A Forced Awakening

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A Forced Awakening


By Shorngirl


A Week Before…


Zander’s wasn’t your average barbershop, in that all of the stylists in the shop were women, all of whom were either lesbian or bi. If you were used to the rickety plastic chairs lining one wall, and scads of men’s magazines cluttering the empty ones, you’d feel out of place.

The shop was exquisitely decorated, with hardwood counters and hand-painted mirrors before each of the four cutting stations. In place of the plastic chairs were comfortable club chairs and a single sofa, all in polished mahogany leather. Aside from that, it was much the same. Clippers still hung neatly from below the counter at each station, and four jars of blue Barbacide housed a variety of combs.

Cara sat in the chair, watching as Val snipped away at her already too short pixie. “I thought we were going to leave a little length at the sides?” Cara questioned.

“Do you see me with clippers in my hand?” Val asked, as she laid the scissors flat against the side of the comb she was working above Cara’s left ear.

Cara knew all too well that Val was perfectly capable of giving a clipper cut without ever lifting the machines from their hook. She was that good, and that was the reason Cara kept coming back. “I trust you.” Cara conceded.

“Well, that’s rich after cutting your hair for six years. Maybe I should abuse that trust just a little and give you a nice crewcut one of these days.” Val kidded, with the most serious look on her face.

“Maybe, someday, but not today. It’s my birthday next week, and I want to look at least somewhat girlish.” Cara sighed.

“You’re still lusting after that friend of yours?” Val supposed. “You said yourself, she’s straight.”

“A girl can dream.” Cara keened, thinking of Lori, her best friend, and the one girl in high school she indeed lusted after. Oh, she’d had numerous girlfriends and steadies, but none that could hold a candle to Lori. Cara closed her eyes while Val finished up, seeing Lori with her long blonde hair and radiant smile. What she wouldn’t give to get into those panties.

“All done,” Val said, as she shook out the cape, sending small but copious black clippings into the air. “See, I left you a little bit on the sides.”

“I’d say, seeing as I asked you to leave it longer, you did restrain yourself reasonably well, Valerie.” Cara ran her hand up the longish stubble on the sides and back of her head. “Looks good, thanks.”


Cara’s Birthday…


Lori brushed out her hair for the third time since she had emerged from the bath. The small mirror above the bathroom sink was too small to examine the entire length of it, so she walked over to the door, and smiled. An admitted narcissist, Lori admired herself in the full-length mirror. On a whim, she reached over to the sink and grabbed her manicure scissors.

Lori ran her fingers through her wispy bush, and started to trim it down. It had been something John had been bugging her to do forever, but she just never saw anything wrong with a full bush. In actuality, John had been begging her to shave it entirely, but that was never going to happen. He would just have to make do with her well-manicured look. With her labia and clitoris just visible, she set down the scissors, pleased with the result.

She had promised Cara she would be at her place by six. Lori wanted to give her the birthday present she had purchased before heading out to celebrate. John was late, of course. When wasn’t he late? Oh, he was never late when there was even a chance he would be getting some, and that was out of the question that night. It was Cara’s night, and John would have to wait his turn.

Finally, at ten minutes to six, John pulled up in his classic Camaro Z28 and honked the horn. She hated that. If she wasn’t so late, she would have made him come to the door, at least. As it was, she scrambled through the door, and climbed into the forty-year-old street rod. “You’re late.” She accused.

“You said six,” John complained, slamming the car into the drive and laying down a strip of rubber.

“I said we needed to be there at six.” Lori chided.

Fifteen minutes later, they pulled up in front of Cara’s apartment complex and headed inside. Cara was already entertaining a couple of friends, but was quick to answer the door. “Lori, John, how are you guys?”

“Happy birthday!” Lori whispered, handing the small gold box over to her friend.

“I told you, no presents.” Cara scolded. “But, thank you.” She admitted, smiling as she sat down on the sofa to open it. John found his way to the kitchen to seek out a beer, while Lori sat next to her closest friend.

“I hope you like it.” Lori sighed.

“Lori! Oh… my… god.” She stared down at the three symmetrical gold bands that were tied together with delicate gold filigree.

“I know you have been wanting this thing forever, so…” Lori shrugged, embarrassed.

Cara slowly worked the bands over her pinky, ring, and middle fingers simultaneously and they slid into place perfectly. “Oh, they fit. And they look sooo…cool!” She grabbed Lori and hugged her close. “Thank you.”

“I’m glad you like it.” Lori sighed.

“Like it. Love it!” Cara bubbled, then in a whisper. “You know, people are going to talk.”

