A Dom for a Roomie

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Marco arrived at college anxious. He arrived anxious about living away from home for the first time, meeting new people, and most especially living with a roommate. He was a soft shy boy and always had been, preferring to stay home and play video games rather than socialize, and as a result he had few close friends and little experience meeting new people. He had been invited to fill out a form before arriving, asking him to list his interests and personality so that his assigned roommate would be compatible. He arrived anxious, but hopeful that perhaps his roommate may become a friend, or something more.

Having managed to send his mom home earlier that day, too embarrassed to let her help him bring his stuff up to the dorms, Marco was alone in the corridor as he made his way down, checking room numbers to make sure he got the right one. He soon reached his room, pulling his suitcase on wheels behind him. Marco paused. He heard a noise from inside, a persistent low hum, which meant that not only had his roommate arrived before him, but that he was doing… Something? Marco hesitated. He had wanted to arrive to an empty room so he could get comfortable before meeting anyone. Well, ideally he hoped to arrive to someone telling him his roommate had dropped out or been reassigned and he had a room all to himself, but that was more fantasy. Either way, someone was already there. Marco steadied his nerves, pushed his dirty blond bangs out of his eyes, and swiped the keycard to open his dorm room.

He stepped inside, seeing everything he expected to see: two beds and two desks, one on each side of the room, with a sink in one corner, a mirror above it, and a small cabinet to one side for toothbrushes and the like. What Marco had not expected to see was a topless boy with a lean athletic build standing in front of the sink, running clippers up the back of his head, flicking tiny bits of dark stubble into the sink. The topless boy had not heard the newcomer enter, and Marco considered just starting to unpack, but thought better of it and said “Um, hi.” The boy turned around and flipped off the clippers.

“Oh shit, didn’t hear you come in. I figured I’d get freshened up since you weren’t here.” He gestured to his half-trimmed dark buzzcut. It was hard to see the difference between the cut parts and uncut parts, and Marco wondered who would put so much effort into maintaining such a style. “I’m Danny.”

“Marco,” replied Marco, awkwardly sticking out his hand to shake.

“Cool, good to meet you dude.” Said Danny, leaving Marco’s hand unshaken. “Listen, I gotta finish this. You get unpacked. I got this side.” He snapped the clippers back on and turned back to the mirror. Marco dragged his suitcase onto his bed and started to arrange his stuff on his side of the room. Glancing at Danny’s half of the room, he had hoped that he would see something to connect with, a games console, comics, anything like that. Instead he saw a generic cheap laptop that would probably struggle to run Minesweeper and a couple of notebooks. If Danny did share interests with him, he was doing a good job of hiding it. Marco wondered how well they would get along with seemingly nothing in common.

Over the next couple of weeks, Marco learned the answer. He got on with Danny fine. But just fine. They weren’t really friends, they only really spoke small talk to each other. Marco kept to himself, working or gaming at his desk, Danny spent a lot of time away from the room. They each did learn some things about the other. Danny was older than Marco. His uncle was in a band and Danny had spent a year working as a roadie with the band before starting college. Combined with an October birthday to Marco’s July, he was almost two years older despite them both being freshmen. As a result, Marco often felt just a little intimidated by Danny, not helped by the fact he was several inches shorter, a few pounds chubbier, and was constantly hiding behind his floppy hair.

That was the other thing that Marco quickly learned about Danny: he took his hair very seriously. It was a Sunday afternoon tradition for Danny to take off his shirt and clip back whatever tiny growth there had been in the past week. Marco couldn’t really tell the difference. But over the next few weeks, he found himself looking over at Danny while he ran the clippers over his head. At first he tried to focus on his comic, then he moved to admiring the boy’s physique, but by week five, Marco mostly paid attention to Danny’s hair. He watched as the clippers ran up the back of Danny’s head, the guard comb pulling the hair up into the teeth which snipped off just a fraction of an inch with perfect precision. As he snuck another glance, he met Danny’s eye in the mirror and quickly looked away, desperately hoping he wasn’t blushing. Marco continued to lay on his bed, eyes fixed on the book he was pretending to read while Danny finished his weekly trim and cleaned up the clippings. Marco hadn’t turned a page in a good few minutes when he felt Danny sit down on the bed next to him. He turned to look, and Danny wordlessly grabbed Marco’s hand and rubbed it across his fresh buzzcut. Marco’s face turned red. “You like this, don’t you?”

