A Dream Encounter with Lizzie

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A Dream Encounter with Lizzie


It was Maarten’s dream and fantasy that a beautiful woman – who was certainly not a professional hairdresser – would playfully and erotically seduce him to let her cut his hair. Not just a little trim. A significant cut. And while she did it, she would have sensual and intimate contact with him.


He made an appointment at the club where a young woman had given him a fantastic feeling. Lizzie, a blonde with the look of the girl next door, the one you dreamed about when you were a teenager. Naughty with always a smile.


An hour later, he knocked on the door. Lizzie welcomed him enthusiastically. Once in the room, they undressed each other and quickly took a shower. On the bed, they kissed and caressed each other. A few minutes passed. Then he asked her to sit upright on his lap, facing him.


“Can I tell you a secret, about what turns me on?”


“Of course,” Lizzie replied.


“I’ll only tell you if you promise to keep it to yourself, not to share it with anyone.”


“I swear,” she said, placing a hand on her heart.


He hesitated a bit. “It would really turn me on if you played with my hair and said you wanted to cut it.”


Lizzie: “That’s new to me, but if it’s your wish… well, if it excites you.” She smiled. “So you want me to tease you. Not really cut or…?”


He avoided a straight answer and asked if she had ever cut anyone’s hair before. Maybe trimmed a friend’s long hair, a few centimeters or so.


Lizzie: “I tried trimming my own split ends once. Also the last time. It went completely wrong, very uneven, and in the end, the hairdresser had to cut more than ten centimeters off to not make me look silly. So if you’re asking me to cut your hair, you really need to know what could happen.”


He laughed. “That just makes it even more exciting for me.”


Lizzie replied: “It makes me a bit scared. Actually, quite scared. If you want me to cut your hair, we need to agree in advance exactly how far you want to take this. Whether I just pretend, or if I’m really going to cut it and how much off? If you say really cut, keep in mind what I just told you.”


He replied: “Of course. What I do want,  is for you to enjoy it too and not do it as if on command. I won’t ask you to do anything against your will. If it gets out of hand, I won’t blame you. It’ll be my mistake and my learning moment in that case. I do think I’ll let my hair grow a bit longer and we’ll have to wait a while until we meet again.”


“How long?” she asked. He didn’t answer. He also didn’t know if she meant how long his hair should grow, or how long before they would see each other again.

Eventually, they kissed, caressed, and did other things as people do in clubs like this. During lovemaking, she gently touched his hair – for him, it felt intensely sensual – and mimicked scissors with her fingers, holding them under his ears, and said, “I have the scissors here and I’m going to cut now.”


Time flies when you’re having fun. As he dressed, he mentioned that he wrote stories about his fantasy. “Can I read them?” she asked. He gave her the URL of the haircutstorynetwork and his writer’s name, Piekje. She made a note on her phone.


Once home, he couldn’t shake off the thought that Lizzie might be the chance to fulfill his long-held dream. But her positive reaction came quite unexpectedly for him. Doubts arose. Did he really want this? Now that he might get what he dreamed of, fear also arose. What if… she actually took the scissors and the result…


Then straight to a professional hairdresser with a lame excuse. Or let Lizzie take it all off. As the only way not to look silly. Could he look at himself in the mirror with very short hair? Was it all worth it?

Enough time to think. His regular haircut was in six weeks, which he planned quarterly. Maybe this time he’d wait a bit longer, as the last time the hairdresser cut more than expected. How big can a paradox be.


He decided to visit Lizzie a bit earlier. As she led him to the room, Lizzie touched his locks very gently and said, “It’s long…”


“That you still remember…” he replied.


“Of course! And I also read your stories. Some of them really took my breath away. It’s super clear that cutting your hair turns you on. I have to admit that I got excited reading them too… I’m surprised that with such a fantasy you still have such long locks.”


“Not so very long right right now, it was much longer last summer,” he replied.


“Well, as far as I’m concerned, it’s way too long and I’m ready for it,” said Lizzie.


Maarten was a bit taken aback: “Uh, should we first agree on how and what? Should I bring all the stuff next time… in a month or so?”


“Now you’re acting like in your stories. Running away, avoiding, or whatever you want to call it. No escape for you this time, boy. Someone with such a fetish, I think, doesn’t go out without taking something along. In your car, I’m sure?”


His face turned red. “Keys!” Lizzie commanded. She grabbed his coat, pulled it over her naked body, and flashed to his car parked behind the villa. In a flash, she was back. Drenched because it had suddenly started raining hard.


“Look here, a bag full,” and she dumped it on the bed. “But there’s one thing we need to agree on.”


“And what’s that?” Maarten asked.


“You let me do my thing and don’t interfere while I’m at it. That makes me nervous and then I mess up. Even though I’m not experienced as a hairdresser, I know exactly what I want to do with your hair. So… do I get a clear YES and carte blanche?”


