A fantasy finally fulfilled

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The day started off like the typical Friday on the airport. It started off busy in the morning, but Amanda and Christine got two of the planes finished and ready for flight, leaving only small Cessna in the hangar that needed to be fixed.

With only one aircraft left in the hangar that wasn’t due to be done anytime soon, the two women slowed their pace down by a lot.

Amanda, the owner of the aircraft repair station, was a short blonde with a fiery personality. Standing at 5’2 with a flawless sized set of titties, her hair ran down her back ending at her waist. Her main passion was aviation, leaving a few other passions in the dark.

She has always had a dark sexual desire of bdsm and hair, she’s just never acted out her fantasies.

Christina was a hottie. She had no business being that gorgeous while working as an aircraft mechanics. She was 5’5 with a perfectly tan body. Her smooth legs growing in to a skinny waist, and a beautiful set of boobs. Christina’s hair fell down her back in a cascading waterfall of chocolate brown hair infused with dimension.

She absolutely loved her hair. Every few days she would bath it in rice water for health and growth. And it sure was working. Every single strand attached to her head was healthy, thick, and heatless. It was truly a sight to see.

Amanda wore a white tank top, skinny jeans and a pair of cowgirl boots. Her boots were her signature fashion piece. Christina wore a similar tank top, black leggings, and converse.

For almost the whole duration Christina had worked for Amanda, Amanda longed to live out her sexual fantasy with Christina. She seemed like the perfect woman.

With the day slowing down, it was perfect opportunity for her to finally live out her deepest desires.

Amanda waiting till lunch time, even though no one else worked at Amanda’s hangar, she couldn’t risk someone walking in. So at lunch time amanda sneakily locked all doors leading outside.

She slyly hid a pair of scissors in her waist band and made her way over to Christina.

Christina was sitting on her purple snap on tool box scrolling through her phone. Amanda rolled over a chair and sat real close to her employee.

Amanda pulled a lock of Christina’s treasures hair and started twisting it in her fingers.

“Gosh you really do have gorgeous hair” Amanda said almost sarcastic while speaking in her innocent voice.

“I know I just love it. I’ve finally gotten it to my dream length.” Christina replied.

“It is so long girl!” Amanda said as she looped the lock of hair around her fingers and pulled down hardly.

“Sure would be such a shame for it to be all cut off.” Just as those words left Amanda’s mouth, Christina heard the unimaginable sound of scissors biting through hair.

Christina’s had sprung forward after the chocolaty brown lock was severed, she flinched forward and gasped.

“What the fuck do you think youre doing?” Screamed Christina as she reached to the back of her head.

Amanda looked at her, grinning, she held the lock up in front of Christina’s face.


All the blood drained from Christina’s face as she sees the bundle of hair is as long as the rest of hair on her head.

“You can not be serious right now!!”

Amanda slaps her across the face hoping to stun her for a second, just enough time to slip her scissors into the brown flowing waterfall.


Another lock fell to the ground like a feather. Christina looked up and suddenly pushed Amanda over the tool box. She jumped on the blonde and threw a punch. She tried to grab a handful of Amanda’s hair but she was thrown off her by the surprise strength of the blonde fire cracker.

Amanda threw another punch and dazed Christina. She pushed her against the fuselage of the airplane and grabbed a fist full of hair above Christina’s forehead and began hacking away.

As Christina started to come to, through her blurred vision she could see chunks of brown raining down to the floor.

She attempted to push Amanda off of her, but Amanda was too fast. Amanda landed another punch and being dazed again, Christina could not feel Amanda tieing her up against the plane with an air hose.

Christina woke back up and tried weaseling her way out of the bondage trapped her. Amanda kept grabbing more and more clumps of hair and chopping it off in spermatic movements all across her head.

Christina’s hair was very thick, the cutting kept going on longer and longer. All she could do was watch in horror as she tried to escape.

Her vision started to get covered by more hair being carelessly strewn about, very short layers from the front started to hang down in her eyes not letting her see her attacker.

