A compelling feeling

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I had just moved to Punta Gorda, Florida in the summer of 2022. I decided to move here as I needed change in my life. I was bored of the constant same routine every day so I figured moving to a different state was a great choice.

It was two years after I finished high school when I moved to the sunshine state. I was young, my hair was long and blonde, and my body was that of a super model. I had everything going on for me and yet I still needed a change.

My new house was a nice two bed- two bath house right next to the harbour. Every morning I’d wake up and walk down to the harbour to watch sunset.

A week after moving here I figured it would be nice to walk around down town Punta Gorda and explore a bit, maybe I could even meet some new friends.

I threw on a super cute sundress that I found a few days before at Kohls outlet. It was short, showed a lot of skin, and complimented my body shape. I was always very confident so I absolutely loved to show my body off. Plus it would help me in meeting new people.

Thankfully my house was close to down town so I wouldn’t need to walk too far. I took a rip off my dab pen and set out on the adventure.

Typically I wore my hair in braids so the wind wouldn’t knot it up, however today I chose to wear my hair down. It rested at my belly button and blew gracefully in the gentle breeze flowing across the harbour.

I felt sexy strolling down the sidewalk, I was making great time in making it to my destination. It only took about 5 minutes to get to downtown PG.

I walked into a bar right on the harbor and had a few drinks while enjoying the view. My ussual drink was a screwdriver, a few of those definitly loosened me up a tad but did not make me drunk. I payed my tab and walked out of the bar.

A feeling rose up inside of me telling me to turn the corner and walk down the next road. As I made my way down the sidewalk passing more bars and stores, I saw a salon. Something in me felt compelled to walk inside.

I rarely ever went into a salon. The most I’ve ever done with my hair was getting it trimmed. I had no business going into a salon and yet I felt like I had to.

I opened the doors and walked in. Immediately I was hit by an amazing lavender scent. I looked around and saw no one at the reception desk so I took a seat in the waiting area.

I remember thinking to myself ‘what on earth am I doing here’ when suddenly my thoughts were interrupted.

“Welcome, my chair just opened so you can follow me back”

She turns around and heads to her chair. Without thinking I stand up and follow her. I sit down in the chair not knowing what I’ll even say.

“I’m Talia, what are you thinking about doing to your hair?” She asks as she tosses a cape over me.

She starts brushing out my hair and I wait a second to think about what I want to do.

“Well, I really have no idea. I just moved here the other day wanting change so I’m not really sure what I want”

“Well are you thinking a cut? Color?”

“You know I actually want a cut. Something drastic. Something above the shoulders.”

Did I really just say that? I have never thought about changing my hair especially something so drastic.

“If you’re looking for drastic, we should do a new color as well”

“What do you think I should do?” I asked

“I really think a jet black chin length French bob would look stunning on you”

Without thinking or giving a myself a second to think it over, I agreed.

I watched as she hung a curtain in front of the mirror to block my view or what she was doing.

Talia grabbed my hair and fastened it into a low ponytail. She grabbed her scissors and started hacking away at my luscious hair. It took her longer than on any other client, my hair was thick and strong, which gave the scissors a hard time.

Tension on my scalp grew as more hair was cut away, it almost seemed like she was pulling my hair harder and harder.

Than I felt it. My ponytail detaching from my head, and my now short hair sprung forward just kissing my shoulders.

After Talia removed the bulk of my mane, she led me to the washing station. I mindlessly followed almost like a robot. She sat me down and leaned my head back. The water was so warm and felt amazing having her massage my scalp and working the conditioner into my tresses.

She led me back to her chair and continued with the process. She brushed my hair out and picked up a different pair of scissors.

Talia held the scissors right up to my chin and closed the blades. Five inches of hair slid off the cape and landed on the floor producing a dull thud.

Each dull thud was followed by feeling the cold steel inch across my chin and then to my neck. Each snip sent shivers through my body which was odd considering I wasn’t thinking much at all. It was almost like I was in a trance.

She made quick work of the other side resulting in a very precise chin length bob. I began to wonder how I’d look considering the mirror was curtained off not allowing me to see the progress.

Talia pulled out a comb and sectioned out a part above my forehead and started combing the hair down in front of my face.

“Looks like we need to uncover those eyes Courtney” she said as she held the scissors just above my eyebrows.

Every cut, hair would fall off my face, revealing an emptiness that I could see through. She continued cutting my bangs until she was satisfied and I had a full field of vision.

This was all such a surreal moment so far, I’ve never had bangs, or short hair before. It was such an unreal feeling. My head felt lighter, and I felt free.

Talia disappeared for a minute and came back with a bowl of dye. She wasted no time with applying the jet black color to my hair.

“Hope you don’t plan on ever being a blonde again Courtney, this is a new dye, it attacks your color follicles and permanently changes your hair color. So I’m other words you’ll forever be jet black” Talia said with a giggle.

That didn’t affect me at all. I was in such a mindless state that I didn’t care.

The ominous black spread through out my sun bleached blonde hair. Like before, she made quick work, and before I knew it my hair was fully covered.

After 30 minutes Talia led me back to the wash station and thoroughly washed all the left over dye out. Feeling my new short hair wet tickling my cheeks was very unfamiliar but so mysterious at the same time.

She pulled me back to the chair and turned on the blow drier. I loved the way my hair danced in the artificial wind, blowing effortlessly against my face. Since it was so short, drying didn’t take long at all.

Talia started styling my hair, she straightened my bangs down which sat above my eyebrows. She finished the styling by curling my chin length hair. The curls brought my hair length up a bit above my chin. She walked over to another station and picked something up.

“Chin down honey” she said as she gently bent my head down, pushing my chin into my breast.

I heard her snap an attachment on to the device she was holding. She turned on the machine and it roared to life.

Before this day, if I even thought a hairdresser was cutting more than an inch off I would have freaked out.

She pushed my hair above my nape with her acrylic nails and drove the clippers into my hair. The clippers sent vibrations through my body. She pulled the machine up until she stopped around the bottom of my ears.

She continued this rhythm until my nape was buzzed down to a #1.

Talia turned off the roaring machine and gently blew air onto my nape, both getting excess hair off and giving me a new feeling.

“So, are you ready to see your change?” She said as she pulled the curtain off the mirror.

I gasped. The sexy short haired woman in the mirror looking back at me looked so unfamiliar. I couldn’t believe it was me.

I paid Talia, and scheduled a follow up appointment to get it maintained and walked out the door.

I was met with subtle wind blow across my now bare shoulders and naked neck. As I walked, my hair swayed across my cheeks and my nape. My shoulders felt so exposed and so naked without hair covering them.

I continued walking, feeling the sexiest I’ve ever been. I walked past a heavily windowed building. The reflection in the windows caught my eye. I stopped to look at my new self.

My hair was jet black, curled sitting right above my chin. Exposing part of my buzzed nape. Somehow my bangs didn’t move, they looked flawless. Everything looked flawless.

I walked around downtown for the rest of the day, enjoying the soft breeze that ever so gently blew my bob across my cheeks. The whole day felt so wierd. I don’t know what compelled me to go into the salon, or what motivated me to get such a drastic change but I love it.

Thank you for reading! I hope everyone enjoys this story. Almost all of this story happened to me. Please let me know what you think and let me know if y’all have any ideas I could use!

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