A Different Kind of Free

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This was the end of the line for Eliza Miller

She blinked her headlights and a warehouse door opened. Eliza breathed a sigh of relief that she wouldn’t be arrested or killed in the driver’s seat of a 10 year old Corolla she stole from her cleaning lady. In her garage sat two Ferraris, a McLaren, a Range Rover and a Bentley, but they were all too conspicuous to make her escape. Eliza’s rise in the criminal underworld had been meteoric. At 12, her stepdad made her start dealing drugs. By the time she was 16, he worked for her. For her 18th birthday, she bought herself a mansion. By age 21, she was the most powerful drug distributor in her city, and now, at 23, it had all come crashing down. Her platinum blonde hair and keen fashion sense had earned her a nickname she detested: Barbie. It was rare enough for a woman to gain the power she had, even more so a woman as young as her, and she got to where she was by a degree of cunning, ruthlessness and brutality most men couldn’t match. To be called a nickname that insinuated she was anyone’s play thing threw her into a fit of rage. Maybe she had gone too far when her top lieutenant called her that. Instead of learning to watch his mouth, he went to the feds and ratted her out. Now, there was blood in the water- she was at the top of the FBI most wanted list, and her rivals had put a multimillion dollar bounty on her head if anyone else could find her first. She had to disappear.

There was no option but to trust these men, and they had come highly recommended. They could get anyone out of anywhere, for the right price. For someone as nuclear as her, the cost was ten million USD, in bitcoin, in an encrypted wallet that could only be unlocked by a password she committed to memory.

The warehouse was dimly lit, and she was led to a back corner. A bald, middle aged man who seemed to be in charge addressed her. He did not introduce himself.

“Ms. Miller. We need to work quickly. Some of this process is going to be unpleasant, but it is necessary, as getting you out of the United States undetected will not be an easy task. First, we’ll need to draw some blood.”

One his his men tied a band around her arm and poked her with a needle, filling a large vial. Next, another man rolled in what looked like a large suitcase.

“This is your ride, ma’am. We’ll give you some sleeping pills for the journey. There is water in the box. If you need to use the bathroom… there’s one behind you, I would recommend you go now.”

Eliza took his advice and relieved herself before the journey.

“Now, we’ll need you to take off you clothes before you get in.”

She complied, stripping down to her bra and panties.

“All of them please.”

“You need me to take my underwear off too? Why” She asked.

“Ma’am, we need to move quickly, but if you must know, you’ve no doubt been photographed by traffic cameras in that car and those clothes. In a couple days, the police will receive an anonymous tip that the car has been found abandoned. They’ll find your clothes nearby, shredded and discarded, and a trail of your blood leading to tire tracks, and the trail will go cold from there. The assumption will be, that you met a tragic, violent end.”

Satisfied with the explanation, she stripped naked and contorted herself into the suitcase. It was closed, leaving only a few air holes to breath, and she soon drifted off to sleep.

Eliza had been awake for nearly an hour when the suitcase finally opened. She could tell she was somewhere warm and humid, and the sounds of sea birds indicated she was near a beach. Not a bad place to lay low for a while and plan her next move.

The light was blinding when the suitcase zipped open. Eliza looked around as her vision came back into focus. She was outside of a large house, on the beach, by a swimming pool. Women in bathing suits sat by the pool giggling, and a man sat in front of her. The towel around his waist indicated that he’d just gotten out of the pool. Water droplets rolled down his olive skin, over the contours of his muscular frame, and his long dark hair was soaking wet.

“Where… where am I?” Eliza asked.

“Worry not, you are free.” He responded with a smile.

“But where… what is this place? Who are you? Can I have some clothes?” she fired off questions, still confused.

“In due time, my dear. You have had a long journey. Please. Relax.” He assured her. He spoke with a noticeable accent. It was definitely South American, but with an aristocratic cadence she had never heard before. He helped her up and led her inside. She covered her nudity with her hands, embarrassed at the three women in the pool eyeing her body.

“Can I please have some clothes?” Eliza asked again impatiently.

“As I said. In due time.” He responded dismissively as he guided her towards the bathroom with his massive hand.

