A Haircut you can land a helicopter on ….

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A Haircut You Can Land A Helicopter On

By Tammy

I had a lot of my readers in mind when I wrote this. Couples stories were being requested a lot.
So, I wanted to explore the diplomacy between a couple with differences to make things work out for them.


Iwoke up to the sound of raindrops outside my window.

The season was changing from summer to fall.

I lied there comforted by the sound while my boyfriend Jason slept beside me.

I moved Jason’s arm off of me to sit up and couldn’t move as he was lying on top of my hair.

I turned to try to slide my hair out from under him without waking him up. I slowly pulled it out from under him and he moved. He turned and opened his eyes.

“Sorry baby,” I said. “You were sleeping on my hair.”

“Oh’ sorry,” he said as he came too.

I sat up next to him looking at the rain outside. I loved the sound of the rain in the morning.

Jason sat up as well and reached for my hair.

“So, today is the day!” he said. “All of this hair is coming off.”

“Yep,” I replied.

I started feeling butterflies thinking about it.

“You gonna miss it?” he asked.

“Probably,” I said to him. “But. it’s okay.

“I’m ready for it now.”

Jason and I have been together for eight months now.

I met him at a local pub in my neighborhood.

I was interested in him for a while.

One night after a few drinks I invited him back to my place.

We started seeing each other after that.

One thing he said as we started dating was he never had a girlfriend with long hair before.

He mentioned he likes girls with short hair and only dated girls with short hair.

At first I was disappointed.

My hair is very long, almost down to my waist.

I never had short hair before and never considered cutting it.

He told me that if we were to become a couple I should consider cutting it short for him, as he would prefer it that way. It was something that bothered me at first.

We are now at the point were we are a couple and we are in love with each other.

We share everything.

Jason shared with me his fascination with short hair and I understand it now. I took the time to learn this part about him.

He showed me his websites and blogs.

He showed me pictures and videos of his favorite types of haircuts and haircutting. Usually the haircuts are extreme long to short makeovers with clippers involved.

Unfortunately for me he loves Barbershop haircutting the most.

He loves to see a girl getting her haircut at the barbers.

At first I didn’t understand why but now I see his side of it.

There is something submissive about the experience. It would be a very bold thing for me to do something like that for him and I’ve thought about it.

We have integrated his fantasy into our sex life.

He bought a set of clippers and some large barber scissors.

I’ve buzzed his head before and this acts as really good foreplay for us. I play a dominating role and shave him as a punishment.

I also would hold them up to my forehead or hold the scissors into my hair like I am about to close them.

This gets him really going.

Eventually I told Jason I would cut my hair anyway he wanted but only with the following conditions.

One, not until after my contract at work was finished. I was going to take some time off afterwards which would allow me time to grow my hair out for when I start looking for work again and going to interviews.

Two, he would have to buy me a wig so I would have something to cover up my short haircut with.

Three, we would have lots of sex afterwards.

Well my work contract just finished yesterday.

So, today was my first Saturday of freedom.

Jason bought me a wig last week as he was planning for this day for a very long time.

I love my new wig actually.

It is a dark bob with heavy bangs. It sits around my jaw-line and the bangs just to my eyebrows.

He spent a lot of money on it, as he wanted for me to have a good quality one.

I love the way it looks on me and really wanted to cut my hair like the wig.

I mentioned that to Jason and he said, ‘no way’.

He told me I was going to be getting my haircut a lot shorter than that. I loved that controlling side of Jason.

Jason won’t tell me how I am getting my hair cutting, either.

He only said that he was going to take me to our local barbershop and put me into the chair.

He was going to instruct the barber on how to cut my hair and I was not to say anything and just submit to it.

I must admit I love being in a submissive role and this one is intriguing.

I was scared about how short he was going to tell the barber to cut it but this also added to the excitement.

I got up and went to the kitchen to boil the kettle.

My morning routine is a cup of Earl Grey Tea and I make Jason a cup of instant coffee.

I came back to bed and we sat there sipping our drinks as we listened to the rain outside. We chatted for a while.

I started playing with my hair knowing that in a few hours it was going to be all gone. It was like saying good-bye to an old friend.

I came to terms with my decision and was trying not to think too much about it.

I’d get to experience short hair for the first time in my life and wondered what it was going to feel like.

Part of me is excited and part of me is really going to miss my long hair.

It was getting closer to nine a.m. I decided to take a quick shower.

This was to be my last shower with my long hair.

I went though my usual ritual knowing that next time I take a shower it was going to be very different.

After I dried my hair with my hair-dryer and went over it with my hair straightener. I wanted to look my best for today.

I went to my closet to get dressed and thought, “What does a girl wear when going to a barbershop?”

