A Good Walk Spoiled

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In spite of a rocky start, it was turning out to be a great day. The woods were alive with birds; the trail was clear and the sun shown in the sky like a golden coin.

Jujou hiked on and the braid that hung over her shoulder caught the sun’s rays and brought them to shimmering life. Life was good and she was a bit ahead of schedule to make her first camp. Thank GOD the assholes she’s run into in town were heading OUT.

“The nerve of those guys,” she thought. “Wolf whistling and making obscene gestures in the General store like I was a piece of meat.”
Deep in her mind though, she knew that wasn’t really what had made her uneasy. No, not at all. The thing that scared her the most was their friend, the one who said nothing but glared at her like she’d just run over his puppy. THAT guy scared her more than she wanted to admit.

But, that was hours ago. They were long gone and she was hiking down the trail on a beautiful, hot summer’s day.

Sweat trickled between her pert breasts as she tilted her head back and took a pull from her canteen. Capping it, she looked warily around. The breeze had died and she could hear the buzzing of the insects in the trees. No one around for miles…

“What the hell” she said as she un-shouldered her pack. She stretched languidly, reached down and in one swift motion pulled her shirt off. her bra quickly followed. She tied the arms of her shirt around her waist and spread sunscreen across her breasts (Don’t need a sunburn there!) and thought that the day could not possibly get any better.

Jujou re-shouldered her pack and as she headed down the track, there was a quick glint of reflection to her right. She turned, curious to know what it was she’d seen.

Standing still as can be, she scanned the tree line. Nothing moved. Not even a leaf.

“Hmmm” she said in a low voice, “must be seeing things.”

Whistling a happy tune she headed off down the trail, her bare breasts bouncing as she went. Yup, it was a glorious day.

In the tree line, three figures stirred and then rose as the topless redhead disappeared over a small rise. Silently, they moved as one parallel to the trail.

The hunt had begun.

Jujou took a bearing from her compass. According to her map, the lake should be just around the next bend. Five minutes later a gorgeous little glade with a small lake came into view. It was everything she hopped it would be and more. Lolling willow trees nodded lazily over the water, there was a shingle of white river sand and a few cattails grew among the small boulders that were scattered along the beach.

In no time at all she’d put up her tent and started a small fire, Putting on a pot of water she looked out upon the vista before her with longing. It was still very hot and she had a couple of hours before night fall.

Smiling, she unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall. She’d worn a bathing suit bottom so she could take a swim should the chance arrive but, she had the camp all to herself and it quickly joined her shorts on the sand.

Her red bush caught the rays of the afternoon sun and almost glowed as she entered the lake. The water was cold and bracing as she scrubbed the sweat and trail grime from her lithe body. She swam in small circles as the sun began to approach the horizon then got out and lay naked on the grass to let its warmth dry her freshly scrubbed skin.

She finally arose when her hunger became noticeable. As she reached for her pack she hesitated. The night was going to be very warm and she was utterly alone. Why bother with getting dressed at all? In fact, she thought, “maybe I’ll just hike the entire trail naked as a jaybird!” The thought of the sun caressing her naked body for a few days turned her on immensely and while her dinner cooked on the campfire she paused for a little bit if self loving refreshment.

After dinner, she dutifully washed her dishes and packed them away so she could be on her way early. Eschewing the tent, she instead chose to sleep beneath the stars atop her bed roll and as the full moon rose above the tree top her fingers once again traveled through her red curls and parted her neither lips and the night was silent save for the moans of the lovely little redhead.

The moon had set and Jujou’s fire burned down. A lone figure stood over her naked form. He began to reach for her but hesitated. Thinking for a moment he left her side and strode to her tent. Quietly, he took her freshly washed bra and bottoms from where the hung in a small line. Nodding to himself, the stranger silently melted into the darkness.

Day 2

Jujou shouldered her load and set off in the direction of her next camp. She was ever so slightly nervous. Some animal it seemed had come into her camp in the night and taken her bra and bathing suit bottoms. In her mind she imagined some small rodent scurrying off into the night, her bottoms trailing behind as it ran down its burrow with its warm prize. “Oh well”, she thought. “Probably need it more than I did.”

Like yesterday, the sun was warm but today, she was hiking in all her naked glory. As she hit the trail she mused about how sexy she was going to look with an all over tan and her beautiful red hair. The guys (and more than a few gals!) back home were going to find the combination irresistible.

The hike was long and the trail complicated. Without her map and trusty compass she would have been lost a hundred times but, at long last, she came to her next camping spot. This lake was a bit smaller but, what it lacked in size, it more than made up for in beauty.

As before, she set up camp (though this time she didn’t bother with the tent) and then went for a swim. Dinner followed and more self love followed that. This time however, she did not hold back. Her moans traveled across the small lake and deep in the woods, faces smiled.

Day 3

The morning was bright, Jujou awoke and stretched. The embers of last night’s fire were still going and it only took a few minutes to get a fire going. She put a pot of coffee on to boil and began to pack. She rolled up her sleeping bad and grabbed for her pack…

Something was wrong; the pack was too light, way too light. Her tent was gone!

“What the HELL!” she said as she looked around for it. It was nowhere to be seen. Someone had taken it! What else was missing? She up ended her bag, spilling its contents on the ground

“Oh no!” she said “No, no, no, no!”

Her map and compass were nowhere found. She had no way to find her way back to town…

Jujou went into complete panic mode. On her knees, she bent over and scrabbled through the contents of her pack as they lay scattered upon the ground. Her compass and map were nowhere to be found. Elbows on the ground, she put her head in her hands and said to herself “Think damn it…think!”

There was no other answer. SOMEONE had taken her things.

“God damn it, they must have been watching me the entire time…”

“Oh SHIT!” she exclaimed as she suddenly realized she was still buck naked with her ass in the air!

Quickly as she could, the pretty redhead threw on her shirt and shorts. She grabbed her boots only to find the socks were missing abut shoved her tender and shapely feet into them anyway. Not bothering to lace them up, she scraped up all of her things and flung them into her back and quickly got up to leave. Yesterday’s paradise had suddenly become her own personal hell.

Stuffing her bedroll roughly into the pack she got up and headed back the way she thought she had come.

