A grave mistake… or not…?

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This story takes place in a role play format, so you’ll have the perspective of the barber and also the client. Hope you enjoy!


I was cleaning the floor after my last client left. There’s no one else in my personal barbershop. So sometimes it can get lonely. That’s when a young lady in her early 20’s  with beautiful hair upto halfway through her back walk into my barbershop. It’s not common to see a lady walk into a barbershop.

i was surprised, and I just gawked at your long hair in amazement before snapping back to reality.


Apparently my appointment at the salon had gotten canceled and so i had to head to the nearest one as I’m attending a party that night and wanted to look nice. Unknowingly, i stepped into the barbershop without paying attention the infamous blue, red and white striped poll outside the barbershop, thinking it was another salon instead. The person i asked for directions to the nearest salon also didn’t get me as i had to gesture the act of scissors cutting my hair. The person, then had sort of a degree in understanding had then lead me here.


When you walk in, I froze up and went tinto my thoughts, but quickly snap back to reality and try to welcome you without making it awkward.

I proceed towards you quickly and look at you with a warm smile.

“Welcome ma’am.. how may I help you”.


I walked into what i thought was the salon and could instantly smell what seemed like the aftershave my dad used after his haircuts. I observed my surroundings, and my eyes landed on the few bulky red leathered chairs. It didn’t still occur to me that most salons don’t have these kinds of chairs but and i thought it could be a new layout or a trend to have chairs like these.

My eyes then went on to the barber who seems to be younger than me giving me an awkward stare. He looked like he was in a daze and when we made eye contact, he sobered up to greet me.

“Hi, I’m here for a trim and perhaps a bit of layering? I’m attending a party tonight and wish to look my best. Could you make it quick?”


Yours words felt like it was from a dream of mine, I’ve never had given a female a haircut. When you first came in, I thought it was on accident and you’d just leave but you stayed.

My eyes danced around your hair, observing the brown mass of beautiful locks.

“Ah.. yes definitely ma’am, please take a seat”.

I say as i turn my body to show your way to the big rustic barber chairs that were bolted heavy to the floor.


I thought nothing was out of the ordinary and proceeded to follow as directed. I thought that it was my lucky day as there were no customers, thinking the barber could take his time and make my hairstyle look nice.

I made my way to the chair that was the nearest to the entrance and took my place. The feeling of sitting in that bulky chair was none that I’ve felt with the usual salon chairs as it swallows me up, making me feel small.


As you seat yourself on the big chair, I quickly tidy around the chair to condition for the cut.

When you’ve seated down, I kick the pedal in succession for a couple times until the chair is high enough for you too see most of yourself in the mirror.

Without wasting anymore time, I get my haircape. It was a big blue striped white cape. I spread it open with a quick jerk of my hand and drape it over your body, pulling the collar behind your neck. I grab your hair in one grip and pull it over the collar and pin it tightly behind your neck.

“How does it feel?”


As i was caped to the chair, i felt powerless and felt like i had no authorities for what’s to come. I took a look around the environment and noticed how all the reference pictures were mostly consisting of males parading short hairstyles.

‘Weird’ I thought as i begun to fidget in my seat. ‘Why don’t they have many reference pictures for females?’ For some reason, i became more nervous and felt that something was not right.

“Yeah…i feel alright..”

I murmured in an unsure tone, still staring at the reference pictures.

“By the way, i can’t help but wonder, where are the rest of the female reference hairstyles?”


Upon hearing your words, I start to sort out my equipment, I proceed to pick up clippers, brushes, a pair of scissors and combs and put it in each of my apron pockets for the cut.

Continually, I walk behind you and look at you through the mirror.

“Oh well.. uh.. the female also get these hairstyles..” I didn’t have a better reason to give yet, so i had to make one up.

“The females that often go to a barbershop get these hairstyles..” I turn my head and run my hands through your locks as i say it. Then i reach into my pocket to grab the brush.

Without any hesitation, I grab the back of your head as you’re looking around and twist it to look straight at the mirror, and then start brushing your long luscious locks.


After hearing “barbershop”, I was stunned, ‘had i stepped into the wrong place?’ But i knew, that it was too late as the barber grabbed my head to face the mirror. I felt a sense of submissiveness loom over me.

The barber started brushing through my thick long manes i took so long to grow since my last trim. The brushing made me feel relaxed as i slowly sinked further into the chair.

I thought of the answer to my question from the barber that females too get those hairstyles. ‘Well surely then the barber would know how to trim right?’ Was when i felt butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

“Just a trim about an inch and some layering pls.” I managed to stutter out while looking at the reflection of the barber.