I went for the little black dress. It was loose-fitting and flowy. I slid on some black heels to go with it as well.

I checked myself out in the mirror and it looked amazing with my beautiful long hair.

I was starting to have second thoughts now, looking at myself in the mirror.

I put some light make-up on to go with my outfit as well.

“What do you think?” I asked Jason.

“Wow!” he said. “You look gorgeous.”

“You sure you still want me to cut all this off?” I asked him as I stroked my long hair out between my fingers.

“Absolutely,” He said. “This is going to be so amazing.”

“Okay,” I said nervously. “Let’s just get this over with then.”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to go through with this but I wasn’t going to back out now.

We got ready to go and I locked up my house.

It was a short walk to the main street where the barbershop was.

The rain had let up and the moisture in the air felt really nice.

We turned the corner and I could see the barber pole spinning off in the distance.

My stomach started turning into knots. I was getting petrified now looking at it as we approached the shop.

I held Jason’s hand and squeezed it tight. I was starting to fall into my submissive state now.

I was just going to allow everything to happen. I told myself, “Just go along with it.”

We approached the barber shop and Jason reached out and opened the door for me.

I entered it first and Jason followed.

The barber was cutting the hair on a customer and turned as we entered.

“Good Morning,” He said as he greeted us..

I nodded with a slight smile.

“Good morning Paul,” Jason replied.

“Take a seat and I won’t be long,” he told us.

“Thanks,” Jason answered and I joined him on the long bench on the sidewall in the shop.

The shop was very small with one barber working. He is an older man with white hair and a bit of a humpback.

He was wearing a white barber’s jacket over his clothes.

He moved quickly cutting his customers hair in his chair.

I watched as he did his work.

His client was an older middle-aged man having a businessman’s type haircut with it parted over the side.

The barber was running his comb up the sides and back, cutting away with the scissors rapidly over the comb. It was almost like he was a robot.

The sound of the scissors filled the room as he moved.

I was very nervous as we sat there waiting.

I started playing with my long hair one last time.

I wanted to back out but knew I couldn’t.  We had been planning this for too long and I couldn’t back out on a promise.

I just sat there and waited for my turn in the barber chair not knowing what Jason had in store for me.

The barber was finishing up snipping away his customer’s hair and the sound of the scissors was silenced.

I watched as he lathered and shaved the gentleman’s neckline with a straight razor.

I had never seen this done before.

He finished up by neatly combing the part over and undid the cape and slipped it off.

He took a hand mirror and showed the back and the customer nodded in approval.

“That should keep the misses happy,” he said as he put the mirror down.

“You bet,” the customer responded in approval.

“That will be twelve dollars,” the barber said as he got up out of the chair.

He handed him some bills and said, “Keep the change.”

“Thank, you sir.” The barber responded.

The customer took his jacket from the coat rack and left.

“Next,” the barber called out and this was the moment of truth.

I slowly got up, and Jason got up with me and took my hand. He took me over to the barber chair and helped me up into it.

“Tanya is having her haircut this morning Paul,” Jason told to the barber.

“Oh yea,” he answered. “So, what are we doing?”

“I want you to give her a short flat top haircut,” he said. “Really short with a number one up the sides and back and taper it.”

“All right,” the barber responded with excitement and Jason returned to take a seat on the bench to watch.

The barber grabbed the cape and flung it over me sliding it over my shoulders.

“Big Change?” he said as he started to pull my long hair out from under the cape.

I just smiled nervously and nodded ‘yes’.

I wasn’t too sure what a flat top was exactly nor a number one, as it all sounded foreign to me.

It just sounded like my haircut was going to be really short.

He grabbed a neck strip and wrapped it snug around my neck and pinned the cape snug around my neck.

I looked up at my reflection one last time with my long hair flung over the cape around my shoulders. I was trying to keep myself from getting emotional about this.

I took in a deep breath and let it out.

With that the barber was coming back around me with scissors and comb in hand.

He started combing out a section right on top of my head and held it between his fingers.

My eyes popped as I watched him move in with the scissors.

SNIP SNIP SNIP, they closed right into my hair about an inch above my scalp. Thirty inch of my hair was raining down onto the cape in front of me.

He was quick to comb out the next section and SNIP SNIP SNIP.

More of my hair was raining down over my shoulders and onto the cape.

He worked his way up the top of my head reducing it to roughly one inch in length and moved his way over my right ear.

The sound of the scissors was petrifying.

With every snip more and more of my hair would rain down into my lap. The right side was now completely cropped to roughly one inch in length like the top.

I heard the door opening to the shop and the barber stopped his cutting for a moment.

“Good Morning,” he said as someone entered.

I looked over and it was a woman with her two young sons.

“Good morning,” she replied and she made eye contact with me as she entered.

She had a surprised look on her face seeing what was happening to me.