“Nonsense. You’re my best friend.”

“Jeez, Cara, you’re hair’s shorter than mine these days.” John spouted, out of the blue.

“Yeah, my barber friend always goes a little overboard,” Cara admitted, only a little embarrassed.

Of course, Lori’s embarrassment more than made up for it. “John, that was kind of shitty. Say you’re sorry.” Lori insisted.

“It’s the truth. I’m not sorry. And I suppose you’re all going to that stupid Licorice place.” John was even more forward.

“Red Licorice. Yes, we are.” Lori answered. “So what, if it’s an LGBTQ bar?”

“Well, you can count me out.” John took a long draft from his beer.

“Are you that insecure?” Cara jabbed. “It is my birthday, after all. If it was yours, I imagine we’d all end up down at that place… Hooligan’s, is it?”

“Fuck this!” Lori stood, livid, and walked over to him, but before she could speak, he continued. “And Lori, fuck you too.” John spat. “You’re such a prude, anyway.”

Lori’s mouth gaped at the insult, as John stormed out of the apartment, slamming the door behind him.

“Good riddance.” One of Cara’s friends commented.

“Cara.” Lori turned. “I’m so sorry.”

Cara just shook her head. “You’re well rid of him, you know.”

After a few more drinks, and re-establishing the mood, they all headed over to Red Licorice.

The club was packed, and Cara seemed to be in her element. Between the few drinks they had had back at Cara’s and the couple there, everyone was feeling high. Cara noticed Lori sitting by herself at the bar, looking a bit dejected. “Come on!” Cara shouted. “Let’s dance.”

The two made their way out onto the floor and danced to some electric house music that was well suited to the lights and strobes that flashed over the place. Finally, Lori cracked a smile, as Cara made some rather risqué moves, rubbing herself against Lori’s thigh.

Much to Lori’s dismay, the next song was slow, and as the couples around them pulled in close to dance, Cara wanted to follow suit. It lasted for all of twenty seconds before Lori felt odd, and moved back to the bar. The funny thing was, it wasn’t revulsion she was feeling at all, and that scared her more.

“I’m sorry.” Cara offered. “I went too far.”

“It’s okay, really.” Lori sighed. “Just felt a bit dizzy.” Lori set her drink down. “I am so sorry for my asshole of an EX boyfriend.” With the emphasis on the ex. “I can’t believe I cut off my pubes for him.” Lori’s eyes shot open, horrified by what she had just admitted.

Cara nearly spit out her drink. “Really?” Imagining the closely trimmed thatch. “Well, look at it this way. Pubic hair is highly over-rated. I mean, I shave mine.” Cara chortled, trying to ease her friend’s embarrassment. That brought on the giggles.

Lori remembered Cara as having a thick black bush, and was shocked as she tried to imagine what her friend might look like shaved. The thought aroused her, and that bothered her even more than the feelings she had had as they danced. ‘What’s wrong with me’, she thought.

“You want to get going?” Cara asked. Her other friends had long since disappeared into a booth and were making out, unashamedly. In a way, she was jealous. For a second she imagined it was she and Lori in that booth with their lips locked together.

“Let’s go, but not home. Not yet.” Lori responded.

Neither of them was sober enough to drive, so they called an Uber. When the small sub-compact matching the description arrived, they verified and got inside. “Where to ladies?” A young kid asked, who could hardly have been a day over eighteen.

“Hooligan’s” Lori ordered, garnering a disapproving look from Cara.

“Lori, what the hell?” Cara scolded.

“He has the keys to my apartment. I want them back.” Lori explained.

“Let’s not go there. That place is trouble.” Cara warned. But, the driver had already made the short trip to the bar by the time they had decided that it was a bad idea.

“I’ll just run in and get the keys. Look, I know he’s here.” She pointed to the black Camaro across the street. “I’ll be right back, so let it run.”

Cara obediently waited in the Uber until she saw three people pour out of the bar, one of them being Lori. It looked like a fight was going on. Cara checked out of the Uber and ran across the street just in time to see a rather rough-looking girl slap Lori across the face. “You think you’re too good for him, bitch?” The girl accused, winding up for another blow while Lori cowered behind her hands.

That was when Cara piled into the girl, pummeling her with a right hook. All hell broke loose at that point, with half the bar emptying into the street. By the time Cara got to her feet, Lori was being dragged back into the tavern. When she attempted to follow, three guys blocked her way. After being knocked down three times, she finally gave up and resorted to pacing.

To say the atmosphere in Hooligan’s was rowdy would have been an understatement. Lori had been pushed forcibly against the bar, held there by two beefy girls, each maintaining a firm grip on both her arms.