Plunging into the woods, it didn’t take her long to get…lost.

Somehow, she had lost the trail if it had ever really been such. Every time she saw a familiar landmark or tree, she found herself even more lost than before and on top of that, the leather of her boots was beginning to chafe her soft feet.

By mid day the poor girl was spent both physically and emotionally. Worse than that, in her panic to get back to town she had completely forgotten to fill her canteen! She had enough to last her the day (maybe) and no more. If she didn’t make her way back to the lake she was going to be in real trouble…fast.

And so, Jujou tried to retrace her steps. Eventually, she made it back to her old camp and kindled a fire. Filling her canteen, she vowed to set out by dawn the next day.

But how, how was she going to prevent any more of her things from going missing in the night?

She took off her boots and ministered to her chafed and very sore feet. Boiling some water, she bathed them carefully and bound them with strips torn from the hem of her shirt. The shirt had been a stylish, midriff bearing number this morning. Now, the bottom of her boobs were hanging out of it and she was pretty sure that the slightest movement resulted in her nipples being exposed to the world. Still, it was better than nothing.

All she could think about was sleep. Glancing at her boots, she had an inspiration. Pulling off a bootlace, she passed it through an eyelet on each boot and then through the loop strap at the top of her pack. Once they were all tied tightly, she made a loop at the end of the lace and passed it over her delicate wrist then and pulled it tight. If anyone should try to take her stuff tonight the tugging would wake her up. Placing a fire wood cudgel beside her, she rolled on her side and went to sleep.

It was the heat that woke her. Opening her eyes, Jujou saw a roaring fire going in her pit. “How nice” she thought as her eyes closed once again. Then it hit her, When she’d gone to sleep the fire was banked and well on its way to burning down to embers. This fire was a blaze!

Slowly, quietly, the petite girl reached for her club. It was nowhere to be found. Then, as she glanced at the place where she put it she saw to her horror the severed end of a bootlace tied around her wrist.

“Fuck!” she yelled out in anger and fear.

She sat up and looked into the darkness but the fire blinded her to the night.

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM ME!” she yelled out. Only the roar of the fire met her ears.

Crying, she rolled herself into a ball and waited for the dawn.

Day 4

The sun rose bright and hot. It should have been her last day on the trail but instead, she was stranded without boots, equipment or even food. Looking out at the lake she thought “well, at least I have plenty of water.”

What she didn’t have was a canteen to carry it in. Even if she still had her boots, she couldn’t risk getting lost in the woods without any water. She was effectively stuck here.

The day grew hotter and the bugs were incessant. Flies had found her unwashed body and attacked the salt around her eyes, nose and mouth but, she refused to enter the water for fear that when she returned, her clothes would be gone.

It was a waiting game now. Sooner or later she knew that her tormentor would reveal himself…

Day 7

For three days and nights Jujou sat on the grass that surrounded the lovely little lake she’d first seen 5 days ago. How she hated it.

For the fourth time in an hour, the bedraggled girl got up and drank water from the lake. It did nothing to assuage the hunger churning in her guts but, it did keep her from feeling so hollow. Of course, the result of this liquid diet was urination…LOTS of urination. And so, ten minutes later, she rose to pee. Slowly, she got to her feet and dragged herself to her favorite tree. As she dropped her filthy pants, something caught her eye in the branches above. Was that…a bag?

Without even bothering to pull up her shorts, the poor girl stood for a closer look. Yup, it was a bag all right. A clear plastic bag on a string and through its sides she could just barely make out the word “Granola” printed on the side of a green bar.

“Oh my GOD! She exclaimed as she frantically searched for a stick, a rock…SOMETHING which with to knock the bag down.


Circling the tree wider and wider she frantically looked for ANYTHING! But, alas, the ground was scoured bare and the bag of food just hung there.

Grabbing her shorts from the ground she set off to see what she could find. Finding a stick at last, the desperate girl returned to the tree and the food was gone.

At the base of the tree, a plastic bag had been placed over the stump of a small branch. Over it the word clothes had been carved into the bark along with an arrow pointing down to the bag.

She shook her head and said to no one in particular “No way…No fuckin’ way!” and then headed back to her camp.
The fire was out and cold and so, she curled up and tried to sleep. But, visions of granola bars danced across her mind and sleep evaded her. She drank more water and of course, that made her have to pee. Heading for the tree, she saw that the bag was still there.

She stepped out of her shorts and squatted in the dirt. She finished but, remained squatting. Then, with a heavy sigh, she walked up to the bag and put her shorts into it. What was left of her shirt quickly followed. Looking up at the tree she said “You win” and trudged back to her lake side camp to try and get some sleep.

“So this is rock bottom” she muttered as she followed the well worn path in the grass. “Well, at least there’s nothing more he can take from me.”

The dark figure slipped from behind a tree and laughed softly. “That’s what you think” he said as he took the bag of clothes and disappeared into the night.

Jujou awoke to nature’s call. The water she was drinking to satisfy her hunger meant that she spent a large portion of her day trudging from her camp to the latrine buy the big tree.

When she got there she looked around for the bag of food but, it was nowhere to be seen.

“Guess I should of known.” she said with a sigh. By now she hadn’t eaten for three days and she was just too weak to even be angry about the deception.

Finishing up, she walked back to her lonely, ready to spend her first day “Naked and Afraid”.

When she arrived there, something caught her eyes. There, in the center of her sleeping spot were two, green wrapped nut and grain bars.

Hardly believing her eyes, she sank to her knees and bent over to examine them very closely.

Was this some kind of trap?

No signs of a bobby trap. She looked cautiously around; not one to be seen anywhere.

Cautiously, Jujou reached out and picked up a bar. The wrapper was intact, no signs of tampering.

Slowly, carefully she tore off a corner of the wrapper and then sniffed its contents.

Instantly, the warm smell of granola filled her nostrils. She paused to savor it for a moment before carefully opening the end and pushing the small bar a little ways out.

She touched is cautiously with the tip of her tongue and the flavor made her salivate. Not wanting to miss a single flake, she nibbled a bit off of the end and chewed. It was the most glorious thing the poor girl had ever tasted,

In a few moments, she had finished the entire bar. The other she put in a hole in a nearby rock for later.