“Mhm” Marco managed to squeak out. Danny let him rub his fuzzy scalp for just a moment longer, then got up to walk away.

“Good boy.” He smirked. Marco felt all fluttery inside, and he found himself getting hard, but Danny simply threw on a shirt, pulled on a hoodie and left the room.

Over the next few days, Marco found himself thinking about that moment, and fantasizing. When he was left alone, he would masturbate thinking of that moment, hoping that come next Sunday, he could have another one.

He got a lot more than just another moment when Sunday came, Danny pulled off his t-shirt and said “You’re helping today.” Not a request, a simple statement. How could Marco refuse? And so he found himself standing behind Danny, holding the buzzing clippers himself, slowly working his way across the brunette’s scalp. When he had first observed Danny buzzing his own hair, Marco could not tell the difference between cut and uncut patches. Now he was the one buzzing, and gently running a hand along the path to check no hairs were missed, now it was night and day. The fresh buzz felt raspier, scratchier, and was much, much hotter. By the end of the clipping, Marco was fully erect inside his pants. Danny glanced down at his crotch, gace a sly smile, and ruffled Marco’s hair, saying “Well done.” Marco just about melted.

Needless to say, the following week blew the previous one out of the water in terms of Marco’s fantasies and masturbation. He found his attention drifting in class to Danny’s body, their skin close to each other’s, running a hand over his fuzzy head. Once, he had to go to the bathroom in the middle of class just to stop himself from having a little accident right there. It was driving him crazy. So when Sunday came once more and Danny invitingly held out the clippers, Marco practically pounced on the opportunity.

Buzzing his roommate’s head was just as good the second time, and Marco was disappointed when it was over, until Danny said “It’s my birthday today. And you’re gonna give me a little gift.” He paused. “Top off and kneel down.” Marco did as he was told, tossing his t-shirt to one side and kneeling in front of Danny. “You’re cute, but there’s one problem.” He grabbed a handful of Marco’s hair which by now almost reached his lips when brushed forwards. “This shit. We’re getting rid of it today.” Marco’s heart fluttered as guardless clippers were thrust into his hand. Danny placed a hand around Marco’s, guiding the buzzing clippers to his forehead. Easing away, he let Marco hold the clippers an inch away from his hair. “Go on.” Said Danny. Marco hesitated for a moment, then slowly drove the clippers back into his own hair. His heart was beating wildly as he heard each hair being clipped down to stubble. His gripped the clippers tightly to stop his hand shaking so much as it carved a path down the middle of his head. He stopped, and the cut hair flopped down to the ground. Thoughts raced wildly through Marco’s mind. He had just shaved part of his head. Why? He had just a twinge of regret, when Danny said simply “Good boy.” And all of the regret melted away. Danny eased the clippers from Marco’s hand, and began a more methodical shearing of the blond boy. Clipping up the sides of his head, Danny revealed two cute ears as he relieved Marco of a year’s worth of growth. Finally, the last patch was buzzed away, leaving a boy with sandy stubble kneeling amongst a pile of his own hair. But Danny wasn’t done with Marco yet, as he wet a washcloth and rubbed it over Marco’s freshly clipped head. The sensation of water so close to his scalp was incredible, but Marco didn’t have long to savor it, as Danny started to rub in shaving cream, covering every last inch of his scalp before starting to scrape away the last scraps of stubble on Marco’s head. Within minutes, Danny had shaved the boy clean, leaving him with a bare smooth scalp.

Danny placed one hand onto Marco’s naked scalp, and with the other tugged down his pants. His pubic hair was as neatly trimmed as his buzzcut, and his dick was hard. Marco knew what to do, and opened his mouth as Danny thrust inside. Marco felt the boy’s hands on the back of his head pushing him forwards. He had never given a blowjob before, but he loved the feeling of sucking on Danny’s cock. Eventually, Danny pulled out, tilted Marco’s head up so they made eye contact, and came onto his hairless scalp. The warm cum hitting Marco’s head made him explode too. “Well done.” Said Danny.

The boys spent the rest of the evening cuddling in bed, and they had just kissed when Danny leaned in and whispered in Marco’s ear. “Next week I think I’ll take those eyebrows too.” Marco couldn’t wait.

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