She came out of the bathroom wearing a robe she had found, and had more questions.

“So again, where am I and who are you? Who were those girls by the pool?”

“How rude of me. I am Carlos, and this is my humble abode. Those women are my devoted companions, and this house is as much theirs as it is mine. In due time, I hope for it to be yours as well. Now please take off that robe.”

“What? No! Why?”

“Because you are my toy. Toys do not wear clothes in this house, only people.”

Eliza was now angry. “I am nobody’s toy. Now let me free you fucking psycho!” She screamed.

“Of course” Carlos responded “You are free, but a different kind of free than the way you used to be. The doors to this house are always unlocked. You are not being detained here. But, I must warn you, we are in quite a remote location. Outside is pristine wilderness, and even I do not know what hidden dangers lurk. Plus, I hear you are in quite a bit of trouble back in the states. The FBI, DEA, Interpol, they are all looking for you. You can not travel by air, as all airports have facial recognition technology. You would have to spend the rest of your life on the run, in dirty back alleys and cramped hideaways, constantly fearing each day will be your last. I know that life quite well, I lived it for quite some time myself. Why not instead spend your days here? In the paradise I have built. We have a beautiful beach, a swimming pool, gym, hair salon, movie theater, tennis courts, a world class kitchen, anything you desire can be brought here, once you have devoted yourself to me.”

“FUCK YOU!” Eliza screamed. She tried to hit him, but he blocked her arms with his muscular hands and subdued her.

“In due time, Barbie, you will come to love it here.”

“Don’t fucking call me that!” she spat at him.

“Tranquilo!” he responded calmly in Spanish.

Eliza spent the next few hours lying on her back, tied to a padded bench after Carlos had subdued her. He came back with one of the girls, a tall blonde. Eliza immediately started screaming profanity at them, until the woman put a ball gag in her mouth. She turned a crank on the bench to angle Eliza’s body up so she could see what happened next.

The room was dark, lit only by artificial candles and filled with leather furniture with elegant artwork on the walls. Carlos kissed the blonde woman passionately, and they slowly began to disrobe each other. In the dim glow, it became apparent that beneath her clothes, the woman was heavily tattooed. In each of her nipples was a large golden stud, and she had two golden rings in each labia, with another stud through her clit. She had an athletic body with six pack abs and massive thighs and glutes. Carlos massaged oil into her bare skin, occasionally pausing to kiss her, then he lowered his head and ate her pussy. When she had orgasmed loudly, she begged him to fuck her, and he obliged, thrusting into her from behind as he pulled her long, luscious hair. As angry as Eliza was, she couldn’t help but be turned on. These were both beautiful people.

Eliza spent the next few days strapped to the bench. Occasionally Carlos would come by with his companions to give her food and water, then passionately make love in front of her. He promised to untie her if she would stop trying to attack everyone, but she had no intention of complying, so she would be tied to the bench again. She gathered from context clues that the blonde woman was an American named Olivia. The other two were Valencia, short and raven haired with a Mexican accent, and Anna, a six foot tall brunette with elaborately highlighted hair and some kind of Scandinavian accent. All three of them had varying degrees of tattoos and piercings, but only in areas that were covered up by the one piece bathing suits they’d been wearing when Eliza arrived.

They seemed to delight at fucking in front of Eliza, sometimes with Carlos, sometimes with each other. One night, Anna and Olivia tied Valencia to Eliza, then Anna ate her pussy while Olivia straddled her face. They did this for what felt like hours, exchanging countless orgasms as they traded places, but being careful not to touch Eliza’s dripping pussy, treating her like a piece of furniture. Carlos was very clear. As long as she was his toy, she was to be denied all pleasures, especially those of a sexual nature. That was a house rule that was inflexible and permanent.

Valencia took out Eliza’s gag when they were finished and spoke to her. “If you’re ready to behave, I can untie you.”

“Fuck you!” Eliza shouted.

“Pity.” Valencia shrugged. She picked up her discarded panties, used them to mop up the wet spot on her groin and shoved them in Eliza’s mouth before putting the ball gag back in.

