A dollar a cut

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“I’m sorry, sweetie”,said Suzy’s mother,”Tickets to Arizona are very pricey in this dang age. We won’t be able to visit Aunt Cass this year. I’m sorry”
Suzy stomped out of the room with a huff and looked herself in hers.
“Unfair, this is unfair”,raged the little girl,”How she do this to me?”
Suzy sulked in her room, only coming out to eat but that turned itself into a salt-fueled event.
Her mother thought the child would forget about it in the morning but she didn’t.
That Saturday,Suzy’s parents left for work.
As she stood at her window, sending them off, Suzy’s mind was awhirl with ideas to raise the cash for the tickets to see her beloved Auntie.
(Lemonade stand) (Yard sale) (Puppet show)
No no no, those wouldn’t work at all.
As she gazed at the street, a glare from her mirror table gave her an idea.
On it, a pair of scissors gleamed with bright reflection.
A Street barber, thought the girl, that’s it.
Obviously, her child-safety shears wouldn’t cut hair so Suzy snagged her mother’s sewing scissors; along with many a comb, her mother’s roller set, and a large sheet of cloth, a clip to secure it was the final spoil of her thievery.
A fold-up table supported her supplies and a similar lawn chair was to hold her client.
A simple sign she made read: a doller a cut.
Now all she had to do was wait, she colored the minutes away until a client arrived.
A great fish drawing later, a woman of about twenty stopped at the petite sign.
“Excuse me”,she hailed the girl,”Are you the one who organized this”
“Yeah”,chirped the young lady,”Do you want a haircut?”
The woman found this little establishment amusing,”You know what? I would like one, please”
Suzy became excited.
“Right this way”,she gestured to the chair.
The woman sat in the slanted chair as Suzy draped her in the cape, she had some trouble with the hair-clamp and so her customer had to secure herself in.
“So what do you want done?”asked the prepubescent hairdresser.
“I don’t know, what do you have in mind?”replied the lady as Suzy undid her braid.
The hair reached the grassy lawn and Suzy thought a moment.
On impulse, Suzy snatched up her scissors and halved a lock of hair.
Suzy was surprised at the simplicity of the lady who did as much as casually blink at her hair strands were cut.
“Is this length okay?”Suzy queried, giving the cut lock to her client.
All she said was,”Yeah, that’s okay”
So with a idea of length, Suzy proceeded to cut all the hair that length.
With it all cut a similar length, she went for the clamp.
“Hey, kid”,chimed the lady,”You know how to cut bangs?”
“Uh… Yes”,Suzy lied.
Suzy took hold of the lady’s fronthairs as she merely closed her eyes in wait.
With jagged snips, the bangs came out uneven and awkward.
In her panic, she snipped off more and more hair til only micro bangs remained.
“Ah… Done?”sheepishly put the self-made stylist.
The lady opened her eyes and felt up her forehead.
“Not bad, kid”,praised the lady, looking into a mirror that her hairdresser handed her.
“Really?”asked Suzy.
The lady unclipped herself and stood up, dusting off the hairs that clung to her blouse,”Not the worst cut I’ve had”
With that, a dollar was produced from her purse and given to Suzy.
“Have fun cutting hair”,concluded the lady as she left the little girl on the hair-covered lawn.
Suzy gazed at her reward and a smile of glee came to her
“My first dollar”,marveled Suzy as she pocketed her wealth.
The little barber did not clear the lawn of hair, letting the birds do what they wished to it.

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