“Time for a drink” she thought and for a moment, things didn’t seem as bad as they really were.

After a quick swim, Jujou toot a short stroll up the beach. If she could just find something that could be fashioned into some semblance of shoes or something in which to hold water she could make a break for it but, this far out in the wilderness, there were few signs of human activity.

She returned to camp and checked on her prize. Nothing! The hole in the rock was empty! Where was her food? She looked everywhere but, there was no sign of the precious bar.

At first, she assumed that some animal had taken it but she soon realized the truth. Her tormentors had taken it. There would be no hoarding of food for the long trek home.

They had her where they wanted her and there was nothing she could do about it.

The smell woke her.

SOMEONE…was cooking.

Jujou smelled…Fried trout.

Rising from her grassy bed, the poor girl looked around for the source of that mouth watering smell.

Slowly standing, she took in the view. There, in the tree line, was that a wisp of smoke? Not daring to move a muscle she put everything she had into watching the spot.

Again! Definitely smoke.

Without a thought to danger, she put one foot before the other and headed off in the direction of the smoke.

She didn’t care who it was, she didn’t care what they wanted in return. She HAD to eat.

Jujou stumbled on, the long grass grabbed at her ankles and several times she thought she would fall. Would she be able to rise again if she fell? She honestly didn’t know.

At long last, she reached the tree line. The smell was intense now and she could clearly see the campfire’s smoke. Just a few more feet…

She rounded a tree and there they were. Three camouflage clad hunters sat around a moderate fire. Half a dozen glorious trout sizzled in a frying pan atop it.

The men were busy eating steaming hot fish from their camp dishes with their fingers. It looked so good.

She just stood there, naked, dirty and hungry. Not sure how to approach the men.

Without looking up, the one with her back to her said. “What took ya so long woman?”

The voice was familiar and laced with venom but, in her weakened state she couldn’t place it.

“I suppose you’ll be wantin’ something to eat.”

“Yes…yes Sir…” she answered submissively.

“It ain’t free ya know.” said the man to the right of the first.

“No Sir, it ain’t.” added the third. Yer gonna have to pay for food.

“Yup, gonna have to earn it.” added the first.

“Pa…please…I’m starving…”

“Starving? Ha!” said the man with his back to her. “Here that boys? She ain’t eaten in 2 days and she thinks she’s starving.”

They all laughed.

The first man gestured to the man on his right.

“That there’s Buck,” he said. Buck’s old lady up and run off on him ’bout 6 months ago and he ain’t had no action since. I bet for a quick blow job he’d be willing to share some of his fish with you.”

Buck unlimbered his 6′ frame and stood up. The bulge in his pants was VERY obvious.

Jujou closed her eyes tightly. Was she really going to debase herself for a fish? The smell of the trout wafted to her…and she began to walk in his direction.

“Whoa, whoa…” said the first guy. “No walking, crawl.”

Sinking to her knees, Jujou slowly crawled to Buck. She reached him and knelt before him resigned.

Without ceremony, the burly hunter unzipped his pants and released his stiff cock. Jujou opened her mouth and waited.


“Honey, it ain’t gonna suck itself.” Buck said with a chuckle.

Jujou opened her eyes. Buck pointed to his cock and ordered “Suck”

Leaning forward, she took his unwashed member into her mouth. The salty sweaty taste made hr gag but, she closed her lips around it and started to suck and bob.

As his excitement grew, Buck began to thrust in and out of the poor girl’s mouth. Slowly at first but with increasing urgency he pumped in and out between her lips and she was taken by surprise when he suddenly grabbed her hair in both hands and began to fuck her face in earnest. Fortunately, he didn’t last too long. With a grunt he pulled her face into his pubic hair and held her there as his hot cum shot down her throat. Just as she thought she would pass out, Buck pulled out and pushed her to the ground. He was done with her for now and discarded her as though she were a piece of trash.

Catching her breath, Jujou regained her knees and calmed herself. Maybe now she would get something to eat.

“How was she Buck?” asked the third hunter.

“Eh…I’ve had better” he said as he forked a fish from the pan and resumed his meal.

“Whelp, I guess it’s worth a piece of fish to find out for myself” he said as he stood and unzipped. “Come to Papa Cal.” he said with a beckoning gesture.

Jujou groaned but, not daring to disobey, she crawled around the fire and knelt before him.

Cal was somewhat gentler than Buck but, also somewhat larger. His cock was not so much long as it was fat and it strained her mouth to its limit do accommodate him but, accommodate him she did. He took his time with her and savored her mouth for a good 30 minutes before shooting his load into her mouth. Unlike Buck, she was forced to taste its full salty flavor. She considered spitting it out but thought better of it and swallowed instead.

“Please Sirs, I’m so hungry. Can I please eat now?” she begged.

“Well, what about Max?” asked Cal in an exasperated tone.

“Don’t he get no Love too?” inquired Buck.

Jujou glanced in the third man’s direction but, in the intervening campfire’s light she could make out very little of him.

“It’s all right boys, I’ll get mine when I’m good and ready.” he said in his deep voice. “Let her eat, she gonna need to get her strength back.”

Buck grunted, Cal nodded and a plate was placed on the ground before her. A plate covered with…fish heads and spines.

Surprised, the poor redhead looked up, a question in her disappointed eyes.

“What, not good enough for you missy?” Buck asked in a gruff voice.

“All you college sluts are the same” added Cal. “Be happy you got them fish heads at all! If it was up to me you’d only be getting a belly full of cum for each meal.”

“Ha ha ha!” laughed Buck. “Fish heads and cum…It’s what’s for dinner.”

Realizing things could get much worse; the poor girl bent to the plate to eat what she could from the sparse bones and heads. Trout eyes never tasted so good but, there wasn’t even enough to stop her belly from growling so loud that the others could hear it.

She glanced at the pan as it cooled by the fire. One lovely crisp trout looked back at her with its accusing poached eye.

“Well” said Max, “Everybody get enough to eat?”

Buck and Cal said “Yep” as one.

“Guess I better toss this last fish. Don’t want to attract any wildlife in the dark.”

Taking the pan by the handle, he rose and turned to go.