Lori spotted John, who seemed to be laughing over the whole thing from the other side of the room. What had started as a few insulting remarks, had resulted in a catfight. That, apparently, wasn’t enough for Lori’s new nemesis. She reached into her purse, producing a rather lethal-looking pair of scissors, wielding them menacingly in front of Lori’s face. For a moment, Lori thought she was about to be stabbed, and screamed for help.

To her absolute horror, the girl was not interested in stabbing her, but instead, began hacking away at her hair. No matter how hard she fought, the two girls held her firm, while the girl did her worst. Over and over the girl attacked, until someone had said that she’d had enough and wrestled the scissors out of the girl’s hands.

The next thing Lori knew she was face down on the pavement, leaving the lion’s share of her crowning glory on the floor of Hooligan’s tavern. She was crying but more out of anger than sadness. She felt a pair of hands on her shoulders and spun, her fists clenched.

“It’s me, Lori!” Cara grabbed her hands. “It’s me.” Realizing what they had done to her darling girl, sent stabs of rage through her. “Come on. Let’s get the hell out of here.”

Having seen what was happening, the kid in the Uber had hung around, and ran out to meet the disheveled girls as they approached the car. “Are you alright?”

“Does she look alright to you?” Cara spat, climbing into the backseat, and helping a shell-shocked Lori in beside her. “345 Henderson, as fast as you can.”

Cara didn’t think Lori knew what had been done to her hair, but it wouldn’t have mattered. She seemed almost catatonic for most of the way to Cara’s apartment.

“She cut my hair.” Lori sighed, flatly.

“I know, honey. Let’s just get you inside.” Cara opened the door to her apartment and helped Lori onto the sofa, still brushing away long strands of hair that were stuck to her clothes.

“How bad is it?” She finally asked after about a minute of silence.

“I think I can fix it,” Cara said, confidently, even though she knew she couldn’t. Some of the cuts were so close that she could see Lori’s white scalp plainly through the fine blonde stubble. Cara was going to kill this girl.

“You’re hurt.” Lori noticed a long scratch bleeding from the top of Cara’s forehead.

“I’m fine. You just rest for a minute. Then we’ll see about sorting this out.” Cara ruffed Lori’s hair, what was left of it, anyway.

When Cara moved her into the bathroom, it was the first time Lori truly saw the damage that had been done. “Jesus. My hair.” Lori sobbed, pulling at the ragged tufts of blonde that stuck out at angles from her head.

“It’s not as bad as it looks.” Cara tried her best to comfort her friend.

After a few moments of realization, Lori chuckled.

“What could possibly be funny?” Cara asked, relieved but concerned at the same time.

“Just leave it. I mean, look.” Lori held up a longer strand that hid one of the more devastating cuts that was straight to her scalp. “There’s no fixing that.” Lori sighed.

“Do you want to clean up?” Cara asked. “I can step out.”

“No. Don’t leave.” However vulnerable Lori was feeling in that moment she recognized the other feeling she was having and were she naked, it would have been more than evident. “I want you to help me, okay.” Trying to rationalize what was about to happen, Lori began to undress.

Cara stood by in awe as the girl of her dreams stripped completely naked in front of her. By the time she was fully nude, Cara worried that she was going to be unable to stifle her arousal. It was then that she noticed the slight sheen of moisture on the inside of Lori’s thighs. Realizing that she was staring straight at her pussy, Cara looked away, but there was no mistaking what was happening.

Not really thinking at all, Cara followed suit, stripping out of everything. She reached into the shower and turned on the water, the sound almost deafening after the silence of those tense moments before.

Cara entered first, the jets of hot water flattening her hair, spiraling down over her shaven mound and then webbing between her legs. Lori observed this for a moment before stepping in herself. For the briefest of moments, they stood inches apart, as the water beaded on their skin. Finally, as if a membrane had been cut, the two flew into each other, their lips smashing together, tongues battling and hands desperately roaming until one of them laughed.

It wasn’t a laugh of ridicule or amusement but one of sheer bliss, and it was Lori. She held Cara out before her, smiling, her hair not looking nearly as terrifying now that it was flat and wet.

“Are you okay?” Cara asked, not certain whether Lori was simply happy, or hysterical.

“I think I’m out of my mind, but this…” She motioned to the two of them as they stood touching at the hips. “…this is… wonderful.” Again, Lori pulled Cara into her, their bodies pressing wantonly into the other, smooth skin sliding over smooth skin, until Cara slid her thigh between Lori’s legs, bring it into hard contact with her sex. Lori gasped, as Cara pressed and rubbed with the hot lubrication of the water and her blossoming orgasm.

