A Glitch Cost It All.

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It was 2077 and almost all of the hair cutting and fashion industry were run by robots, you had to make a appointment and book with the virtual screens what you wished to receive for a haircut, when you got to the salon or even barbershop, you were brought to your own private room, with soundproof walls, nobody could hear you. So if something went wrong, you would be forced to receive whatever happened to you, Miranda was 22, her body was curvy and toned, long shapely legs, her hips and buttocks were round, perky and lovely, her waist was slim but not enough to look disproportionate, her breasts were ample, round and a little bit bigger than she liked but this wasn’t bad, her face had the perfect form, her lips were full and shapely, her amber eyes had a kind and loving look on them, her eyebrows shaped on the exact way they should be, she even had a small beauty mark next to her lips, her long luscious raven black hair reaching down to her waist and adorned her frame in an exquisite way, she needed a trim. But she never seemed to trust any of the machines, partly due to the fact, that they had to restrain you, just to even give you a ” perfect ” cut.


It had been months without even a trim, and the perfection of her hair was getting far to long, with split ends, she wasn’t even able to take care of it herself, she had to make a appointment, on the way there, she called asking for the normal BB219 which was just a small trim, with split ends. She always hung up before the robotic voice could read back her request, she didn’t care, there was no way they could mess up. Right? Her normal hair styling place was a very lonesome barbershop in the far underpopulated part of town, so when she got there. She was checked right in, her items- coat and purse being quickly taken from her, she was escorted by a small bot to her little room, the grim looking coming over her. She still- didn’t read what the door said, it always read the customer’s order on a huge screen, but she just walked in, sitting on the chair, her hands,waist and legs being restrained quickly with three plasma enhanced pieces of rope, she was not getting out, if she struggled they only got stronger, and the bots were known to add more- for rowdy guests, usually children. But she figured she would be fine, only a few moments went by, before her stylist bot came in, no words were said, she just sat and waited, feeling the robots boar brush, run casually through her hair, before it typed a few things onto a keyboard next to the chair, her head was forced up, being pinned with three metal arms, she couldn’t move her head, this was not normal, not at all. She struggled and screamed, which the bot immediately considered her a child, getting a haircut by her parents, it with ease had more ropes slapped across her chest pinning her to the chair, it took no time, brandishing a pair of clippers in it’s attachment covered hand, she screamed and screamed, but nobody saved her, the clippers were turned on, all she heard was a buzzing in her right ear, as her gorgeous raven locks fell back, covering her seated form, she screamed and cried, kicking and begging for freedom all the while, pass after pass went by, her hair being quickly shaven away- withing minutes she was shaven to nothing but stubble, the bot covered her skull with foam, and she was forced to go through a complete head shaving, a razor was scraped back and forth against her skull, she was covered in tears, before finally the bot stopped, walking away with nothing- not even a word, the restraints disappeared and she was forced to walk out of the shop- staring at the doors, she noticed on the wall- it read. ” Miranda- TH333 ” She screamed automatically knowing it meant for a total headshave. She vowed from that day to never ever- trust a machine again,

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