“AH!” said Jujou who couldn’t believe he would toss it out rather than offer it to the starving girl.

“What?” he asked. “You want this?”

She nodded, still not willing to look him in the face.

“I don’t know; this is a pretty nice fish. You got anything worth trading for it?”

A tear ran down her cheek as Jujou closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

“Ha-ha!” he laughed. This is a WHOLE fish and a nice one too. That’s only worth the head and bones. You gonna have to do better ‘n that if you want it.”

Jujou’s head dropped in disappointment.

“OK, have it your way.” Max said as he turned away.

“Wait!” she said before he could leave.

“I’m waiting…what you got to trade for this nice, crispy, warm trout?”

The poor girl swallowed hard. She turned away from and bent over, face resting on the cooling ground. Slowly, she reached back and spread her curl covered pussy lips.

“You saying you want me to fuck you for this trout? That what you’re saying?”

Cheek against the dirt, Jujou nodded.

“Well then…ask me to. Ask me…No… BEG me to fuck you for this trout.”

“Please, please…Sir, PLEASE fuck me in exchange for your trout.”

“As you wish” he said as he dropped his pants and knelt behind her.

She wasn’t very wet so. He spit into his hand and unceremoniously wiped it between her offered pussy lips. It took a while and wasn’t easy but, at last, he was able to bury his cock into her hilt deep. A few more thrusts and nature too over.

It was a loveless fuck. He didn’t really even want her that bad. His only objective was to humiliate the poor girl. Reaching down, he took two handfuls of her thick, curly red hair in his fists and rode her like a horse.

Another two days had passed with Jujou giving out blow jobs like trick or treat candy to Buck and Cal. Max though, simply didn’t seem so interested after his initial fuck. He just went on about the business of “Hunting and Fishing” which was good, because it kept Jujou in fish heads and cum which had become her staple foods of late.

Things had in fact, become a little routine of late. Two guys off looking for food while one stayed behind and made sure she didn’t get into any trouble (or their supplies).

On the rare occasions when her guard had to answer nature’s call or she had to be left alone, she was chained by the neck to a stout tree and reminded to “Sing out” should a bear happen upon her.

She was now terrified that she would be eaten alive by a wild animal and that kept her in line better than any chain ever could.

The guys picked up on this very quickly and would often times tell her they were “going for a walk in the woods” and would be back in a few hours. This set her into a frenzy of fear and she would beg them to say. Of course, they would ask her for “incentive” which inevitably led to her getting fucked while chained to a tree but, she felt that was a welcome alternative to being eaten alive and didn’t hesitate to acquiesce without argument.

With time, the guys started to push her. Buck in particular gave her a hard time. He began to tell her that he was tired of her pussy. That all that fucking was making it loose and he just wasn’t able to get off on it anymore. In the end, he’d fuck her anyway but, after, he’d shrug his shoulders and say “Meh” as he walked away shaking his head.

One day, after he announced his intent to “take a walk” and she’d offered herself up, he simply laughed and walked away. She begged him to stay but, he ignored her cries and continued on his way. As he disappeared into the woods she cried out desperately “Ok, ok! I’ll do ANYTHING! Just please, don’t leave me here alone!”

He stopped, cocked his head to the right and, without turning replied “Anything?”

“Yes…anything…” she answered dejectedly. “Anything at all.”

“Like what?” he said as he turned around and returned.

Tears running down the dirt on her face, Jujou turned away from him, knelt, bent over and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

Buck smiled, said “That’s the spirit” and dropped his pants. She really didn’t like anal but, it was all she had left to offer. The worst part of it was that she KNEW he would be bragging about it to the others and sooner or later they too would want to take her in that way.

As Buck entered her and began pumping in and out. She felt him tense a short time later and waited for him to dump his load in her ass but, to her surprise, he pulled out. To her utter horror, he spun her around and ordered her to open her mouth. Slowly, the poor girl complied.

Can’t let all this nutrition go to waste now, can we?”

She began sucking his cock, and for the first time she was glad she hadn’t eaten that day.

Late in the afternoon, Max and Cal returned. Between them, they carried a skinned and dressed out deer.

They broke it down and began roasting the back strap on the fire. It was late summer now and the deer had been feeding well. Fat sizzled and dripped on the coals and the earthy smell of roasted flesh wafted through the air. The small made Jujou’s mouth water like nothing else she had ever encountered and she was certain that the three men could hear her belly as it rumbled with hunger.

“Woo-wee,’ said Cal, “Ain’t nothing’ smells so good as roasted venison, ain’t that right boys?”

They all nodded in approval. Poor Jujou just stared at the juicy as it cooked on the flames and literally drooled at the thought of it in her mouth. But, what vile act would they perpetrate upon her poor body for even a morsel of that wonderful meat?

At last, the deer was done to campfire perfection. Max, who had overseen the cooking, places steaming piles of flesh on the camp plates and passed them to his friends, right under poor, starving Jujou’s nose. As each plate passed her head followed it, eyes locked on. All she could do was look on with longing as each man tore at the food, chewed and swallowed. There was way more than even 10 men could eat. Surely they would offer her some after they had their fill…right?

When at last they had their fill, the men leaned back and relaxed.

The poor girl looked from face to face. Were they going to offer nothing?

“Bet you’d LOVE a nice tender hunk of that meat Max said as he picked his teeth.

“Yes Sir. May I PLEASE have some?”

“Sure you can…for a price.”

Without hesitation, she bent over, spread her cheeks and offered him the only thing he’d never had from her.

They all laughed.

“Now WHAT would I be wanting with your dirty bung hole girl?”

“But…I…I thought…”

“Don’t worry, that ain’t my style.” he replied. “BUT, this FINE piece of fleas IS gonna cost ya. You willing to pay for it?”

“Pay what…I don’t understand.”

“You don’t need to understand. All you need to do is say yes…or no.”

She knew instinctively that this was a trap. Every fiber of her being was screaming “NO, NO, NO…Don’t do it!” but, her stomach was grumbling to loud for her to listen.

She nodded. “Yes, I’ll pay but please, please, just let me eat!”

For the first time since she had met him Max smiled. It was the scariest thing she had ever seen.

All those thoughts however died as he passed her a hot joint of juicy meat.

