A Girl and a Barber ….. Part II

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A Girl and a Barber…

Part II

By JimB          ©opyright        July 2015




When she arrived home her boyfriend was in the shower.


“Ron, I’m home,” she, Kim, called over the sound of the showing water.


“And, I have a surprise for you.”


“I, just got in the shower”, he called back to her. “What kind of surprise”?


She walked to the bathroom and took off her clothing.


“Just a sec,” she told him as she looked in the mirror and admired her haircut.


Her flattop.


She brushed her right hand over the top, then both hands around the sides and back.


She felt the wetness between her legs.


Soon, Ron would be taking care of it for her.


Turning to the shower, she took two steps and put her left hand on the edge of the shower curtain.


“Close your eyes,” she told him as she slowly moved the curtain back and stepped into the shower.


She moved her hands down and he took a deep breath when he felt her hands bring him to attention.


Slowly he opened his eyes.


They were wide as he saw her standing there with her hair cut short.


Shorter than he had ever seen on any woman!


He wanted to say something but he was more aroused as she brought her left leg up and around him.


Later, he thought to his self.


After an hour of fun they showered.


He shampooed her hair. It felt strange.


Drying off they headed to the living room, watched some television.


“Well, what do you think?” she asked him as she snuggled up to him.


He hesitated for a moment.


“WHY!” he asked her as he somewhat moved.


“I told you I wanted to cut my hair short,” she reminded him.


“You said it was fine with you.


“And, the shorter the better.


“WELL …..,”!


“I was not expecting you …..


“You would end up looking like a man!” he commented.


“Well, it took me months to get up the nerve to get it cut,” she roared back.


“I could not fine anyone in one of those fancy salons willing to cut my this hair short.


“Then, today I was walking back to my car from the library and passed this barber and hair salon. The hair salon was too busy and could not take me.


“So, I walked into the barber shop. I had words with the barber, you know me.

“I got in his chair and he asked me what I wanted. I saw a list with different hair cuts.


“I just took a breath and told him “the flattop” sounded cool”.


Ron got up and walked to the bedroom, saying, “I hope you’re going to let it grow out some and get a sensible hair cut for a woman?”


A week passed and things got a little better between them.


Ron was kind of getting use to Kim’s shorter, than he thought, hair cut as it grew some.


A few days later he got up when she walked out the bathroom with nothing on.


But, he did not tell her about getting jabbed about her choice of hair cut, at work.


And, it was starting to get to him, too.


Friday came.


Kim told Ron she was going to stop by the library for a book.


As she walked out the door, to head to work, Ron commented, “STAY away from that barber shop.”


“WHAT!” she replied.


“That barber shop,” he told her. “Do not go in there again.”


She stood looking at him as he walked out the door to the garage.


All day she could not get his comment out her mind.


How dare him tell her what she should or should not do!


He always agreed with her, as she with him, when it came doing things they liked.


At lunch one of her co-workers saw her face and asked what was going on.


She to her about the hair cut and why and how she got it.


The co-worked laughed and told her, “Guess you showed him.”


She also told Kim to do what she wanted, “Maybe he has other problems with the relationship and this just brought it out.”


Kim told her he had been acting odd for the last six months and would, did, not want to talk about it, nor anything.


After work she parked at the lot a block from the library, as usual.


As she walked by the barber shop and hair salon, she noticed both were busy.


“Will Ron, you get your way,” she told her self and headed to the library.


I was almost six p.m. when she left the library.


As she approached the barber shop and hair salon, she began thinking, “How could I let him tell me what I can, or can not, so.


“I can’t let him do that to me.


“If, I do what will our life be like if we got married”.


She came to the hair salon. It was closed.


As she started passed the barber shop, her hand slowly raised to her head.


She brushed her open fingers through her hair, “Kind of longer than last week”!


She slowed her walk as she got to the barber shop and looked in. The barber was not there.


Instead there was a lady sitting in the chair, reading the newspapers like the barber last week.


She thought about what Ron told her, how dare him. She had her own ways, her own mind, her own wants.


Beside she was the barber’s next customer.


She turned to the door, opened it and stepped in.


The lady in the chair looked up, “May I help you”?


“I, was wonder where the barber was?” she answered.

“Carl,” she asked.


“I do not know his name,” Kim replied. “He was here last week and gave me this flattop.


“I told him I would be back in a week.”