“Maarten: “Let’s make a deal. You can cut as much as the length of a mini strand of your own hair that you’re giving me now.”


Without hesitation, Lizzie took a very thin lock from the back of her head and cut it off. With a huge smile, she waved it in front of his face and held it next to Maarten’s head. “Let’s measure before I start,” she said with a generous laugh.


The strand of her hair was definitely twenty centimeters long. That meant she could completely crop him if she wanted to.


“So I assume I get a resounding YES now?” He nodded. What else could he do?


“No, that’s not enough. Please say YES aloud and CLEARLY.”


“Yes,” said Maarten with a trembling voice.


Lizzie caressed his face and began to brush his hair teasingly slowly. Occasionally she would stop to sensually kiss his mouth and neck. When she put the brush down, she continued with a comb. It was driving him crazy.


She moved her body as close as possible to his. She grabbed a large pair of scissors and tenderly began lifting some strands of his hair. He could hear the snip, but had no idea how much she was cutting. Tiny locks fell onto both their bodies. She said she only cut a centimeter. At that moment, a huge relief for him. She continued making small cuts and worked her way across his head.


“I notice you’re completely lost in the moment,” said Lizzie. He remained silent, taking a deep breath and sighing. He was breathless and the French kiss that followed made it even more so.

“I could leave it like this, of course,” said Lizzie. “But… I won’t. Unless you get up right now and run away.” He tried to sit up slightly. Lizzie pushed him back down on his shoulders with both hands. “No way, you said Yes.”


“I was just trying to stretch, had a little cramp.” She burst into laughter. “Before I get cramps from holding these scissors, you may lick me gently.” She put the scissors down, maneuvered herself backward, and lay down with her legs apart, knees up. As if on cue, he placed his head between her legs and began to write the alphabet with his tongue; up, around, and sometimes inside her smoothly shaved intimate area. “Oh, now you’re making me so horny,” she moaned. He was so intensely focused on her that he didn’t notice she had taken the scissors again.


More mini snips, which seemed to get bigger as she breathed faster. “Keep going, keep going…” sighed Lizzie. She seemed to be holding back to keep cutting. When she couldn’t hold back anymore, she screamed and threw the scissors across the room. For a moment, there was silence, and they lay in each other’s arms. Breathless. Both of them.


Lizzie said, “Sorry for being so wild.” After a few minutes, she got up. Searching for the scissors. With a super naughty smile, she came back to sit on the bed, on her knees in front of him. “Are you getting up? We’re not done yet.”


With the scissors in one hand, she ran her other hand through his hair. “It’s a mess now. If you want to look somewhat presentable when you go home, you should probably stop by the barber in the village. If I try to fix this myself… I might have to cut off even more. I don’t know if you want that?”


“How much are we talking about?” he asked hesitantly. She inspected his hair. “I have to use the shortest pieces on top as a guide to get some sort of… well, ‘style’ is a big word… in there. I’m really turned on right now and I love cutting, because I’m in the flow, but I’m not a hairdresser, you know.

By the way, everything around your ears needs to go, it’s completely uneven now. How much? I have an idea, why don’t you make the first cut and then I’ll try to stick to that length as best as I can.”


She twisted a thin strand on top of his head and held it up. “Take the scissors, I’ll guide you to where you can cut.” He went up with the scissors to where her fingers held the lock. Before he could close the scissors, she directed his hand downwards, towards his scalp. “Yes, cut now…” He actually did it, realizing that this would be very short.

“Okay, great. Now you can’t say later that I was the one who determined the length. Because you did it yourself


“Then Lizzie really went at it with the scissors. Each time, a considerable lock of hair would rise up. She grabbed it firmly, snipped it, and let it fall into his lap right before his eyes. She was clearly enjoying herself. ‘There, that was the bulk. Now I’ll tidy it up.’


Maarten felt his hair between Lizzie’s spread fingers. She snipped just above, and the hair fell down. This seemed to take an eternity. That was also his secret wish. Finally, she stopped and turned his head to see if any stray hairs remained.


She put the scissors down. Judging by the look in her eyes, she had her doubts. ‘Anyway, those sideburns have to go, they look a bit odd now.’ She grabbed the trimmer, removed the guard, and with a smooth motion from bottom to top, she first made the left and then the right sideburn a thing of the past.


‘I’m not sure…’ Lizzie said with a deep sigh. ‘You know, one of the other girls here has done a hairdressing course. At least, I think she did for a while. Would you mind if we called her over to see what she thinks?’


Though he hadn’t expected this, he nodded in agreement. Lizzie stood up and returned with a younger woman, a bit more voluptuous than her, but with a very attractive figure. An erotic aura to envy.


‘What do you think, Joy?’ Lizzie asked her. Joy burst into laughter at first.