Without hesitation, the poor waif took in into her hands and tore into it.

NOTHING in her existence had ever been so sublime. She could feel her body thrilling at the taste of the flesh.

“Slow down now honey.” said Cal, placing a hand on her arm. “We don’t want that precious meat commin’ up again ’cause ya bolted it down too fast.!”

He was right, she chewed slowly and swallowed.

“Well now,” said Max, “Now that everybody’s eaten and we’re all relaxed, how about a nice campfire story…”

“When I was a younger man, fresh out of the army, I had a ranch.” began Max. “It wasn’t real big but, it was mine. I raised pigs ‘n chickens, ran a few head of cattle. Even had me a couple llama. Mean bastards, spit on ya every chance that get.”

Jujou chewed slowly and swallowed. This was the first time Max had opened up and she was actually interested is what he had to say. Maybe, she could figure out what made him ‘tick’.

“It wasn’t much but, it was mine. All bought and payed for. I would spend my days takin’ care of the livestock, currying the horsed and feedin’ em all. It was a pretty sweet life. Except for one thing…I was lonely as hell. It wasn’t that I couldn’t find female companionship. Hell, I had plenty of that! Nah, what I was missin’ was that connection to someone SPECIAL. Someone to call my own. A wife, maybe someday a couple of kids. Not much, just a small, happy life.”

“And then…I met Julie. Ooohhh MAN! She was drop dead gorgeous. Smart, college educated, Skin like porcelain, smooth and white as milk and to top it off, a head of beautiful, red hair.

This caught Jujou’s attention; He could well have been describing her.

“We met at a local rodeo, She’s come down from the city to “check it out” or so she said. I set eyes on her and my heart damn near stopped.”

Buck and Cal nodded in silent agreement. Their eyes looking inward, curious little smiles on their faces.

Max continued.

“Well, I screwed up my courage and walked right on up to her. Damned if I was gonna lose out to some other guy on account of bein’ slow to the startin’ line!”

“I honestly don’t even remember what it was I said to her but, she called me “cute” and my knees damn near gave out. I had nothing to lose so I through caution to the wind and asked her out right there ‘n then,”

“Imagine how surprised I was when she said yes!”

“I spent the rest of the day on Cloud 9, won my events too. It was the most perfect day of my life!”

“After that first date, we became an “Item” and whenever she could get away from her schoolin’, she’d come on down ‘n visit me for a few days.”

“I LIVED for those visits. When she come on over, well…let’s just say, the cows went hungry.”

Everybody laughed at the inference, even Jujou.

Six months to the day after we met, I asked Julie to marry me and she said yes. Spent about every spare dollar I had to buy her a really nice diamond ring too. Hell, I thought, who needs money when you have true love? Ain’t that right Buck?”

“It sure is.” answered Buck with a grin.

He continued…” I met Beth at a country dance. Prettiest l’il redhead I ever did see. Asked her to dance and I swear on my Momma’s grave (God rest her soul), I was madly in love with her a’fore that first song ended. Six weeks later, we was engaged settin’ a date for are nuptials.”

“I couldn’t wait to have her as my wife but, she bade me hold off ’til she finished school in the big city. Far be it for me to stand in the way of her betterin’ herself. So, we got hitched and she drove down to see me every couple of weeks. Them visits was sublime and I wished the summer would come quicker so we could begin married life for real.”

Buck stopped his story and turned. “Cal? Your turn brotha.”

Cal hesitated for a few seconds. Clearly, this conversation made him uncomfortable.

“I…I met Marie at…at the Wal-Mart. (Small chuckles from the others)

“She, she was beautiful…no…radiant. I first saw her as I was walking’ out and she was walking’ in. The sun was setting and her hair…her beautiful hair well; it shined like a halo of gold. Just like, you know, just like in them famous paintings by that Da Vinci guy. I never saw anything so wondrous in my entire life. Then, her heel broke and she fell to the ground. I ran over and helped her up and she was so grateful that she offered to buy me lunch though, she had to buy new shoes first…of course.”

“We dated for about 8 months before we married but, she had to finish up her schooling’ before she could move in and make it official.

Max started up again.

“Now bear in mind, we was all property owning’ men. We all lived in different towns, all married a beautiful, redheaded college girl from the city. We had no debts, paid all our bills and taxes on time. Never had any truck with the law…ever.”

“Imagine our surprise when the County Sherri f showed up on our doorsteps and told us each that the Bank was takin’ our property for nonpayment on a loan?”

“I lost my house.” said Buck. “Been in my family five God dammed generations.”

“I lost my business and my house” added Cal. “Every thing I slaved for 20 years.”

“And me?” finished Max. “I lost my little slice of heaven. I lost my ranch.”

“Ya see…” continued Max, “what we didn’t know was we was all married TO THE SAME WOMAN.”

Yup, she was a smart ‘un too.” added Buck.

“Picked guys with land that was paid off and no debts, Not one of us owed a red cent to no one much less any bank.”

“And then, bein’ as we was married, that redheaded witch mortgaged everything we had to the hilt!” finished Cal.

“She walked off with the cash and we got left holdin’ the bags.”

“We all went to the authorities but, turned out, we didn’t even know her real name.”

“Yep,” said Buck. “And she didn’t leave any evidence behind neither. Cleaned hp so good, there wasn’t even a fingerprint left.”

Max turned to Jujou and looking her straight in the eye said, “I took one look at YOU and I just KNEW! You are just like that swindling, untrue BITCH.”

“So, imagine my delight when we discovered we were on your trail. At last, a chance to get a little pay back on every last one of you money grubbing whores!”

“But…but, I didn’t do anything to ANY of you!” pleaded Jujou. “You can’t take this out on me, I’m innocent!”

“Innocent? You?” said Max with a gruff laugh. We seen you walking around out there with them bouncy titties hanging out. We seen you camping without a stitch on, naked as a J bird. You call that innocent?”

“We know your kind.” added Cal. “Even if you ain’t screwed some poor guy over, it’s just a matter of time before you do.”

“And we are here to prevent that.”

Truly afraid now, Jujou shrunk down as small as she could get. What evil did they have in mind?

