A Girlfriends Discovery

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As I close the bathroom door my eyes immediately find the clippers. I knew exactly what I was in this bathroom to do. I pick up the clippers and remove the guard. Then I flick the lever closed. This means that the clippers will remove as much as they can. Being that these are Wahl clippers that is pretty much everything. I turn the shower on to disguise the sound even though I know no one else is home. I have waited for this and it is the perfect time to do it. I strip completely as I do not want any hair on my clothes. I turn the clippers on. They start to hum and vibrate in my hands. My hands start to shake as I raise the clipper up to my hairline. My penis is fully erect at this moment. I have waited for this since I saw my first head shave video. The clippers touch my forehead. The clippers are so sharp and quality that they shave the little hairs on my forehead. They start to slowly move up. They come in contact with my baby hairs and don’t even tug. I keep moving the clippers up until all my baby hairs are gone. I pull back the clippers and look real close in the mirror trying to spot any hairs. When I used to shave my baby hairs with a razor I never got it this smooth I thought. I raise the clippers again and they touch my fore head again. I slowly raise them up to reach my new hairline. I start to pull them up and over my head. My penis stiffens even more as the hairs start to split from their roots and fall to the ground. I keep pulling them back. No turning back now, I thought. The clippers are pulled so far back over my head that I can see the trail they left behind. My white head is balder than the day I was born. There is no sign of hair whatsoever. I pull the clippers away as I look into the mirror all I can see is my pale white head with tiny little goose pimples. I put the clippers back at my hairline and pull back again this time a little offset from the last track. Again my penis stiffens. My penis is so long it is touching my belly. I pull the clippers up and over my head over and over. Then onto the sides. I start at my jaw line pull up. The clippers shave my sideburns away then they meet my hairline. Again my penis stiffens with the tip hitting just above my belly button. Every time I pull the clippers away to shake the hair from them I am greeted with the whitest head I have ever seen. I finish with both sides. Just before I do the back the door to the bathroom swings open. Gwen stands there not knowing what to be more shocked at. My mostly bald head or my throbbing hard penis. Gwen turns her head as I need to use both my hands just to cover up the shaft leaving my ballsack to hang in the breeze. My mum then offers to help with the back. I say yes because I know how hard shaving the back can be from all of the head having videos. Gwen walks in and closes the door behind her. She picks up the clippers and says “I’m sorry to barge in on you but I was knocking for 2 minutes”. I mustn’t have heard her over my euphoria. My hands are still over my shaft because it is still erect. She asks why I shaved my head bald. I respond “I’ve always wanted to. I have a head shaving fetish.” Gwen says “ok” and doesn’t seem to mind. My new haircut is almost finished she is just going over my head looking for spots that were missed. All of a sudden I feel a weird sensation, one that I’ve never felt before. It takes me about 20 seconds to realise that it is Gwens hand rubbing my head. The nerves are so dull on my head that I didn’t know what was touching my head. “ oh my gosh your head feels so good. It’s so smooth and soft. But then if you go the other way it’s slightly prickly and like sandpaper.” Gwen says. I let go of my shaft which is only getting harder at this point and reach up. This exposes my freshly shaved armpits and genitals to Gwen but it is to good to resist. I touch my head and almost buckle at the knees. I start rubbing my head and moaning. My penis shoots out cum as I rub my bald head. I look over in the mirror for the first time and my penis shoots out cum again. My head was so bald and it still is.

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