“Take a seat and I’ll be right with you after this,” he told them.

“Thanks,” she said and they took a seat next to Jason on the bench.

The barber came back tilting my head forward with his hand and started cutting toward the back behind me right ear now. He held up section after section in the back and snipped away vigorously reducing the length all the way down to a short crop across the back.

I had my head down looking into the pile of hair that had gathered in my lap and could feel the weight getting lighter and lighter after each and every snip he took back there.

“Wow!’ I could hear the woman say out loud as the barber was cutting away.

All I could feel at this moment was embarrassment to be seen like this.

The barber was moving over to my left side as he was cutting away at section after section and was now taking the last few locks away from over my left ear.

He finished and the sound of the scissors finally went silent.

I looked at my reflection to take it all in.

My hair was very roughly cropped to about one inch all over my head. You could see every feature on my face and neck now that there was no more hair to hide behind any more.

My cheeks stood out more noticeably now without my long hair.

The barber was coming back behind me again with something in his hand but I didn’t get a chance to see it other than the chord that was leading to it.

He tilted my head straight down to my chest and I heard the sound of the clippers pop on.

Nrrrrrrr ….. the sound of them filled the room.

He had his hand on top of my head holding it straight down and I felt the clippers being placed on my nape. They moved up the back of my head quickly in swift motions from my nape to my crown, pass after pass.

He tilted my head to the left and I could see them work their way up behind my right ear.

Then, over my right ear pass after pass taking my hair down to very short peach fuzz.

He came over to my left side and worked them over the left side as well.

He removed the head on the clippers and came back for some more, tilting my head forward again.

He moved more slowly this time running them up my nape line creating a tight taper along my hairline all the way around the back and over my ears.

“This is how we lower your ears,” he said to me cheerfully as he buzzed away at my hairline over my ear creating a tight fade.

He finished with the clippers and took a spray bottle and sprayed the top of my hair making it soaking wet.

He took a hairbrush and hair-dryer and started drying it straight back making it stick up on the top.

When he finished it was all spiked up on the top of my head with a very round shape.

He took the clippers and a comb again and came back behind me.

I watched as he took the comb and slid it into the top of my hair, holding it horizontally all the way across. He moved in slowly with the clippers and ran them all the way across the top of the comb pass after pass creating a flat top shape on top of my head.

I was mesmerized watching this transformation and how meticulously he worked at creating the shape. He worked slowly on the shape and took quite a bit of time until he was finally satisfied with it.

He put the clippers down and hit the foam dispenser and white foam came out of it.

He came back around me and applied the warm white foam to my hairline across my nape and over my ears.

He took a towel and placed it over my shoulder.

He took a straight razor and ran it over a leather strap on the side of the chair.

He tilted my head straight forward and slid the razor into my nape scrapping it across the back of my neck. He ran them up over my right ear and down my right cheek.

He went around to my left side and ran them over my left ear as well and down my other cheek.

He wiped my hairline off with the towel and through the towel into a bin.

He put some lotion on his hand and applied it to my skin where he just shaved me.

The smell was like a guys aftershave lotion and very cooling on my skin.

He took a dusting brush and poured some baby powder onto it. He brushed off my neck and over my ears and forehead while he loosened the cape.

He slid the cape off of my shoulders allowing all of my long locks of hair to fall to the floor in front of me.

He took his hand mirror and showed me the back.

“There you go.

“Now this is a haircut you can land a helicopter on,” the barber told me with a smile.

I sat there motionless and in shock. I didn’t know what to say or do.

“You’ll get used to it,” he said as he placed the hand mirror back on its hook.

I got up and stepped slowly over the pile of my hair on the floor. I didn’t want to step in it.

I was shocked by the amount of hair on the floor and felt overwhelmed at the sight of it.

It saddened me knowing that it was now gone forever.

I walked back over to Jason and he got up.

“Well!” I said to him.

“I love it,” he answered with a smile.

“You are very brave girl,” the woman said to me sitting behind Jason on the bench.

“I know,” I replied. “I did this for him.

“Thank you Paul.”

“She looks great,” he said as he handed him a twenty. “Keep the change.”

“Oh, thank you very much, it was my pleasure,” the barber replied.

“Enjoy your new haircut,” he said to me.

“I’ll try,” I said.

“So, who’s next?” the barber called out.

“Is mom getting a haircut today?” he said to the boys, “I can do another one of those haircuts for mom as well.”

The boys started laughing hysterically.

The woman smiled, “Not today Paul, just a couple of haircuts for the boys.”

“Okay,” Paul said as he reached for the broom. “Let me know if you change your mind.”

Jason opened the door for me to leave and I looked back as the barber was sweeping away my pile of hair.