Max slowly drew his Bowie knife. 12 inches of keen, gleaming steel. She’d watched as it’s razor edge had opened the deer’s belly with no effort. She remembered how easily he’d severed the deer’s feet and skinned it. Her blood froze in her veins and she said in trembling fear “Please don’t kill me!”

The men all stopped and stared at her and burst out laughing.

“Kill ya? Now why would we want to do that?” said Max once he stopped laughing long enough.

“Nah, we don’t wanna kill ya. We just want to…modify you a little bit. Take away your ability to hurt others. Clip your wings, so to speak”

This terrified her even more that the thought of death. Were they going to torture her?”

“Cal!” said Max. What do you reckon that that deer joint was worth?”

“I don’t know Max, that was a mighty fine piece of meat ya give her. Maybe we can slice off a titty of two>”

The poor redhead recoiled on horror, covering her breasts protectively. Surely they wouldn’t…

“Buck, what do you thing we should take in trade?”

“I was thinkin’ we should carve off her cunt. Maybe dry it out and keep it as a souvenir?”

“Or we could tan it.” Interjected Cal, “Might make a real nice tobacco pouch if we carved out some of the love tunnel too.”

Now truly terrified, Jujou was looking around, ready to bolt.

Max’s heavy hand fell upon her shoulder, The poor girl was going nowhere.

“Now now Cal, Like I said, we don’t want to kill her, just ugly her up a bit. Make it so she can’t ensnare any good men like happened to us. Besides, I like her titties and cunt the way they are, Why cut ’em off when we have so much fun with ’em?”

“Well, I guess that’s true…” said Cal. “How about we just slice off her clitty then?”

“That’s not such a bad idea.” replied Buck

“Might slow her roll if she can’t cum no more.” agreed Cal.

“Might work” said Max as he rubbed his whiskered chin thoughtfully. “What’s say we ask her?”

Max grabbed a handful of Jujou’s lovely red hair and used it to turn her face to his.

What’s say you l’il red? You think we should take your clit? Would THAT slow you down?”

All the frightened girl could do was shake her head no.

“Really? Hmmm… Then what would YOU suggest?”

“Anything, please take anything I have. Just please, please, don’t hurt me!”

“But my dear, you don’t have…anything. I mean just look at you. If it weren’t for this purdy hair of yours you wouldn’t have nothing to even cover yourself with.”

In a flash, it came to her. A way out, a way to save her skin.

“Take it!” she cried. “Take it all!”

“Your Hair? Take your hair?”

“Yes. please take my hair. Take all of it, Just please, don’t hurt me.”

Max began to laugh and for a minute, she thought he was rejecting her proposal. Then he said “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

Turning to his companions, he said “That’s perfect! It takes away her ability to attract men AND, leaves all her fun stuff intact!”

The others laughed along with him.

The laughter died and Max held up his Bowie knife. “Now then,” he said, “Where to begin?”

They had her lie back on a bed roll and Cal placed a rough log under her butt. This pushed the poor girls mound up and out. While Max honed his blade to an edge to rival the sharpest razor, Cal and Buck pulled Jujou’s shapely legs wide.

Max, satisfied with the keenness of his blade grabbed a glob of lard from the can by the fire and smeared it over the poor girl’s pussy.

“This is going to hurt” she thought as she gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes tightly.

Max placed the cold steel below her belly button and slowly ran it down her belly and through the sparse red hairs that covered Jujou’s mound.

Much to the poor girl’s surprise, there was no pain as the razor sharp edge neatly severed her pubic hairs at the skin.

Two more passed and her mound was a clean as a girl’s.

Max gave the newly bared skin a sharp slap. The soon to be ex-redhead’s eyes flew open and he said, “You better hold REEEAL still for this next part unless you want Cal’s wishes to come true.”

Literally scared stiff, Jujou didn’t so much as breathe as Max denuded her pussy lips as well as the skin around her pink asshole.

Once he was done, he whipped the excess grease and said “Woo Hoo…as smooth and hairless as the day you were born. Now ain’t THAT purdy? Sit her up boys, it’s time to get down to business!”

They had Jujou sit cross legged on the ground. Cal massaged the grease into her hair while Max honed his knife again. Cal pushed her head forward and for the first time, Jujou saw her hairless sex.

“For Christ’s sake” she thought, “I look like a fucking child!”

She didn’t have much time to reflect though. Moments later, Max pulled her head back and began to shave away 10 years worth of her perfect, red hair.

He began at the middle of her hair line and with long even strokes, he slowly began to remove her pride and joy.

“Oh My God!” Laughed Cal. “She’s startin’ to look like a Mexican Padre!”

Buck was laughing so hard he was rolling on the ground and holding his belly. Between bouts, he said “Her head’s gonna be so shiny we’ll need sunglasses just to look at her!”

“Believe you me” added Max, “When I finish up here, you won’t be able to find a single hair anywhere in this filly.

The scraping continued and Jujou felt the cool of the night in places that had never felt it before. First at the top of her head, then on the left side followed by the right.

“Well, one thing’s for sure,” said Buck, “This girl ain’t gonna be pickin’ up no guys for quite a while much less gettin’ them to marry them.

“Ain’t that the idea boys?”

“Yup!” they greed in unison.

Max finished up and then re- greased her head and shaved it again. Scattered on the ground around her, Jujou saw the ropy, greased up remains of her once beautiful hair and for the first time in her life, she felt ugly.

No more picking up cute guys in bars, no more tossing her luxurious locks to get out of speeding tickets of to get a good table at her favorite eatery.

No more calling herself a redhead for some time to come.

At last, Max put down the knife. The boys came over and rubbed her bald head.

“Boy, you outdone yourself.” said Cal. Her dome is as smooth as a baby’s butt.”

“Almost.” replied Max as he smeared a dab of grease across Jujou’s perfect brows.

While Jujou closed her eyes and held her breath, Max deftly removed both of her eyebrows with a few short passes.

“Well boys, what ya think?”

“She looks freaky without no eyebrows.” answered Cal

“Like some sort of space alien.” added Buck.

“Well, you boys have fun fuckin’ Ms Space Alien here. I gotta go into town and pick up something. I’ll be back for my taste by tomorrow night.”