She dragged the bench to the corner of the room and placed Eliza’s head in what felt like the sink basin at a hair salon, because it was. The warm water felt good. It was the first time her hair had been washed in weeks. Valencia brushed and blow dried the long, blonde strands, and although Eliza couldn’t see it, she knew her hair looked radiant and shiny.

“Carlos says this hair is his most prized possession. So we need to keep it in good shape.”

Three months later

Eliza sat on the floor eating her dinner- a bowl of white rice and unseasoned vegetables- while she watched Carlos and his companions eat their dinner of lobster and filet mignon that Olivia had cooked. She was a very talented chef, and everything she made smelled amazing. Each of them wore designer clothing, while Eliza was, as she had been for the past three months, naked. She had grown a sizeable bush over her nether regions, and her armpit and leg hair had grown out significantly too. Still, her blonde hair looked better than it ever had in her life. Every other day, Valencia would wash and blow dry it. It was the most pleasure Eliza was allowed. She had been caught masturbating a month and a half into her stay and spent the next month with her arms tied in such a way that she couldn’t reach her pussy. It was difficult to do anything with her arms for that month. She learned her lesson, even though it was torture to watch everyone else fuck without her.

In her old life, Eliza had an insatiable sex drive. She once intimidated a rival drug dealer by making him watch a sex tape she made with his sister. He didn’t even know that it had been the fourth time they had hooked up, and the sex tape wasn’t even Eliza’s idea. He never encroached on Eliza’s turf again, and to add insult to injury, she ghosted his sister.

Carlos still hadn’t told her what she would need to do to win back the use of her sexual organs, it would come, as he always said, in due time. That still didn’t matter to Eliza, all she wanted was to escape. She knew there must be an airfield on the island because she saw and heard planes coming and going, but her last attempt to flee ended in her being brought back to the house dehydrated and covered in insect bites. If that guard hadn’t been following her the whole way, she probably would have died.

After she finished her usual dinner of bland rice and vegetables, she put the ball gag back in her mouth as she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It was Anna coming for her daily cleaning. While Carlos employed a cleaning lady to keep the house spotless, he didn’t make her clean the basement, and all the raunchy toys and equipment it contained. That was Eliza’s job. Anna had also decided that Eliza needed to clean her as well. She loved receiving anal sex, and nearly every night, something went into her backside. Sometimes Carlos’ cock, sometimes a strap on, or a fist, or all of the above. She liked to be clean first, so Eliza was in charge of administering her daily enemas and cleaning the butt plugs that she wore at all times when not having sex. As she was finishing the degrading task of removing the hose from Anna’s sphincter, which had the inscription from The One Ring tattooed around it, Olivia and Valencia snuck up behind her and shoved a pair of panties in her mouth under the gag.

“Guess whose they are!” she taunted.

Eliza couldn’t speak, but looked at Valencia.

“Lucky guess!”

At this point, she could tell who they belonged to by the taste. Plus, it was a 50/50 guess at worst. It couldn’t have been Olivia. When Carlos finally made the girls untie Eliza’s arms, it was only after she had agreed that if she were caught masturbating again, she would have to wear a chastity belt for as long as she remained his pet. It had a removable plate for using the bathroom so it could be worn for days or weeks at a time. Olivia made a bet that she could get Eliza to slip up in the first week, or she’d wear the belt for two weeks. Torturous as it was to resist with all the toys Olivia left her, and the constant taunting, plus the regularly scheduled sex that went on in front of her, Eliza held out and didn’t touch herself for the whole week. She still hadn’t yet. The last week of watching Olivia’s frustration as she could only contribute with her hands and mouth almost made Eliza cum hands free, and she still had another week to go.

Carlos, as though he could sense the delight that Eliza took in Olivia’s frustration, ruined it for her.

“Olivia, as you have shown yourself time and time again to be a faithful companion to me, I have decided to give you parole.” He placed a key in a lock at the front of the belt and let it fall to the floor. Eliza rolled her eyes.

“Thank you, sir!” She said to him, almost tearing up.

He began to kiss Olivia as he slowly removed the rest of his clothes. He caressed her blonde hair, which hung halfway down her back and glistened in the candlelight. He teased her pierced nipples as he worked his hand down, slowly but surely. Olivia lifted her leg as his hand finally reached her poor, neglected clit. Well, not as neglected as some in the room, but still. she began to moan as he laid her down on a padded bench.