‘Did YOU do that, Liz? Well, I know for sure that I would never, ever let you touch my hair. Well, you could leave it as it is and hope it grows quickly. Because I think almost anything you do now will only make it worse. You see, if I had the final say…’


‘What then, Joy, if you could call all the shots, what would you recommend?’


‘You can’t just send this poor man out onto the street like this. I can only see one option, really. But I don’t know if he’d be open to it, and if you’d want to do it…?’




‘Clippers, all over, a buzz cut. So basically, just shave it all off.’


Lizzie, with wide eyes and mouth agape, ‘You mean I should shave him bald?’


‘No, not completely bald, leave a few millimeters. Some people call that bald, yes, but that’s only when you can’t see a single hair.’


He was somewhat sidelined and listened to the conversation with some trepidation. Lizzie: ‘Phew, that’s going a bit far. I’m not sure I feel comfortable with that.’


‘I think it’s more important what HE feels about it, whether he really wants it. And if you’d rather not, I can do it, no problem. Easy. Only… how do we get clippers?’


Lizzie picked up the clippers that had fallen to the ground.


Joy: ‘Great, problem solved. So, Liz, go ahead…’


Lizzie first looked into Maarten’s eyes and then at Joy. ‘I’m not sure, you know, I don’t think I’m confident enough that I want to do that.’


Joy took the clippers from her hands and knelt right in front of Maarten. She clicked the machine on and off a few times while looking at him mischievously. ‘So, Maarten, what do you say? Shall we go for it or not? This is a big guard, set to 30 millimeters. So there will still be quite a bit of hair left on your head. If then it is still a mess ….’


He didn’t know what to do. Joy set everything aside and gave him a passionate kiss. Lizzie followed, giving him a ridiculously long kiss and whispered in his ear, ‘Just do it, it’ll grow back.’


‘You can go right ahead Joy. He has no objections, I think he’s even looking forward to it.’ Maarten nodded.


Joy maneuvered the clippers to his forehead, paused for a moment. A loud click and buzz. With her hand, she kept his head steady and moved the machine slowly backward. While Lizzie held his manhood firmly and moved it slowly up and down.


Joy wasted no time. With conviction, she sheared the hair to one length. He was surprised at how much hair still fluttered down after all the cutting by Lizzie.


When Joy finished, she turned off the clippers and together with Lizzie, inspected his short cut. She brushed away the loose hairs. Joy and Lizzie looked at each other. ‘Not exactly what you’d call…..’ said Lizzie.


‘Maybe a bit shorter. It could be quite nice,’ replied Joy. Joy attached a smaller guard to the clippers and silently looked at Lizzie as if asking for her approval. Lizzie nodded.


A bit shorter? … well, no, way much shorter. Joy had set the clippers to 12 millimeters. Lizzie watched in shock as Joy, with her lips pressed together, shaved all his hair to 12 millimeters. There was a pile of hair on the bed and the floor.


‘Done!’ Joy called out. ‘Do you need me for more? Because I’m expecting someone, you know.’


‘Go ahead, Joy,’ said Lizzie, ‘and thanks for saving me there.’


Before leaving the room, Joy first kissed Lizzie and then him. With passion and full of tongue.

It had become very quiet.


Lizzie and Maarten drowned in each other’s eyes. She took his manhood, which had become harder again, and directed it into herself. She let out a sigh and began to move very slowly. She reached out her left arm. Once again, she grabbed the clippers and with a clever move, removed the guard.


‘Dare to come…’ she whispered, ‘then the last bit comes off too. Actually, even if you don’t come…’ She laughed, clicked the machine on and made a pass right in the middle of his head, completely smooth. While making the final pass to make him completely bald, they both came at the same time. Their bodies intertwined and they closed their eyes.


o –


Knock, knock… against the door. “Lizzie, is everything okay? It’s time…” The receptionist kept a close eye on the clock.


“Sweetheart, wake up. Time’s up.” Lizzie rubbed her hand back and forth over his head. He actually felt his hair! At the beginning of the visit, he had drifted off, and because he said he wanted rest, Lizzie let him sleep in her arms.


“Did you cut my hair?” Maarten asked, bewildered.


“Only in your dreams, boy.”


“You apparently needed that nap. I just caressed you gently and played with your hair a little. You dreamed right through it. If that was the dream that got you so excited, by the way, I don’t know what I’ll do to you next time… no matter if you’re asleep or awake…”


“At least if you dare to pay me a visit again, now that I’m saying this.”


She laughed and gave him a goodbye kiss in the doorway. One last time, running her hand through his long locks: “What did you have in that bag of yours anyway?”

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    1. Hallo Barberman, ja ik schrijf ook nog verhalen in het Nederlands, waarvan er een paar hier te vinden zijn. Je bedoelt met een specifieke vrouw in de hoofdrol? Al mijn verhalen zijn fantasie, zo ook de namen. De hoofdrolspelers zijn soms wel gebaseerd op eigen kennismakingen.

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