A Game of Chance

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Half time and the score was 2-0.If things continued like this Jujou’s team was set to take this year’s league championship. The other team was tough but, thus far had proved to me no match for the home team’s well oiled offensive machine.

“15 minutes to rest and rehydrate” she thought “and then…”
“Hey, JJ?” It was that obnoxious jock Chad again.
“Chad,” she replied “I already told you I’m NOT going to go out with you…EVER! So, just knock it off already!”
“No, no, not that!” Chad protested waving his hands defensively before him. “Some old fogies from the stands want to talk to you.” he said turning to point out a handsome, mature couple
standing a short distance away.
“Chad…” she said in an annoyed tone of voice, “It’s half time… in the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. What part of that DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?”
“Hey,” he replied lamely, “They said it was important that they talk to you now.”
“Fine!” Jujou replied stomping away from Chad toward the now smiling couple.
“This better be very important, I’m in the middle of a championship match.” she said, glaring up at them. “You got 5 minutes so, spit it out!”
The man grinned down at her but the woman looked affronted and with a flick of her head turned away muttering “How rude” under her breath.
“OK then,” said the man, “I’ll make this short and sweet. We, that is my wife and I would like to make you an offer you can’t refuse. We know through a mutual friend that you are currently unemployed and in dire need of cash. This same friend has also informed us that you have in the past, ahhh, rented yourself out, so to speak to to dominant couples for fair compensation.
“Yeah,” Jujou replied “So, how ’bout you just cut to the chase and tell me what you actually want? You got 3 minutes left.”
The grin on the man’s face grew wider at her insult. “OK miss, here’s the deal, $10,000.00 for 6 month’s FULL service, all expenses paid. Sound good to you?
“Not interested.” she replied. “You got more 2 minutes.”
“OK then, I’ll sweeten the pot…$30,000.00” he said “I KNOW for a fact you need the money.”
“Yes, I do” she retorted, “but, not THAT badly…1 minute.”
“You drive a very hard bargain young lady but, so do I and I’m used to getting what I want.”
“Thirty seconds” she answered blandly.
“How about a little wager then?” he replied. “I hear you really love a challenge.”
He had her. There was nothing that got Jujou’s juices flowing faster than a bet.”What you got in mind.” she asked.
“Your team wins this game and I’ll write you a check for $60,000.00. You lose…and you’re OURS, body and soul, to do with as we see fit for 6 months BUT, you only get $30,000.00. Tax free, of course.
“Of course…You do realize that the game is half over and we’re leading 2- nil don’t you?” she inquired, suddenly forgetting all about the time limit to the conversation.
“I have confidence in your opponents’ ability to come back. 45 minutes is a long time.”
“Your serious about this, aren’t you?” she answered. “But, why me? There are plenty of women out there who would do this for half the price. What makes me so special?”
“You have certain…attributes.” he replied as he reached up and gently rolled a red curl between his fingers. “Attributes which I find, enticing.”
As he allowed the curl to fall from his fingers Jujou took a quick look at his wife over his shoulder. Though the look on her face was not very reassuring Jujou thought to herself “Fuck her, I need the money.”
“Mr,” she said holding out her hand, “you got yourself a wager.”

His grin grew impossibly wide at her words and he firmly took her hand in his and shook it. “Best of luck to you.” he said just as Chad jogged up to tell her it was time to get back to the game.
She turned to glance back at him as they returned to the sidelines and for a moment his grin reminded her of the joyless smile on a great white shark as its teeth are bared in preparation for a devastating bite. Then…it was back to the game.

The first twenty minutes of the second period were totally uneventful. Jujou and her team went into the final half with only one thing in mind: Guard your lead. Every time their opponents crossed the pitch Jujou’s team met the challenge at mid field and held them there and the match soon devolved into a rather boring affair.

“Only 25 minutes to go and I’m set for a whole year” thought Jujou as the ball was put in play. Then, suddenly and without warning one of the opposing players broke through the lines! Jujou’s goalie was out of position and the kick from the right side stayed true to course…2-1.
“No problem.” she thought stopping to catch her breath, “We’re still up by one point and there’s only 15 minutes left in the period. We just have to play good defense and we’re golden.”
Again, the ball was put in play and when it was passed to Jujou she decided to go for broke. After all, wasn’t that what the game was all about? Her eyes locked on the target and she was determined that nothing was going to get in her way. The goal was open, her foot cocked back, ready to extend their lead when suddenly a defending player slipped in and deftly poked the ball from in front of her! Jujou’s foot flew forward and encountered…nothing! Off balance she crashed to the ground and by the time she got up the play was half way down the field.

As Jujou sprinted down the field she watched in horror as her goal keeper rushed forward to defend the net only to have the ball lobbed over his head in a perfect parabola. A parabola that ended with a score.
“Oh FUCK!” she thought with only 5 minutes left to play. “Shit just got serious!” 2-2.
The ball was put back into play and the team that had seemed to be asleep at the wheel in the first half was suddenly an offensive MONSTER! Again and again Jujou and her team mates were forced on the defensive. Suddenly it was their goal that was the scene of havoc. She and her teammates were exhausted and their foes who had pretty much cruised through the first period were on fire! Again and again the enemy attacked and each time Jujou and her teammates were able to muster enough energy to stave them off. One minute to go and the opposing team attacked once more. Jujou glanced around her and saw that her teammates were every bit as played out as she was. “Only one thing to do” she thought as yet another attack came up the center of the field. As the attacker fired a viscous shot at the goal Jujou jumped up in front of it and kicked it over the heads of the others. Her eyes followed the ball as it flew back the way it had come. As her feet returned to the turf she saw another attacker intercept the ball with her head and return it…straight into the net. Time ran out. The game was over. They had lost. Jujou…had lost.

They congratulated the winning team and headed off to their cars, heads hung low in defeat.
Just as Jujou was heading to her teammate’s car for that long silent ride home she felt a light hand upon her shoulder. Turning, she saw the handsome couple from half time standing there, expectant looks on their faces.
“Oh, oh yeah, I almost forgot.” she said dejectedly. She turned to her friend and said to her, “You go on ahead to the car, I’ll catch up in a minute.”
She nodded in the affirmative and continued on her way.

“OK” Jujou said with an exhausted sigh. “I suppose you want to collect on our little wager, don’t you? When do you want me to start?”
“Right away” answered the man.
“OK,” answered Jujou. “Let me go home and shower and pack. You can come and pick me up this evening.”
“NO, you don’t understand.” said the man as his wife stared on angrily. “The penalty phase of our wager began the moment the game ended. You have been our chattel since then and we are here to take you to your place of service…NOW.
“Whoa man! Hold on there. I still have to go home and get my stuff, you know, toothbrush, cell phone…CLOTHES.”
“No, you don’t.” said the woman in an unpleasant tone of voice. “Where you’re going, you wont need clothes.”
Jujou, mouth open at the wife’s venomous tone as she turned to the man with a questioning look on her face.
“Ah, what my wife is saying” interrupted the man, “is that WE will provide you with everything you will need to service us for the next six months. You won’t be needing those things”
“NO!” added the wife, now clearly angry, “What I’m saying is get the fuck outta those clothes and get the fuck into the car!”
“Wha…? began Jujou shaking her head in disbelief.
“I said STRIP!…NOW!”
Jujou glanced around the parking lot still crowded with players and their families. She caught sight of her friend, car idling as she waited on her, Chad watching from the back seat.
“Any day slave!” said the wife as her husband grinned his Cheshire Cat grin and looked on with obvious anticipation.

“Better learn to do as she says or it’ll be a really tough six months” he said, rubbing his chin.
Jujou bowed her head in defeat and kicked off her shoes. The shin guards and socks went next followed by her shorts. By now a number of folks were staring and mothers were shielding the eyes of their young children as it became all too obvious what she was doing.
She shimmied out of her panties next and then, reaching up, under her long jersey, unhooked her bra and as modestly as possible, removed it. Her friend, a disgusted look on her face screeched out of the parking lot as Chad craned his neck out the window to catch one last glimpse of what he had lusted for for so long.
Jujou hesitated, unwilling to remove the jersey, her last piece of clothing and be stark naked in front of so many people…people she knew!
I’m sorry,” said the angry wife, “did I tell you to stop? You do EXACTLY what we tell you to do or else…NO MONEY! Got it?
“Yeah, I got it.” she softly replied.
“The correct response is ‘Yes Mistress’, understand…slave?”
“Yes…Mistress” replied jujou softly.
“What was that slave?” replied the woman. “You’ll have to speak up, I can’t hear a thing you’re saying.”
“Yes Mistress” repeated Jujou in a slightly louder voice, glancing around at the now obviously ogling crowd.

“I still can’t hear you slave.” said the wife in a loud voice. “Say it again…loudly and clearly!”
“YES MISTRESS,” answered the now clearly embarrassed jujou. “I UNDERSTAND!”
“There now, that wasn’t so hard…was it?” answered the wife, her husband looking on with great enjoyment. “Now, remove that hideous garment.”
“Yes Mistress” she replied in a loud, clear voice as she peeled the sweaty jersey off and dropped it on the ground beside the rest of her clothes. By now the curious onlookers had gathered around for a closer look. Many of the men and no doubt some of the women in the crowd had become sexually aroused at the sight of this ball busting bitch being publicly humiliated at the hands of an older woman.
The angry wife slowly circled jujou, an appraising look on her face. She poked, prodded, pinched and groped the younger woman at will, invading her most private areas with total disregard for the presence of the curious on lookers.
Not all of these onlookers were happy to see a naked woman in the park and the husband leaned in and whispered to his wife while gently gesturing at a woman who was angrily speaking into her cell phone. The wife nodded in response before turning aside to address jujou.
“Well my little slave,” she began, “it would appear that some of your neighbors are a bit upset with the public spectacle you are making of yourself. I guess they’re just not used to seeing a slutty little woman like you exposed in public for what she really is. Turn around and face the car…now!”
Jujou did as she was told and the angry wife roughly pushed her body against the hot metal of the sun washed car. As she squirmed against the searing heat the wife pulled jujou’s hands behind back and deftly secured them with a heavy duty zip-tie. She opened the door and placing her hand on top of jujou’s lustrous head of red curls pushed down police style and said “Get in.” Seconds later as the big automobile sped through the parking lot jujou gazed at the people through the window and asked herself “What have I gotten myself into?”

The ride to her captor’s home was agonizing. The Wife sat in the back seat with jujou as her Husband drove. Jujou did her level best slide down in the seat or lean over in order to avoid being seen by the other passengers on the road. Each time however, the Wife forced her to sit up straight in full sight of those in the passing vehicles. Eventually, the Wife had had enough and angrily pulled jujou’s seat belt so tight that it became impossible for her to hide. She spent the following 45 minutes totally exposed to any who had the chance to look. Long haul truckers were the worst. Each time one passed, the driver would lay heavily on the air horn attracting the notice every auto in the vicinity to the naked and helpless woman in the back seat of the sleek sedan. The husband reached down and turned on the CB hidden under the dash and the air was filled with the radio chatter of truck drivers up and down the line, each passing the word about the hot, naked redhead bound in the back seat of the of the speeding car. Ten minutes later, there was a line of 30 or 40 semi trucks qued up, each waiting their turn for a look at the naked, young woman.
Eventually, the car left the highway and pulled into a quaint, rather exclusive looking neighborhood. The lawns were neat and manicured, the moderately large. A nice, upper-middle class place where the men compared golf scores and the women met for afternoon tea. Surely, they would let her hide as they drove around here!
No such luck! If anything it seemed to jujou as though the car slowed down…as though they WANTED everybody in town to see their ‘new toy’ and in fact…that was exactly the case. After all, what was the point of having a slave if no one knew about it!
Finally, after what seemed to jujou an eternity they reached her new ‘home’. As the homes in this suburb went, it was better than most. A huge pile of Neo-Tudor brick and trim. Under other circumstances she would have been delighted to move into this…this Mansion but, today its dark and brooding face filled her with foreboding.
The car drove up the long, brick driveway as the garage door opened jujou thought, “at last, I’ll inside where no one can see me”. She could not have been more wrong! Instead of driving into the garage the Husband stopped at the corner of the house and got out. The Wife reached over and unlocked the seat belt as the husband opened the back door and reached in. He took her arm firmly in his hand and pulled her from the back seat. He walked her to the front of the house and pushed her backwards against an ornate wrought iron column. Reaching behind her he lifted a moderately heavy chain and placed it around her neck. The click of the padlock was like a gunshot in jujou’s ears as the shank slammed home. The Husband reached up, caressed her red hair and grinned his evil grin. “See you soon” he said as he turned and walked back to the car.
The car entered the garage and a horrified jujou looked on as the door lowered and then stopped. A sudden silence filled the air and with a start jujou came to the realization that she was chained in front of a stranger’s home, naked and exposed to any passerby. She tried to hide behind the column but it’s open construction offered almost no concealment from the street and the chain was so short that she could neither move away or squat down to hide. She had no choice but to stand there, on display like some grotesque lawn ornament.
Night fell and along with it, the temperature. She had no other choice but to stand there and shiver. Were they just going to let her stay here and freeze to death! Just when she thought she could stand no more the front door opened and light, warm light spilled out and flooded the area.
The Husband stepped out and standing before her hands on hips began to speak.
“Cold?” he asked, a sardonic smile upon his face.
“Ye,e,es!” she shivered
“Well, just a few things to sort out. Then, you can come in and warm up, maybe have a bite to eat. Sound good?”
“OK,” he said, “Here’s the deal. I want a new pet and you, are going to be it. From now on, you are no longer a human being. You are a dog. A bitch dog and NOTHING more. You will wear nothing, you will eat from a bowl on the floor. You will be groomed by the woman who grooms our other ‘real’ dogs. If I want to breed you…I will. When ever and where ever I please. For the next 6 months, as far as I’m concerned, this will be your life.”
“My wife however has other plans for you while I am not home. You will serve her in any capacity she wishes. No tack is too degrading. If she wants you to lick a dirty toilet clean you will do it and do it with a smile…understand?”
“Ye,e,es Si,i,ir.” she said shivering uncontrollably.
“Very well, you may enter.” he said unlocking the chin from around her neck.