“Please sir, take me!”

Carlos tossed his silk robe aside revealing the rock hard cock underneath. He got behind Olivia and slowly slid it into her, holding onto her hair for leverage. With each thrust, he pulled harder, and she moaned louder. “Yes! Yes! Oh fuck yes!”

Carlos leaned back on the bench and lifted Olivia onto him so that she was riding reverse cowgirl.

“Now, show my pet what it means to prove your devotion to me.” He said to her.

Valencia handed Olivia something, and she held it up. It took Eliza a moment to figure out what the object was. By the time she realized it was a pair of cordless clippers, Olivia had already pushed them halfway down her scalp. She moaned louder and louder with each pass of the clippers. Eliza watched in shock. Minutes ago, Olivia had been moaning with joy every time Carlos pulled her hair. Her soft, beautiful, very long blonde hair. Now she was shaving it all off!

Olivia began to quiver so hard she could barely hold herself up. Valencia took a break from eating Anna’s ass to try and help her, but she insisted, making pass after pass with the clippers and leaving virtually nothing behind. A shape began to appear where the hair had been. Underneath her blonde mane, Olivia had been hiding large tattoos on each side of her scalp. She collapsed forward as Carlos thrust once more with all his might, sending his seed into her.

Valencia led Olivia to the sink basin where she would wash Eliza’s hair, except Olivia didn’t have much to wash. Instead, she wrapped Olivia’s head in a warm towel, then removed it and applied lather. Meanwhile, Olivia began to moan again as Anna ate her pussy. With a straight razor, she quickly, but carefully, shaved Olivia’s scalp smooth. She then lathered up and shaved Olivia’s eyebrows, just for completion’s sake.

Olivia stood in front of Eliza and leaned down so she could get a better look at the scalp tattoos. They were ornate and colorful, centered around a stylized drawing of a bird of prey on each side.

Carlos stood up, once again wearing his silk robe.

“You see now what you must do to prove that you are willing to devote your whole self to me and my companions. Your hair is my most prized possession. I have already set aside a display case for it”

Anna unshackled Eliza’s wrists and motioned towards the clippers, letting Eliza know that she could do the deed whenever she was ready.

Eliza held up both middle fingers defiantly. She was not.

Eight Months Later

Tonight was the night Eliza had been waiting for. Almost a year in this place and she was finally going to escape.

Once everyone had left her for the night, she unhooked the ball gag and pulled Valencia’s panties out of her mouth. This was a special pair of panties. For one thing, she had worn them during her two hour workout for the last three mornings in a row. For another thing, they had a key and a sim card stuffed into them.

Valencia had whispered the plan to her earlier tonight in bits and pieces during the time she spent tied to Eliza’s back, when Anna, Olivia and Carlos took breaks between a marathon session of penetrating each of her orifices with some combination of two strap-ons and a cock. The key was to the speedboat. She was to take the boat, follow the shoreline south until she saw a pier with a green canoe, then hand the sim card to the CIA agents that would be waiting for her. They would put her into witness protection.

She knew it would be Valencia who could get her out. She was the most sexually submissive of Carlos’ three companions, and Eliza noticed Valencia’s disappointment when the rest of the group was more focused on psychologically torturing her instead. While Anna and Olivia had been trying to get Eliza to slip up and touch herself so she’d have to be put in a chastity belt, Valencia’s taunts were all aimed at getting her to join them as companions. She would eat Olivia’s’s spectacular cooking right in front of her face, force Eliza to watch her bring herself to multiple orgasms with her vast collection of toys, constantly mock Eliza’s ever growing body hair and ever shrinking frame, as she wasn’t allowed to shave or use the gym, and she always did this while placing a brand new pair of clippers in Eliza’s hand, to make sure that is she ever decided she was ready, she could do the deed right away.

But it hadn’t worked.

Eliza stood up and shook the moisture out of her massive tangle of pubic hair. She assumed most was her own. Her pussy always leaked when she watched everyone else fuck, or tonight, when everyone else had fucked on top of her. The timing was perfect, because if Valencia hadn’t freed her, she was a few days away from just giving in an giving herself to Carlos. She needed a release badly, one way or the other.

