had left soon after practice.


Madison, the newest varsity cheerleader on the high school squad, had just finished her special instruction hour with Coach Lang in the gymnasium and was heading back to the locker room to clean up.


Madison’s family had just moved into town several weeks prior. Despite her experience in another high school program, Coach Lang had required Madison to stay an extra hour after each practice to fine tune her techniques in order to blend in better with the rest of the squad.


Madison was a bombshell blonde and the 17 year old junior had the well tanned sculpted body of a female who spent a lot of time in the gym working out.


Madison was very attractive, full figured and tall for her age. The natural long blonde hair that hung down to her waistline was her best feature and the first thing that caught most people’s eye.


The four girls waiting in the locker room were angry. In the short time that Madison had been here at this school, she had already slept with countless boys including each of their boyfriends. Madison sure looked innocent on the outside but she was quite a dirty rotten whore on the inside.  They were seniors and Madison was a junior.  They were not going to stand by and let the behavior continue and planned to give her a dose of revenge.


Through the dead silence inside the locker room, the four girls could hear every squeaky step of Madison’s athletic shoes on the hallway floor as she approached the outside of the door.


As the door swung open and Madison stepped through in her cheerleading uniform, Melanie sprang from her crouched position and grabbed Madison around the shoulder blades, pinning her upper arms to her sides.


As a surprised Madison tried to scream for help, Emily clamped a hand over mouth and squeezed as Dana and Christine also helped Melanie to restrain their adversary.


“Stop struggling right now, you bitch, you are outnumbered,” Melanie exclaimed. “Let’s get her quickly over to the chair,” she asvised Emily, Dana and Christine.


The four struggled but managed to drag Madison deeper into the locker room where a lone metal chair awaited near the showers.


They pushed poor Madison down into the chair as she continued squirming. Emily slapped her several times across the cheek to send a message that they were in control.


After removing a roll of duct tape from the duffel bag near the chair, Emily tore off several long strips and secured them over Madison’s quivering lips.


“You may think that you are better than us but you won’t escape our justice,” Melanie shouted angrily, her voice echoing off the walls. “You may think that you already have the lay of the land in this high school.  That you can have any of the guys who are drooling after you, but you will stay away from our boyfriends from now on, you slut!”


Melanie held Madison down as Emily, Dana and Christine aggressively removed Madison’s yellow and blue cheerleading uniform and blue silk panties. Once she was buck naked, the girls removed leather straps from the duffle bag and secured Madison’s bare arms and legs to the chair.


“Look at that thick bush,” Melanie exclaimed observing the mound of hair between Madison’s tanned thighs. “My, my, we will take care of that for you as well since you obviously don’t bother with keeping it trimmed up.”


Looking at Dana she said, “go back and keep a lookout at the door to the hallway, while we take care of this bitch. Make sure everyone stays out of the locker room until we come and find you.” Dana nodded and left.


Madison whimpered under the duct tape as she squirmed in the chair some more, desperately pulling against the taunt restraints that held her down.


Goosebumps were forming on her naked body, a reaction to the cold metal chair and the cool temperature in the empty locker room.


The old leather scrapped roughly against her tender skin, denying her attempts to escape as the three girls laughed at Madison’s misfortune.


“You won’t get out of this mess, you evil slut, we will show you who is boss,” Melanie announced as she removed a shiny silver case from the duffle bag. “Since I am captain of the squad, I decide what will happen to you. We are going to give you a bit of a haircut here, so brace yourself hunny buns.”


Madison shook her head and whimpered as Melanie opened the case and removed a pair of cordless hair clippers. Without even attaching a guard, she approached the chair and stood in front Madison.


“I certainly have my work cut out for me, it’s a good thing my brother let me borrow his new hair clippers to speed things up,” Melanie joked as she zoomed them back in forth in the air in front of Madison’s face. “Judging by the length of your hair, I doubt that you have ever recieved a decent haircut in your life. Well there is a first time for everything, let this lesson begin!”


Madison whimpered and whined, terrified as she was taunted by the snarling clippers, while trying to fight back her tears. Emily and Christine giggled, watching as Melanie stared down her helpless victim in the chair. She momentarily held the clippers right at Madison’s forehead, torturing her with the relentless buzzing.


Melanie, allowing her adversary no mercy, drove the loud clippers straight back along Madison’s scalp, severing great hanks of the prestine blond locks without remorse.


Curtains of golden hair slid off the scalp, some landing on Madison’s naked body, others falling straight to the floor. Madison shook as she tried to keep from peeing herself in the chair.