The foyer was modest in size but, compared to jujou’s cramped apartment it seemed positively cavernous. “Wow,” muttered jujou, as her eyes darted appraisingly about the room, “I could get used to living like this!”

“Don’t” replied the husband as removed her cuffs and then fastened a leather collar around her neck from behind.
She reached up and as her fingers touched the collar in surprise jujou heard the unmistakable sound of a padlock clicking shut.
In a panic she reached around and fumbled with the lock, tugging and twisting it as the true gravity of her situation finally struck home.
“You will wear this collar at all times for the duration of your stay in our home.” he said as he attached a light chin lead to it. “Come along now.” he ordered giving the leash a light tug. “Let’s familiarize you with the rest of the house as well as the house rules.”

The foyer opened onto the great room of the house. A sort of combination parlor/ living room of more than decent size. beyond that was a small sitting room where the husband explained his wife held teas. Other rooms opened off of the Great Room as well. Bedrooms, bathrooms, an office and the Master’s study. These she was told were strictly off limits to her. Beyond the sitting room was the kitchen area and a mud room with a door opening out onto a large yard.

At the far end of the yard were a series of kennels occupied by the largest dogs jujou had EVER seen! They were absolutely enormous!

“Caucasian Ovcharkas” the husband said as they approached the kennels, “Used in the Russia to hunt bears.” They were only a couple of feet from the wire when one of the dogs reared up and put its massive front paws against the wire. Standing upon its hind legs the dog was almost two feet taller than jujou! “Don’t worry.” said the husband, “Once they get to know you they’re like big teddy bears.” As if to demonstrate he reached up and scratched the shaggy dog’s enormous head through the wire. Tail wagging, it opened it’s gaping maw and as panted with delight. All jujou could think at that moment was that her entire head would fit between those jaws and should they close…She shuddered at the thought.
He led her from the kennels and the tour continued. The rest of the yard was occupied by a barbeque area with tables and chairs (“Here’s where I do most of my entertaining” he said in passing.) and a huge swimming pool complete with an attached Jacuzzi. “All in all,” she thought “not a bad place to spend the next six months”.

They finished their circuit of the yard and returned to the house. The husband took out his keys and opened a rather small door she hadn’t even noticed before and led her down…into the basement. “This is not good” she thought as he led her into the darkness. She squinted as the blinding lights came to life and once her eyes adjusted, looked around.
“This,” announced the husband, “Is my play room! We and a few close friends of mine are going to be spending a fair bit of time down here…playing.”
She swallowed hard. Much of the ‘furniture’ in the room was unfamiliar to jujou but, she knew enough to recognize a few items from movies. In the far corner was a set of stocks. just like the Puritans used to use and to the right of that was something that could only be a rack. Around the perimeter of the room were various other items she couldn’t identify but, the assortment of whips, floggers and switches hanging on the walls left no doubt in jujou’s mind that their purposes were evil in nature.
“Don’t worry my little pet.” said the husband. “Nothing will happen tonight. Now, let’s get you fed and settled down for the evening, shall we?”
They returned to the house and the husband proceeded to prepare a wonderful smelling pasta dish while jujou knelt at his feet. She hadn’t realized how hungry she was until the odor of sauteed garlic began wafting around the kitchen. As he plated the dish her mouth watered in anticipation. He placed it on the table and she rose to take her seat. Just as she pulled the chair out from the table there was s sharp tug on her leash.
“Just what do you think you are doing?” asked the husband in a very cross voice.
“I was going to sit and eat” replied the now thoroughly confused jujou.
“You,” he said, “Are a pet…an animal and animals do not eat at the table! You will eat from the floor as befits your station in my house!”
“Yes Sir” she meekly replied with head bowed. “I’m sorry.”
“Very well, I’ll let it go THIS time but, don’t EVER let me catch you doing that again!”
He took a stainless steel plate from a cabinet and poured out a measure of kibble. Placing it on the floor in front of her he said “EAT!”
She was sooo hungry but, it was DOG FOOD! Tentatively jujou reach over and took a bit of the food between her fingers.
“That’s NOT how dogs eat!” he said in a steady, controlled voice. “Do it right.”
She closed her eyes and slowly brought her face to the bowl. Her tongue darted out and lapped up a morsel of food. She put it in her mouth and slowly bit down. A strong meaty flavor filled her mouth as the chunk exploded and she thought for a moment that she would vomit. Slowly she chewed and swallowed. The husband’s hand rested upon the back of her neck and he gently scratched her behind the ear. “Good doggy” he said as he stroked her long red hair, “Good doggy.”
She ate another piece and another and as he stroked her hair jujou suddenly realized that she was horny. Horny as hell!
“Good doggie”

She finished her food and waited patiently at her Master’s feet. Over the last few of weeks jujou had grown accustomed to the taste of kibble (though she still couldn’t stomach the wet food). The Mistress was usually gone at night as she preferred to spend her evenings with her girlfriends at one ‘cultural event’ or another and usually arrived home late and drunk as a skunk. This, her Master told jujou was why they had separate bedroom suites. Not that she minded much these days. For jujou had totally and rather surprisingly (to her at least) adapted to her new life as a pet. Who would have thought that the high intensity, self proclaimed “lady Jock” of Wildfire, the regional powerhouse soccer team would have settled down to live the life of a dog slave? Yet, she did and not only that…she found she was enjoying it!
For several weeks now jujou had not worn a stitch of clothing (the collar she thought, didn’t count), had eaten dog food and even slept on the floor at the foot of her Master’s chair as he watched the evening news. If her friends could see her now their jaws would drop in wonderment at how the team bitch had been tamed!
Her Master finished his steak and placed the plate on the floor for jujou to lick. As her tongue lapped the plate clean (he’d even left a few morsels of meat on it for her) he reached down and began stroking her beautiful red hair as was his want on these occasions. She quickly lost interest in the plate and turned her head so that his fingers gently caressed her cheek through the thick hair. She bent down and put her head upon his feet in affection and slowly, sensually began to lick his fingers. Never in her life had jujou wanted a man as much as she wanted him and her haunches rose to silently let him know just how she was feeling. He clipped the lead to her collar and rising, led her to his bedroom.

For the first time since her arrival jujou entered her Master’s suite. It was well appointed in a masculine yet very tasteful style. Fine art hung upon the dark wood paneled walls. Likewise, the furniture was masculine and yet fine. Comfortable natural fabrics set off by lustrous woods that matched the walls. It seemed to jujou that the room was a reflection of the man himself and so it was. There were photos of her Master everywhere she looked. Some new but, many old. She studied his ruggedly handsome face in each and everyone and began to see him as a man for the first time. Here he was as a young Marine in dress blues, there a haunted combat veteran returning from the horrors of Vietnam. Rock climbing in the deserts of the south west, skiing in the Rockies. SCUBA diving in Hawaii. Was there any adventure this amazing man had not lived and lived to the fullest?

She approached his desk, his Sanctum Sanatorium. On it were pictures of his family. Here was her Mistress as a young woman, long red hair flowing in the wind. Here also were pictures of their son, long dead in the deserts of Kuwait. Infant, child, and martyred man.

He whistled and she left the pictures to join him at his bedside. Though he was old he still had the ramrod straight posture of a career Marine and the commanding presence of an officer of the line. One who is used to issuing orders and having them followed without question. The years had been kind to him and though he was a shadow of his formal self he was far from unattractive. Still muscular, still hard in all of the right places…
That first night was a wonder. She’d thought he wanted her to sleep at his feet like a good dog but instead, he patted the bed next to him and she gladly lay at his side but, ever the gentleman, he didn’t try anything! He just went to sleep and so, she curled up next to him and and slept as well.

The morning went as usual. She was fed and turned out into the yard to do as she pleased. By now she was on friendly terms with the other dogs and often found herself curling up against the kennel with only the wire between them. It was nice, they were warm and fleecy soft.

At about noon her Master came to say good bye. He had errands to run in the city and would not be returning until later that night. Her Mistress would be staying in tonight and was entertaining with tea at about 4:00 and she would be expected to wait upon her Mistress and her guests as long as she was needed.
She stayed in the yard sun bathing and swimming all morning but, at about 12:00 went into the house to begin getting ready for the Mistress’ afternoon tea. For this function she was allowed to dress…sort of. She was required to wear stiletto heels, stockings and a frilly white apron. Sort of like a French maid’s uniform but without the dress and under garments that usually accompanied the apron. No matter, this was not her first tea and she’d grown used to the dress code. In fact, she sometimes found herself wondering how she was ever going wear clothes again once her term of service was up.
She finished getting things ready just as the guests began to arrive. It was the same crowd of over the hill first wives that showed up every Tuesday and Thursday for the sole purpose of ragging on their secretary chasing, trophy wife hunting and very successful ex husbands. Why she wondered, did it matter who their exes fucked? They got the house, they got the cars, they got the fat alimony check at the end of every month! They had it made as far as jujou was concerned. If she was in their place she’d have a string of 20 something studs keeping her warm at night…very warm. What a bunch of cackling hens!
The ladies took their respective seats as though it had been decided by a special envoy from the UN who should sit where and jujou began serving them. Finger sandwiches first followed by deviled eggs and finally sweet cakes.

The whole time all they did was babble on about this husband stealing bitch or that and every time she refilled their tea they gave jujou a suspicious glance like she was some kind of informant who would spill the beans to their respective ex husbands. As the topic of new wives played out one of the women, a portly thing named Mrs. Jones asked the question that was on EVERYONE’S mind: “So Betty, how are you getting on with your new ah…’employee’?”
“Ok.” her Mistress answered glancing nervously at jujou. “As well as can be expected I guess. Give the situation.”
“Well,” added Mrs Jones, “I for one would NEVER trust James around so nubile and scantily dressed a young woman!”
“Yes, you know how men are, they can’t keep ‘it’ in their pants!” added a slim, rather parched looking woman called Mrs Smythe.
“Do you really trust Walter around this…this hussy?” asked another round faced woman as though jujou wasn’t even there.
“Of course I do!” answered her Mistress in a voice that was just a little too strident.

“Why, I’m sure Walter is completely trustworthy my dear!” said a woman called Mrs. Corvus.

“Just remember one thing” added Mrs Jones pointing her fat finger at jujou, “These little gold digging sluts will stop at NOTHING to steel your man AND your money!”
Her hands shook with anger as she listened to the women speak and it was all jujou could do not to pour the scalding hot tea in Mrs fat ass’ lap. Somehow she managed to hold in her anger and make ir back to the kitchen without committing wholesale murder. A few minutes to clam down and she was back with a new pot, standing in the background like a good little servant. Still, the trash talk continued. The women began to ask questions about just how this ‘arrangement’ worked. When it came out that jujou shared Walter’s bedroom the women actually clucked like a bunch of chickens!
“Don’t trust him!” they said to her. “Throw her out NOW!” they plead…”Before it’s too late!”
Her Mistress was obviously upset as tea ended and she ushered them to the door. At the last moment the round faced woman turned addressed her Mistress. “I’ll be grooming the dogs on Thursday after tea. Would Walter like me to groom her as well?
“I…don’t really know” Her Mistress replied, “I’ll ask him and let you know before hand.”
“Very well” the round faced woman answered looking at jujou with unveiled hatred in her eyes. “I’ll be expecting your call then.”
Her Mistress shut the door behind the woman an paused to look suspiciously at jujou. “Get out of my sight” she said with a wave of her hand.
Jujou bowed her head and left the room. She had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach and knew that her new life was about to get very rough.

The week end came and went and jujou’s affection for her master grew as quickly as her distrust of his wife. Each day she looked forward to the time when her Mistress would leave for the evening just so she could have some alone time with her Him. She lived for those nights spent curled up against his warm body, his arm protectively draped over her shoulder.

Then, one night it was simply more than she could endure. As she lay there listening to his heart beating softly in his chest jujou did the unthinkable. She pressed her lips against his ribs and gently kissed him. His body stiffened slightly then relaxed and he turned on his side to faced her. As he caressed her beautiful hair jujou began to kiss his chest, gradually working her way up. When she reached his mouth he gently cupped her face in his strong hands and drew her lips to his.

