A cut for Kay

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Jack had seen his ex mother in law Kay several times since his divorce from his wife. Kay had known for years the issues her daughter had with Jack, but they all stayed connected if but for the kids. The marriage was years of his short hair addiction, one that pushed his wife away. Now years later, all together to watch her oldest granddaughter marry her high school sweetheart! The wedding was beautiful – the story starts the next day during cleanup at the church. Kay was in town for her granddaughter’s wedding and was scheduled to leave for home in a few days.

“Momma, can you run Jack’s keys over to his house while we finish cleaning, he left them here last night” Renee said as her mom left for Jack’s house. The ring at the door, Jack still somewhat hung over after a great night seeing his daughter get hitched.

“Hey Jack, Renee’ asked me to drop off your keys, what a great night it was” Kay said as Jack asked ​her in for a cup of coffee. The conversation was pleasant as always, the past always the topic, his marriage years ago to Renee’, the why’s, etc…

“We were young Kay, I loved her, and still do, we just don’t click sometimes”Jack said sipping a strong cup of Joe. “Hell we argued about everything Kay, the kids, money, work, hell even her hair for god’s sake.

Kay knew well his love of short hair and asked if he still had a “thing” for ladies with shorter styles. Renee’ had often confided in her mother Jack’s abusive ways and his constant nagging baout her hair. The conversation shifted when Kay mentioned that older ladies may like shorter styles, but Renee wasn’t in the boat with that.

“I mean, I love the shorter style, but you should’ve understood that Renee’ was 25 at the time and it wasn’t cool to have such short hair. I remember you used to cut her hair to save money, she had mentioned, you probably cut your new girlfriends hair as well, right, and by the way, she is such a sweetheart. So nice to everyone at the wedding and such a big help with everything. I really needed to get by the beauty shop before the wedding, but my girl was out of town, poor planning on my part” Kay said slowly rubbing her neck in front of Jack.

“You could probably trim this up a bit right”? I mean, even though she didn’t care for it, I always thought Renee’s hair was so cute.

Kay was now sitting in a chair, in the kitchen, at her ex son in law’s home. Jack went to work and after about 30 minutes, Kay saw in the mirror a super clean, not too short trim of her overgrown pix​ie. Pleased beyond measure, hugs with promises to stay in touch followed.

A few weeks passed and a text from Kay:

Hi Jack, it’s Kay. I’m heading to the airport to fly back home, had a few hours to kill, is your home salon open today”

Kay was now sitting for another cut.

I took an Uber here, we all had several glasses of wine and Renee’ didn’t need to be driving” she said as Jack placed the cape around her, and this time tightened a neck strip as well.

“I’m headed home, may not be back for a while, so take it a bit shorter, who knows, I may be flying back here for you to keep me cleaned up from time to time” she said, words slurring slightly. Jack knew this would be an opportunity not to pass up. Kay Mills, his ex mother in law, sitting in his kitchen some 25 years after her daughter sat in practically the same place being shorn.

“So just how short is short Kay” Jack said as he pulled out the same Oster clippers he used on Renee some 25 years prior-  placing them on the table right beside the chair. Kay glanced over and at the the clippers and simply said for him to decide, she trusted his sense of style’

“SCHNICK” – look all the way down” Jack flipped the switch and the machine began to roar. He placed the cold blade at the bottom of her nape and slowly began to glide the blade up her neck. Jack sensed Kay was enjoying the experience as she closed her eyes and settled into the chair.

“That feels amazing Jack, the vibration on my neck may put me to sleep” she said, Jack running the clippers with the #2 blade attached, removing the bulk, revealing the grey underneath her bleached color job.

“Girl you’re a bit grayer under all that hair, looks really good, the shade of gray is nice.

“I’ve been thinking of getting all of it cut out at some point, it’s such a hassle coloring it and all”, Again, dropping her head down as Jack moved up and down on her scalp.

“Get it all out of there Jack, time to let the gray shine I suppose” Kay now comfortable and on her 2nd glass of vino.

Jack snapped the triple 000 blade on and went in for the kill.

No words this time, as he placed his hand on the crown of her head, and pressed hard, now getting the 00000 blade in perfect position. Gliding up her nape he could see the small shards of hair falling on the cape. He was in his element! The smell of the blade took over over the next 30 minutes, Kay’s once overgrown tussled mess was now on the kitchen floor. The blades humming as the powerful motor plowed through, pass after pass as her white scalp began to come more in focus. The result was a bald fade the top rounded with the #0a guard to add some contrast. Eyes still closed and with no mirror, Jack wondered if his 63 year old ex mother in law, now damn near bald, would be pissed or…

“Oh my Jack, you did take it all off, it feels great” rubbing the top and slowly feeling the lower nape. You sure you got all the gray here? Still seems like there may be some stranglers here, remember, no gray” And with that, Jack reached for the clippers and flipped the switch. Without a word being spoken, Kay’s head went down immediately. Jack knew he was now safe and the assault on her nape began. With reckless abandon, the clipper – no guard the machine removed it all. He made sure to pinch, pull and stretch her scalp removing everything in its path. The top had to go as well as he pressed firmly down on her crown and ran the plow down the middle.

“It’s all coming off Kay, smooth bald and no gray” – she said nothing. Leaving only a slight patch on top, the rest or her hair collected in the cape.

A quick shot with the blow dryer and Jack removed the cape. Kay walked to the bathroom to tidy up and Jack used the vacuum to clean up the mounds of hair on the floor. Kay walked out, walked over and gave him a big hug.

“May I ask a question Jack” did this old lady really make your cock hard, I kind of noticed as you walked around the chair… In a weird way, I was wet from start to finish. Busted? No way. Jack confessed and in an instant, Kay had his rock hard cock deep in her throat. He thrust hard, fucking her mouth like a horny 18 year old. He watched as she looped her fingers in his belt loop, literally slamming his cock down her throat. The sight of the faint landing strip he had left on top or head only made matters worse for his cock sucking ex mother in law. One hand on the crown of her head, the other gently rubbing the runway – Jack was indeed in heaven!

“God damn Kay, you are fucking bald my lady, Jack now leaving all he had in her mouth. For a solid minute she didn’t take a single breath.

“Fuck my face Jack, fuck my face baby, she screamed as he slammed his cock deeper, side to side and by now she could barley breathe.

He was indeed out of control. Now one hand on her nape the other held his phone, this was a video he would certainly treasure.

She took every bit of the 9 inch rod down her throat, gagging at times but never moving her ruby red lips of the shaft. After several minutes, the encounter was over and Kay was walking out to catch her Uber to the airport. A month went by, and not a word was spoken from her, Jack wondering if the whole ordeal was even real.

A late night text f​rom Kay days later made it crystal clear to Jack.

Jack, I’ll be back in town this weekend, Renee’ is having a party for me- it’s my birthday. My flight leaves on Sunday at 4p, I’ll be over at noon, the top of my head feels like a grass field – this shit has gotten out of control, no way to land a jet now, but I know you can take care of that!





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