We walked back down the main street to the side street for home. I could feel the cool fall air on my head and reached up to feel it for the first time.

I was still in shock.

I think this whole experience was too extreme and happened too fast.

I knew now I wasn’t ready for this change but it was too late. I just wanted to get home and not think about it any more.

We got home and I grabbed Jason and took him straight into my bedroom.

I started ripping off his clothes and threw him down on the bed.

I slipped out of my black dress and undies, and kicked off my heals. I jumped on top of him kissing him and he was squeezing me tight.

He was running his hands over my new haircut and I really loved the feeling of that.

It was really starting to turn me on.

Jason was really hard so I got on top of him and slowly squeezed him inside of me.

I screamed out in relief to let out all that tension from getting my haircut a moments ago.

I was starting to loosen up now as I was feeling my libido kicking in. I loved everything about that moment.

Feeling Jason rub my short bristly hair felt so amazing and I loved the way it felt now.

Any level of regret was quickly disappearing in this moment.

We spent the entire afternoon making love and it was the best sex we ever had.

Part 2 – Later that day

It was almost midnight when I woke up naked in Jason’s arms.

I was lying with my head on his chest and could hear him breathing.

We were sticky and sweaty from making love all afternoon and I got up to take a shower.

I went to my bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.

“Holy shit!” I said to myself as I reached up to feel my hair. “What the fuck am I supposed to do with this haircut?”

It wasn’t sticking up now, as it was lying kind of flat from being so sweaty.

It didn’t have its ‘flattop’ shape any more.

I turned the shower on and got in it.

It felt so amazing not having long hair any more and I was starting to get used to it. It was easier to do things without my hair getting stuck in things now.

I poured my usual amount of shampoo in my hand to lathered it into my hair. I realized right away that I used way too much shampoo and started to laugh.

It was just another one of those things for me to get used to.

I rinsed it out and reached for the conditioner wondering if there was any point in conditioning my hair. I thought probably not so I just put it down.

I turned the shower off and towel dried.

I went back to the mirror and grabbed my hair dryer and a hairbrush to dry it off.

I dried it like the barber did brushing it back so it would stick up on top.

I laughed because it took about a minute to dry it completely compared to my usual forty minutes.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I hated the shape of the haircut. I didn’t mind it short but this ‘Flattop’ shape was too severe on me.

I went back to the bedroom and woke Jason up.

“Baby?” I whispered into his ear.

“Baby wake up,” I told him poking him in frustration.

“What?” he said as he came to.

“Baby I don’t like this haircut,” I told him.

“Huh?” he said opening his eyes trying to adjust to the light.

“We need to do something about my hair, I don’t like it,” I told him.

“Like what?” he asked.

“I don’t know just shave it or something,” I said. “It looks too butch on me.”

“Really!” he answered with a smile.

“I don’t mind it short but I just can’t deal with it being this shape,” I said to him.

“OK,” he said.

He got up and went to get his clippers.

He came back and I took a seat in my chair in front of my full-length mirror.

He plugged the clippers in and came back around me. He turned the clippers on and placed them on my forehead.

“Ready?” He asked me.

“Go on,” I answered with confidence.

He pushed the clippers back over my head reducing a path right down to stubble.

I moaned with satisfaction watching him peel this haircut from me.

He was moving slowly taking in every moment of it. It felt so liberating allowing him to do this to me.

He tilted my head forward and finished up the sides and back reducing the fade and taper all the way down to stubble now.

When he finished I looked up.

I reached up and felt it for the first time.

I smiled with a sense of relief.

It was truly a life experience and one that I would never forget.

“Where not done yet!” he told me and went to the bathroom and came back with a towel, a can of shaving cream and a razor.

He went to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl and filled it with hot water. He came back and set-up the tools on my wardrobe next to me.

He pumped shaving cream into his hands and rubbed in slowly onto my scalp.

I closed my eyes and breathed calmly as I felt so comfortable in his hands.

I heard him swish the razor on the bowl of water and he came over top of me.

He started the first few passes on top of my head.

I could hear the razor scraping across my scalp pass after pass. In between he would swish the razor in the bowl of hot water and come back.

I closed my eyes and relaxed as Jason did his work.

He tilted my head over and did the sides and back very carefully. I loved the way he moved around me as he worked.

When it was finished he wiped it off with the towel.

I reached up to feel it for the first time.

I felt only my scalp and there was no hair any more, only skin.

It sent shivers through my entire body, but I loved the way it felt.

I got up and kissed him.

“Thank you,” I told him. “This feels much better.”

I went back to bed as he cleaned up the last of my hair from the floor and all of the tools.

Eventually he came back to bed and he spooned me.

He kissed me on my scalp and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Thanks for reading,

I FOUND this story posted on an old web site,


There are others.

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