They made love with a guilty urgency that first night. Awkward at first but slowly finding a rhythm that pleased them both. It was like nothing she had ever experienced, not at all like the frenzied sexual gymnastics of a younger man. He was slow and kind and always made sure of her satisfaction before his own. In the end, they fell asleep in each others arms and dreamed the night away.
As they lay there, smiling in each others embrace the door cracked slightly and a jealous eye bright with drink looked in. The eye withdrew, the door softly closed and the night went on as though nothing had happened.
The next morning jujou awoke in a fine mood. Once again her Master was off to town for the day, running errands (jujou was beginning to suspect that he left simply to avoid his wife’s friends) and she was left to her own devices. As usual, at noon she washed up, cleaned the house and put on her skimpy maid’s ‘uniform’. The women arrived promptly at 4:00 and she began to serve but, something was NOT right. They spent almost no time at all on their favorite subjects, spoke in whispers when she was out of sight, fell deafeningly silent when she was in the room and looked sharply in her direction as she went about her work.
Then, as she was serving the sandwiches Mrs. Jones did something she’d never done before. She addressed jujou directly.

“So my dear,” she asked, “How are you getting on with Betty and Walter?”
Dumbfounded, she didn’t know what to do or say!
“You may answer” interjected her Mistress.
“Um, um…very well, thank you” she softly replied.
“You are comfortable? With the work I mean.” asked Mrs Smythe.
“Yes Ma’am” she answered. “Very comfortable.”
“That’s very good!” said Mrs Corvus with a hard glint in her eye. “You should be comfortable. Just not too comfortable…”
“I…I don’t know what you mean” jujou replied nervously.
“Well,” added Mrs Corvus “on occasion young ladies like yourself will become somewhat, ah…shall we sat infatuated with the Master of the house and that can lead to some discomfort for all involved.”
“We wouldn’t want that to happen, would we dear?” added Mrs Jones. “Discord within the household can lead to uncomfortable feelings for everyone. Some more than others.”
“Yes” the others nodded in agreement.
She didn’t exactly know why but, jujou knew that she had been warned. They couldn’t possibly know! Her Mistress always came home late and drunk. Long after she and Walter had finished. Besides, her Mistress and Walter hadn’t been intimate for years (or so Walter had told her). What did it matter that they were enjoying each other? The Mistress didn’t even want him!
When she returned to the sitting room with the sweets tray all eyes were upon her. No one seemed to be in the mood for desert but as she turned to leave the room Mrs. Jones called out to her.
“Girl!” she said pointing to the floor in front of her, “come here.”
She turned and stood nervously at attention, all eyes upon her.
“Put down the tray” ordered Mrs. Smythe
She did as she was told and returned to attention
“She’s very tiny.” said Mrs Richards, the round faced dog groomer, “Almost like a toy breed!”
She blushed from head to toe as the women laughed at her.
“Is she a natural red head?” inquired Mrs. Corvus.
“Let’s see, shall we?” answered Mrs Jones with a wicked smile. “Remove that apron girl!”
She reached behind and untied the apron, letting it slip to the floor
“Hmmm!” snorted Mrs Corvus, “It would appear that she is! Remove your stockings and shoes as well” she added.
As jujou did as she was ordered her blush deepened. It was one thing to be naked in front of her Master and Mistress but, these women were almost complete strangers.
“Hmmm…” said Mrs. Corvus in deep contemplation. “She really is rather small now that she’s in her bare feet…It’s the red hair you know. Without that she’s not really much to look at at all, is she?”
The others nodded in agreement saying things like “Yes, I see that now” and “No, not really much at all without all that red hair.”
“What about that silly collar?” asked Mrs. Corvus. “Can she take it off as well?”
“No” said her Mistress speaking up for the first time. “Walter put it on her and only he has the key.”
“But why on earth would Walter want her to wear a dog collar?” asked Mrs. Smythe.
“He says he wants her to be his pet.” replied her now clearly embarrassed Mistress.
“Her pet, eh?” said Mrs. Richards a contemplative look on her face.
“Turn around girl” ordered Mrs. Corvus.
She pirouetted in place, pausing momentarily with her firm ass pointed in their direction. A small act of defiance that was duly noted by Mrs. Corvus.
“I have to admit, she does have a rather nice derriere” commented Mrs. Jones “and we all know that men find it very difficult to resist a nice derriere.”
Again the women all nodded in agreement.
Mrs Richards stood and walked to jujou’s side. Slowly, she circled around her, poking and prodding her as though jujou were a bitch on the show block. She hmmm’ed and aha’ed as she lifted jujou’s lovely red curls and even yanked a few pubic hairs for closer inspection. “I can fix your problem for you Betty” she said as she brushed the pubes from her fingers. “Just say the word and I’ll groom her myself!”
Jujou’s mouth fell open but before she could protest her Mistress spoke up.

“I can’t give you permission to do that. She belongs to my husband…it’s up to him how she gets groomed, not me.”
“Oh come on Betty!” said Mrs Richards. “Surely he can’t object to a little hair styling! Maybe something nice…like a show cut? A Schnauzer cut? Maybe a bouffant like a Japanese Chin? Oh! I got it! How about a Poodle cut! We could perm it REALLY tight and trim it out!
The other ladies were holding their bellies in laughter as Mrs. Richards fussed and fiddled with jujou’s precious hair. Surely…they wouldn’t! Her Master would forbid it! He loved her hair and simply would NOT allow these beastly women to touch it…Would he?
“Well,” said Mrs. Corvus, “one thing is clear, you will have to do something to keep this little bitch in heat away from your Walter. I know he’s always been faithful to you in the past but, he is only human and those red curls may simply be more than he can resist. After all, in the end…he is only a man.”

“GOD DAMN IT WALTER!” her Mistress screamed at the top of her lungs, “She has GOT to go! I will not have that…that little BITCH WHORE in MY house any longer! I wont stand for it! NO!”
“Just calm down a minute Betty” replied Walter in his most soothing tone. “I love YOU, it’s just not like that!”
“Damn it Walter!” answered Betty now a bit calmer. ” Don’t lie to me! I KNOW what I heard last night! I KNOW what I saw!” Her Mistress pointed an accusing finger toward the next room where jujou sat dejectedly in the corner, hoping beyond all hope that her Master could calm his distraught wife, that she’d be allowed to stay, be close to him.
“Don’t you blame her!” replied her Master, raising his voice for the first time. “If you would just do your ‘wifely duties’ like you’re supposed to we wouldn’t be in this situation now!”
“How dare you?” her Mistress spat through clenched teeth. “How dare you bring THAT up! You KNOW I’ve had no interest in THAT since…since…” Her Mistress’ voice trailed off and she began to sob uncontrollably.
“I’m sorry Betty, I’m so sorry. It’s just that well. Michael died over there…not us.”
“I know” she replied through her tears “I know…It’s just, even after all these years I still expect him to come walking through the door looking for us…”
“I know Betty, I do too but the fact remains that he left us over 20 years ago. We’re still alive and I for one want to enjoy the time I…we have left. OK, you’re no longer interested in sex, I get that but, I am and I don’t want to do without it! That little girl makes me happy. Making love to her makes me happy. If you don’t want to do it…LET HER! It doesn’t mean that I’ll love you any less. You’ll ALWAYS be my girl.
Her Mistress had stopped crying by now and as jujou glanced through the slightly open door she saw her Master holding his wife close, softly stroking her hair in the same way he so often stroked her own.
“I know you have, have…needs” said her Mistress. “Needs that I just can’t meet. It’s just that I’m afraid! I’m afraid that she’ll steal you away from me…”
“No one is going to steal me away from you!” He said softly to her. “I love YOU and no one else. I’m not going ANYWHERE.”
This last bit pained jujou more than anything he’d said. She felt great affection for her Master, maybe she thought, she even loved him.
“I…I just want her gone” cried her Mistress. “I want it to be just the two of us again, like it used to be…before.”
“I do too.” he patiently replied “but, we both know that that is not going to happen. So, what do we do? How do we solve this problem without ruining our marriage? What do I have to do short of sending her away?”
“I don’t know” said Betty. “I just don’t know. What I do know Walter is that I have to get away from here. Away from you and…HER. Just give me a few days to sort all of this out…OK? Let me think about it. I’ll call Eunice Richards, she said I could stay with her for a few days. Just ’til we get this all sorted out…OK?”
“OK Betty.” answered Walter in his most soothing tone. “You do that and I’ll still be here waiting for you. I’m not going anywhere”
He kissed her on the forehead and she forced a weak smile through her teary eyes before getting up and heading towards the door. Jujou quickly backed away and took her accustomed seat at the foot of her Master’s chair, pretending she’d heard nothing that had passed in the kitchen. But the look of hatred her Mistress flashed her as she speedily passed by left jujou in no doubt that she wasn’t buying any today.

That night and the days and nights that followed were like heaven to jujou. Her Master never mentioned what had passed between he and his wife and neither did jujou. Instead, they just live life the way jujou had always felt it should be lived. They lounged by the pool all day, ate together on the deck and made passionate love every chance they had. In time jujou fantasize that her Mistress had left for good, that they, just the two of them would live in this worldly paradise for the rest of eternity.

Of course, it was just that…a fantasy and in due time, her Mistress returned but, she was different, subtlety changed in some way that jujou just couldn’t really put her finger on. It was as if while she was gone the Wife had gained some…some inner strength that had not been there before. Her Husband noticed the change too and did his best to avoid jujou in her presence. When the two had to interact he was formal and somewhat distant. This upset jujou tremendously as she thought that their bond had grown stronger while her Mistress was away and that maybe, just maybe there was a chance that he would leave his wife for her. After all, it was jujou who did all the hard work, as well as all the cooking, and cleaning around the house. It was she who shared his bed night after night as well, satisfying him until the wee hours of the morning. What had his wife done for him? NOTHING. All she did was complain and nag at him. It would be perfectly understandable to ANYONE if he left his old shrew of a wife for a younger, sexier woman. Ont that took care of ALL of his needs. After all, wasn’t that what had happened to Mrs. Jones? To Mrs. Richards and all of her other old bat friends? It was simply the natural order of things! You get old…you get ugly and you get left behind. Right?
Her master softly called out her name, snapping her out of her daydreams. “Jujou? jujou honey, come with me.”
She was in a playful mood so she went down on all fours and acted the dog. As she panted with happiness he reached down and scratched her through her long hair and she arched her neck to meet his hand. Then, he did something he’d not done in some time, not since her first week in the house. He snapped the lead onto her collar and turned away, expecting her to obediently follow. She paused and he turned and gave a slight tun on the lead. “Come on girl” He said as if to a real dog. She yapped once in response and then followed him into the kitchen where the Wife sat, arms crossed over her breasts and a dead serious look upon her worn face.

“Sit” said her Master with a light tug of the lead. She sat.
For the first time since they brought her home the Wife addressed her directly…as a person.
“I know all about what you and Walter have been doing behind my back.” she said eyes pinned on jujou’s “As you can well guess, I DO NOT APPROVE. Still, you do serve a, ah…function of sorts. Walter and I have not slept together since our son was ki…killed in the first Iraq war. I hold him responsible for that as it was he who encouraged Michael to join the military rather than get a good education as I wanted him to do. However, in spite of all that Walter is my husband and I do still love him and I’ll be damned if I going let some dirty little bitch slut like you tear us apart.”
Jujou glanced at Walter, expecting him to come to her defense but, he just sat there silently staring at the kitchen floor.
There was a sudden sharp tug upon her lead and jujou found herself face to face with her Mistress. “Make no mistake about it young “lady” (and I use the word very loosely), Walter is MY husband and you dwell here at MY sufferance. If I say you go…YOU GO! Got that?”
Jujou nodded silently.
“Good,” answered the her Mistress. “Because if you step out of line just the tiniest bit you will find yourself out on your ass so fast you won’t know what hit you!” As she spoke her Mistress had gradually lifted the lead to the point that jujou was beginning to choke. Her Master gently reached over and placed a restraining hand on his wife’s. and she, taking a deep breath, she released the pressure.
“OK,” she said regaining her composure, “OK…rules, yeah the rules.”
Flipping back an errant strand of hair her Mistress continued.
“Here are the rules:”
“Rule number 1. You may mate with Walter BUT, you may no longer do it in MY HOUSE. You will mate in the yard or in the kennels as becomes a bitch in heat but, NO WHERE ELSE!”
“Rule number 2: Unless you are serving me, I DO NOT want to see you in my house…EVER! From now on you will eat, sleep, piss and shit in the kennels as befits an animal like you.”
“Rule number 3: You will be well groomed at all times. I do not want to have my friends coming over and being served by some sloppy mutt bitch. If you do not keep yourself well groomed at all times I will do it for you.”
“Rule number 4: You will accept all of these rules or get the fuck out RIGHT NOW…UNDERSTAND?”
Reeling in shock jujou could only nod in mute acceptance.
“Good then” said her Mistress rising to leave.”The rules go into effect immediately. Follow them and we will all get along. Break them and you are out.”