Then Cara watched one of the most beautiful things she had ever seen. Her mouth open in ecstasy, Lori climaxed in her arms, her eyes locking to her own, until she threw her head back, careening over the edge of the precipice.

Cara held her up, for without her help, she was certain Lori would have crumpled to the floor of the shower. “That was beautiful. You are so beautiful.” Cara sighed, as Lori opened her eyes at last, and they each took the other in.


The Following Day…


In the morning, Cara fully expected Lori to deny or recant anything that had happened the night before. So, she was pleasantly surprised to awake to Lori’s mouth teasing at her sex. When Lori noticed she had opened her eyes, Cara was amazed as she watched her lifelong friend gently caress her clitoris with her tongue, sucking it into her mouth, causing Cara to moan with delight.

When Cara finally came, it was with the knowledge that what once had only been a fanciful dream, had miraculously come to fruition. Lori was pleasuring her, and it was absolute heaven.

Inevitably, they came around to dealing with the damage wrought by the girl at Hooligan’s the night before. Cara comforted Lori as she mourned her appearance in the mirror.

“No matter what happens, babe, it’s going to be alright. I’ve already called Val, and she’s expecting us.” Cara eased.

“Val? Is that your stylist?” Lori asked, nervously.

“She’s very, very, good, and she’ll definitely do what she can to fix things.” Cara insisted.

Lori was a bit taken aback as they walked into Zander’s. From the outside, it looked the same as any other barbershop, right down to the spinning barber pole. Inside, was a different story, and the comfortable surroundings set Lori’s mind at ease.

Val took Lori into her chair about ten minutes later, and inspected the damage, formulating a plan. Unfortunately, that plan was going to be rather extreme. “Lori, is it?” Val sighed.

Lori nodded, looking at Cara, who was sitting at the edge of her chair on the opposite side of the room.

“I’m afraid whoever did this to you, was rather ruthless.” Val began pointing out the various areas where Lori’s once bountiful blonde mane had been hacked right to the scalp. “I’m going to have to buzz it all off,” Val explained, apologetically.

“I figured as much.” Lori resigned. “Do what you have to do, Val.”

Val set to examining the worst of the cuts, and figured she would need a number one guard to erase it. When Cara realized how short the cut was going to be, she immediately stood and crossed quickly to Lori’s side, taking her hand in her own. “It’s going to be short, baby. Really short.” Cara sighed, as she eyed Val holding the clippers at the ready. As soon as her eyes locked with Lori’s, Cara nodded, signaling for Val to begin.

Cara was relieved by how well Lori was taking the brutal shearing. With each pass, all that remained of Lori’s beautiful hair tumbled over the cape and onto the floor. It was then that Cara spotted that look in Lori’s eyes. It was the same look as the night before when they had been together in the shower. Each pass of the clippers seemed to drive Lori deeper into her erotic trance. As Val placed the clippers at Lori’s forehead, even she was aware that Lori was more than enjoying the experience.

As the clippers plunged into her hairline, and across the top of her head, Lori moaned, audibly. Cara didn’t know what to do. It was obvious that Lori was close to having an orgasm, but in so public a setting, all Cara could do was watch, and be amazed.

Lori’s mouth fell open as the last of her hair fell away from her head, and a breathy gasp escaped her lips. Val gave Cara a knowing wink as she set the clippers aside.

As beautiful as Lori had been with her incredible cascade of blonde hair, she was equally as stunning bald. Her head was perfectly shaped, and the absence of hair made blue eyes seem huge. The fact that her ears stuck out a little, was easily overlooked, but was the first thing Lori noticed as she looked into the mirror for the first time.

“I never knew my ears stuck out like that,” Lori sighed, breathlessly. “I mean they were always handy to brush my hair behind, but now…”

“You are absolutely stunning,” Cara assured her, pulling Lori in for a hug.

After allowing the two a moment, Val rejoined. “I’m thinking we should finish the job.” She ran her fingers over the short bristles that still clung to Lori’s scalp.

“Finish? You mean like shave it?” Lori asked, surprised.

“You’re so close as it is, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much better it will look, and feel.” Val pointed out.

“It’s up to you, Lori.” Cara insisted, planting a kiss on Lori’s lips. “I’ll love you no matter what.” The two friends had always admitted their love for each other, but now it meant so much more; something entirely different.

“Might as well go all the way, right?” Lori seemed to ask herself. “Shave me, then.”