“That was Carl,” she told Kim. “I am Sandy.


“I own the shop and Carl works here once a month so I can take care of other business.


“Can I help you!”


Kim stood thinking about telling her what happened a week ago. But, she stopped.


“Well, Carl ….. Am I right”, she asked the lady who shook her head “yes”, “He said if I wanted to keep the flattop to come back in a week.”


“CARL told you that,” she said. “And, he gave you a “High-N-Tight”, not a flattop.


“I am surprised you let him cut your hair. I mean I bet it was a little off sided.”


Sandy got out the chair and walked to Kim. She took hold of her chin.


“Yep that’s Carl’s work,” she told Kim. “I can take care of the cut if you still want.


“I can give you a flattop, but it will be a little shorter than the regular flattop!”


“Well, I like the way he cut it last week and was hoping he would be willing to …..,” she replied to Sandy before getting cut off.


“If you want it like he cut it last week,” Sandy told her, “I can do it for you and it will be better than the way he cut it.


“But, if you want the flattop, I can not do it. Your hair is not long enough for a real flattop.”


Sandy pointed to a photo of a man with a flattop, “See the hair on top is a little longer and the sides and back not as short as yours’.


“But, I can cut your hair to look like a real flattop and not a high-n-tight.”


“But, it will be short than the one in the picture.”


“What you say …..?”


“Hummm,” Kim said looking in the mirror and running her fingers over her head.


Sandy took hold of the cape behind the barber chair and shook it out, as Kim sat in the barber chair and crossed her legs.


“I wonder if I will get the same feelings,” she thought to her self as Sandy wrapped the tissue around her neck and putted the cape around and pinned it in place.


“Well, have you made up your mind?” Sandy inquired of her, hopefully, ‘new’ customer.


“Like Carl gave you!


“Like I have recommended!


“Or, I could give you what Carl gave you but like he should have cut your hair!”


“How much shorter will my hair have to be cut,” she asked Sandy who brushing the clippers off.


“Which one,” Sandy asked her, as she turned with the clippers ready for action.


“The last one you told me,” Kim replied nervously.


“Like Carl cut your hair!” she asked to make sure of which one Kim was talking about.


“Only I would cut it correctly.”


“Yes, that is the one,” Kim said and turned to face the large mirrors.


Sandy placed her left hand on the top of Kim’s head and started to tilted it downward.


“Which one do you want!, she again asked Kim.


“The one where you do ‘what’s his name’ correctly”, she replied, somewhat wondering.


“No,” Sandy told her. “There are two types of high-n-tights.


“The military one, which is extremely close.


“And, the none military one, which is not so close.”


Kim wondered. The explanation sounded confusing to her.


She tried to imagine the difference between the two.


She thought, now that Ron was no longer be part of her life when she got home.


“What would you recommend?” she inquired of Sandy.


“I know when I get home, Ron, my boyfriend, is not going to like the fact I came by and got my hair cut so short.


“He’d probably walkout, which in one way would be best.


“I do not want a man who is going to try and run my life, like my dad, and mom, did for eighteen years.


“Of course, they were guiding me to whom I am now.”


She thought of the few years between when she left them and began her like and when she met Ron.


He did not tell her what she could, and could not, do. In fact he incurred her to be more of her own self.


Only since last week when she got the ‘flattop’ Carl gave her, did he began telling her what she should, and should not, do. One week was enough.


“NO MORE,” she yelled, taking Sandy by surprise.


“Sorry. I was just thinking about the past week and the problems with Ron.


“He has been trying to tell me what I can and can not do.”


She and Kim looked at each other in the large mirrors.


Hummmm ….


Filled the barber shop, as Kim turned the clippers on and held them for Kim to see.


Kim smiled and tilted her head downward.


“The one which is the ‘extremely’ short,” she told Sandy.


“I do not need Ron in my life any more. I do not need him, nor any other man, telling me what I can and can not do.


“I am sure there are a few men out there who would find a woman attractive with a flattop, even a high-n-tight.”


With that said, Sandy placed her left hand on Kim’s head and tilted it downward.


As she placed the humming clippers below the hairline, she says to Kim, “Guess everyone will start calling you, “Ms. Gloria Steinem, Jr.!”


Kim laughed.


“That is what Carl called me last week,” she told Sandy who was slowly pushing the clippers up her nape and back of her head.