Something had to give! She’d followed the rules set forth by her Mistress for two weeks now and jujou was absolutely miserable. The sex was still good but, she really missed the intimacy that had marked the first weeks of their…their relationship? Romance? Just what was it that they shared? She really couldn’t say. She definitely had ‘feelings’ for Walter but, just how deep did they run? Would she be happy to leave once her term of service was over or she miss Walter so much that she’d want to stay? Even with the hardships she was enduring jujou was unsure.
In the end she decided there was really only one thing to do…steal Walter. All she had to do was convince him that she was better for him than Betty and he’d kick the old battle axe out. Simple!
And so, she laid her plans and quietly began her campaign to eliminate the ‘competition’.
It began simply enough. Each day she made sure to wash and dry her luxurious head of red curls in plain sight. By the time she’d finished doing that Walter would usually start poking around to see of she was ready for some fun and games. THAT is when she pulled out the heavy artillery. As soon as Walter began peeking out the kitchen window to locate her jujou would oh-so-slowly and sensually begin running a brush through her long, beautiful hair. Being in the sun all the time had worked some changes to her appearance. Though never one to tan deeply her skin had taken on some color, color which lent her lithe little body a somewhat wild aspect but, the real change was to her lustrous crowning glory. Her hair, already gorgeous in its own right now shown like spun gold. Somehow the sun had subtly enhanced its radiant beauty to new heights. Walter had noticed and often commented upon this change. Unfortunately for jujou, so had Betty.

So, today, just as in those that preceded it, jujou left the warm comfort of the pool and headed to the showers. She lathered up and put on a sensual show for Walter whom she knew would be watching. She worked the shampoo into her curls and piled them on top of her head before stepping under the water to rinse clean. Next, she lathered a cloth and began slowly, sensually washing her entire body. She paid special attention to her pert little breasts and squeezed them together before allowing them to pop free and bounce seductively. Finally, jujou dragged the soapy cloth between her shapely young legs and lustily rubbed it up and down her sex before rinsing herself clean. As she took one last look at herself jujou noticed that her pubic hair was getting a bit wild. “Better take care of that!” she said aloud. “Wouldn’t want to be accused of poor hygiene!”

As she lathered up her crotch and carefully began to shape her pubic hair another set of eyes was upon her. Betty looked on from her bedroom window a deep and evil looking grin spreading across her face.
She finished her shower and began brushing out her hair. 100 strokes on each side but, before she could even finish the first side Walter was there. He sat on the bench behind her and gently took the brush from jujou’s hand, picking up where she had left off.

“Your hair is like spun gold.” he whispered softly in her ear. “I could sit here and brush it all day!”

“Well then,” replied jujou in a husky whisper, “Why don’t you?”
“It’s a date then, as soon as I get back.”
“BACK?” jujou cried, turning to him in dismay. “Where are you going?”
“Duty calls and I have to fly to Washington for the week.”
“For the week?” she replied. “But…but I thought you were retired!”
“I am…sort of”
“What do you mean, sort of?” she asked.
“Well,” he continued, “Sometimes the Government calls me in as a special consultant and when they call…I go. You didn’t think all of this was free, did you?” he added with a gesture that encompassed the entire property.
“No, no I guess not” she answered in a somewhat deflated tone. “When do you have to leave?”
“In the morning, bright and early but, we have plenty of time to play tonight!”
She smiled and nodded like a little girl. “OK, sounds good to me! Where do you want to do it tonight?”
“Well, I have a special surprise for you tonight.” said Walter in a conspiratorial whisper. “The wife’s off to see her friend Eunice tonight and guess what?…She’s going to spend the night! We’ll have the WHOLE house to ourselves!”
“But, I’m not supposed to go into the house without her expressed permission,” replied jujou. “It’s one of her rules.”
“Rules were made to be broken…right?” he said with a wink and a smile. “And besides, she’ll be gone! Who’s going to tell her? Certainly not me! Are you?”
“No, I…I just don’t know if that’s such a good idea…”
“Well, I think it’s an excellent one!” he replied. “She leaves at twenty-one hundred hours…that’s 9:00PM to you civilians. Be ready for LOTS of fun after that!’ He slapped her on the ass as he rose from the bench and jujou jumped, just a little, letting out a tiny surprised “Oh!” as he left.
Once dinner passed she counted the hours and as her Mistress’ car pulled out of the driveway she boldly strode through the back door and into the house.
“Soon” she thought “Soon that old bat will be gone and all of this will be mine. Tonight, I will make Walter forget that she ever existed!”

Her Master left late in the morning and her Mistress returned only a short time later. She spent the first hour at home snooping, checking everywhere for some evidence that jujou had violated their agreement but, jujou had been very careful to efface all evidence of her tryst with Walter. All was in order, everything in it’s place. Jujou actually laughed out loud as she saw her Mistress sniffing her Master’s sheets through the open window. What a fool this woman was.

It was a bright Thursday morning and jujou let the Jacuzzi warm bubbles work out the little aches and pains left over from the previous night’s love making. Walter seemed to have found new, untapped energy reserves last night.. Over and over again he’d plowed her like an ardent high school boy. “Not bad for an old man…not bad at all!” she thought as she let the bubbles do their work “I think I’ll keep him.”
The morning passed without incident and in due time she left the yard and got ready to serve her Mistress and her insufferable friends at their bi-weekly tea. She donned the hose and heels, put on the ridiculous apron and began the service.

They were very quiet today, only speaking in whispers between themselves as she served them tea and tasty morsels. Only when she was safely out of earshot did they converse freely.
“Nothing?” asked Mrs. Jones for the fourth time. “Nothing at all?”
“No, not a thing!” answered Betty “I even went so far as to smell his sheets and Nothing, nada, zip, not a thing! I just don’t understand it, I thought for sure that little ginger tramp would take advantage of my absence but, I guess I was wrong.”
“I’d guess you weren’t” said Mrs. Richards. “I think she’s just sly enough to hide it well. You mark my words that little whore has her eyes set on your Walter”
“Yes” added Mrs. Smythe. “You let her get away with this and it’ll all be over for you! She’ll steal Walter away and you’ll just be another old and lonely divorcee. We should know!”
Through out the conversation Mrs, Corvus had remained silent. Now, she chose to speak up. “Where are Walter’s sheets now? Have they been washed yet?”
“Why no, they’re still in the laundry hamper. Why do you ask?”
“You just go and get them and let me handle this…affair!” answered Mrs. Corvus.
Betty left the room and quickly returned with Walter’s dirty bed sheets. “What should I do with them?” she asked, holding them away from her body.
“Just put them on the floor in front of us and let me handle this…OK?”
“OK” said Betty dropping the offending linens on the carpeted floor.
Moments later jujou returned with the dessert tray. Only a moment of hesitation betrayed her notice of the bedsheets crumpled upon the floor but, it was enough to give Mrs. Corvus an in.

As jujou finished serving and turned to leave the room Mrs. Crovus spoke: “GIRL!”
Jujou slowly turned and faced the seated women.

“Yes Ma’am” she softly replied.
Mrs. Crovus raised her arm and slowly pointed to the laundry on the floor. “What” she asked “is THAT!”
“Dirty linens?” answered jujou tentatively.
“I can see that you bloody fool” she hissed angrily. “What is that ON THEM?”
“Um, Dirt?” answered the now clearly flustered jujou. Had she missed something after all?
“Dirt? Hmmm,” she said raising a corner of the sheet to her nose and inhaling deeply. “Doesn’t smell like dirt to me! If I didn’t know better I’d say it was the stink of a bitch in heat!”
“I…I don’t know what you mean!” replied a very nervous jujou as she subtly moved toward the door.
“STOP!” shouted the formidable looking Mrs. Jones. “Don’t move from that spot until we say you can!”
“Yes” continued Mrs. Corvus, “No doubt about it, definitely the smell of RUTTING!

Aghast, the other women reacted as though the whole thing were a surprising and scandalous episode to them.

“Why you little WHORE!” shouted Betty. “After all I’ve done for you you go against my express wishes and FUCK my Walter in MY HOUSE!”
Trembling with fear, jujou fell to her knees on the floor and began to make excuses. “It…it was only once! It wasn’t my fault! I told him we shouldn’t I told him you’d be angry! He made me! What was I supposed to do?”
It took a moment but suddenly jujou realized that Betty was no longer berating her. Instead she was standing over jujou with that broad grin that. The same one she’d worn the night she’d had jujou exiled to the kennels. She’d been had and now the proverbial cat was out of the bag. They had her dead to rights. Exhausted, jujou collapsed and lay still upon the carpet as she waited for the women’s anger to burn itself out.

“The only question now is: what shall we do with her?” said Mrs. Jones once the hubbub had subsided.
“I want that red haired bitch out of my house …NOW! answered Betty with a fury that actually scared jujou.
“Yes Betty, we know you do but, is that really the best we can do?” asked Mrs. Smythe.
“Don’t you think we can come up with a more fitting punishment? One that will fit the crime? added Mrs Jones.

“Yes Betty” said Mrs. Corvus. “If you just throw her out she’ll simply find some other old fool to seduce with that red hair and another woman’s life will be ruined.”
“What would you suggest then Margie?” answered Betty, still mad but beginning to once again think straight.

“You had, I believe a stet of rules?”

“Yes” answered Betty She recited them counting them off on her fingers one by one.

“Well,” commented Mrs. Jones, “All it says is if she breaks the rules…she goes. I don’t see how that’s going to be of any use to us in this case.”
“I do…” answered Mrs Richards

“You do?” inquired Mrs. Corvus. “Pray, share your ideas with us Eunice…”
“Well, isn’t it obvious?” said Mrs. Richards addressing the group.

“Ah…not really.” quipped Mrs. Jones.
“Betty,” asked Mrs. Richards, “would you be so kind as to repeat rule number 3?”
“Ah…sure. Rule number 3: You will be well groomed at all times. If you do not keep yourself well groomed at all times, I…”
“Will do it for you.” the group continued in unison.
“Oh my!…” said Mrs. Corvus, “I do believe I understand where you are headed with this.”
“Yes, yes indeed” added Mrs. Jones.
“Me too!” Mrs. Stephens chimed in.
“I…I don’t understand.” said Betty. How is grooming her going to keep Walter away from her?”
“It’s not grooming her that will keep him away Betty,” said Mrs. Richards, “It’s HOW we groom her that will.”
“Oh…” replied Betty followed by a protracted “Ooooohhhh!” as the implications of Mrs. Richard’s statement set in.
“But, What will Walter say? She’s his pet.”
“Betty my dear,” began Mrs. Corvus, “was Walter presant when these rules were handed down?”
“Did he object to ANY of them at the time?” asked Mrs Jones.
“Well…no, I guess not.”
“Well then my dear,” continued Mrs. Corvus, “It would seem to me that Your Walter found the rules to be acceptable and therefore has agreed to them.”
“After all Betty, if Walter hadn’t agree to them, would he not have said something to that effect at the time?”
“I…I guess so”
“Then it’s settled…”

“GIRL!” said Mrs. Jones to the still prostrate jujou. “GIRL…Stand up! NOW!
She just laid there and ignored the orders she’d been given.
“She seems to be well, catatonic or something” said Betty
“Really?” said Mrs. Junes bending over jujou ans snapping her fingers in her face. “I bet I can snap her out of it…real quick!”
No sooner had the words left her mouth then Mrs Jones reached down and grabbed a handful of jujou’s rich red curls. With a strength that surprised everybody in the room she yanked jujou from the floor and set her on her feet. As jujou attempted to sink back to the floor Mrs. Jones delivered a resounding slap to her cheek. That got jujou’s attention.

“If you move from this spot or try to sit down I will make sure you regret it for the rest of your life! she said in a hushed tone. “Do you understand me girl?”
“Yes Ma’am.” jujou meekly replied.
“Eunice!” called Mrs. Corvus, Give us your honest opinion of this little bitch’s grooming.”
“With pleasure!” replied Mrs. Richards.
She rose from her seat and approached the chastened jujou, walking around her, plucking at her hair, checking it’s texture and length. She lifted it up and checked her scalp and even plucked a few hairs to check their structure. A few minutes later she announced her verdict.
“Well,” she began, “Well, it’s really very nice hair or, at least it used to be. All that chlorine from the pool mixed with heavy exposure to UV radiation as well as cheap hair care products has rendered it very dry and brittle. There’s not really much I can do with it other than to cut away the damaged parts and allow nature to take it’s course.”
“Are you saying it cant be styled into a show cut?” inquired Mrs. Jones.
“Well no, not exactly, only that it wont be easy.”
“What sort of cut would you suggest?” asked Mrs. Smythe.
“Oh, I don’t really know…maybe a nice Pompadour? Condition allowing.”
“I see” said Betty. “You mean kind of short in the sides and all poofy on top?”
“Like on my Lhasa opso?” With a little bow in the front?”
“Yeah” answered Mrs. Richards. “Just like that.”
“Hmmm, that might be really cute.” commented Betty her knuckle pressed against her lips
“But, is ‘cute’ really what we’re looking for?” inquired Mrs. Jones.
“I’m not really sure what we’re looking for…yet.” answered Mrs. Richards “But, if you’ll take her out to the kennels and get her ready I’ll get my grooming kit from the car and we can take it from there. After all, she has a LOT of hair and if we don’t like one cut we can always try a few more before she runs out!”
Jujou’s jaw dropped at these words and as she stood there in bewildered shock Betty locked the lead to her collar and gave it a good tug.
“Come on you little bitch, Time to get a hair cut.”
Her words snapped jujou out of her stupor but as she began to struggle Mrs. Jones and Mrs Stephens grabbed her by the arms and propelled her through the kitchen and out to the capacious yard. As they passed the pool her struggles intensified but, the three women were simply too much for jujou to overcome.