I glared at you through the mirror for a second with an intimidating strict look and focused back on your hair without giving you an answer.

i started brushing your long mane roughly, pulling and running the brush through it like i would do to a guy. I didn’t give any special care to your hair.

I kept brushing it hastily from scalp to the tip, taking out any possible tangles.

“Now just sit still okay!” I order in a stern voice as I proceed to my equipment to look through them again.


His overpowering dominance made me shut my mouth. I knew from then on, i had no choice but to agree with whatever ideas and choices made by the barber. I gulped at his intense looks and perhaps could feel my pussy getting wet.

He brushed my manes so roughly, as if he didn’t care if i were a girl. The hairpulling almost had made me moan but i had managed to control myself.

The barber proceeded to grab a pair of scissors and a comb. The barber then kicked the leg stand of the chair, stirring me away from the mirror and facing the entrance.

That was when i had noticed a few men were sitting at the waiting area. And a few people who were walking by peered in. I felt my pussy getting even wet while i awaited for my doom.


I grabbed your hair from either side of your head and pulled it forward over your shoulders, letting it rest on the cape, under which your breasts are.

I held on my scissors and comb and start combing both parts of your hair while thinking of how much i should cut initially. I had already planned to shave you in the end, Your end result is already decided.

After  combing the parts a couple times I bring the scissors to the left part raised the scissors to about 4 inches from the end. I decided on that length and without waiting for anything, clasp the scissors and starts chopping one part of your hair at 4 inches. Slowly snipping your thick brunette hair with the cold sharp pair of scissors.

The level i was chopping at, was right above your breast, so as the scissors moved, it pressed on your left breast.


As the barber was i assumed going for what i asked which was trimming, i had no thoughts and just let him do what he wanted.

I jolted a bit when the barber pressed against my left breast with a bit of a squeak. The action was surprising and i started to blush.

All i could hear were the sound of scissors snipping away months of hair growth. ‘Perhaps I’ll be done after this trim’ was what i thought.

But little did i know what was waiting for me.


When you let out a squeak, I shift my eyes to your red face with a slight smirk on my face and then focused back on your hair.

The hair that got chopped slid down the cape and collected on your lap in your sight.

Within a couple snips, the left side of your hair has been chopped 4 inches short. And i moved to the right side. Repeating the same process from the left, I raise the scissors 4 inches above the end and starts snipping, pressing on your righ breast in the process.

The sound of the sharp blades of the scissors cutting through your thick hair makes a loud snipping and crunching sound that ringed through the room.


I watched as my tresses overlay the floor tiles. Pieces of locks falling onto my lap. The barber had made sure to purposely cut my hair slowly from the parts where i could see.

I jolted another time when the barber had coincidentally pressed my right breast while snipping away my locks on the right. I let out another squeak, controlling myself as to not draw attention.

One final cut and the barber had finished my trimming. Thinking i was done and proceeding to sit up to look in the mirror, horror washed over as i was pushed down by the shoulders firmly into the chair by the strict barber.


Your squeaks and jolts are giving me ideas to exploit your sensitive areas so i could bring out more reactions from you, but I lay off on the idea for now.

When you try to lift up on the chair, i firmly press down on your shoulders, pushing you into the big leather seat.

Again, I pick the comb and start to comb both part of your hair one by one. Combing it makes some more stray strands of hair fall down. Since you’re turned to the entrance, the peepers could watch how you’re getting your haircut.

I swap my comb for a pair of scissors and again try to decide which length to chop. This time I decide for a bigger chop, if about 6-7 inches from the blunt ends that I chopped. I raise the scissors to the level I wish. I use my other hand as a guide to hold your hair in place and starts snipping again. The cold scissors mercilessly chop away another 6-7 inches of your long tresses. Making it rain beautiful brunette hair all over the floor and cape.


I gulped even harder when the barber had decided the trim was not enough. The placed the scissors at the length of my chin and snipped away. I was in shocked as my hair was never this short before.

He then mercilessly chopped my hair, more length falling to the ground. I was feeling helpless and couldn’t disobey. It was as if there was a powerful force holding me down. All i could hear were the sound of scissors hacking at my hair.

When i thought this was what he had intended for and I’ll be coming out of the barbershop with a bob.

“Yeah, that’s enough”, i bravely squeaked out, hoping i can soon get out of the barber’s chair.


I kept snipping away your hair excitedly. The sight of your long hair being chopped off bit by bit is pleasuring me. My pleasure fuels me to chop even more.

After a lot more snips into your hair, your hair is now completely at chin level.

But hearing your words, I give you another intense look, “Shut up! Stay silent!” I give a strict command, raising my voice.

