A genie surprise/shaving my Crush

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I find this old bottle on the street.  I see it has what looks like a label, but it is dirty, so I can’t read it.  I rub it to clean it up a bit, when it suddenly pops off it’s top.  A genie comes out. “What are your 3 wishes?” he asks.

“I start to think.  Then I decide. “My first wish is I could do anything I wanted without any consequences, including trouble with the law.”  “It is done,” he says after snapping his fingers. “And your second wish?” “I wish everybody would accept everything I do, including if someone says it was my idea, they don’t get in trouble.” “It is done,” he says after another snap of the fingers.

“What is your final wish?” “I wish I had a magic book that, whenever I write something in it with someone’s name, it would happen. That includes me being able to control people’s thoughts and wants just by writing them in the book. Plus, whenever the things i write come true, the writing disappears.” “A complicated wish, but I can do it.” He snaps his fingers one last time and says “It is done. Farewell.”  The bottle shakes, and he goes back into it. The bottle flies away to a far away place so I couldn’t use it again for more wishes.

I look down, and realize there is a book in my hands.  I smile and decide to test it on my crush, Ashley.  I write down “When I get home, Ashley finds my house, and decides to run up to me on the porch and hug me.”  I close the book, and walk home. I get home and sit on the porch, when Ashley runs up to me, and hugs me harder than I’ve been hugged by any friend before. “I just felt like hugging you when I saw you sitting on this porch. You live here?” Ashley says. “Yeah. I do.”  I smile, but not just because of her hugging me.  I now know the book works.  I now know that I can control people and get what I want without any bad consequences. I decide to ask her: “do you want to come in for a minute?  It’s kinda cold out here, right?” She nods her head. “Sure. I’ll come in.”

She walks into the house with me, and I ask her to wait in the living room.  I go into my room, and write down something I have to test out.  “Ashley asks for privacy with me in my room. Ashley strips once we’re in there and says she wants me to shave her head Completely smooth” It’s a daring move, but I decide to try it anyway.  I go back out and she says “I want to go to your room for privacy with you.  That okay?” I nod and try to hide my enthusiasm.  “Sure.  If that’s what you want.” We go into my room, and as soon as I shut the door, she removes her coat, then start to remove her shirt.

I realize I’m actually about to have my dream haircut and head shave fetish come true.  She asks for help getting her pants off, and I unbutton them and pull them down. She giggles.  Then she asks what I’ve been waiting for. “Can you shave my head?”  I nod instantly and say “If you’re sure, then I’ll shave your head.”  I go into my basement and grab the clippers, a razor, and shaving cream from the bathroom down there.  I come back up and plug the clippers into the wall socket near my alarm clock.  I turn them on, and she giggles.  “You ready?”  She nods her head.

I put the clippers at the front of her head, and mow a path through her mid back length golden blonde hair.  The first pass is completed, and I’m already hard.  She smiles and says “Don’t stop now!”  I continue shaving her head, leaving no hair on top of her head, or on the left side.  I move over to the right side, and shave her once long hair off.  She seems to have gotten wet, but I don’t say anything. I move to the back, and remove the last of her hair. Ashley feels her stubble, and she turns around. thoughts race through my mind as I pull her close starting to slowly ride her and i began to shave her with the razor and cream. I wrap the warm towel on her head. Rubbing the shaving cream all over her lovely, round skull. Shaving it over and over until it was a smooth as a cue ball, then applying baby oil to make her head as smooth and shiny as possible. I  run my hands over her newly bald, shiny, smooth head. As we finish our sexy time I take out the bottle i had been saving for a long time(permanent hair remover) and i rub some of it on her head telling her that it was just soothing cream.

I used up every last bit of it. After 15 minutes she became bald permanently and the sex have never been kinkier. She found out eventually and was not even mad as she loved her look so much.

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