Betty unlocked the kennel door and led them into the grooming area just as Mrs. Richards came up behind them. Tossing her the keys Betty asked Mrs. Richards to lock the door behind her and as the deadbolt slammed home jujou realized with horror just how much danger she was in. The four women had a heck of a time getting her onto stainless steel groomer’s table and in the end Mrs Richards was forced to bind her wrists and knees to the table as well and use the noose lead to hold jujou still.

“So,” asked Mrs. Richards, “Where shall we begin?”

She was trapped. The noose lead held jujou’s graceful head aloft while the bonds that secured her wrists and ankles to the table insured that she was going no where. She was totally at the mercy of Betty and her friends and it looked as though they had very little mercy to give.

“Now Dear,” began Mr.s Richards, “Here’s what I had in mind.” She gathered the hair on jujou’s crown and pulled it back…hard. “It will look something like the hair on a Japanese Chin dog this way. Of course, the sides will have to be stripped down to emphasize the pompadour look but, you get the idea…don’t you?
“Stripped down?” queried Betty.
“Yes,” replied Mrs. Richards, “With the clippers.”
“You mean…shaved?” asked Betty.
“Well, I guess we COULD shave it to the skin but, we usually just clip it short.”
At that point jujou really began to struggle against her bonds and Mrs’ Jones was forced to increase the tension on the noose in order to shut her up. This of course meant that she couldn’t breathe very well and as the conversation continued jujou’s face got redder and redder.
“You mentioned a poodle cut.” said Mrs. Stephens. “What exactly is involved in that?”
“Well, for a poodle cut we would first have to strip the hair a bit shorter and then give it a tight perm. After that it would simply be a matter of shaving the scalp into what ever design you feel is the most fitting.”
“Ooo, I like that idea! said Mrs Jones. “So many fitting possibilities!
“What do you think my Dear?” Mrs. Corvus asked of Betty.
“I…I just don’t know. Both sound promising but, Will they discourage Walter?”
“Good question Betty…good question.” said Mrs. Corvus. “Eunice, what about maintenance? Just what is the upkeep on something like that?”
“The poodle of course requires a bit more maintenance than the Pom. After all, you have to re-perm the hair every couple of weeks.”
“And the shaving?” inquired Mrs. Corvus adding “You better let her breathe a bit my Dear.” To Mrs. Jones who seemed to have completely forgotten that jujou was in the noose.
“OH! Sorry my Dear!” she said allowing the line to go slack and jujou to slump, exhausted to the table.
“You were saying Eunice…”
“Yes…the shaving. Well, that’s the easiest part! It’s no harder than shaving your legs once the mass of the hair is gone.”
“So, what you’re saying is that aside from the perm, the poodle cut is easier to maintain?”

“Oh yes, the shaving is a snap!”
“So then…” Asked Betty, an evil little smirk on her face. “So then, wouldn’t the easiest style to maintain be…well, shaved all over?”
“Oh Betty,” said Mrs Corvus. “I do like where you’re headed with this!”
“You mean all shaved?” asked Mrs. Richards. “As in…BALD?”
“Exactly!” replied Betty. “Bald!”
“We-e-e-ell” laughed Mrs. Richards. “I hadn’t even considered that! I guess you’re completely right though…bald IS the easiest style to care for!”
“Let’s do it!” added Mrs Jones with a grin as she once again hoisted jujou to her hands and knees.
“Yes, lets!” seconded Mrs. Stephens.
“Betty, it’s your call…” said Mrs. Corvus.
Betty looked at the other women’s grinning, eager faces and said, “Eunice…Take it off, take it ALL off!”


“I was hoping you’d say that!” replied Mrs. Richards as she turned to her kit.

Any protest from jujou was cut short by Mrs Jones as she pulled the lead and tightened the noose around her delicate neck.
“You just be a good little bitch and shut up” she said with a grin as jujou renewed her struggles.

Mrs. Richards walked around the grooming table and bent to peer closely into jujou’s panicked eyes. With a practiced flourish she snapped open a bone handled straight razor and held it before the wildly struggling girl’s wide blue eyes. “When a bitch gets all uppity like you, I usually recommend to the owners that they have her spayed. Really takes the fight out of ’em quick. Now, I don’t really think you want me to mention that to Betty…do you?”

Swallowing hard, jujou slowly shook her head from side to side, eyes glued to the glinting razor’s edge.

“Good, I didn’t think so” she said as she closed the razor and put it in her apron pocket. She smiled at jujou and gave the pocked a light pat as if to remind her that it was always within easy reach. “You will hold still and shut up until told different, understand?”

The two nodded in agreement and Mrs. Richards told Mrs. Jones to loosen the noose on jujou’s throat. “I don’t think she’ll be giving us any problems from here on out.”

“Now then,” she continued, lifting and slowly releasing a hank of jujou’s luxurious red hair, “the first thing to do in a case like this is to remove the overburden. Betty, would you please hand me the scissors?”
Her Mistress handed a large set of steel shears across the table and Mrs. Richards worked them a few times for affect and then…Handed them back! Could it be they were just trying to scare her?
“No,” said Mrs. Richards as Betty took the shears from her. “I meant the BIG ones.”

Her hopes of relief were dashed as jujou saw her Mistress hand a truly huge set of shears to Mrs. Richards.
The shears made a deafening noise as her tormentor opened and closed them rapidly before jujou’s teary eyes. SHHHINK!, SHHHINK!, SHHHHHHINK!
“Yes…”she said in appreciation, “These should do very nicely!”

Mrs. Richards gathered jujou’s lovely mane into a single pony tail and rubber banded it at the base. She turned to her Mistress and said: “Betty, would you mind holding this mess up for me?”

“With pleasure!” replied Betty, a smile upon her patrician face. She took the hair from Mrs. Richards and as the scissors were placed at it’s base stared directly into jujou’s tear streaked face. As they slowly closed Betty’s smile became a vengeful grin. Each parting strand sounded to jujou like a gunshot in the silent room and as the shears slowly deprived juoju of years of growth her Mistress’ grin grew wider. As jujou looked on in fascinated horror she began to wonder if Betty’s face would shatter before the shears completed their awful task. It didn’t. The blades closed with a final ‘shink’ and as the pony tail came away in her Mistress’ hand jujou’s head was suddenly lighter…much lighter.

“You keep that Betty.” said Mrs. Richards as her Mistress went to throw the pony tail in the rubbish. “Think of it as a trophy from your first kill!”

Everyone in the room, with the exception of jujou burst out laughing at that as her Mistress nodded and placed the prize in her pocket.

“Betty,” said Mrs Jones, “you should have that made into a whip! Just think how fun it would be to use it on her when she gets out of line!”

“That’s a really great idea!” quipped Mrs. Stephens with a giggle.

“Yes” the others all agreed.
Jujou just continued to cry and as her hair fell forward her tears mingled with the remnants of her once beautiful hair. Hair that once reached to the table but now, barely hung past her face. “I’m ruined…I’m ruined…” the words kept pounding through her head. “I’m ruined.”

“Betty, the clippers please, if you don’t mind.”

The sudden bark and buzz of the clippers jolted jujou out of her stunned silence. NO! They wouldn’t…they couldn’t! Hadn’t that already done enough? Blue eyes wide she watched as Mrs. Richards approached, one hand holding the dreaded clippers, the other softly patting the pocked where the razor slept.

Frozen with terror jujou held stock still as the guardless clippers were placed in the center of her hairline at her forehead and unceremoniously pushed back. The clipper’s buzz deepened as they bit deep and short red hair rained down around jujou’s face.
Pass after pass, the industrial strength clippers made short work of the remains of her once long and beautiful hair. In the end it had taken all of five minutes to transform her from a beautiful, red headed ingenue to something that more closely resembled an inmate seen in some black and white holocaust photo. “Yes,” she thought as Mrs. Richards roughly ran the clippers over her head for a second time, “I am truly ruined!”

The women Ooo’ed and Ahhh’ed as they ran their hands over jujou’s stubble covered head.

“She doesn’t look like much now!” said Mrs. Stephens.
“Not much at all!” added Mrs.Corvus.
“At least it should keep Walter away from her!” chimed Mrs. Jones with a grin.
“It feels rough.” said her Mistress, silencing everyone.
“Betty my dear,” replied Mrs. Richards, “It’s not done yet!”
“But…she’s bald!”

“Far from it, my dear!” said Mrs. Richards as she reached into THAT pocket. “Far from it!”

“This can’t be happening!” thought jujou as Mrs. Richards smoothed the shaving foam onto her head. Moments later the keen razor began the final destruction of jujou’s once magnificent mane. Scrape, scrape…scrrrrrrape. The foam came away and with it the last remnants of her beautiful red hair. Scrape, scrape…scrrrape. She started in the front, at the top and pulled the razor expertly across the crown of juju’s head. Scrape, scrape…scrrrape. The razor continued its hungry advance. First, down the right side then, the left. Scrape, scrape…scrrrape and the hair at the back of her head was history as well. Mrs. Richards lathered jujou’s head a second time and the razor made short work of any and all remaining hairs. Not a single stray escaped its ravenous edge.

“Well now Betty, what do you think? asked Mrs. Richards as she raised jujou’s hairless head with a hand on her chin for closer inspection.
“Hmmm.” answered her Mistress in deep thought.

She moved around the table, examined jujou’s bald pate from all angles and running a finger over the smooth scalp then announced: “Not enough!”

“What do you mean ‘not enough’ my dear? asked Mrs. Jones in a perplexed tone of voice. “Her head’s as smooth and hairless as a new born baby’s butt!”
“It’s just not enough. I want it ALL gone!
Mrs. Corvus clapped her hands and grinning broadly said “PRICELESS Betty…simply priceless!”
“You mean…?” began Mrs. Richards in an incredulous voice.
“I mean it’s not enough…I-WANT-IT-ALL-GONE…EVERYTHING!”
“As you wish my dear, as you wish!”

Mrs. Richards squirted a small amount of shaving cream onto her fingers and while jujou was still trying to figure it all out, smeared it across her brows.

“You have GOT to be ki…”
The noose cut her off.

Mrs. Richards stropped the razor and without hesitation removed jujou’s delicately arched brows. “Betty, would you mind handing me the small clippers?”

The high pitched buzz of the detailing clippers was deafening in the small room. They erased her beautiful red lashes in seconds.

“That, is MUCH better! said her Mistress as she stated st jujou’s ruined beauty.
“Is it my imagination or does she look really scrawny without all that nasty hair?” asked Mrs. Jones.
“A woman’s hair is her crowning glory my Dear.” replied Mrs. Corvus. “Without it, she is without even a hint of beauty. Betty…I do believe Walter will agree with me and I do believe that your problem is now solved.”
“Not yet.” replied her Mistress. “Not quite yet…”

“Not yet?” inquired Mrs. Corvus. “Why Betty, what ever do you mean?”

“I mean, she still has SOME hair and while there’s even a hint of red gold left, Walter will be attracted to her.”
“But Betty, there isn’t a hair left upon her head! None!” replied Mrs. Jones.
“No, there isn’t but, I’m not referring to the hair on her head!”
“Oh my!” said Mrs Corvus stifling a laugh. “You really mean business don’t you?”

“You bet I do! This little bitch tried to steal my Walter. She’s going to pay and pay in FULL!”

“I got this!” exclaimed Mrs. Richards as she walked towards jujou’s rear end. As she lifted the small buzzer she turned to Mrs. Jones and said “Would you mind terribly holding her head down? It’ll make the angle better for shearing.”
“Gladly!” answered Mrs. Jones as she roughly pushed jujou’s face onto the table.

Once again she hefted the the clippers. Turning to the remaining women she said, “It’s rather tight down here! If the two of you could lend a hand it would make this go a lot quicker.”
“Why of course!” replied Mrs Corvus. “How may we be of assistance Eunice?”
“Well…it’s just that dogs don’t have these!” she said slapping jujou’s right ass cheek. “If you wouldn’t mind holding them out of my way?”
“Um…OK…” answered Mrs. Corvus. “It’s just that I’m…I’m just not to sure of how to proceed?”
“Oh, it’s very easy! One on each side, reach in and grab a cheek and then…spread em!”
“I see…” said Mrs. Stephens as she hesitantly reached in. “Never done anything like this before!” she said with a nervous laugh.

“Just pretend she’s a dog in bad need of stripping, makes it easier!”

Mrs. Corvus and Mrs. Stephens reached in and placed their fingertips in jujou’s delicate ass crack. Then…pulled. She visibly stiffened at this invasion of her most private parts but there was nothing she could do to stop what was about to happen. The clipper was COLD and the vibration against her anus while not painful was…strange and alien to her.

