A Fresh Start

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(Maybe not the one you were expecting, but….)


A Fresh Start

Audrey was beginning to wonder whether Brad was ever goin to collect on his bet with Rebecca – it’d been a week since the Super Bowl, and her friend still had a waterfall of gorgeous, dark blonde/light brown waves tumbling around her shoulders and back. In fact, she’d almost been flaunting them since the game, wearing her hair down and loose much more than she usually did.

But, on some level, Audrey understood. Something had changed between the two since that bet was made, and piling a drastic change in appearance on top of that – especially if the end result wasn’t something Rebecca was into – could complicate things.

After sweeping the last of her previous client’s trimming into a dustbin and then the trash, Audrey settled into her own seat and contemplated Rebecca, who was tending her own final client of the day. Had Becky made that bet with her, Audrey knew she’d have shown no mercy. Whether Becky liked it or not, those precious waves would have been long gone.

And the fact that it wasn’t up to Audrey was creating a bit of an itch inside of her, and it was probably a minor miracle that one of her clients hadn’t wound up shorn beyond recognition yet. The cute little sweetie in Becky’s chair, for instance. A relatively new regular with all-American blonde locks getting a tidy “probably growing her bob out” trim … her hair was in beautiful condition and Becky was giving her an immaculate style that walked the line between sophisticated and youthful, but Audrey would love to see that pale nape left naked. She bet the girl had really adorable ears, too, that could certainly do with being freed from their silky cover.

Audrey rose from her seat and looked into her mirror. She let her own hair loose from its neat and tidy ponytail, her auburn curls exploding into a wild mess that buried her shoulders and threatened to hide her blue eyes completely. She shook it out with her hands, encouraging the curls to spring even more to life. They looked gorgeous, just absolutely gorgeous, that much she knew. Not only by her own opinion, but by the measure of how many people commented on them whenever she went out, even if just grocery shopping.

Even now, Audrey noticed her curls catching the attention of Becky’s client as she was sliding out from her chair. Maybe jealous, maybe not. Stick-straight locks like hers would probably be so much easier to take care of.

“Just head up front, Cara,” Becky told the girl. “Sandi can set up your next appointment.”

The girl did as told, though Audrey noticed the second look she’d taken.

“You just hanging out for kicks?” Becky asked as she headed back toward the breakroom. “Your weekend could have started a while ago.”

That was true, and it probably should have. But… “I’m just dawdling. Don’t mind me.”

Brad appeared from the breakroom just before Becky went in, and there was the usual apologies from both of them for the near collision, combined with an awkward flirty cuteness that Audrey both adored and couldn’t stand.

“Ready to go?” Brad asked.

“I just have to clean up my area.”

“I got it,” Audrey insisted. “You two kids go…. do whatever it is you’re gonna do.”

Becky blushed and Brad grinned. “You sure?” he asked.

“Positive. Get out of here.”

They wasted no time in doing so, and neither did Sandi the receptionist.

Audrey circled the small salon, turning out most of the lights to avoid having to explain the Nameless Salon was closed to any wayward walk-in attempts, and returned to her own station.

She looked at her reflection, burying her hands in her thick, soft curls and shaking them out again before taking a deep breath. Audrey loved her curls, loved how soft and silky they were, how they teased and caressed her neck and shoulders and were encroaching further down to her back. She loved how her lovers would have to hunt for her neck and ears, and how they’d bury their fingers in their depths when she teased them on her knees. She loved the attention they got her, the adoration and admiring looks.

But the need for a change had been growing for a while now, and had only gotten stronger in this past week.

Gathering the long locks that fought to hide her eyes in one hand, she lifted the blades of her scissors level with the bridge of her nose.

The crunch of the blades coming together filled the quiet salon, but she imagined the sproinging sound that could have sounded as her bangs sprang up and out of sight. She looked at the long, beautiful curls that remained in her hand. In just a few months, they’d have been able to hide and tickle her breasts along with the rest of her generous mane.

But now? Not so much.

She smiled at her reflection, Despite the haphazard nature of her chop, her curls were very forgiving and her new bangs didn’t look bad at all, resting loosely just above her brows. With her favorite shears, she took a few more testing snips, lopping off one group of curls at her shoulders, then another lock just below her chin, after which it sprang cheerfully up around her right ear.