“Ok,” both replied as they rubbed the poor girl’s newly exposed scalp and bits.

“And boys…don’t let her wander off and get eaten by a bear.”

Jujou cringed at the thought of a bear.

“Guess you don’t like bears do you?” Cal said as Jujou watched Max’s back recede in the distance.

“Well don’t you worry your pretty bald little head about no bears girl.” said Buck as he drew out his stiff cock, “As long as you keep us interested, we’ll stick around and protect you from the wildlife”

Without hesitation, Jujou pulled his dick into her mouth and began to furiously suck him off. She was going to do everything in hr limited power to make sure the boys stuck around to protect her.

Max returned late the next night, Not that it mattered much to Jujou. By now she’d become accustomed to her daily duties. It was pretty obvious that if she didn’t want to starve to death, she had to acquiesce to the sexual wishes of the hunters but tonight, something was afoot. Something was different.

The first thing she noticed was that after dinner Buck and Cal, rather than their usual teasing and sexual abuse, had begun to pack away all the dishes and sleeping bags. They were striking camp. Getting ready to move. As they busied themselves with packing she’d overheard Cal griping to Buck about going back to his job, A job he appeared to really hate. A job he’d been forced to get after his beautiful, redheaded wife had absconded with all his money.

That conversation filled her with hope. If they had to return to work than surely, they would let her go now. It also brought tears when she was reminded of how she’d been robbed of her own long, beautiful red hair to pay for the transgressions of another woman.

Within five minutes of striking the tents, Max walked into the camp. The men shouldered their packs and helped Jujou load her own pack. the one filled with all of the kitchen wares. It made a god awful noise every time she shifted her weight.

Cal and Buck headed out of camp and Max indicated she should follow them while he brought up the rear. Just as she was about to mention her lack of foot wear, Max proffered a pair of bright pink rubber flip flops.

“You can pay me for ’em later”. he said with an odd little smile.

“These should get ya there” he said as he doused the fire. Buck, who had paused with Cal at the edge of the camp clearing, turned and whistled at her while nodding toward the trail head. Summoning her as one would an obedient dog. She mover after her whit a loud clanging of pots and pans while Max followed close behind with a lantern to light their way.

They hiked off train for about two hours. There were many twists and turns and they crossed several ice cold streams in the course of their travels. She didn’t know if they were intentionally trying to confuse her but a half hour into the hike, Jujou knew she was irrecoverably lost. There was no way she could find her way out of this dense forest and back to the lake side camp much less back to civilization.

At some point, they entered a clearing of sorts, It was large but, even in the starlit darkness she sensed that it was surrounded by deep forested hills. About twenty minutes later they came upon a small log cabin. In the light of the lanterns it appeared to be well kept though very old. It looked as though it had stood on this spot for hundreds of years.

As they entered and unloaded their packs, Buck kindled a fire and put on a large kettle. In the fire’s warm, amber glow she got her first look at the inside of the cabin. It was …cozy and had obviously not been made to house four adults even if one of them was a 4’11” starving bald girl. Still, it was well made and warm once the fire got going.

The men had taken seats on the bed frame and Max took the only chair so, Jujou sat down on the rough plank floor and examined her poor bruised feet. The flip flops had given up the ghost at about the same tine they’d entered the clearing and she’d walked the last bit barefooted. Though her soles had toughened up quite a bit in the course of her captivity, they were not really up to the abuse they’d endured on their night trek through the forest. Still, it had been nice to have even so modest a piece of clothing even if for only a short time.

“Time to pay up girl.” Max’s voice brought her back to the NOW.

Without a second thought, she crawled to his feet, turned and assumed the position, Head down, ass high and both her holes ready and waiting for him to choose.

“”Not yet honey,” he said with a laugh in his voice. “You need a shave first.”

She reached up and rubbed her bald scalp. Thought she hadn’t noticed it before, a light stubble had begun to grow back.

“Buck, bring me some warm water and a rag.”

He poured out the kettle into an old fashioned wash tub and Max had her stand in it while Buck started another kettle and he began to wash the trail dirt from Jujou’s petite frame. In spite of her dire circumstances, the warm water and Max’s surprisingly gentle touch felt sublime. This was as close to a real bath as she had since she’d left her house a lifetime ago. As he washed her womanly bits, Jujou even began to feel a bit horny. In fact, she began to feel a LOT horny.

Now clean and wet from head she sighed softly as Max began to cover her body with what assumed was liquid soap. He rubbed and rubbed until it made a rich lather.

“No need for a Bowie this time, I brought along my grand Daddy’s straight razor.”

He started at the top of her head and worked his way down. The softened stubble offered little resistance and as the razor slid softly across her warm skin she didn’t even hear the tell tale scratching she normally associated with shaving.

In a only few minutes Max had shaved Jujou’s scalp even smoother than the last time and her eyebrows were gone in seconds. Unlike the last time this time he continued on and shaved her entire face. from there he shaved her delicate throat (this made her a bit nervous) and the back of her neck. From there he continued down her back and it became obvious that this time, Max intended to remove all of her hair. When he’d finished with her trunk, Max shaved away the tiny golden hairs that covered her arms and legs. From there he had her sit in the chair and throw her legs over its wooden arms so he could completely remove any vestige of her pubic hair. When he was done it was as smooth and hairless as the day she was born. Just when assumed he was done he had her close her eyes and placed cotton pads soaked in the soap over them. A short time later he removed the pads and plucked the lashes from them. He had her stand and the men checked her from head to toe. All three nodded in agreement. She was completely hairless. Not even a hint that she had once been a gorgeous redhead with a flowing head of hair. Buck filled the tub again and Max rinsed the soapy residue from her body.

From head to toe, Jujou felt an astringent tingle. It was quite nice and she thought she should ask Max what was in the soap but, he had other ideas.

The poor ex-redhead spent most of the night fucking and sucking all three of the men. For some strange reason, they couldn’t seem to keep their hands off of her and for the first time since her ordeal began, Jujou too orgasmed time after time and it was near dawn when she finally fell asleep.

She awoke alone, sunlight streaming in through the little cabin’s windows. Sometime in the early hours of the morning, the men had packed up their things and left.

There was a note pinned to the door.