The buzzer finished cleaning between her cheeks and continued downward along her pussy lips where it made short work of the pubic hair in that region as well. Shaving cream and the razor followed. This final step took some time as Mrs Richards had to manipulate the flesh in that area in order to pull it taught. “Hold very still, wouldn’t want to accidentally cut off anything important!” she jokingly said to jujou as the blade cleared the stubble from the cleft of her sex. After some time Mrs. Richards proclaimed jujou’s “neither regions” done and said “Time to flip her over!”

Seconds later jujou had been flipped over and retied on her back, legs spread wide. Again the clippers spoke and her bush was soon reduced to stubble. The foam was applied and minutes later it was gone…erased.

“Well Betty, what do you think?” asked Mrs. Richards wiping sweat from her brow.

“It’s absolutely perfect!” replied her Mistress. “How often will I have to have her groomed in order to keep it this way?”

“Well Betty, that depends greatly upon the individual dog. Some wont show new growth for a week, some will have stubble within a day. Her hair was pretty thick so I would tend to think she’ll need grooming at least two or three times a week.”
“Oh my!” said her Mistress. “that’s a lot of grooming! Is there any way to increase the time between sessions?”

“You know what Betty? I’m glad you asked that question! You see I just received a new sample of an experimental hair remover in the mail. The company wants me to try it out but, I really don’t want to use it on any of my regular client’s dogs. I’d feel really bad if it did any damage to their coats!” She reached into her bag and pulled out a large pink bottle. As she began vigorously shaking is she continued to speak.

“This might be just the perfect opportunity to try it out!”

“Brilliant idea Eunice” said Mrs. Corvus. “Simply brilliant!”
Mrs Richards handed out latex gloves and squirted a liberal amount of the foul smelling goo into the palm of each hand. “Slather it on ladies!” she said as she plastered the stuff on jujou’s scalp. “Slather it on!”
“How long does it take to work?” asked Mrs. Stephens.

“The label says for best results to leave it on for 20 minutes.”

Five minutes later jujou was smeared from head to toe and the goo began to itch…then burn. By the 15 minute mark it was very obvious that she very was uncomfortable and by 20 minutes she was in obvious pain.
“Better rinse her off ladies!” Mrs. Jones proclaimed with a smile.

Betty opened the spigot and the soothing water rinsed the nasty stuff down the drain. Each pass of the hose reviled skin. Pink, totally hairless skin. The solution had done its job well. There was not a single hair to be found on jujou’s tiny body…not even one!

“Wow!” said Mrs. Stephens reading the back of the label as she rubbed jujou’s incredibly sensitive skin, “This stuff is GREAT! I’d use it on myself if you didn’t have to leave it on for a full twenty min…”

Mrs. Stephens’ jaw dropped and she said “Oh, oh!”

“What is it my dear?” asked Mrs. Corvus.

“Eunice?” Did you read the label? All of it?” she asked.

“Well, yes!” I mean I scanned it but, all of these pet depilatory gels are the same.”
“Um, not this one!”

“What are you saying my dear?” inquired Mrs. Corvus.

“Eunice, you must have misread the label! It says to leave it on for 2 minutes…NOT twenty!”

“Oops! answered Mrs. Richards, “My mistake!”

“And here, in the precautions, it CLEARLY says This product id meant for use on dogs. Do not use on human beings under any circumstances!”

“I guess I must have missed that part!”

“What will happen to her?” asked Mrs Jones.

“I’m not sure, we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Jujou was in a panic! What had these monstrous women done do her beautiful red hair? “Twenty minutes!” she thought. “Twenty minutes…10 times LONGER than they were supposed to leave it on for…TWENTY FUCKING MINUTES!”

“Well,” said Mrs. Richards to no one in particular. “What’s done is done and worrying about wont change a thing. Let’s just move on and if something bad happens…we’ll deal with it then.
The others nodded in agreement and in moments jujou’s predicament was a fading memory, at least to them.

“So,” began Mrs. Corvus, “Have you given any thought to what you’re going to do with this little hairless tart now that she’s been taken down a few notches?”

“I…I really hadn’t given it much thought. I mean beyond this, this baldness thing. Do you have any…suggestions?”

“Actually Betty, I have a question. Do you think this is enough?” she asked as she placed a heavy hand on jujou’s hairless pate. “Betty? Do you think this, this…lack of hair will keep Walter away from her?”

“I’m not sure, not really sure at all. I’m not foolish enough to think that Walter will ignore his “needs”. Especially while I simply cannot meet them and “she” is in the house but, that’s not what worries me. Not really.” Her Mistress paused in troubled thought before continuing. “What worries me the most is that Walter seemed to be, to be falling for this tawdry little slut like some love struck school boy. I thought I was losing him!”

“Now now Betty. Do you really think Walter would just throw all your years together away for this cheep, please excuse my French, piece of ass?” Mrs, inquired Mrs Jones in a comforting tone.

“I just don’t know.” answered her Mistress. “Ever since Michael…left us, I just don’t know.”

Mrs Corvus chimed in at that point, “Betty, do you know what I think?”

“No, I think we need a test.”

“A test?” asked Mrs Stephens. “What sort of test did you have in mind?”

“Yes…do tell.” added Mrs Jones with genuine curiosity.

“Well, I was thinking that we sort of need to take her for a…well, a test drive of sorts.”

“What ever do you mean?” inquired Mrs. Richards.

“A test drive…you know, like when you purchase a new car, you take it for a test drive before you pay for it, Right?”
“I…I guess so.” replied her Mistress. “But, how are WE going to do that? Were all women! We have no idea about what reaction a man will have to her new look. How could we?”

“Ladies…ladies. answered Mrs Corvus with a delighted little giggle, “I wasn’t proposing that WE take her for a test drive…heavens no! What good would THAT do? No, no…I was proposing that we…well, for lack of a better word ‘procure’ a man and test HIS reaction to our new and improved ‘bimbo’!”

“All right.” said Mrs Jones. “And just where Do we find a volunteer?”

“The same place she always has…at the soccer field!”

“But, who should we approach for this ‘Mission’?” inquired the ever skeptical Mrs. Richards.
“I believe Anita’s son Chad has had a school boy crush on her for some time.” said Mrs Corvus. “I seriously doubt that he’d turn down an invitation to afternoon tea from we ladies of society. Especially if we drop a few salacious hints about who will be serving and her new ‘uniform’.”

“But, I haven’t changed her uniform at all” stated her mistress with a bit of confusion.
“Well then Betty…it’s about time you do!”
“But, I wouldn’t…I mean I don’t…”
“Betty my dear?” said Mrs Corvus. Don’t you worry one bit about buying her anew ‘outfit’. I believe the one she’s wearing at the moment will do very nicely.”
Jujou sat up in wide eyed shock at what she’d just heard. “Naked? Naked AND totally hairless!” she thought. “They want me to serve tea to sniveling little Chad naked and, and BALD!”

A heavy hand fell upon jujou’s graceful neck and ran down her back where red curls once draped and Mrs. Jones inquired in an ominous voice, “What’s the matter little girl?
You do like Chad…Don’t you?”
The burning tears of shame coursed down jujou’s drawn face as she slowly hung her head in abject defeat and said “Yes…Mistress.”
“Excellent!” replied Mrs. Corvus as she clasped her hands in front of her. “Excellent in deed! We’ll have Chad here first thing tomorrow afternoon!”

She had been pacing nervously all morning. Ever since the ‘Ladies of Society’ had dropped by to pick her Mistress up and ‘procure’ Chad. What was she going to do? Between his smarmy attitude and never ending attempts to get in her panties jujou really couldn’t stand the little shit. “Hell” she thought, “the only reason he even joined the team was so he could hang around me!” And now, her Mistress and the others were probably on their way back with him in tow.

“How do I get out of this?”

She had considered running away but, Walter would be back in just a couple of days and she could hardly stand the wait as it was. If she left now her Mistress would have all the ammunition she would need to dispose of her once and for all. Besides, she still had a little over 2 months left to serve on her bet. She had NEVER backed out on a bet or a dare in her life and she was not about to start now!

“Anyway, that just isn’t an option. Not if I ever want to see my Walter again.” she thought. She just sat there chewing a knuckle and racking her brain for an answer.

So it was that as the car pulled up, she didn’t even notice.
“It sure was great of you ladies to invite me up for tea!” Said Chad as the door closed with a bang.
“Oh God,” thought jujou, “there here already!”

“Please my dear boy, have a seat! Tea will be served shortly.” That was Mrs. Jones.
“Thank you Ma’am” answered Chad. “It sure was swell of you fine Ladies to invite me up here! I haven’t seen Jujou in months and I sure do miss her smiling face!”

“UGGGH! muttered jujou under her breath as she prepared the teapot. “Still a little sniveling, obsequious little bastard!”

“Well Chad,” said Mrs. Corvus, “You’ll be seeing her in just a short while.” Her Mistress picked up the golden bell that signified they were ready to begin and rang it.

She hoisted the tea service tray to her shoulder, headed for the door and steeled herself for what ever was to come next. Turning to push the door open with a shapely hip jujou quietly entered the salon. All was silent as she turned to face her audience. The women looked on in smug, knowing silence but Chad wore a look of surprised confusion. As she poured the tea the ladies continued to speak as though she wasn’t even there.

“Chad darling…close your mouth!” said Mrs Corvus as she reached over and pushed his hanging jaw back into place.

“Don’t worry son.” added Mrs. Jones, “By the end of our little talk you wont even notice it!”
“B…b…but, she’s…naked!” he replied in obvious shock.
“Why yes, yes she is” said her Mistress. “It’s much less expensive that way…no expensive uniforms and all!”
“And B…b…bald!” he continued.
“Of course she is my boy! You don’t think we want to run the chance of getting HAIR in our food and drink, do you?”
“No…no, of…of course not.” replied Chad as he recovered from his initial shock.

The tea continued with out incident as the Ladies and Chad spoke of local news and exchanged pleasantries. Then, as jujou was serving desert and pouring out the final round of tea, Chad dropped a bombshell on her.

“Well,” he began, “this has really been grand Ladies but, if you don’t mind…I’d like to see Jujou now.”

The ladies broke out in laughter and jujou blushed deeply in head to toe embarrassment. He hadn’t even recognized her! Without her flowing red tresses the man who’d relentlessly pursued her for a year hadn’t even known who she was!

“I…I’m sorry. said Chad as he looked from face to face without even a hint of understanding, Did I say something funny?”

The ladies’ laughter only grew louder. He caught jujou’s eye and she looked at the floor, unable meet his glance.

“Chad my boy…You are a HOOT! answered Mrs. Corvus as she struggled to get her laughter under control.

“I…I don’t understand!” he replied in utter confusion. “All I said was I’d like to see Jujou now…What’s so funny about that?”

Though the others still rolled in laughter Mrs. Corvus had regained a modicum of decorum. She turned and pointed at the naked, hairless slave standing head bowed and silent before them.

“That IS jujou my boy! She’s been serving you all afternoon!”

“No fuckin’ way! exclaimed Chad in total surprise. “Errr, I…I mean, I didn’t even recognize her! What the heck happened?”

The ladies chose to ignore his outburst though, it did bring a slight smile of satisfaction to her Mistress’ lips. Mrs. Corvus snapped her fingers at jujou and said, “Girl!, explain to this young man what you did to deserve this punishment.”

The room fell silent as everyone looked on with rapt attention, anticipating the story from jujou’s point of view.

“This ought to be good” Mrs. Jones said under her breath as jujou fumbled with the tea service.

“I, I…” she began

“Come on girl!” scolded Mrs. Corvus. “You KNOW what you did and now, it’s time you admitted it.”

She bowed her head in shame and quietly replied “I…I tried to steal my Mistress’ husband.”

“Oooo!” he replied with a visible wince. “THAT didn’t go down too well…obviously.”

“No Sir.” She said it so softly he hardly heard.

“Well Chad, what do you think of her ah…penance?”

He rose and walked around her before hesitantly reaching toward the hairless scalp. Remembering his manners he paused then turned to her mistress and asked, “May I?”

“By all means…you may!”

He placed his hand on the crown of her head and slowly began to rub her denuded scalp. “It’s so smooth!” he said in wide eyed surprise. “I thought it would be all rough and stubbly. How did you manage to get it like this?”

“We used professional grade hair remover!” answered Mrs Richards with a huge grin as the others nodded in agreement.

“How long will it stay smooth?”

“Well…er, we’re not really sure…yet” she answered. “There was sort of a mix-up on the directions and I’m waiting for a call back from the manufacturer to see what can be done.”

“You mean…”

“I mean, we’re just not sure…not yet”

“Wow…All that beautiful red hair gone! It would be a real shame if it stayed like…THIS” replied Chad. “Cause she really looks freaky without it!” “Oh man…” he said as he leaned in for a closer look, “Even her eyebrows and eyelashes are gone!”

“Actually my boy…” added Mrs. Corvus, “If you’ll look closer I believe you’ll find that ALL of her hair is gone.”

