A Flight Attendants Fate

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Emily is a petite twenty two year old woman. Who has always been described as strikingly attractive. Having gorgeous long brown hair, going down to the small of her back, definitely has added to that title. Emily has always stuck with recent trends especially in appearel. Which subsequently had added to her attractiveness.

Emily took great pride in her lengthy-flowing mane. She had cut it once before about four years ago. When asking for a trim, the hair stylist had misheard her and instead cut a good seven inches off. Emily was shocked to say the least when her waist length hair was reduced to hair landing at the center of her back more towards her chest. Swearing off getting her hair cut, she grew her hair out which hadnt taken too long.

Every morning and every night before she rolled into bed, she would add essential oils and other products to promote healthy hair. Which in turn helped her hair grow faster and thicker. Never having a problem keeping it healthy as Emily never dyed or used heat on her hair. Her hair color was deep dark brown, close to being black which shined in the sun.

Emily had always had a love for airplanes and traveling. In her younger years she traveled around a few of the northern states of the USA but never anywhere else. She always longed to travel to different countries and different environments, And yet an amazing opportunity presented itself to her.

After quiting her most recent job, working as a bartender, she started searching for new job in a different career. An add popped up from Coast Airlines. A moderate sized airline company flying anywhere from Miami to Brazil and everything in between. Reading they were looking for flight attendants peaked her interests. It had seemed too good to be true as she started reading through the job listing. The listing was requesting young women in their early 20’s, with stunning bodies and personalities. With the recommendations of having a height of around 5’5, 120 pounds, a skinny waist, and a fun personality Emily felt it was describing her exactly.

After sending in an application, she was quickly responded with ‘Welcome to the team Emily. We have reviewed your history and resume and decided you are perfect for the position! we look forward to seeing you at the airport on Wednesday at 9am to finalize the hiring process, start training, and get you fitted with your new uniform…’ Emily couldn’t wait for Wednesday to roll around.

Wednesday came around and had Emily excited but nervous. She got ready and headed out the door. She was told a certain parkinglot to park her car in and that someone would meet her there to guide her around.

When she got there, a beautiful women with a chin length bob, wearing a revealing flight attendant uniform walked up “Hi im Sydney, I suppose you must be Emily? Im here to take you to sign your contract and to take you to training.” Sydney spoke in her Australian accent.

“Lovely to meet you Sydney! Yes im Emily, I cant wait!”

Emily followed Sydney to the first room which was for signing her contract and getting fitted for her new uniform. As she followed Sydney. she couldnt help but glare at Sydney’s hair wondering why she would keep her hair that short but decided not to say anything. After all Emily thought the haircut was cute but would never want to chop her hair.. especially after her last traumatizing salon experience.

As Sydney guided Emily around, she couldnt help but notice almost every stewardess there looked similar to her. Except that a lot of the young women sported short bobs and pixiecuts. there were a few long haired women too but not as many. Emily didnt think anything of it but grew more excited as they reached the uniform room.

Inside there was a lovely young lady with a short blonde pixiecut exposing her ears and neck. The short hairstyle suited her face very well. She wore the company’s stewardess uniform which was in fact quite revealing.

“Hi you must be Emily, my names Monica, I’ll be helping you get fitted into your new uniform!” she said gleefully. Before Emily could reply Monica walked up to her and started taking measurements. It felt unnatural being measured as Emily had never needed to be fitted for anything.

“Okay Emily i have your measurements written down, thankfully i have just the right size uniforms for you in the back. Let me run back and grab them.”

Monica walks back into the room swiftly with five uniforms on hangars in her hands. She hands them to Emily. “Here are your new uniforms, I trust they will fit perfectly. Go ahead and slip in to one as you will be on your first flight after training today, and you can put the remaining uniforms in this complementary suitcase.”

Emily turns around and walks into the dressing room. She starts undressing herself. Emily starts dressing into her new attire. She starts by slipping on her tight-form fitting blouse, accompanied with a sleek and sexy blazer. Next she pulls her stocking up hiding any blemishes or marks on her legs. finally she wiggles her way into her new short, very short, skirt. It was very tight and accentuated her small waist, thick thighs, and sizable booty. Her blouse was revealing, showing a lot of cleavage. She felt sexy and powerful in her new attire. everything was pieced together perfectly. From her makeup to her uniform and all the way to her head of long cascading brown locks which flowed over her shoulders and down her back.

As she walks out of the dressing room, both Sydney and Monica were stunned by how well Emily looked.

“You look absolutely flawless and ready for the air” Sydney said as she got up from her chair.

Sydney and Emily both walked out of the room and headed to another building. Sydney pointed out that this was were Emily would take her initial training to be prepared for her first flight that night. As Emily walked in to the building she noticed a door with a sign saying ‘Sign in here” figuring this was where she needed to go she opened the door only to be met by a middle aged woman and a few other fresh stewardesses. It appeared they were all signing paper work. The lady motioned for Emily to come grab a contract and fill it out and sign it.

Emily skimmed through the paper work briefly-too excited to take the time to read and understand any of the contents. She quickly signed the contract not reading most of the important info such as she was legally locked into staying with the airline company for a minimum of six years. Once she handed the paper work back to the lady.

Training was fairly basic and uneventful. In its entirety it took roughly three hours. After leaving the training facility she met back up with Sydney.

“Are you ready for your first flight? We are heading to Alaska!” Sydney said excitingly.

“Omg I am so ready! I’m so excited!”