I take a step backwards and admire how you look, even took a pic of the whole scene. With your hair covering the floor and cape.

But i didn’t stop there. I look through my drawers and junk to find a bowl. After a lot of rumbling, I find it. With a satisfied look, I bring it to you. I then swiftly turn you to the mirror, so you could see yourself properly.

As you watch, I place the bowl on your head and press it down, not letting your head move an inch, then bring the open scissors to your hair.


I froze under your command and decided that staying silent was my only hope of ever getting out of the chair with hair left. Flashes of the camera and clicking sounds could be heard after what was a masterpiece done by the barber.

I didn’t dare turn around but i heard some rustling sounds coming from the nearest drawer. The clinking of what sounds like a metal bowl could be heard as I was turned around to face the mirror again. I watched as the barber placed a metal bowl inverted onto my head and pressing it down firmly with no mercy.

“W-what are you doing?” I panicked as the barber reached for a pair of scissors towards the rim of the bowl. The barber glared at me, challenging me to move one more time. A chill ran down my spine as the barber began snipping away. I had then accepted fate as i will be getting a bowl cut and left with hair only 2 inches above my ears.

As if it was not enough of watching my own shear, the barber decided to twirl the chair as so to give the customers at the waiting area a show of what he was doing to me. The men all had stopped their chatter as they begun to stare at me being at the mercy of the barber.


After I twisted the chair for a better view, I firmly clasp the scissors by the time of the bowl, your brown hair in between the cold blades of the scissors, at my mercy.

But I didn’t show any mercy. I start digging the blades into your hair, using the bowl as guide, to cut your hair 2inches shorter than your ears.

i constantly gave you a menacing glare to keep you in your position, without any power, caped.

The hair that got severed rained down over your shoulder, ears, lap and the floor. The floor around you was already painted with your brown locks and it was going to be painted even more when I’ll be done with your head.

I kept chopping right under the bowl, all around your head while holding your head down firmly with my hand. I made you watch it all happen through the mirror.


As i was being spun around to give a show to the customers, the men had started laughing at me because of the ridiculousness that was my haircut. I immediately turned redder at my humiliation and my pussy had produced more cum, wetting my panties.

I was then turned back to face the mirror again and all i could see was a little girl, with straight blunt bangs an inch over my eyebrows. I was stunnedand could not get a word out, let alone pleaded the barber to stop.

A few more sounds of the scissors snipping my locks and them cascading down my back and the barber was done. I lookedat myself in the mirror and thought i looked ridiculous, as if i were some little boy getting punished because of my failing grades.

‘Well, atleast i still have some hair at the back to cover. Perhaps i could escape now and head to a salon to get a cute pixie’, I thought.

Little did i know that was not the end of my submission to the barber.


The men laughing at you, your humiliation infront of them with your ridiculous haircut and the whole haircutting experience have made me really hard. It was almost difficult to keep in my boner any longer.

So i slid my arm under my apron and unzipped my pants to pull my cock out of it. Now suddenly a big bulge was there on my apron. To help my boner. I grabbed a bunch of your long longs that I chopped and slid it under my apron, wrapping it around my cock as i prepare you for what’s to come next.

I take the bowl off your head and keep it away. I head to the counter again and sorted through my equipment, keeping my scissors, combs and brush away. And took the razor and shaving foam to put in my apron pockets. My eyes peek at you quickly through the mirror, with a smug look on my face.


The barber was rustling with something and fiddling actions took place but i didnt dare turn around in fear of unable to leave the chair. I took one last look at my bowlcut and saw the barber at the counter putting some tools away.

‘Why is he putting the scissors away?’, I wondered to myself but decided to seat still anyway. Perhaps my shearing was already completed and he was giving me mercy by letting me leave with just a bowlcut. After grabbing some equipments in his other hand and putting into his apron pockets, the barber turned around and we made eye contact. The barber then started walking towards me with a smirk on his face. ‘Why do I have a bad feeling about this…’

I thought i was free at last when he uncapped me but what I didnt know was that he was merely dusting off the accumulated pieces of hair. I began to rise and feel the damage that was done to my hair and the back of it before being firmly pushed down against my will and being capped again.

I looked at him in horror, face paling as I asked: “Are we not done yet..?” And of course i was not in luck. The barber reached for the clippers that i never thought would be used on girls as i had never experienced that before. The barber proceeded to take the guard off.


Your question to me made me chuckle. But as soon as the expression faded from my face, I plastered an intimidating glare.

“You think?! Sit down!!” I yell impatiently and gripped your head with your short hair, twisting it forcefully to look into the mirror.