“Ho-lee shit!” he said as he bent to peek at her crotch, “I do believe you’re right! I can’t find a single hair on her…anywhere! She’s a total freak!”

“You mean you don’t like her ‘new look’?” asked her Mistress with an inquiring smile.

“It’s not…I mean…I’m sorry but, she just looks so weird like this! It’s not at all what I was expecting to see.”

Jujou was mortified by the whole scene. Here she stood, distressed, naked and completely hairless and they just went on talking about her as though they were examining something that had washed up dead on the beach! “The nerve of these people!” she thought and just as she opened her mouth to let them know just what she thought of them Mrs. Corvus said, “Would you like to fuck her?”

That was it. With those six little words they had broken her. What little will power and dignity she had left came crashing down upon her. In a flash she realized that there was a reason why they didn’t address her directly, why they spoke about her as though she was a thing, why her thoughts and opinions didn’t matter. She was no longer a woman in their eyes, she had become a possession, a THING…nothing more.

As she stood there in stunned realization she heard Chad say “Sure!”

“Sure?” asked her Mistress, “I thought you said she looked like a freak? Why ever would you want to mate with a freak?”

“Um…cause I’m feeling well…you know…excited.”

“By This?” said Mrs Richards. “But, she’s so UGLY! You said so yourself not 2 minutes ago.”

“Yeah but, well it’s not really about her being sexy and all anymore…it’s about all those times she turned me down.”

“Really, how so?” asked Mrs. Jones.

“Well, I’ve been trying to get this woman (for lack of a better term) to go out on a date with me for months now but every time I ask she turns me down and gives me this look that says I’m not worth the shit she scraped of her shoes this morning. Just look at her now! All that sexy red hair? GONE! All that attitude? GONE! Hell, in this condition I bet she couldn’t get a date with that bum that sleeps in the park!”

“And yet, you still want to have ‘relations’ with her? asked Mrs. Smythe looking very confused.

“OF COURSE I DO!” answered Chad with a great laugh. “Not only will I get to fuck jujou but it’s a grudge fuck and those are the best kind!

“If you say so…I guess.”

“Yes, fine…do as you please with her just NOT IN THE HOUSE! Take her out into the yard where the other animals fuck!” said her Mistress as she handed Chad the lead. “Priceless” he whispered as he clipped it to her collar and pulled her toward the back of the house.

“Come on doggy!”

They headed out to the yard but before they got two steps Chad turned to jujou and said, “Bitch dogs go on all fours. Only PEOPLE walk on two.”

She sank to her hands and knees and they continued out to the grassy area that surrounded the pool with the Ladies following close behind.

“You might want to wash her first!” said Mrs. Richards as they neared the kennel building. “She hasn’t been cleaned up since her last grooming.”

“That’s a great idea Ma’am!” Chad replied after a moment’s pause. He whistled for her to follow and the group headed off to the grooming shed. Once there Chad patted the gleaming surface of the grooming table and said “UP! Come on girl…UP!”

What choice did she have? She climbed up.

“I’d really like to get a closer look at her…if you don’t mind?” said Chad once jujou was secured to the table.

“By all means young man.” Said her mistress. “She’s yours to do with as you please!”

He began at the top, stroking and caressing jujou’s denuded scalp. “Wow, I just can’t get over how smooth she is! Not even a hint of hair…anywhere! You said you did this with a depilatory cream?”

“Yes” replied Mrs. Richards as she handed him the tube.

Chad’s hands continued to explore jujou’s hairless skin and he asked about the ‘accident’ the Ladies had mentioned earlier.

“We just left it on a little too long…that’s all!” answered Mrs Jones.

“It says here to leave it on for 2 minutes” said Chad as he read the fine print on the back of the tube. “How long did you leave it on for?”

“A little bit longer than that.” answered Mrs Richards.

“Twenty minutes!” added Mrs. Jones.

“Twenty Minutes!” exclaimed Chad. “That’s an awful long time. Do you think it did any…you know, permanent damage?”

“As I said,” answered Mrs Richards, “We don’t really know yet.”

“I see” said Chad as his caressing hands reached the curve of jujou’s shapely ass and subtly slid between the cheeks. “But, you still have half a tube left…correct?”

“It’s right there in your hand young man.”

“Was it expensive?” he asked as he unscrewed the cap and squeezed a blob of the fouls smelling concoction onto his hand.


“Seems a shame to let it go to waste then!”

Without warning Chad began to smear the gel into the crack of jujou’s exposed ass and onto her pussy. She tried to squirm away as he ran his fingers over her hips and onto her defenseless mound. On and on he went as the Ladies looked on in glee.

“Young man!” said her Mistress “Why are you doing that? That will quite likely result in permanent hair loss!”

“Yes Ma’am” he replied as he continued to slather the now struggling jujou with the contents of the tube. “That’s the idea! This little bitch wouldn’t even look twice in my direction. I just want to make sure she KNOWS what that feels like for the rest of her life! Think an hour will do it?”

“I’m sure it will suffice” answered her Mistress.

“An hour!” jujou shouted at the top of her lungs. “You rinse this shit off of me NOW!” It was the first time since Walter left that jujou had spoken above a subservient whisper. As the goo began to tingle she struggled against her bonds but, to no avail. She was held fast and no amount of wiggling or yanking at the ropes was going to get her lose.

“Oh shut up you little floozie!” chided her Mistress. “Your not getting anything you don’t richly deserve!”

“I don’t care…get this shit off me now or I’ll call the police! I’ll have ALL of you arrested!”

“You know,” said Chad “you really ought to be a bit more respectable to these fine ladies. Betty here has fed and housed you, she’s even let you sleep with her husband and all you do is complain and demand more! Me, I gave you tons of chances and every time you treated me like shit. Hell, the ONLY reason they even let you stay on the team was because you were a good player! NO ONE on the team even likes you! They all think you’re a conceited, spoiled rotten little bitch! Oh man, if they could only see you now! What would they think?”

“I don’t care! I don’t want to be bald for the rest of my life!”

WHACK! the first slap on her ass took jujou completely by surprise and she jumped so hard that she actually left the surface all together! WHACK! The second shot was even harder than the first and left her speechless with pain.

“You will control yourself girl!” exclaimed Mrs. Jones as she wound up to deliver a third slap. WHACK! Jujou let out a scream of pain that left everybody’s ears ringing.

“You will keep a civil tongue in your mouth!” Mrs Stephens tersely ordered as tears began to roll down the soon-to-be ex redhead’s cheeks.

Things began to quiet down and Mrs Corvus said “Ladies…she does make a valid point. I mean about her ability to call the police and all.”

“No…no she doesn’t.” replied Chad. “I mean sure, she can call the cops but, they wont do anything about…this.”

“What makes you so sure young man?”

“Well, for starters…My dad’s the Mayor and My uncle is the Chief of Police.”

“Why, I had no idea! No idea at all! You don’t even have the same name!”

“Yeah, when my folks divorced Mom got custody and my step dad adopted me. So, different last names but, we’re still close.”

“How nice my boy…how nice!”

“Yeah, I think so too. Bottom line is we can probably do anything short of killing her and get away with it. If she calls the cops she’ll be the one who ends up in jail!”

Time passed quickly for them as Chad and the Ladies spoke but, for jujou things were different. VERY different. The goo had quickly started to sting and as the hour’s end approached she was in fiery pain. They finely decided that it was preferable to rinse her off early than to listen to her muffled moans for another 20 minutes. The results were very noticeable. Before this second treatment jujou’s body had appeared to be totally devoid of hair but now, even the slight nubs that had protruded unseen from her pores had been annihilated and her skin had taken on a smooth, almost porcelain like quality. Not only had the last remnants of the hair been eradicated but, the follicles themselves had been permanently destroyed and jujou would remain freakishly hairless for the rest of her life.

“There…all finished!” said her Mistress as they patted jujou dry.

“Can we flip her onto her back? asked Chad. “I’d like to take a closer look at her just to make sure we didn’t miss any stray hairs.”

They released jujou’s bonds and laid on her back. It wasn’t really even necessary to bind her now as she was utterly defeated and there wasn’t any fight left in her.

Slowly Chad’s fingers examined every inch of jujou’s denuded skin. He ran his hands over her hairless scalp, cupped her pert hairless breasts and caressed her completely bald pubic mound. Mrs Stephens and Mrs. Richards held her legs wide as Chad’s probing fingers gently separated the lips of her cunt but, it wasn’t really necessary. They could do as they wanted to her. All resistance had fled.

“Amazing!” exclaimed Chad. “It’s almost as though she never had any hair in the first place!”

“You approve then?” asked Mrs Jones.

“Why, I believe I do!” Chad answered with a smile. “Now, I do believe I’ll collect on that fuck you fine ladies offered me earlier!”

It took Chad all of thirty seconds to shed his clothes and it was very obvious to all present that he was ready and rearing to go in spite of the “audience”. Mrs Richards adjusted the table to a “more comfortable height” and he plunged in without any regard to jujou’s pleasure whatsoever.

“Um, shouldn’t you ahhh…prepare her first?” asked Mrs Corvus as she leaned in for a closer look.

“Prepare her?” asked Chad as he paused in mid thrust. “What ever do you mean?”

“You know…PREPARE her.” reiterated Mrs. Jones.

“Ahhh! You mean foreplay…get her wet first?”

“Yes!” the ladies answered in unison.

“Why?” replied Chad. “Why would I want to waste my time doing that?”

“Well…” began Mrs Stephens “well so she can enjoy it too…I guess.”

“Oh…I see what you Ladies are getting at. OK, OK…take a good look at her. Go on, look closely.”

The ladies turned their glances to the limp and complaint jujou.

“Well, what do you see?”

“Um…a bald slut.” answered her Mistress with a slight shrug of her shoulders.


“I still don’t get it” said Mrs Jones. “Why no…preparation?”

Chad turned from jujou and took a seat on the edge of the table. He paused for a moment in deep thought and then resumed his explanation.

“Ladies…take a look at Barbra here” he said as he gently took her hand in his. “She is a fine looking woman. Mature yes but, still quite beautiful. A wonderful specimen of mature womanhood and her husband is very lucky to have her!”

Her Mistress actually blushed at the words of the naked young naked man seated in front of her.

Chad continued, “Just look at you, Manners, regal bearing, lovely skin, beautiful green eyes and though your hair has lost it’s youthful color it is still full and rich. Now, look at this poor excuse for a woman laying here on this table. Yes, she is young but, she’s rude and brash…coarse if you will. No refinement at all! And where is that crowning glory that so defines womanhood to our eyes? Where is her hair? It’s no where to be found. In it’s place is this bald, hairless…knob! You see, without her hair she has become an ex-woman. Without her crowning glory she has ceased to be a woman at all and has become in fact an object. A possession. Just a toy to be played with and discarded when I’m tired of it. WOMEN deserve foreplay. This, this thing…does not. So, I will use her and when I’m done I will walk away and simply…forget about her. She is no more than an empty vessel into which I’ll shoot my seed and she’s now about as useful to me as a Kleenex.”

Her Mistress’ grin grew as he spoke and the distress that showed so plainly on jujou’s unframed and featureless face only added to her joy. This was exactly the reaction she’d been hoping for. Walter would never look at jujou the same way again!

“And now…” said Chad. “If you fine ladies don’t mind, I’d like to finish up here asI have a date with a very nice young WOMAN in just a few hours.”

This was it, the day jujou had been waiting for. Today Walter…her Walter was coming home. Surely he would stand up for her! Their time together had been so wonderful, so real. She KNEW he loved her. She KNEW he’d berate Her Mistress for this crime against her beauty. “If I’m lucky” she thought “he’ll be so angry he’ll throw her out!” and then they, just the two of them could live together blissfully, without the intervention of “that witch!”

She’d been sleeping in the kennels with the dogs since the day Chad had fucked her. Her Mistress hadn’t even let her out and had barely fed her at all. Gone was her beautiful tan and the flesh hung slack on her bones from inactivity. It would be over soon though. Just as soon as he saw what she’d done to her beautiful, red hair.

It had been almost a week since jujou’s shearing and though she spent most of the day searching for some indication of regrowth to date her search had been in vain. Her head and body remained as smooth and hairless as the day of her initial “treatment”. Not even a hint of stubble was to be found. They had yet to allow her to use a mirror so she really had no idea of what she actually looked like but, how bad could really it be? She was still the same young athletic woman she’d been when first she’d captured Walter’s heart. What did it really matter if she was hairless?

“I know it’ll be a shock to him but, he’ll get used to it!” she thought. “Exotic! He’ll think it’s exotic and want me even more than before.” But, deep down in her heart even she didn’t really believe that.

He arrived home at about noon and jujou caught her first glance of him through the window. She could tell from his animated movements that he was boiling mad.

“Yup” she thought “any minute he’s gonna tell her to get lost…any minute.”

She was stunned to silence as she watched him take his wife into his arms and kiss her.

“What the FUCK!” she said out loud, the first words she spoken since her day with Chad.

The slamming of the back door interrupted her thoughts and she watched keenly as Walter crossed the lawn to the kennel followed closely by her Mistress. After greeting the dogs warmly he approached the grooming room. Jujou gripped the wire in anticipation as he stopped before her. She was devastated when he shook his bowed head and walked away in disgust.