Amanda stopped suddenly and grabbed her phone. She opened the camera and snapped a picture of Christina standing there, with half of her hair sprawled out on the hangar floor, her shirt torn, and thick chunks of hair in her eyes.

She set her phone down and walked towards Christina wielding the same scissors that had attacked her.

“Aren’t you just gonna look so cute with no hair? All of it is mine. All of it.”

“Fuck you Mandy”

“Don’t you dare call me that fucking name” amanda threw her hair in a ponytail and got closer to her victim.

Standing face to face, Christina head butts amanda sending her falling to the ground. Just that amount of pressure on the air hoses, caused them to untie.

Amanda rolled over off her back in an attempt to get up, but was met by the force of Christina jumping on her back and pinning her down.

“Now look who’s on top. Let’s see how you fuckin like it.” Christina grabbed the scissors from Amanda’s hands and started to cut Amanda’s clothing off. She started hacking through her shirt and into her bra.

Christina tore the rest of her bra and shirt off and started cutting Amanda’s tight skinny jeans off. She threw them across the hangar, revealing Amanda’s bare- naked body.

Amanda’s nipples fell onto the cold floor and stimulated her. She felt both of her hands get pulled to her back and secured under Christina’s heathing body.

Amanda squealed and tried to struggle away from Christina.

“Gosh Amanda, you have such pretty hair. Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone were to hack it off of your naked body? Huh, would you like that?”

Christina grabbed Amanda’s ponytail and pulled it back hard. She twirled it around her hand to have a tight grasp and picked the scissors back up.

“Any last words?”

“Eat shit”

Christina started sawing away at Amanda’s blonde ponytail. With each snip amanda could feel more and more weight being separated from her head.

She felt the anger and ferocity Christina held as she felt her ponytail being cut through.

As more hair was being cut loose, Christina pulled harder and harder until the final snip. Sending Amanda’s head forward which released a loud moan.

Christina hopped up and flipped Amanda onto her back pinning her down again. Amanda watched as her prized ponytail was held in front of her in the same manner of what she did to Christina.

She threw the ponytail onto Amanda’s chest and grabbed a ratchet laying on the ground, and held it up.

Amanda didn’t know what she was doing with the tool and felt Christina secure her hands underneath her back.

She bent all the way down so her face was real close to Amanda’s. She felt Christina’s hand grab her right boob and began to squeeze it.

She felt the cool crispness of the metal ratchet being shoved into her throbbing pussy, and speedily shoved in and out making Amanda scream and moan in ecstasy.

Christina soon got up and threw the ratchet on the ground. Amanda sprung up and knocked her over onto the ground.

Using her quick hands, she tied Christina’s hands and made sure she couldn’t get out this time.

She cut off Christina’s clothing as well leaving a bare goddess laying on the stone cold floor.

Amanda readjusted her body so that she was wiggling her hips on Christina’s face, forcing her to eat her out.

She continued grabbing Christina’s hair and hacking it off right at the base and tossing her hair on top of her nude body. She tried to roll out but was locked in.

Each snip sent a shriek down her delicate spine. Hair started to fully engulf the surrounding area. Tears rolled down her face as she continued to eat her boss out.

With in all the commotion, Amanda had forgotten her hair was stolen. She had a moment of realization while shearing Christina’s hair off, when she felt breeze effortlessly blowing her hair across her cheeks and forehead, tickling her ears.

She sat up and stood up and towered over Christina. There was no hair for either of them to hide behind, and absolutely nothing that could be saved on Christina’s scalp. Every chunk left was too short to be fixed. It all had to come off.

Amanda was lucky. She still had hair that could be fixed into something similar to a pixiecut. She had lived out her sexual fantasy. It was ten times better than she had expected. She forcibly took Christina’s hair while her hair was stripped off her head while tied up naked on the floor.

For Christina, deep down she felt a sexual spark light.

Hope everyone enjoys. There may be a part two in the future, who knows. If you liked it or have any future ideas I could do, then please leave a comment!

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