Neither cut did any noticeable damage – not to her hair, and not to the urge inside.

Audrey thought back to her twentieth birthday, when she’d let a few cosmetology classmates loose on her Merida-like locks after the first few shots of the evening. There was only one way that night was going to end, and Audrey had a feeling the same circumstances applied tonight, minus the threesome.

She let her fingers slide along the possible selections for her endeavor, thinking about the commitment required of each. Her fingertips lingered on the number three guard, then found a way to place it on her clippers without her even making the decision.

Audrey looked at herself in the mirror as the clippers roared to life, their churning blades almost deafening in the quiet of her salon. The limited light placed such beautiful, bright highlights within her curls, rich reds giving away to shadows and light as they swirled wildly.

She reached her left hand over her head and swept her wealth of auburn locks away from her ear and held the clippers to her right cheek. The vibrations rumbled through her body, and she closed her eyes for a moment to focus solely on them, feeling them ripple as if moving through her very soul. Then she pushed them up, feeling the cool plastic slide along her warm skin as the rumbled and purred, their pitch changing drastically as they met resistance. She felt their sharp blade chew and chop their way into her prized mane, sliding higher and higher until she pulled both of her hands away, her right hand holding the still eager clippers and her left holding the loosened, shorn curls that had just earned the jealous glances from the cute blonde.

Audrey let them fall to the floor, forgotten, and swept her hair back again, unleashing the clippers to bare another long path up the side of her head. Again and again the clippers did their work, until Audrey was able to lower her hands and smile at the reflection of her naked ear, the locks that once hid it now left to try to hide her feet.

A fleeting thought was given to turning the clippers off and leaving it there – a cute sideshave and new bangs would certainly be a considerable change for most people. But no. It wasn’t nearly enough yet.

It was a rare opportunity to see a gorgeous mane of hair completely shorn away, even if it was her own. She’d never admit it to her clients, but that was what brought her into the salon every day – the potential chance to take something that had required years of care and attention to maintain and grow, and to just utterly destroy it, leaving something even more beautiful but so completely different in its wake.

Bending over, she flipped her long, bouncy curls up over her head and placed the clippers at the nape of her neck, almost purring along with them as she rand them up her nape. She looked up at the floor, watching the already impressive pile grow as the clippers continued their relentless quest. Relentless, but precise. She worked them up along her nape more often than she probably needed, closing her eyes and letting the sensation of her hand moving over the soft pelt left behind overwhelm all other senses.

She would need to get someone else to do that, and soon, she realized.

Still bending, she placed the clippers to the middle fo her forehead and delivered the death sentence to her newly cut bangs, plowing the clippers back through the lush tresses that remained. They put up a fight, of course, but the conclusion was already foregone.

Straightening, she looked away from any mirrors in the salon as the clippers laid waste to what remained of her beautiful long curls, wanting to experience the shock of a big reveal. With closed eyes, she ran the clippers over the curves of her head, followed in close pursuit by and eager hand that sent shivers of pleasure down her spine.

She might regret this in the morning, she knew that. There’d be no curls for several months, no jealous glances for at least a year, and definitely no ponytails for far longer. She could feel the past four years of growth brushing against her feet when she moved, and that may well have been the last time she ever wore them that long and full again.

But, god, the feeling of her hand moving across her nearly bare scalp…

She tossed the clippers toward her chair, hoping they landed safely, so she could use both hands now, up and down her nape, over her crown, as if they were wind sweeping across stiff fields of wheat.

With a muffled moan, she wished she had done this at home. Why hadn’t she done this at home?!?

But, technically, it wasn’t like anyone was around…

She opened her eyes and looked around the salon…

“No!” she told herself. “Behave in the workplace!”

She laughed at her reflection, but then gasped, catching full sight of herself, a version of herself she hadn’t seen in five or six years. One that was just her, just her eyes and her bright smile and her cute little nose.

No red halo to grab attention, to lush curls to elicit compliments. She picked up the clippers and stepped closer to her counter, switching the guard out for the next shorter one. With careful attention, she brought the clippers to life again and tended to the sides and back of her head, carefully blending the remains in with the longer lengths atop her head. Then she went shorter and repeated the blending further down, smiling contentedly as her pale scalp began to peak through around her ears.

