A day too late…

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Moving to a new city comes with a host of adjustments from utilities to personal services.  One of the most difficult I have found is finding a consistent hairstylist.  Our jobs have us moving every 3 – 4 years so my wife and I have been through this many times with variable levels of success and a few mishaps.  This occasion would prove to be perhaps the most memorable.

My wife has worn a short pixie for most of the time we have been together and I have grown to appreciate a short style on a woman.  The confidence that a edgy short style exudes is the most attractive aspect and my wife pulls it off famously.  I look forward to her new cuts and often accompany her to get her hair cut.  It had been quite a while since making our trip to the salon a date and our hours were crazy at our new job.  In fact it had been over 10 weeks since my wife got her hair cut and she was really due.  She asked around several colleagues but found no recommendations for someone who cut great short hair on females.  We were out to dinner one Tuesday night and our waitress had a great short haircut, a brunette pixie with a tapered nape.  Not to short but very stylish.  My wife complimented her and inquired about who did her hair mentioning she would love a cut just like hers.  She was more than happy to provide the information and actually had a card.  She said to ask for Kim and that her name was Stacy.  “Kim will know how I am for sure.”  We were excited and my wife called the next day for an appointment Friday after work.  She was booked with Kim at 5:30 and had mentioned that Stacy referred her and that she wanted her haircut exactly like hers.

I picked her up from work and boy did she look exhausted. She actually fell asleep on the ride to the salon.  Just before arriving I woke her up.  The salon was nice but a bit of a drive outside town.  We opened the door and entered.  It was small and quite. with a single workstation and chair.  From the back of the shop emerged Kim.  She was a petite lady with a short ear length bob that was buzzed at the nape.  She was adorable.  “Hi, you must be Rachel?” as she greeted my wife.  “You know Stacy? I cut her hair for a long time.”  “No we just met, we are new to town.” replied Rachel.  “Ok have a seat.  You want your hair just like Stacy?”  My wife replied with a confident yes and sat in her chair.  I made my way across the shop to a small leather couch.  I must admit I had a great view and we had the place to ourselves.

Kim caped my wife.  She then sprayed her top and gathered it together with some clips.  Without a moments hesitation she turned on a really large pair of clippers that made a whirring noise.  “Chin down please.” she requested.  Rachel lowered her chin and Kim raised a comb brushing her back and nape straight.  I assumed she would do clipper over comb for this cut and I was excited to watch her work.  As a tried to casually glance without being noticed she plunged the clippers into my wife’s nape and moved them quickly up and over her occipital bone to the area she had sectioned off.  As she pulled them back to start another pass Rachel’s bare scalp was revealed.  Although exhausted from work my wife jumped as her eyes opened wide.  “That feels kinda short.” Rachel spoke with a squeak. “Yes. Just like Stacy.  She was here yesterday.” replied Kim as she had shorn another path up Rachels head.  At this point it was done and there was no turning back.  “Stacy came yesterday and got her summer cut.  I thought thats what you want.  Shaved back and sides faux hawk?  You will love it.  Kim continued to peel my wife with what appeared to be a 000 blade until her bare scalp was exposed all around.  I knew this wasn’t what she was expecting but I found it terribly sexy.  Kim continued and finished the cut as my wife sat there dazed.  She trimmed the top and styled it.  After cleaning her nape and around her ears with her clippers Kim gave Rachel a mirror to inspect the cut.  My wife looked at herself passing her hand up her nearly bare head and exclaimed “Wow, thats short but its only hair.”

She paid without saying much else and we exited.  “How do you like your beautiful wife’s new haircut?” Rachel inquired.  “I actually love it!” I admitted.  She smiled and running her fingers up her exposed nape, “It does feel awesome.”

We drove home casually talking as my wife frequently touched her neck and sides.  “I could get used to this.” quipped “but maybe not quite so short next time.”


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