Kim sat as short hair, a lot shorter than last week when Carl cut them, fell and hung to the cape.


Only tumbling into her lap when the weight of the clipped hair was heavy.


Sandy stepped to the right side of the barber chair and began slowly clippering the right side of her head.


As Sandy folded her right ear to began clippering the short hair away.


She brought her right hand from under the cape and brushed her finger tips over the clippered area.


“That is really shorter than when Carl did it,” she commented to Sandy.


“You said you wanted the “extremely” short high-n-tight,” Sandy replied and started to began clippering behind Kim’s right ear.


“Wait,” Kim said. “Can you hand me my purse?


“I want to call Ron and tell him something.”


They looked at each other with a smile on their faces.


“Here,” Sandy said. “Use mine.”


Dialing Ron’s telephone number, Sandy stood there waiting.


“Hello, Ron,” Kim said to him. “Guess where I am?”


She handed the cellphone back to Sandy. She stepped forward, holding the cellphone so the camera was showing Kim’s face and right side of her, “extremely” clippered head.




She handed the cellphone back to Kim.


“You got the photo,” she asked Ron.


All the heard was him yelling telling her, NO ….. NO ….. NO …..


“Right Ron,” she told him between his pleadings for her to stop.


Even saying he would change. Just stop the hair cut.


“Too, late Ron,” she calmly told him. “Too, late Ron.


“This time my hair is being clippered even shorted than last week.


“So, pack your bags and be gone by the time I get home with my NEW high-n-tight.”


Kim ended the call and handed Sandy her cellphone, “Thank you.”


Sandy put the cellphone on the shelf and returned to behind Kim’s right ear.


“He better be out MY apartment when I get home,” she told Sandy who was not walking around the back of the barber chair to behind her left ear.


“So, you really want the “extremely” short high-n-tight?” Sandy asked Kim.


“The shorter the better,” she replied. “Even the craziest at that!”


“I could all ways shave your head!” Sandy commented as she began clippering in front of Kim’s left ear.


Kim began thinking.


“No,” she said. “He’d portability have a heart attack and I would have to call for an ambulance to take him to the hospital.”


They laughed for a while


“I can see it now,” Kim began. “Him being asked by the doctor’s what he was doing when he had the attack.


“Him trying to explain now my hair cut gave it to him.


“Me not being there, the would send him off to the “SIXTH floor, with the rest of the nut cases.”


Sandy began clippering Kim’s left side in front of her left ear.

She stopped and stepped in front of Kim.


Taking her by the chin and turning her head to the left then the right.


“Something wrong?” Kim inquired.


“No, I was just noticing.” Sandy said. “I see you only have your ears pierced once.


“Maybe if, only if you want, you should get them pierced two more time.


“You could wear two studs and something like a medium looping ring, or something which dangles.”


Sandy walked to the shelf and took hold of her hand mirror, “Here!”


Kim looked at her face, turning her head to the left then right.


“You’re right,” she told Sandy. “I might go passed that little jewelry store in the shopping mall.


“They do ear piercing.


“I might even ask if the can pierce my left nose!”


She handed Sandy the mirror back and began thinking about it.


“Ready?” Sandy asked Kim as she placed the clippers, with the number one attachment on it, on her forehead hairline.


“Once I began there is no turning back.”


“Do I have to tell you,” Kim replied.


Slowly Sandy pushed the clippers back over Kim’s head, pushing small clipping back and to the floor.


Two passes and she began walking around the back of the barber chair to the right side of Kim’s head. With three slowly passes and her hair was clippered to a eighth of an inch.


“Not going to cut it flat on top,” Sandy to her.


“Not cutting the top flat would show the “craziness” more. IF you still want to do it!


“If not, then there is all ways your next visit!”


“Craziness!” Kim replied. “I thought after that call to Ron.


“I thought you were going to do it, whether I wanted it or not.”


Smiling, and patting Kim of the right shoulder, Sandy walked behind the barber chair taking the attachment off and tossing it on the shelf.


“Tilt your head back and hold it still,” Sandy told her.


Kim was looking at ceiling of the barber shop, “Great ceiling tile you have.”


“DO NOT move your head,” Sandy told her, as she held the clippers over her face and slowly lowered it to the top of Kim’s head.


“Should I close my eyes?” Kim asked.


“Not if you do not want to miss out …..,” Sandy told her as she placed the clippers in the center of Kim head.