Her hair weighed her down like an anchor as she quietly shuffled out of the house and down to the beach. It had grown extremely long from the constant pampering, almost to her butt. She planned on cutting it short once she had escaped, to change her appearance as much as possible. With quick, furtive movements, she made it to the boat undetected. She placed the key in the ignition. It fit. She turned the ignition.

“Clickclickclick nrnrnrnrnrnrrr clickclickclick nrnrnrnrnrrr…”

As the former owner of many high-maintenance luxury vehicles, Eliza knew what that sound meant. The battery was dead. A light turned on in the house. Fuck.

Eliza had brought herself back to the mansion willingly. It’s not like she had anywhere else to go.

Anna, Valencia, Olivia and Carlos gathered around her in the cavernous living room once Carlos finished speaking to one of his security guards.

“I’m sorry Carlos. It’s what it looks like. I tried to flee.” she said with genuine contrition.

“There is no need to apologize. It is the natural order for a caged animal to attempt escape, even when it faces no chance of survival on its own. But I must know, who gave you the keys to the boat?”

Eliza was silent.

“I did.” Valencia spoke up. “I’m sorry, sir, but I did it out of love for you. I couldn’t bear to share you with this sadistic murderer.”

“So you tried to kill her! My guards tell me the boat had been rigged with canisters of gasoline and wired to explode.”

This was news to Eliza.

“I just… I just wanted her gone. I was jealous. I was scared too, after watching the documentary and seeing what she’s capable of.”

“The what?” Eliza asked, puzzled.

“Oh yes” Carlos laughed “You are a celebrity now. #1 documentary on Netflix. Some pretty wild stuff. Did you really force your most trusted lieutenant to fuck you in front of his wife?”

“In the ass.” Eliza added “I mean, yeah, that happened. He was skimming more than his fair share, so I said if he was going to fuck me in the ass metaphorically, he should, you know… Should have just killed him. Oh well, live and learn.”

Olivia giggled “Shame they couldn’t interview you.” Her blonde hair had grown back to about her ears.

“Back to the matter at hand!” Carlos suddenly grew very serious and addressed Eliza “What did she tell you would happen if you got on the boat?”

“Well uhh… she told me that I needed to deliver this sim card to… the CIA I think it was…”

Carlos’ face grew pale and he looked at Valencia “YOU TOLD HER ABOUT THE CIA!?”

“I’m sorry, sir” Valencia looked at the ground “I made up bold lies to her to make her think there was a way she could escape.”

“Yes uhh… lies. You lied to her. That’s why I’m angry. Also the attempted murder. I will not tolerate lies and violence in my household. It is time for you to part ways.”

“No sir, please!” Valencia begged.

“I will arrange a jet to take you to Switzerland, you will receive 5 million Euros in an untraceable account. From there, you may do whatever you choose with the rest of your life, but you are never to return here.”

“Sir, no, please. I will do anything to prove my love and devotion to you!”

Carlos smirked. He knew damn well who Valencia was before she got here, and he knew damn well that if she failed to blow up the boat, it was on purpose. The things she had done made Eliza look like a girl scout.

“Very well” he stroked his chin “First of all, you will go back to being a toy immediately. In one year, I will decide what you can do to prove your loyalty to me, but until then, you must follow the same rules as Barbie.” He paused to think for a second “In addition, I do not want you to forget the vows you have made to me ever again. From now on, I forbid you to ever cover up any of your tattoos, for the rest of your life.”

“Yes sir.” she complied by immediately removing all her clothes. The extensive markings in her most private areas meant she would never wear clothes again.

Valencia went to her hair salon and came back with a bowl of water and a straight razor. Without speaking, she poured the water over her hair to get it wet. She parted her hair in the middle and placed the razor at the part. Quick strokes left behind bald patches, and her wet brown hair fell to the floor as the tattoos came into view. Each hair falling to the floor was one she would never get back, and yet she worked without hesitation, not requiring a mirror and not missing a spot. After only one pass, her hair was on the floor in two neat piles and her scalp was smooth.

