A gay awakening for hair

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A guy named manar was a 19 years guy who has a big headshave fetish for more than 5 years.

manar couldn’t make his dream by finding the girl who would let him shave her.He used to stay on watching videos of girls getting shaved while getting fucked or naked and sometimes only the shaving.

one day manar thought of messaging some of the pages on instagram that post headshaves so he could maybe have a chat with some of these girls live.

Most of the pages used to not respond and the others were so lame,but one day a page responded.manar started the chat by asking the age and gender and saying that he loves headshaves and haircuts and he would love to have a chat.

this page responded but it was a guy not a girl.manar was straight but he thought he could have some fun so he started chatting with him and that guy name was oyar.

Oyar was gay and had a headshave fetish but he didn’t tell manar that he is gay they only talked about hair.

A day after day oyar said to manar that he wants to get his head shaved, manar liked the idea and then oyar said that he wants to be a slave to someone and gets shaved.

manar here began to get this feeling when thinking about shaving ayar although he was straight then he thought that to shave a guy is better than nothing. He told oyar that he would love to shave him if he wants.

oyar loved the idea so he send manar his address and told him to come in the next day.

the next day came and manar went to oyar and ringed the bell then oyar opened the door ,manar saw a good looking guy with about 3 inches of black hair.

oyar told manar to come in and he welcomed him, manar entered and sit on the couch. Oyar came and sat beside him and they started chatting about themselves and about their lives.

manar liked oyar he was funny and nice and while laughing oyar asked manar if he is ready to shave him and if he is excited,manar said yes with being shy

oyar noticed that manar is not gay but he could be so he went and sit beside him and started talking about hair and headshaves so he makes manar horny and that is really what happened.

manar became horny and everything he thought about was hair and sex he didn’t care with what gender. In the heat of the talk oyar suddenly kissed manar ,manar was surprised and he was never kissed by another boy but he thought it’s only this time it is no big deal so he kissed back.

they kept kissing for about minute then oyar stopped and put a smile on his face and said”you liked it didn’t you it is only the beginning “. Manar didn’t understand what he meant but he really liked the kiss.

oyar stared looking at manar and smiling and he said”I know you came to shave me only but I can tell you didn’t have an experience like the one I am about to have with you so why don’t you let me give you the best day of your life”. Manar said”but I am not gay how could I”,oyar responded”come on man you have it in you it will be fun trust me”. Manar thought a little and then accepted.

Oyar said”I know that I told I love to be slave but since you don’t have the experience I think to have fun I need to be the master first then the slave”. Manar thought a little then said”I don’t want to shave my head”,oyar responded”trust me you will have alot of fun but listen you need to really be a slave and obey anything i tell you , do you promise??”

manar accepted and said”okay master I am your slave”. Oyar directly started kissing manar and manar loved it and didn’t care it was from a boy not a girl then oyar told manar to strip out of his clothes and manar obeyed by saying “yes master” and started stripping and oyar also.

in a few minutes both manar and oyar were naked and they started kissing,then oyar went to a drawer and brought a clippers and a shaving cream and a razor ,manar new they were for his headshave.

oyar told manar to kneel and manar obeyed then he told him to start sucking his dick at first manar didn’t want to but oyar pushed his quickly by entering his dick in manar mouth and manar started sucking ,it was the first time that manar sucked a dick but he was okay.

then while sucking the dick,oyar brought the clippers and turned them on ,here manar knew that his headshave will start while he is sucking oyar’s dick and truely oyar put the clippers on manar forehead and started shaving his head from the middle.

manar had hair that was brunette with about 2 inches long and in less than couple of minutes these 2 inches was shaved to the shortest guard.

oyar turned of the clippers and got his dick out of manar’s mouth and started kissing him while rubbing his head and told him”this is only the beggining wait and see the fun”.

then oyar brought the shaving cream and put all over manar head and started the razor shave.
manar started to feel so horny since he liked the feeling of razor alot and started saying”yes master please shave me smooth bald” and oyar loved this alot and shaved manar head 3 times so his head became super smooth and he started kissing it and licking it with his tongue and ordered manar to play with his dick and manar obeyed and started playing with oyar dick,they stayed like that for about 15 minutes then oyar stoped.

manar thought that it is his time now but oyar said”not so fast I am not finished I will not leave any peice of hair on your body” manar could not do anything but say “okay master”.

then oyar brought the shaving cream and razor again and shaved manar’s under then shaved his armpits then he came to the last hair on manar body an that manar didn’t think of is his eyebrows ,yes oyar put shaving cream on manar eyebrows so manar said”no don’t shave my eyebrows I will look ugly” but oyar interupted him and smacked him on his cheek and said”shut the fuck up you slave “ manar obeyed and in 2 minutes his eyebrowa were shaved smooth and now manar really doesn’t have any hair on his body.

manar thought that it is over now and it is his turn since there is no hair left on his body but he was wrong again since oyar had another plans in mind then he ordered manar to go and sit on the couch then oyar came and kissed him hard and kissed his eyebrows and head and licked them and licked his armpits also then he told manar to bend over on his stomach and his ass up, manar didn’t know why but obeyed anyway.

oyar started licking manar asshole and spitting on it , manar thought that this is all what it is about but out of a sudden and with manar only feeling without seeing anything,oyar spate alot of spit on manar asshole and suddenly brought his dick and put it in manar ass and started fucking him in the ass.

manar was surprised and in pain in the same time but he couldn’t but moune like a bitch while oyar started fucking harder and spamming his ass hard and rubbing his bald head and spitting on it and they stayed like that for about a half an hour then oyar came in manar’s ass and stopped and sat on couch tired.

manar was still surprised of what happened and that he not only became gay and got shaved but only fucked in ass so all he had in mind was revenge since he couldn’t deny in himself that he liked the feeling of being fucked and loved the feeling of the razor shave on his head and body and now is in love with his smooth head.

oyar asked “so what do you think it was fun right ,i love your headshave alot by the way it is so hot and the eyebrowa shave matches it nicely” ,manar responded”I will not lie I loved the shave and the assfuckk although I was alot surprised first but loved it later on ,but now it is my turn so you call me master do you understand”.

oyar loved the passion of manar and said”yes master”, then manar told oyar to kneel like him before and did the same as he did to him so he shaved his head while letting him suck his dick but manar did not do it in revenge type he was loving it and was getting really involved with oyar.

in 30 minutes oyar’s head and body and eyebrows was shaved smooth bald and now both of them are bald guys kissing each other and fucking each other while rubbing each other heads with love.

Then they entered to the shower and showers together and manar fucked oyar ass hard under the hot water while he rubbed his head with shampoo then oyar sucked manar’s dick then manar came on oyar’s head and rubbed the come on his smooth bald head.

they came out of the shower both fucked in the ass and both shaved smooth and tired so they got to bed together and slept naked.

the next day manar waked and found oyar beside him naked and bald then he knew that he had the best night in his life and that he is gay and was awakened by the shave .

manar then moved in with oyar and they became lovers and they spent their time everyday having sex and letting their fetish be free on each other.

3  years passed and manar and oyar are still bald and still have shaved eyebrows where they shave each other every weak and have sex everyday with their bald heads and fuck each other asses and like that that the gay was awakened for hair until they die.



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