A friend tale

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My friend is addicted to haircut and headshave videos. He used to see videos Infront of me thinking me on that place in the video as I have long hair till my waist. I will leave him to play with my hair but all he wanted is cut them and make me bald step by step, he used to say this but I never gets reacted to it.

He loved me very much as he never forced me to do anything, one day as he is playing with my hair as usual, I took a scissor and handed over to him and told him to just chop few at the ends. On that moment I found him the happiest ever, he asked me for a long cut I refused and told him not this time but surely as I’m yours forever.

He chopped my ends and we both had great time. It’s been days since I let him cut my hair, on his birthday I planned to gift him my hair and I was waiting for him to return from work. After he came back from work, I took him inside the room and undressed myself and stood Infront of him.

He also undressed himself and all I could find is his hard dick and I’m sure that this day going to be a day which we both will not forget for our lifetime. He never thought of my hair and he came near me and started pressing my boobs hard, pushed me to the bed and started fingering my pussy hard which made me moan loudly. Then he bought his cock near me and asked me to give him a hand job, while giving him hand job he suddenly inserted his cock into my mouth, I never expected that but I enjoyed it even it is forcefully, I gave him a great pleasure through my mouth.

Then he asked me to be on the doggie style and fucked me nonstop for a while, being on the doggie style I gave him his birthday gift I gave him the scissor and told him to cut my hair as much as he wants and as he likes, he chopped my hair irregularly as much as he wants and kept all those chopped hair on the bed itself even while we had sex.

Then again, he gave his messy cock into my mouth for a while and fucked me again and cummed inside my pussy and we both slept nude on that bed which is fully covered with my chopped hair. On that time, I never thought of hair, the next morning he had the morning wood and fucked me very badly and left for work. After that I thought about the night he had together and went to the bathroom and started shaving my hairy pussy while fingering.

After sometime I realised that he had cummed inside my pussy many times, on recognizing that I also thought about my hair which was now chopped into an irregular lob, on seeing those on mirror I took the same razor which I use to shave my pussy hair and shaved my head too. After giving strikes for several times and having pleasure at the same time I became completely bald on top as well as bottom.

After all this I collected all of my hair from everywhere and made a gift out of it and presented him and told him to keep it with him till my hair grows again and have pleasure with that and I left the place.

We used to have fun and for a year he left my hair grow and after that he used to chop my hair and make style of it as he likes. Now it’s officially like it’s his hair and he never ask me before doing something.


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