“Yes sir, you make a good point. if it pleases you, I will undergo laser hair removal on my entire body and head. I will ensure my hair never grows back.”

“No!” I forbid that. “As long as you are my possession, you will be responsible for keeping your tattoos uncovered, as a reminder of your betrayal. Of course, once you are my companion again, you are free to do as you choose with your own body, I can’t stop you.”

“Very well.”

Eliza couldn’t help herself anymore. She knelt in front of Carlos and bowed.

“I am ready to devote myself to you. I want to be one of your companions. I’m in.” She glanced at Valencia as her blonde hair tumbled to the floor. “Do mine next.”

“You have made me wait this long. I will make you wait until tomorrow.” Carlos replied with a laugh.

Almost a year later

Valencia’s heart raced and sweat rolled down her face. It was her third orgasm of the hour. She looked around the room as she came back to reality. She was in Carlos’ trophy room, in the cage suspended from the ceiling where she spent most of her time, her hands locked out so she couldn’t touch herself. She had mastered the art of bringing herself to orgasm without the need for touch, and the last year had been the ultimate test of that skill.

She twisted her head stare at the object to behind her, between the signed Michael Jordan jersey and the Picasso: The long strands of blonde hair, inside a glass case in front of a poster for the documentary about Eliza, called Evil Barbie. She certainly was, and Valencia loved her for that.

She thought back to the day that hair came off Eliza’s head. After a year of forced celibacy and sobriety, they let her drink a whole bottle of champagne and eat three weed gummies, then strapped her to a sybian. Carlos handed her the clippers with no guard and told her that she had to remove every hair to the greatest extent possible, and for every strand longer than an inch that she wasted, he would extend her time as a toy by a month. Of course, she missed enough that they could have kept her for the rest of her natural life, but then Valencia wouldn’t have a true psychopath to torment her, and where would be the fun in that. How many times had Valencia cum thinking of that moment? That look on her face when the clippers slipped in her hand and she feared she may have sentenced herself to a lifetime of being a sexless object.

It was funny how Eliza thought she was in control. Eliza, Anna and Olivia were dutifully committed to Carlos, and Carlos was dutifully committed to Valencia. He confided in her every day when he visited the trophy room alone. Every part of this had been her plan. Were it not for her former colleagues in the CIA, Carlos would have been killed long ago, and if she ever stopped funneling small portions of his billions into their special projects fund, his former enemies in the drug gang would find out he was alive and where he had been hiding. Ostensibly, Eliza was a gift Valencia gave to Carlos, but really it was a gift to herself.

Valencia had reminded Carlos that the strands of Eliza’s hair he had on display were only one-of-a-kind if she never grew it back. Every time it got more than a couple inches long, Carlos would ask her to shave it smooth again. It would always piss her off, her blonde hair was something Eliza treasured. She would find ways to take out her anger on Valencia, but she could only go so far. There were rules. Especially in Valencia’s current state.

She rubbed her belly. It had gotten so huge that she barely fit in the cage. Triplets. Laura, or as the other girls called her, the cleaning lady, had been trying for a child for years without success. It broke Valencia’s heart. Now she would have a whole family thanks to the organs that were no longer of use to Valencia. She thought back to that night eight and a half months ago. Eliza didn’t want to shave her head again, and Valencia had been “caught” masturbating. To make a show of what happened to those who disobeyed Carlos, he had Valencia held down and inseminated with equipment meant for farm animals. Of course, that was all for show. Nobody even noticed that she had slipped out a couple days prior to have the procedure performed by doctors, or that she had been taking hormonal medication since before Eliza’s failed boat escape in preparation.

She looked ahead again. Her cage had been placed so that she was forced to stare in a mirror and see her bloated body, hairless save for her legs and armpits, juxtaposed between giant photos of her at the peak of her traditional beauty, her resplendent curls framing her perfect hourglass figure and perky breasts. She focused closely on her smooth scalp in the mirror. She had been able to get it perfectly smooth herself without even looking using a straight razor, but Eliza had volunteered to take over Valencia’s barbering duties using wax instead. She missed a spot this time. How disappointing. She would surely pay for that.

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