“you won’t be having anything here when I’m done” i utter while gripping your bowlcut hair. I pick out the clippers excitedly and i take off the gaurd, revealing the sleek sharp blades of the clippers. It looks powerful to the eyes, with it’s bulky head.

Without wasting anytime, I plug the clippers into the wall and flip the switch. The clippers instantly start roaring and vibrating in my hands. Holding it in my hand, I give you another look, a fierce expression showing my malicious side.

I didn’t wait for any response, i directly bring the clippers to your forehead, placing it down. You could instantly feel the vibrations rushing through your skull.

Then i slowly started pulling it to the back, and the buzzing clippers start mercilessly shearing your little hair that was left on your head. The blades of the clippers slicing through your hair makes a loud buzzing noise accompanied with your brown hair raining everywhere.

The men in the waiting room seemed to have come much closer to get a front row seat in watching you get your hair buzzed. There were cheers and laughter among them as they watch you.


After the declaration of the barber not having me leave with any hair left, i paled. I was stunned and couldn’t move with a shocked expression on my face.

The barber took the opportunity to plunge the clippers into what was left of my hair, leaving nothing but a 1/8 inch path of stubble right in the middle of my head.

I moaned at the relaxing sensation, the first I’ve ever experienced such before. Each moan became louder as more of my tresses were taken from me with each passing of the clippers.

The barber then forcefully pushed my head down, my chin touching the leather cape as he once again plunge the clippers from my nape up. I was shivering the entire time, full of this new pleasure i have found.

The barber passed through the middle, followed by the sides, flipping my ears to ensure every strand of hair was buzzed off, after that, taking the side burns.

I hear men laughing behind me but I didn’t dare look, it was too humiliating. ‘But why am I enjoying this…?’


I see this bitch is enjoying her humiliation. I made the buzzing process slow and sensual as to make sure she gets the full treatment.

After all of her hair were buzzed off, i then covered her head in a warm towel. She was annoyingly turning and looking around with her face all flushed, ‘Cute’ I thought.

After a few minutes, i then took out the towel and started spreading a layer of shaving foam all over her head. “Don’t move.” I commanded as i  scrapped the foam off with my proudly sharpened razor.


I felt exposed after loosing my locks and was in utter humiliation as i noticed the men coming behind me to watch a “free show”. I looked in the mirror and was shocked to see a person I didn’t recognise staring back at me, with no hair and protruding ears. However, that was the least of my worries as i have another problem to take care of, but that could wait until i got home.

I felt a tingling sensation when the barber place a warm towel on my head. And after he took out the towel, he then spread a layer of shaving foam all over my head and started a smooth shave on me with his expertise.

In all hopelessness of getting out of this chair with any hair, i had decided to enjoy the shave. The feel of the razor scrapping against my head was a different sensation compared to the clippers. The barber was having a firm grip on my head as he scrapped my head in a downwards motion, making sure to get rid of any hair left.

After the process, the barber then look towards me, sighing in contemplation. I tilted my head and looked in his direction, wondering what he was thinking about when he then spread foam over my eyebrows. “What-?!”


“Hmm…” i stared at my handy dandy work and had my eye set on her eyebrows. I then decided i wanted them gone and proceeded to spread foam over her eyebrows.

She exclaimed and with a stern look i gave her, “Shut up and stay still!”. She instantly went muted and i easily took away her brows, from one side to the other.

I deemed satisfied with my art work and decided to let her go, lifting up the cape.


I couldn’t believe my eyes to what the barber had just done to my eyebrows. My dignity, my pride, confidence, gone in just those two strokes.

The barber lifted up the cape and i was finally free, but at what cost? I was still stunted in the chair. I reached for my head and felt it was as smooth as it seems.

The barber came back with some solution, apparently an after shave and started rubbing it in. I felt like a shorn sheep, waiting for my master to dismiss me.

As if I’ve forgotten about the audiences, the men started slapping and rubbing my head after the barber had done his works, calling me a bald bitch and a cue ball. Humiliating as it seems, i was enjoying the attention.

The barber ordered me to sweep up my own hair and I obediently followed. Before leaving the barbershop, the barber made sure to make an appointment for me, insisting i come in every week to keep up the maintenance. Not trusting myself with words, i meekly nodded and quickly left the barbershop.

Passerby from all walks of life were just staring at my cue ball head while i was on the way home. I didn’t car as i had other matters to take care of. For some reason, i loved the attention and humiliation i was getting from it.

I went back to the same barber the next week and was smooth shaven all over again, and of course with the barber turning my chair to face the entrance, giving the men another show of my humiliation.

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