“Had to go back to town and work. One of us will return each weekend to bring supplies and check on you. Don’t try to leave as this is serious Bear country. You’ll never find your way back to town without our help and getting eaten or starving in the wilderness is not fun.

See you in 5 days



As promised, each weekend, one of the guys would show up with supplies, cut enough wood for the week and, after a thorough shave with that wonderful soap, fuck her sill for 2 days before leaving.

At first, she was afraid she would get knocked up in the wilderness but, Max told her that all three had decided not to have kids after their marital experiences and had vasectomies.

It was some days after Buck’s last visit. Max was due in the next day and as she thought about how nice it would be to be gently washed and shaved she got a little horny.

“What the hell” she thought as she laid back on the bed and began to masturbate. She was just about to cum when she realized that her mound was still as smooth as it had been right after her last shave. After her orgasm, Jujou began to search for any signs that her hair was re-growing. She felt her arms and legs, her scalp and pussy. NO WHERE was there even a hint of stubble!

When Max arrived the next day, she asked him. “Why isn’t my hair re-growing? Is it something in that soap?”

Max laughed foe several minutes before he could catch his breath and explain.

“Soap? You thought that was soap? Nah, it’s a special herbal hair remover my Mamma used so make and sell. That’s how I make my money these days. Got a fancy company in New York buys the stuff by the rail car from me. Soon, I’ll have enough money to buy back my ranch.

“But…but my hair? How long is it going to take for my hair to grow back?”

“Grow back? Well ain’t THAT rich?” he laughed a while longer and then continued.”My hair remover works like no other. softens the hairs right up so they can be shaved off real smooth but. if you use it over and over again, the hair just stops growing back…ever. Why do you think it’s such a big hit in the Big Apple? Them Hair removal salons can’t say enough good things about it!”

“You…you mean I’m bald…”

“Forever” he finished.

“I told ya you’d pay me later didn’t I? The cost was your hair and I collected.”

“Now get over here and suck my dick…baldie.”

Totally defeated, Jujou crawled to him and complied.


The summer waned. Days got shorter and the air got cooler until one morning, there was the familiar crispness of snow in the air. buck, Cal and Max still showed up each weekend and Max, still insisted in shaving her from head to toe even though his cream had clearly done its job. Search as she might in the weeks between Max’s visits not once did she find even a hint of regrowth. Of course, this might have been because he insisted on using his miracle hair remover as shaving cream. She hoped she was wrong in her assessment of its efficacy but, deep down in her heart she knew she was wrong.

She wondered, did anyone even realize she was missing? Surely by now her disappearance had been noted and search parties sent out but, she was miles from her planned route in very rough terrain. She was very doubtful she could even hike out of the valley on her own even with all of her equipment.

Still, things could have been worse. At least the cabin was snug and warm and the guys kept it well supplied with food and fire wood. Of course, they demanded sexual favors in return but, she’d even grown used to that. She just wished they’d at least left her a blanket to cover up with. With her skin exposed at all times she couldn’t even go outside for more than a minute or two to get wood.

And so, Jujou lived out her existence in the warm little cabin in the woods and marked the passage of time by the appearance of her captors. Buck, Cal, Max, Buck, Cal, Max…on and on it went

After a few months, the snow began to melt and new leaves sprouted on the trees. Spring was here! Buck, Cal, Max, Buck, Cal Max…

And then, like magic, it was summer again. The sun was bright, the air hot. In a few weeks it would be a year since she’d first set out on her fateful journey. Surely they would let her go now! Buck, Cal, Max, Buck, Cal, Max…

Then, one day, the routine changed. Looking out the window she saw all three of her captors heading up the trail.

Once they settled in they each demanded sex. It was so routine to her now that it no longer even bothered her. She simply acquiesced to their demands while her mind mulled over the day’s events. This time, they hadn’t brought food with them. Surely, that meant something. Surely they were going to let her go at last.

They ate the last of the food that night. and Max told her that this was her last night in the cabin. Tomorrow, she was going home. The news made her so happy that that night she fucked and sucked the guys with raw abandon. HOME! She was going home. Back to her studies, back to her job and her life AND, once she got home? Once she got home she was going straight to the police and would see all three of them IN JAIL for what they’d done to her.

She idly sipped the hot tea Cal had brewed for her. It had a lovely, spicy flavor with just a hint of honey. “Quite nice” she thought as she finally began to relax…

A terrible wrenching sound awoke her. All around her was darkness and she couldn’t move a muscle. Distant muffled voices filtered to her ears and then, the wrenching sound came again. This time, it was accompanied by a streak of bright seared her eyes and the smell of dank, feted air reached her nostrils. Where was she?

The top of the box finally ripped loose. She winced as the bright light flooded her vision. Her eyes adjusted and she saw…A Hispanic men with bad teeth grinning at her. He reached into the wooden crate and lifted her out. The box lay on the veranda of an old house. The clap board sides were in need of paint and the street that fronted it was crowded with curious onlookers and in need of…paving?

Someone said something in odd sounding Spanish and the man quickly set her on her feet and stepped away. A hard looking older woman came into view.

She looked the hairless girl up and down and then tilted her head towards the door. The man with bad teeth prodded her to follow.

She didn’t.

“WAIT!” cried Jujou. “What…what’s happening? I was supposed to go home! Where is…this?”

The woman turned and stared into Jujou’s eyes. After a moment’s pause she spoke in accented but good English.

“This?” she said, indicating their surroundings with a flourish, “This is Mato Grosso…BRAZIL. What’s going on here? What’s going on here is that YOU…are a whore. A whore who will service these WONDERFUL gold miners whenever they have money to spend on such things. YOU ARE HOME.

The old man prodded her again and she passed through the door and into the darkness…

Max. Cal and Buck smiled as they each folded a wad of cash and stuck it in their pockets. The ‘package’ had arrived in Brazil and the payout had been made. They weren’t rich by any means but, each had made enough on the sale for a fresh start. After all, they couldn’t just toss a bald and naked girl out on the streets of their home town…could they. Besides, how would it look if the three guys who had reported the tragic story of the “poor city girl who had hiked off into the woods only to get eaten by a bear” got caught with her, hairless, naked and dripping with their cum in the streets of their own home town?

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