Finally, she set the clippers down and stepped back to assess her work… She ran her hand from forehead to crown, watching a wave of white slip through her red crop in its wake. Not even half an inch long, it still seemed to have a generous amount of length compared to her sides and back. It was just what she imagined and hoped it would be; too short to even be a pixie, but one hell of a sexy, soul-baring crewcut.

Glancing down to the floor, she took in the view of her shorn curls. A massive pile of soft, glossy, silky locks — the kind so many women had told her they would kill for. Now gone, discarded like the were nothing. Like a masterpiece painting torn from its frame and tossed aside. She kept looking at them as her hand moved through — no, over — what remained of the hair on her head, such an incredibly different sensation than a few minutes ago.

She rumbled to herself, squeezing her thighs together as she promised herself she’d be home within an hour and she could have her fun then.

A hesitant knock at the door shattered her revelry.

Setting the clippers down and making sure her phone was in hand, Audrey made her way around the front desk and to the door.

On the other side waited the cute blonde. The expression of mild panic on her perfect features did nothing to quell the emotions and desires that had been rumbling inside Audrey, and she needed to get them in order once she was able to push aside her confusion.

She unlocked and opened the door a little. “Yes?”

“Oh thank god! I was hoping someone would be here,” the girl said. “I think I left my phone here.”

Audrey glanced back to Becky’s station, where an unfamiliar phone sat on the counter. She opened the door further and nodded for the girl to come in. “Come on in. I’ll get it for you.”

“Thank you!” Stepping inside and adjusting to the dark, her eyes widened. “Didn’t… you…”

“Have long curly hair an hour ago?” Audrey finished as she retrieved the phone. She nodded in reply, walking back to the front counter and setting the phone down. “What do you think?”

The girl stammered a bit, green eyes unable to focus on anything else as Audrey turned this way and that.

“Your name is Cara, right?”

The girl nodded, her perfectly neat, beautifully maintained bob swinging just enough to brush against her neck. A lovely, slender neck, at that.

“I’m Audrey.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“You can touch it if you want.”

Cara blinked, then blushed. “Oh, I…” She bit her lip, a hesitant hand reaching up until Audrey leaned into it, letting the Cara’s fingers spread at her nape and run up to her crown. Audrey closed her eyes as she fought off a deep moan, needing desperately to feel a lot more of that.

“It looks great,” Cara told her, her hand remaining to caress Audrey’s nape just a little bit more. “And feels pretty great, too. That must have taken a lot of guts.”

Audrey shook her head. “Not really. Just a bit of desire. And the feel of the clippers is worth it.”

“It is?”

Audrey nodded. She glanced up and down Cara’s form. Definitely could be a cheerleader. And definitely not reaching for her phone so she could leave. “Have you ever felt them? Had them used on you?”

Cara’s cheeks reddened far more than they would if she had interpreted that as an innocent question. She shook her head, and Audrey took a step closer.

“You want to see what it feels like?”

Cara swallowed. She licked her lips, glancing over Audrey’s shoulder toward the chair where she had just a short while ago gotten her hair trimmed.

Audrey could see the battle going on in the girl’s head, but it wasn’t really warranted. There was no way she would poach Becky’s client and definitely no way she’d undo her friend’s meticulous, perfect work.

“I… because of my job,” Cara stammered. “I probably shouldn’t.”

Audrey smiled, tucking the girl’s soft blonde hair back. She’d been right – the girl’s ears were adorable. “That’s okay. I can use them someplace other than your head.”


Hope you liked it! Comments are appreciated — letting me know how I can improve isn’t a terrible thing.

For how Cara came to be a client of Rebecca’s

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  1. As the saying goes “Not what is wanted but what is needed”. Another amazing story to say the least. The continuing development of layers is fantastically deft on your part. A real pleasure to see Cara back in mix too. As strange as it sounds I wouldn’t mind even another story before Brad finally decides to relieve Rebecca of her long mane.

      1. It has been a pleasure getting to discover each of the new members of the gang. Possibly some reflection from Cara? I am curious what thoughts were going through her mind when she was “glancing” at Audrey or what might have caused her to have forgotten her phone.

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