A Flat Top Required

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A Flat Top Is Required

By JimB (C)opyright April 2019

Kara was going to be teaching math and science at Eastside High School, in Morningside, Vermont.

School wouldn’t start for three weeks.

Her home was in Atlanta, Georgia and Morningside was in the ski area of Vermont.

After a month Kara still did not have a place to live.

She wouldn’t be much of a teacher driving two thousand miles a day to and from work.

Houses weren’t a problem.

There was plenty of houses in Morningside.

Kara picket up a copy of The Sentinel outside the Lighthouse Restaurant.

“Might as well have some coffee while checking the apartments rentals,” she told her self.

She’d have to buy a tent or crash in her Bronco every night if nobody wanted to rent a room to a new teacher.

Lee Anne, with her red neatly trimmed flat top, set the cup of coffee in front of her.

“New in Morningside?” Lee Anne asked her.

“Yeah,” she said.

“You’re the new math teacher?” Lee Anne asked her.

Kara raised her eyebrows.

“Two times two is four,” Lee Anne said and couldn’t decide if she was interested in what the pretty woman, just a few years younger than her, was reading.

Or, her brunette hair, which hung in waves to her waist.

“Not many places to rent here,” Lee Anne told her.


“I’ll go broke living at the Inn,” Kara said glancing at Lee Anne, sipping her coffee.

“Rae Anne is the name of the woman who owned The Inn.

“Rae Anne also had dark red hair cut in a neatly trimmed flat top.

Kara glanced at the paper again, “Hmm.”

“Find something?” Lea Anne asked her.

“‘Female roommate wanted.


“Rent free. No lease,” Kara said as she glanced at Lee Anne again.

“A Flat Top Hair Cut required”.”

“It’s a room Colonial style house at the top of Beacon Street hill.

Kara lifted her eyes from her coffee to the owner of the restaurant.

“Rae Anne and I are sisters,” Lee Anne said.

“We got lucky and hit it in the stock market in college while working on Wall Street for a few years.

“And, we came back to invest in Morningside.

“We built the house on the biggest hill with enough space so the two of us could not to run into each other.

“If you know what I mean.

“Only now, it’s too big.

“And, it seems a shame to have more rooms than we need and not use.

“Are you interested?”

“Yes,” Kara said timidly.

She wanted to ask why the flat top.

But, didn’t ask her.

“Let me show you around,” Lee Anne said.

The only southern colonial in Morningside, Vermont was built mostly of cherry and glass, with pillars supporting all the roofs and chandeliers in every room.

The library was huge.

The kitchen was ultramodern and the bedrooms upstairs were bigger than some houses.

“You don’t want any rent?” Kara inquired as she looked at Lee Anne, still not believing this incredible offer.

Lee Anne led her back downstairs, where heels knocked on polished hardwood or got lost in plush carpeting.

“Rae Anne and I grew up in Morningside and we’re worth, oh!

“I don’t know.

“Sixty or seventy million by now.

“You keep the rent.

“We just want someone else to talk to.”

Kara had to admit she was fascinated by Lee Anne’s precise hair cut.

She couldn’t ask why two such beautiful women clipped their hair so short.

A large office lay behind an open door off the huge dining room. Another door was closed.

Lee Anne opened the door into a smaller white washed, white tiled room, with a red barber chair with a white cape draped over the arms.

Clippers hung under the counter below a big mirror, “Our barber shop.”

Lee Anne watched Kara glancing between her and the barber chair.

“You’re wondering about this.

“Rae Anne and I have always liked the flat top hair cut.

“Even though as little girls our parents kept our hair long.

“We got our first flat tops in college.

“Facing each other in a barber shop and watched each other getting a flat top.

“We don’t need the rent.

“And, you’d be living with us just for a hair cut.

“A flat top’s not much to ask.

“Is it?”

Kara noticed the neatness and clean lines around Lee Anne’s ears and across her nape.

How the hair on top was perfectly clipper to half an inch.

She had to admit Lee Anne was really rather pretty.

Kara had a vision of a buzzing clippers ravaging her beautiful shoulder length hair down to almost nothing.

Adrenaline zipped through her.

She cringed, “No.

“No, it isn’t.”

