A Choice For Karen

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Billie had a new haircut, became very popular at work, then moved on with a guy at the office. I found a long Blond haired beauty named Karen. One night at the Grocery store, I was putting up the new display for the week on the Billboard, when this beautiful young lady walked into the store. She was a beautiful young lady with very thick long blond hair that fell to her waist. What a knock out she was to see, but; she would not speak when I said HELLO? She would only smile, giggle, then run across the street to the apatments, wave to me, then dissapear inside. After about 4 weeks of Hello,s, she finally spoke saying “HELLO, I am Karen, I am 15, I am in the 9th Grade, bye, now.”

Karen was a Jr High School student when I first met her, she was about 3 years younger then I was, but;; what a beautiful young lady. Karen was 5’6” tall, with super thick blond straight hair that fell to her waist. She was well proportioned for her age at 32, 14, 20, a real looker, a fun lady to be with. I met her parents one day at the store I was a senior in HS about to graduate. Oh Mom and Dad did not want Karen to date just yet, so Karen would just talk about school, the future. I graduated, kept seeing Karen, she was now living on a 52” Yaught, her Dad had refurbished with a steel hull, that is why they lived in the apartment for 8 months. Finally when Karen went to HS, I had graduated, was in Jr College, so her parents said we could date.

Karen and I were always together from 3pm to 5pm when I had to go to work. Some nights Karen would go with me to work at the bowling alley. I would clean the lanes getting them ready for 6pm bowling. I was in Jr College in the mornings, went to the Bowling Alley at noon, cleaned the lanes, then went to get Karen from schhol at 2pm. Everyone at school called us KISCO as we were always kissing, hugging, loving on one another.It was 1969, Karen was with me that night at the Bowling Alley. I joined the Army Reserves, had orders for Active Duty at Ft Polk La in July. We spent the timw we had till my deployment in 3 months. Karen wanted me to cut her hair short as all the friends she had had short hair. I tried to talk Karen out of cutting her hair just to be with the in crowd, but; karen was adament about a short style. I agreed to cut her hair one night when Karen had me a weak moment.

Karen was all a glee, she had never had short hair, always long hair, so a change was coming, Karens long mane was to be cut off to a Short Pixie Cut of 4” in a few moments. I got the cape, clippers, scissors, Tissue,, then seated Karen, caped her up, tissued her neck, pulled the long hair out from unde the cape, pinned the cape tightly around her neck. I braided her hair, Karen was silent, very pensive about what was to happen. She had never had short hair, now in a matter of minutes she was going to loose her braid, her long hair was to be no more, shot hair was the new wave of fashion, Karen was being submissive to a peer group. Karen looked at me in the mirrors, her eyes went wide as I was braiding her mane for the very last time. Reality was coming to grips with Karens Choice to cut her locks off, she was between excitement, what will it be like to have short hair, for her forst time in life.

I kissed her on the cheek, said to Karen; “Are you ready to go short Karen?” Karen replied with a weak; “I guess so OC, I guess so, this is what I want, but; I am apprehensive now, lets do it,OC, cut this braid off, free me for the first time from long waist length hair.” I took the braid in my left hand, scissors in the right hand, brought the scissors up to the braid at the nape. Karens eyes were wide and a look of excitement, yet fear of what was about to happen. I started cutting into the braid, Karen screamed with glee, “Yes, OC, YES, YES, YES, cut it all off OC,, cut it off, faster OC faster.” I chopped throught the thick braid faster then I ever had. Done before. With each cutting of the scissors, hair started laying on Karens nape. Karen was now very exited as she watched the scissors doing their magic. A long braid was being cut off, short hair was appearing as a new Karen was coming out from under years of hidding in long hair. Karen squeeled with joy when the last cut was made ans I handed her the braid. Like so many before her, Karen carressed the braid, rubbed the severed ends aaginst her face, saying; “ At last short hair OC, finish up so we can go out, showing off my Pixie Cut, OC.. I finished up, Karen was now more beautiful in a Pixie Cut the al that mane f hair she had been hidding un for years. Everyone we saw that night were shocked, yet said how beautiful she was without al the hair. We made love all night long.

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