“We board our plane in one hour. That should give us time to go get your hair cut and grab something to eat.” Sydney said

“What do you mean ‘get my hair cut’ I didnt hear anything about that?” Emily said frantically.

“It was written in your contract you signed earlier” Sydney replied as Emily started to worry

“I just skimmed through that i didnt know there would be anything significant like this in there” Emily starts running her fingers through her long maine

“Then im guessing you also didnt read the part stating you are locked in here for a minimum of six years and that includes keeping your hair short for that time period as well”

“Wait short?!? How short does it have to be? cant i just get a few inches trimmed off?” Emily said with tears streaming down her eyes.

“Unfortunately no. You didnt notice how every stewardess here has short hair? Or my hair? That didnt throw any hints at you?”

“I cant beleive this is a requirement. i should have read the contract. Its taken me forever to keep all of this hair long and healthy.” Emily said defeatedly.

“Well who knows maybe youll love the outcome. Theres no point in being salty over it. Its out of your control. Besides we spent so much time talking about this. We need to get to the airport salon before its too late.”

Sydney grabbed Emilys hand and led her down a hallway to a door labeled ‘Seven Seas Salon” and opened the door for her. Inside the door Emily saw a single Barbarette’s chair with a cute woman around Emilys age.

“Hi im Liz, looks like youre the new hire Emily!” She said cheerfully not reading Emilys mood yet.

Sydney introduced her to Liz and informed her that somebody didnt read their contract. Liz looked a little shocked seeing the young woman in front of her with very long, thick, and healthy hair. it was then that she realized Emily had no clue up until five minutes ago that she would be forced to chop her hair off.

“Well honey im sorry, but you signed the contract and i have a job to do” Liz motioned for Emily to sit in the chair.

“Couldnt you just cut a few inches off and call it good?”

“Unfortunately that isnt in the grooming requirements. It has to be cut short as to not get in the way of your job and to remain professional and to be honest sexy.”

After Emily hesitantly sat in the chair, Liz flew a black cape around her and secured it tightly to Emilys neck. She ran her fingers threw her ill-fated hair to detangle her tresses.

“We have somewhat of a lottery system with choosing haircuts so that there is slight variety between the flight attendants… Lucky for you, you have drawn one of the longer hairstyles.” Hearing Liz say that calmed Emily’s nerves slightly.

Liz started speaking again “The hairstyle that has been drawn for you is a blonde lip length bob with a shaved nape. lets hurry up and get started so you dont miss your first flight.”

Emilys heart dropped at those words and before she could even spurt out a single word, Liz had gathered her hair and started hacking away with a large pair of shears to remove the bulk. She winced with every snip. With tears running down her pretty face she managed to belt out “How can this be happening right now” She was more focused on hearing the haircut not even paying attention to the fact she has to change her hair color as well.

As more and more severed hair fell to the ground, the shear weight coming off was enough to bounce Emilys head back up. Now with the bulk removed, Liz started sectioning out hair, cutting, then sectioning out more. Liz had picked up a hefty chunk of hair and used it to poke fun at Emily, slightly tormenting her while giggling. More hair kept falling to the ground and falling on Emilys cape as Liz continued evening out her hair. All Emily could do was look at her lifeless hair surrounding her.

Once Emilys hair was lip length, she heard a loud pop followed by a deep buzzing noise. Liz instructed her to keep her head forward as her delicate hands guided Emilys head down. As her chin was pushed into her breast, she could feel the ends of her hair grazing against her cheeks. Never having hair short before this was a whole new feeling. But nothing compared to the clippers digging through the hairline on her nape. She shuddered as the vibrating sensation caressed her neck and nape, path after path. Liz set down the clippers and grabbed another machine with a few similar features.

“Normally i would finish shaving your nape with these as they are made to shave extremely close to your skin.. however since you may not be able to stop and get your nape trimmed every two days im going to use a laser hair remover. Itll make it so you wont have to come in every two days to have your undercut freshened up. Once i use this you will never be able to grow hair in the areas it touches..”

Emily couldnt even speak she was so stunned. She felt Liz moving the laser over her nape until she covered every spot. Liz blew lightly on Emilys new skin shaven nape causing her to shiver. She felt a solution being applied to her newly bobbed hair. She felt a stinging sensation. After twenty minutes Liz started to rinse her hair out, revealing a platinum blonde lip length bob.

A mirror was pulled out of a drawer and held to Emilys face. With tear stains lining her face she ran her fingers through her hair as her hair abruptly stopped way before it had previously.

Without saying a word Emily left the salon followed by Sydney. Sydney tried cheering emily up but could tell it would take some time getting used to. There was only five minutes until they had to start letting passengers on the plane leaving her no time to mourn her loss of hair.

Once all the passengers were loaded up and the plane had taken off, Emily was mainly focused on her job and didnt pay attention to her freshly chopped hair except for a few moments when she had the unfimiliar feeling of her hair brushing against her exposed nape and lips.

Soon they landed in Alaska and got off the aircraft. Immediately Emily felt the brisk cold hair on her nape with subtle gusts of wind blowing her short tresses off her ears which were fully exposed when that happened, not being able to hide behind her hair for the first time. Walking through the airport feeling her new hair and her sexy new uniform made her feel sexier than ever. She had forgotten she was a platinum blondie now until she saw her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She couldnt beleive all that had happened in just a day.

Her new short hair was a huge change and took a little bit to get used to but that didnt take away from Emily feeling the sexiest and most powerful she had ever been. Instead of her hair covering up her body, there was nothing to hide behind. Constantly showing off her goddess like body.

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