This just wasn’t fair, she loved her long blonde hair.  It didn’t take long for tears to began welling in Madison’s eyes and running down her cheeks as the lifeless hair clippings continued to plop onto her lap.  She hated herself for showing emotion in front of these mean girls while they enacted their revenge by attacking her hair.


“Goldy Locks is balling her eyes out now, the poor girl,” someone said. “Pretty soon, she won’t be Goldy Locks anymore.” They all laughed at Madison’s expense.


Madison trembled in the chair as nervous thoughts ran through her brain. How funny was she going to look without her beautiful hair? How was everyone else going to react? Could she even look herself in the mirror? Why is this happening to me, she thought sadly.


Madison closed her eyes to black out what was happening, fearful that continuing to watch would allow her emotions to take control and make things much worse.


Slap! A sharp sting was felt on her cheek. Slap! Another sting. It was Melanie who had taken notice right away and hissed, “Open your eyes right now and watch, you sissy. You started this mess, and you will continue watching as I mow all of your hair off. Don’t you dare close them again!”


Madison reluctantly opened her eyes and stared straight forward at the wall, trying not to think about what was being done to her.


The shorn blonde locks continued to rain down all over like a golden waterfall. Please let this be over soon, Madison begged silently, I dont think I can take anymore of this torture.


The sharp blades ate hungrily through Madison’s shiny blonde hair while the other girls giggled at the justified punishment.


“Madison is going to look so dumb when we are done with her that no boy will want to go out with her for a long time,” Christine quipped, enjoying the shearing.


“Madison did this to herself. We are only keeping up our end of the bargain. She shouldn’t have slept with our boyfriends, the nasty hoe!” Melanie snarled.


Madison began to sob. It wasn’t just the haircut, it was the hurtful comments being directed at her. She could only imagine what people would say about her when she went out in public without any hair once this ordeal was over.


The clippers continued to snarl as they relieved Madison of her glorious golden mane, one strip at a time, doubling down on the task at hand. The angry buzzing just went on and on and on, seemly without end as the clippers worked stealthily to ensure that no hair remained.


When the hair massacre had finally been completed, Melanie switched the clippers off as Madison stared sadly down at all of her shorn hair laying around her.  The poor lifeless discarded locks were a part of her no more.


“Baldy, baldy, baldy,” several girls chanted all at once adding to Madison’s humiliation.


Each girl took turns rubbing Madison’s bald head and laughing at her as she squirmed in the chair. Madison was shaking nervously as her naked body was getting cold.


“She is as bald as a queball. She went from bombshell blonde cheerleader to quite ugly in an instant. She won’t be able to look at herself in the mirror anymore,” laughed Emily.


“As long as she learns a lesson and stays away from our boyfriends, I don’t care what else she does,” Melanie stated. They others nodded in agreement.


Baldy, Baldy, Baldy,” they chanted again. “Baldy Maddy.”


“We are forgetting one thing. You still need to shave off her bush,” stated Christine, giggling as Madison glared at her.


“That’s a great idea. Hold still there, Maddy Cakes, we aren’t done just yet,” Melanie teased as she fired the clippers up yet again.


Emily and Christine each grabbed a leg and spread Madison’s thighs apart and so that Melanie could gain access to her pussy. The vibrating machine advanced and slowly ate away at the mound covering Madison’s private area until all traces were removed.


Madison shook in the chair as the vibration tickled her senses. Emerging from the darkness was Madison’s pussy, now bald to match her head. Fresh juices were leaking out and collecting on the chair as the girls watched in fascination.


“Judging by the reaction, Maddy definately enjoyed that,” Emily quipped as Madison’s face turned a bright shade of red. “Let me help you finish, Baldy.”


Emily reached her hand between Madison’s bare thighs and inserted several fingers deep into Madison’s pussy. She began stroking her fingers in and out building up speed. Madison began to shake violently in the chair and minutes later she reached a shattering climax, showering Emily’s hand with her fresh juices.


“There we go….now this bald bitch has finally gotten what she has been begging for since she started sleeping around. I hope she gets kicked off the squad because of her ugly bald head,” Melanie proposed. “However, if she has any real dignity at all, she will save herself the trouble and just quit.”


All of the girls had a good long laugh at Madison’s expense.  They had finally gotten their revenge.  By removing Madison’s hair, her most prominent feature, each girl felt powerful in her own right.  They had taken away something that Madison treasured and had laid it to waste.


Madison sulked in the chair as Melanie packed away the hair clippers into the case and placed them back inside the duffle bag.


“Girls let’s bid farewell to the newest bald girl in town,” quipped Melanie.


“Baldy, Baldy, Baldy, Baldy,” they chanted one last time and laughed at Madison as they all left the locker room leaving her tied to the chair whimpering in her own misery.

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