Val gathered a large dollop of lather from the dispenser, and spread it liberally over Lori’s scalp. The menthol in the cream tingled deliciously, but when the razor began to peel away the last vestiges of her hair, it was all Lori could do to contain her excitement. Each slight tug, followed by the erotic scraping of the blade against her virgin scalp, sent her into an entirely different space. The realization that her head was actually being shaved bald, along with the foreign sensation of the razor, drove her to the edge all over again.

Cara watched in amazement as Lori ascended to another climax as the blade removed the very last of Lori’s remaining stubble.

Everyone in the shop had stopped what they were doing to watch as Val finished up. Oblivious to their stares, Lori didn’t seem to care who was watching at that point.

Of course, Cara was concerned over what was most likely an involuntary response to being shaved. So, as a small round of applause rose up from the other patrons and stylists, she leaned in to hold and protect her lover.

“That was quite a show,” Cara whispered.

“I had no idea. Absolutely no idea.” Lori flushed. “I don’t think I’ll ever have hair again. I hope you’re okay with that.” She burst, breathlessly.

“You want to be bald?” Cara questioned. “I mean you are, but you want to stay that way?”

Lori reached up, allowing her fingertips to caress her now glass-smooth scalp, and a smile spread over her face. “I think I do.”

“I’ll miss your hair, Lori, but you look so damned hot like this, how can I help but love it, girlfriend!”

“Lover.” Lori insisted.

“Lover it is, then.” Cara pulled Lori up from the chair with a hug, settling with Val at the register.

“You’re next then, yeah?” Val suggested.

“It’s whatever Lori wants from now on, I think.” Cara surmised, unable to prevent her fingers from sliding up her lover’s nape.

Lori gave Val a wink, suggesting that it might actually come to pass.

At that point, Cara led her shiny new lover out of Zander’s and into the world.


Three Months Later…


Lori stood at the bar, the crowd at Red Licorice just starting to roll through the doors. True to her word, she had maintained her smooth shaved scalp. She simply was unable to allow the slightest stubble to appear on her head, and had even considered having it removed permanently. Cara had put her foot down at that suggestion, knowing that any chance of enjoying that flowing blonde mane would be gone forever at that point.

Every once in a while, Lori would don a wig, but the sensation of the cap against her skin made it a rare occurrence. Cara had even purchased one for her closely resembling her once-glorious blonde hair. Lori knew it drove Cara wild when she wore it during their lovemaking, and she also knew why. All those years Cara had lusted after her, she had sported long blonde hair; though she had never known her as a lover that way.

Cara had insisted that it didn’t matter, that she found Lori equally as hot with or without her hair. Still, giving her lover this experience was just as hot for her as it was for Cara. Lori, true to form, could never resist yanking off the wig as she came, the shock of the cool air against her scalp driving her to orgasm longer and harder.

Today was Lori’s birthday, and Cara had promised her something special. She had no idea what her lover had purchased for her, but whatever it was, she knew she would love it.

Lori felt arms wrap around her middle from behind, as Cara kissed her along her naked nape, something that always drove her wild. “You ready for your present?” Cara whispered in her ear.

“Hey, baby.” Lori spun around on the stool, kissing her lover passionately without regard for the people sitting close by. Something Lori had lost, since shaving her head, was any sense of inhibition. It had just vanished, along with her hair.

“Come on,” Cara suggested, pulling Lori off her perch and towards the doors.

“Where are we going?” Lori asked for the third time, as Cara turned onto the main drag. Pulling up in front of the brightly lit shop, Lori’s eyes grew wide. “You’re finally going to do it?”

Cara pulled her lover from the car, Lori’s toothy grin evidence that she more than approved of her gift. The two lovers slipped through the doors and disappeared inside, the colorful neon sign the only evidence of what Cara’s gift might be.


“Zander’s Barbershop”

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  1. Thank you so much for all your kind comments. This place is my fetish outlet, taking me away from the reality of writing serious romance novels, which can be somewhat formulaic. Creating this sort of fiction emboldens my own hair fetish, which, (as you most likely know, if you have read my previous works), is quite strong for a girl. My own hair’s getting a little long and perhaps I am long overdue for a trip to a random barber, so exciting pushing into the unknown once in a while. Maybe I’ll write about it. Thanks again!

  2. Wow that was yet another fantastic story! I love reading stories where a haircut or headshave awakens someone’s haircut fetish. You continue to amaze me with your talent for writing!

  3. Thank you so much for the great storie. I found I have a hairFetish. About 19 years ago. I will say it been a heck of ride. My love I found out has one also hehehe. Please keep posting your stories. We love them so much and you have given us new ideas. You are a Inspiration thank you thank you

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