A Day of Firsts

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I had been thinking about making a drastic change for quite some time. I had just graduated from college and didn’t know what to do so needed something to get myself out of the rut I found myself in. That said, sitting in the chair this morning, I felt very nervous.

I knew I had a hair cutting fetish for some time so decided to make my transformation a little more exciting. At 21 years old, I was still a virgin but was eager to change that. I knew about the online communities of hair fetishists and decided to seek out someone to cut my hair and take my virginity at the same time. That’s when I came across Sam, a 22 year old who shared my fetish and wanted to meet me.

And now here we were. I had arrived to his apartment as he instructed, wearing what I hoped was an enticing outfit, a tight fitting spaghetti strapped top with some skin tight black jeans and some matching black heels. My waist length chocolate brown hair was loose and smooth, as I had just washed it the night before. I hadn’t bothered to put in earrings this morning, I thought they would only get in the way. I knocked quietly with a shaky hand, and Sam answered looking so sexy as he had obviously just got out of the shower, wearing only his jeans, lazily half buttoned. I had already told him about my situation, and he was very gentle and kind to me.

“Come in”, he said, “should we just get started?”

“Sure, I’m ready as I’ll ever be”, I replied with all the confidence I could muster.

He ushered me into his place, and into his small but cosy kitchen, where a stool was waiting next to a trolley filled with all the hairdressing equipment I could think of. Sam had already told me he had some hair-cutting experience and owned all the proper tools for the job.

“Get comfy, I’ll be in in a sec” he instructed me, with a calming smile on his face.

I sat in the stool expectantly, excited for what was to come.

“Are you sure those clothes are comfortable? After all, I’m half naked over here!” He teased. “After this, we’re going to really get to know each other right? Might as well let me have a peek.”

“Okay” I tentatively agreed as I took off my top and jeans, revealing matching strapless bra and panties that I had bought for this occasion. He was right after all, I had basically guaranteed him we would be having sex after the haircut.

I sat back in the chair and he wet my hair thoroughly with his spray bottle.

“Are you excited yet?”

“Actually, I can’t wait to see what you do to me” I beamed, I had promised him he could do whatever he wanted to with my hair.

“Me too, this is such a turn on for me. I’ve never got the chance to explore my fetish in real life before” He confided.

“I guess today’s your first time too then” I giggled.

He laughed playfully and replied “Oh baby, I’m gonna make this a first time you will never forget.”

From when I sat down I was already getting wet with the anticipation. I had fantasised about both of these firsts for such a long time and today it was finally happening.

Sam lifted a pair of scissors from his cart and gathered my chocolate brown tresses in his other hand. I could feel the ends of my waist length hair tickling my back as he lifted my locks in his hand. Just feeling his powerful hands behind me I was lost in the moment and before I knew it, he had started to cut.

In three swift chops, my long brown hair suddenly fell back down and grazed only the top of my shoulders. Sam dropped the severed hair in a pile on my bare legs. “How does that feel?”

Breathlessly, I replied “Better already”.

“Oh I’m just getting started.”

He returned the scissors to their place and picked up a razor. The cutting had just begun and already I was hopelessly wet, it was even beginning to show through the black fabric. I think Sam noticed because as he looked down into my lap he just smiled and let out a little laugh.

He began haphazardly slicing through chunks of my hair, letting wet cuttings stick on my bare shoulders and chest. He was obviously going for some kind of layered effect but at this point I didn’t care what look he was going for, it just felt so good to be under his control, at his mercy. As he cut more and more and more dark, wet locks fell to the floor I began to moan a little.

“We may have to finish this cut later and get to another first for you baby, sounds like you won’t last much longer.” He said in his sexy, husky voice.

I could only groan in response, and let out a garbled and animalistic yes.

“In fact, maybe we could kill two birds with one stone” He winked, and pulled my panties down and a razor, some shaving cream and a coffee mug filled with warm water from his trolley.

~To Be Continued~

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