Her Mistress met him after a few steps and put a consoling arm around his shoulders. As they walked back to the house Betty looked back at her and flashed a sharp grin of triumph.

Just a short while later jujou heard the unmistakable sounds of a man and a woman making passionate love drifting from the open window and across the lawn. The sounds continued on throughout the night and she knew, Walter was lost to her forever.

Early the next morning her mistress brought her a huge plate of bacon and eggs for breakfast.

“Guess I ought to thank you” she said as she passed the steaming plate under the wire. “Walter and I haven’t had a night like that since High School and it’s all because of you! It’s truly amazing how intoxicating destroying a rival can be. After he saw your ‘new look’ and walked away I got hotter than a two dollar pistol!”

Her face split in that evil grin once again as she continued. “Seems Walter finds you less than attractive without all that lovely red hair but, funny thing, just knowing he finds you hideous to look at has really snapped me out of my sexual slump! Hell since that moment I’ve been horny as hell! Don’t worry though, I wont leave you high and dry. You’ll be getting fucked real good in no time at all!”

With that her Mistress turned and walked away. She paused before the enormous dog in the adjacent kennel and as he licked her grease stained fingers she turned with that grin and said, “Yup, no time at all.”

Her mistress woke her in the middle of the night. “Get up sleepy head, time for you to change your address!”

Though jujou had no idea what was going on she got up as ordered and stood still as her Mistress attached a short lead to the collar she’d worn since the day she began her slave odyssey. With a gentle tug her Mistress guided jujou forward through the door of the grooming room that had been her entire world since the day the ladies had relieved her of once beautiful locks. Moon light shown on the still waters of the pool and the grass was wet underfoot as the two of them strolled to where Walter waited by the kennel door. As they neared him he swung the heavy door open and her mistress guided her into the dark cage. There was a pallet in the corner and food and water dishes on the floor. Other than that the room was empty. Her mistress unhooked the lead and said:

“This will be your room until Boris gets used to having you near him. Wouldn’t want him getting too excited and using you as a chew toy by accident, would we.”

With that she turned and left the room. As she passed by Walter (her Walter!) she ran her fingertips seductively along his jawline and said, “You in the mood big boy?”

He smiled and without paying the slightest bit of attention to jujou pushed the heavy barred door shut with a loud clang.

She ran to the door and grasping the bars in desperation watched as he receded into the night.

“Walter!” she called out softly. “Walter…come back!” But he either didn’t hear or didn’t care and she was left alone to explore her new surroundings.

The room was a bit larger than the grooming room but Spartan in the extreme. Concrete floors and walls except of course for the walls facing the yard and separating her from her new companion…Boris. She has seen big dogs before, St Bernards, Newfoundlands and the like but, they were teddy bears compared to the beast that watched her curiously from the next cell. Walter had told her all about his prized Caucasian Ovcharka, Boris. 200 pounds of muscle and bread to kill bears! To jujou it was like coming face to face with a werewolf, a thing of nightmares. It didn’t help any that he just kept staring at her and licking his chops. She wasn’t sure if the beast wanted to fuck her or eat her…maybe both! But the wort thing of all was that her Mistress had left her with the distinct impression that Boris was to be her new sexual companion!

The sounds of vigorous love making once again interrupted jujou’s thoughts. What could he possibly see in that dried up old hag? “OK, so I’ve got no hair” she said out loud, “but, I’m’ still young and sexy!” Boris gave a low rumbling growl in response and jujou turned to him and answered. “See, you think so too!”

An hour and a half later as she listened to her Mistress cum for the 4th or 5th time (she’d lost count) jujou had had enough. “OK!” she shouted through the bars of the kennel door. “OK! That’s enough! I can’t even think with all the noise you’re making in there much less sleep!” Boris got excited at her words and chimed in, his deep bark carrying across the the neighborhood.

The sounds of love ceased. Lights came on and her mistress came barreling out of the door and across the yard STARK NAKED!

“WHAT THE FUCK!” she said in a dangerous tone of voice. “Just what the HELL do you think you’re doing yelling like that and getting Boris all worked up?

“I…I couldn’t sleep with all the noise you…”

The blast of ice cold water from the hose cut her off and jujou fell back in shock.

“BAD DOG!” shouted her Mistress as she let go with another blast of frigged water from the hose. “Bad dog! You can bet that in the morning were going to make sure this NEVER happens again!”

With that her Mistress dropped the hose, turned and stomped back to the house.

She awoke from the dream slowly. Walter’s face was between her legs and he was eating her pussy like never before. His tongue dove deep inside of her then lapped along the length of her labia. His hot breath bathed her clit as she arched her back thrust herself forward to increase the pressure of his wonderful inexhaustible tongue.

As she neared a tremendous orgasm jujou’s delicate hands sought her beautiful red locks and encountered…NOTHING!

She jerked to full alertness in a fraction of a second and found it was Boris the enormous dog licking away industriously at her pussy rather than her beloved Walter.

“You better not move too fast” said her Mistress from the other side of the wire. “Wouldn’t want to get bit ‘down there’, would we?

Horrified, and afraid jujou lay stock still and wondered just how long her Mistress had been watching for.

“About a quarter hour” said her Mistress as though she’d read jujou’s mind.

She had no choice but to lay back and provide access and hope that Boris would tire as soon as possible. Still, the sensation was not…unpleasant and with time she actually began to become more than a little excited. In fact, she actually began to enjoy the huge animal’s attentions quite a bit! No sooner had the thought crossed her mind than jujou’s hips began a slow rhythmic movement in response to Boris’ ministrations. “Oh My GOD” she thought, “This big ass dog is really doing the job!” The speed of her thrusts increased and Boris’ tongue kept the beat until jujou suddenly found herself on the edge of what promised to be a pretty damn good orgasm!

“BORIS!” snapped her Mistress’ voice just as jujou neared her goal. “Come here…NOW!”

She let out a growl of deep sexual frustration as Boris dutifully stopped what he was doing and approached the wire. Her Mistress reached through the mesh and scratched him gently behind the ears. “Don’t worry big boy…you’ll get more of that later. Right now this little slut of yours is about to get a really big surprise!”

“Yoohoo! Barbra! We’re here!”

Jujou trembled and went cold inside as she recognized the voice of Mrs Richards carrying across the expansive lawn. Moments later she bobbed into her field of vision followed closely by the rest of the “ladies”. “Oh shit!” she thought, “Every time these bitches show up my life gets worse…a lot worse!”

She watched from her cage as her Mistress met them on the lawn and the group huddled in deep conversation. Occasionally one of them would look up at jujou and shake her head in disgust before rejoining the convocation. Finally, they broke up and approached.

“Well, well, well!” began Mrs Corvus, “Betty here tells us you created quite a scene last night. We’re told the ruckus could be heard clear across the neighborhood!”

The other women looked on in disgust and tsk, tsk, tsked as Mrs Corvus carried on.

“We can’t have that now…can we?”

“Might have to muzzle her from now on!” said Mrs Jones.

“No, no, no,” opined Mrs Smythe. “It might keep her mouth shut but I can tell you from experience she can still put up quite a bit of noise!”

“What about those sprays we’re always hearing about? asked Mrs Corvus, “Do they work?”

“Only for a short time.” replied Mrs Richards from the rear of the crowd. “The only way to effectively silence a loud bitch like her is debarking.”

“Debarking?” asked Mrs Corvus, “What on Earth is ‘debarking’? I’ve never heard of that.”

“Well,” began Mrs Richards. “It’s really very simple…” suddenly the group parted. Mrs Richards darted forward and the tip of the long pole in her hands impacted jujou’s left side, just above the hip. As the drug took effect and jujou fell to the ground Mrs. Richards continued.

“As I was saying, debarking is a very simple surgical procedure. We simply go in through the mouth and remove a very small section of each vocal chord and Voila! No more voice! Simple, effective and best of all…PERMANENT! You’ll never have to worry about her waking the neighbors again!”

As they spoke her Mistress replaced an unconcerned Boris in his kennel and the Ladies hefted jujou’s limp but very aware body and took her once again to the dreaded grooming room. She was deposited upon the steel table and Mrs Richards prepped her for her silent future. They positioned her on her back with her hairless head lolling over the edge of the table. Mrs Jones firmly held jujou’s head in position as Mrs Richards placed the jaw spreader in position and cranked jujou’s mouth wide open.

“There, that ought to do it!” said Mrs Richards as she struggled to get just one more click out of the steel contraption that stretched jujou’s poor jaws to their maximum. Next, she grasped jujou’s poor tongue with a long clamp and passed it off to Mrs Smythe. “”Pull out and down” she said as Mrs Smythe took the evil looking instrument from her hand.

“OK…here we go” Jujou felt several sudden stabs of pain deep down in her throat but the feeling passed quickly as the anesthetic did it’s job.

“And now for the procedure itself!” Mrs Richards said with glee as she fed a strange pipe like instrument down jujou’s throat. There ware a couple of clicks as the tool did its job but no pain. Seconds later Mrs Richards withdrew the instrument and patted jujou on top of her shiny bald head. “All done!” she proclaimed in her high pitched voice.

“And this will be permanent?” asked her Mistress.

“Till the day she dies!” answered Mrs Richards with a toothy grin.

They wheeled jujou back to her kennel and unceremoniously dumped her on the floor. Still paralyzed by the drug she had no choice but to remain in the position the ladies had left her in. Face down, ass high.

The ladies stood on the other side of the wire and discussed the merits of what they had done and just as jujou thought things could get no worse…her Mistress opened the partition between the kennels. The last thing jujou remembered seeing was Boris as he passed quickly behind her, his erect penis bobbing up and down as he went.

“Wake up sleepy head!” said her Mistress. “You’ve got a BIG day ahead of you today.”

Jujou looked up at her, confusion plainly written upon her face.

“OH my” said her Mistress, “You have no idea…do you? You don’t even know what day it is, do you?”

Still groggy jujou shook her head in puzzlement and shrugged her shoulders, palms up. She hadn’t uttered a word since her ‘procedure’ and had given up even trying after only a few days.

“It’s your anniversary. As of today you are free to go! Your debt has been paid. By this afternoon you’ll be back to your old life, just as though you’d never been gone!”

As she sat in stunned confusion the information jujou had been given began to sink in. FREEDOM! Today she would leave behind the silent nightmare her life had become.

Slowly she rose to her feet walking past her Mistress toward the kennel door. Without warning her Mistress’ hand shot out and firmly grasped jujou’s arm.

“Not quite yet sweetheart. You’re still mine until this afternoon and we have to prepare you for your return to regular life.”

As if on schedule the Ladies showed up speaking quietly though excitedly between themselves.

“Is she ready to go?” inquired Mrs Richards.

“Not yet” said her Mistress, “But, with your help I’m SURE we can get her prepared.”

They began by taking her out to the shower and washing her down. The hot water felt sublime after weeks of cold hose showers in the kennel. After a thorough scrubbing the ladies dried her off and rubbed her down with a great smelling lotion that left her abused skin softer and suppler than it had been since her exile from Walter’s bed. The Massage that followed left her relaxed beyond all belief and by the time afternoon rolled around jujou was convinced that the ladies had forgiven her for her trespasses and all would be well.

The final step was to wrap her in a soft flowing gleaming white sheet, sun warmed and fresh smelling. Her Mistress pulled the sheet down over jujou’s face saying “Don’t want the neighbors prying!”

They bundled jujou into the car and off they went. The warm sun lulled her into a deep and restful sleep so, when she awoke jujou had no idea how long they had been driving or just where she was.

The first thing she noticed upon exiting the car was the familiar and comforting crunch of soft moist grass. Her Mistress refused to let her raise the sheet from her face saying, “You’ll spoil your home coming surprise silly!”

“That’s OK” she thought to herself with a grin, “Smells like home!”

They walked her for a short time before stopping and turning jujou around.

“You ready for your homecoming surprise?” asked her Mistress in the sweetest possible voice.

She nodded, smiling beneath the sheet and bouncing with the pure excitement of returning to her old life.

“OK…here we go!”

Seconds latter, without warning the sheet was whisked away. Blinded by the sun, she blinked and as her eyes adjusted to the light she realized that…

She wasn’t home, she was at the soccer field.

She was surrounded by hundreds of soccer fans and players.

She was stark naked.



She turned to find that her mistress had left her standing alone, naked and bald in the middle of the field and there was absolutely no cover…anywhere!

It began as a murmurer but grew quickly in volume and range. LAUGHTER. The entire field…players, audience, refs, EVERYBODY was laughing hysterically at her!

There was nowhere to run…nowhere to hide so, she ran. She ran through the crowd. Past her teammates, her friends. Past her Mistress and on out into the parking lot and she kept running. She dodged through the streets hiding from everybody she encountered until, at last she was home. HOME! She skipped up the walkway and up to the door, reaching to her pocket for her keys. No Pocket…No Keys…No Clothes…No Hair.

As her laughing neighbors gathered round and pointed jujou fell back against the locked door and crying, slid to the ground. Her dignity was forever more in tatters as was her formerly big ego.

The end.

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