Slowly she pushed the clippers backward buzzing a strip two inches wide, meeting the buzzing of the back of her head.


Sandy turned the clippers off and hung it under the shelf.


She undid the cape and let it fall into Kim’s lap. With her hair duster she dusted all over Kim’s head, send little clipping flying around her head.


Reaching over and removing the cape, Kim inquired, “Finished already?”


Sandy began tucking a large white towel in her blouses’ collar and spreading over her shoulders.


“Don’t tell me Sandy did …..,” Carol asked Kim as she ran her finger tips over her hairline.


“O, you mean,” Kim replied. “Yes, he did.


“But, he did not remove the cape until he had shaved my hairline.”


“You did say you wanted the “extremely” short high-n-tight?” Sandy asked Kim as she brushed her finger tips over the high buzzing.


“You did say, ‘the shorter the better’.”


Kim tilted her head backward, looking at the ceiling tile, “Love the color.”


Sandy removed two towels from the pile and tossed both in to the sink of running water.


Taking one she held it with both hands and began wiping over Kim’s head. She rubbed the back and sides, as well as the two inch buzzed strip.


Taking hold of the other warm towel, putting the one she just used back in the sink of running water.


She turned and wrapped the towel around Kim’s head.


Letting it sit for a while, Kim began to ask, “You’re not going to …..!”


“NO,” Sandy said in Kim’s ear. “Maybe in two weeks and Ron is no longer in your life.”


Wiping her head with the towel.


“Maybe in a week,” Kim answered.


“You know Sandy …..!


“Sitting her and talking with you for the last hour or so, has been the longest I have talked with a hair stylist, even with Carl nor the barber I went to when I was ten.


“And, you have been more open with me than they were.


“I think I will become one of your customers!”


Sandy turned and walked to the right side of the barber chair and showed Kim her hand full of warm shaving lather.


Without asking she began lathering Kim’s head. Starting on the right side lathering high up to the quarter inch clipped hair on top of her head. Spreading rubbing, she worked the lather over, into, the buzzed hair.


Wiping the excess lather from her hand, she took hold of her straight razor.


Showing it to Kim, who smiled, she began stropping it over the leather strap.


Raising it slowly so Kim could see it up to the arch of her head.


Placing the blade, she began shaving the warm lather and the buzzed hair from Kim’s head.


“You can close your eyes,” Sandy told her softly.


“What and miss you giving me my “extremely short” high-n-tight!” Kim replied as Sandy continued shaving.


Ever so often Sandy would look at Kim in the larger mirror, she was still sitting there with her eyes wipe open. Watching every stroke she took with the straight razor.


Not being able to see, to watch, when Sandy began shaving the back of her head.


With the last shaving stroke on the left side of Kim’s head, Sandy closed it and put in in her blouse pocket.


Stepping the lather dispenser she flowed a small amount of warm shaving lather.


Turning to the back of the barber chair, she told Kim, “Tiled your head and do not move it.”


Kim did it, and asked, “Where can I get ceiling tile like yours?”


Sandy began lathering the two inch wide buzzed strip on top of her head.


“Look up with your eyes wide open,” Sandy told Kim as she showed her the straight razor.


“Now, again …..


“Do not move your head.”


With that said, Sandy shaved the warm lather from the top of Kim’s head.


Kim lowered her head and brushed the finger tips of her right hand over the shaved two inch strip.


Stepping in front of Kim, Sandy held a larger hand mirror.


“Now, you can see what I did.”


Kim felt the shaved strip again.


“I think Ron had better be gone when I get home,” Kim told Sandy.


“Going to call the police?” Sandy asked as she began dusting Kim’s head.


“No,” told her. “Going pull him in the bathroom and tell him to re-shave where you shaved.


“Then, either kick his ass out or call the police.”


“Like Kim put her purse on a waiting chair and walked to the barber chair and took a seat.


“Here,” Sandy said handing Kim a sheet of paper.


“I am sure you can find, meet, a few men who will love your high-n-tight.”


“Thanks,” Kim said as she gave Sandy a kiss on her right cheek.


“Maybe see you in two week!” she told Sandy, as she picked up her purse and started to open it.


“No thank you,” Sandy told Kim, as she waived her right hand ‘no’. “This one is one me.


“See you in a week,”


THE ???      JimB  ©opyright    July 2018

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