But, all her hair falling.

Kara hoped she wouldn’t cry.

“Then, you’ll move in and getting everything where you want it.

“And, then get a hair cut.”

Lee Anne lifted Kara’s hair off a slender neck and small, round ears.

“You know, I’ve never thought about a hair cut,” Kara told Lee Anne.

“But, I think I could go for a flat top.”

“Now’s your chance,” Lee Anne said playing with Kara’s hand and could hardly keep the smile contained on her face.

Kara really didn’t have much to move into the ‘spare’ bedroom which took up a quarter of the top story of the huge house.

She put her jeans and tees away in an antique chest of drawers, while Lee Anne and Rae Anne hung her school dresses and arranged her books.

Each time she stacked something, she was much closer to her pony tail floating to the floor.

She didn’t know whether to hurry or run all the way back home to Atlanta.

“The desk.

“The computer and the files?” Kara looked at Lee Anne and Rae Anne.


“They weren’t here before.”

“We just thought a math teacher might be able to use them,” Rae Anne said.

Kara hung the last dress she owned and let her hair out of her pony tail.

“Getting ready for IT?” Rae Anne asked as she watched Kara.

“That is just super nice of you.

“Thank you, for everything,” Kara told them.

It was now TIME.

But, no one said anything.

Kara liked her long hair, brushing it, stroking it, putting it up in different styles.

But, she was surprised as she let the Annes walk her downstairs.

They didn’t have to drag her into the barber chair.

She faced the mirror.

Rae Anne put the tissue around her neck and caped her.

Kara spread the cape over both arms of the barber chair.

“Lee Anne found you.

“So, I get to do the first part of your first flat top.”

Kara couldn’t have taken her eyes off the mirror if a log truck had cashed through the wall as Rae Anne cut her sideburn tight around her left ear, running clippers over comb.

She merely blinked as her waist length hair hit the cape and slithered to a piles on the floor.

“I think you guys have a fetish!” she told them.

Rae Anne ran the comb up the back of Kara’s head and clipped her tight to the nape.


Us?” they said together.

“You’re watching, Kara,” Lee Anne said.


“You look great with the flat top,” Rae Anne said.

“You give one of us a flat top on Friday.

“Every three weeks,” Lee Anna said.

Rae Anne ran the buzzing clippers, with no attachment up Kara’s neck.

Kara shut her eyes and moaned.

She opened her eyes and grinned as clippers slid across a comb and her right ear popped free from under all her hair.

Kara smiled and watched Lee Anne smile.

“It is a fetish.

I knew it,” Kara told them.

Rae Anne handed Lee Anne the comb and clippers and watched her sister shear Kara to quarter of an inch up the sides and back of her head.

And, Kara had to fight to keep her hands off her shorn head.

“Only for flat tops?” Lee Anne said as she shaved Kara’s neck with a straight razor.

“And, only if you don’t tell.

“Rae Anne’s the worst.”

“Am not,” she told her sister

Lee Anne cleaned up the taper to almost nothing around Kara’s ears and across her nape.

Satisfied with the shortness and line of the hair cut.

The redhead gelled the top of Kara’s head and combed the longer hair back off her face.

“She was first to come out with it, Kara,” Lea Anne said.

“One day I caught her with a whole bunch of pictures of men getting a flat top in a barber shops.

“She was eight.”

Rae Anne smiled, watching Lee Anne comb and cut, comb and cut Kara’s top to half an inch.

“But, Lee Anne almost gave it away, when she was ten.

“She got into real trouble and mom and dad were so mad they asked her what she thought her punishment should be.”

Kara only blinked while Lee Anne did a final trim on her new, tight half-inch flat.

“A flat top?

“You guys.

“I LOVE this hair cut.

“It is so freaking stimulating.

“And…,” Kara slapped a hand over her mouth, watching a pile of her former hair drop from the cloth to the floor.

Lee Anne smiled, winding the hot shave machine and dabbing cream around Kara’s ears and across her neck.

“Oh, I think I get the idea,” Kara told her.

Kara watched Lee Anne shave her with short stokes with a straight razor.

“I think you do, too,” Rea Anne told her.

“A flat top is required every third Friday night.”

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