A daughter’s crowing achievement

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“Mommy dearest”,Destiny sang into the living room where her mom was reading a book. Her mother eyed her suspiciously, she had an idea of what her daughter wanted. But just to humour her, she said,”Yes, my child”

”Can I”,Destiny started,”Please cut my hair?”

Her mother looked at her and smiled,”Uh, no”

The girl was frustrated and protested. She said she was tired of long, chestnut hair and her mother was being selfish. That last line made the woman change her mind. Mother told her daughter that she would make her a hair appointment tomorrow.

Destiny rejoiced in her success and her mother also rejoiced. In the morning, the mother told Destiny that her appointment was at three in the afternoon and she wanted her to wash her thoroughly for the hairdresser. The girl did as she was told and around two o’ clock, they headed out.

Daughter Destiny walked briskly as her mother took her time in the walk. She groaned and told her mother to hurry, she couldn’t wait to lose her hair. A barbershop soon came into their view, it was small but the inside was roomy.

The hairdresser met them at the door and took them back, Destiny quickly hopped into a chair and the hairdresser covered her up in a hot pink cape. Destiny was about to describe what she wanted done to her hair but her mother stroked her chestnut tresses and said,”Ah, honey. This is a compromise, you get your hair cut and I choose the style. It’s only fair”

Before Destiny could rebuttal, her mother turned to the hairdresser and ordered,” I want her sides to be buzzed very short and her top to have a short poodle perm”

The girl tried to rise from the chair but the hairdresser quickly sat her down. She could only watch her sit and read a magazine as she was worked on. Her barber got straight to business clearing the sides of her head with the clippers with no guard. In the mirror, Destiny watched in horror as rows of chestnut fell from her head. They ate up every last hair and the hairdresser made sure of that.

When she was done, the barber lady released the crown; gathering it up again in a second. As the hair stood limply, the clippers cut straight across and but quartered the total length. The remaining hair was separated into small sections and the hairdresser put each section around a small rod which she secured tightly on the girl’s head. A stream of elixir was squirted into the hair, the scent of it made Destiny gag a little.

Destiny turned to look at her mother but the stylist wouldn’t let her head move at all. She had to make do with looking at her new self and she didn’t like her new self. Her idea was to get a bob or something, not to shave half of her head and have the rest permed.

And the poodle perm, when the process was complete, Destiny hated the short curls that puffed out of her crown like stray corkscrews. It was all too much for her. But her mother liked the look on her and said,”If you ever want to cut your hair again, we should do something like this but shorter”



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