A hairless wish

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Are you a barber?
Do you have “particular” hairstyle in mind that you dare not recommend but desperately desire to give a client.
I did and I did give my style or a lack of one to a piece of art girl.
It was Monday the 15th and the sun illuminated my shop but no one seemed to bother coming in for a cut, trim, or at least a color.
I was planning to close up early but a rap on the door called me.
I opened to a girl in a light green dress, her skin was olive, she wore white socks inserted into blue shoes, her tresses hung low covering her shoulders, her satchel was black and her white teeth accompanied her blue eyes.
Now, let’s talk about her hair for a minute, it flowed over her shoulders and down her back some. She had an overgrown fringe that she blew on to see.
“Hello, are you still open?”
“Yeah, come on in”
She walked in with feminine strides and she marveled at my small shop.
“This is quite a shop you have”,she praised,”You must get the top clients of town”.
“Nah, I hardly get a woman in here”
“(Giggle) except me, huh”
“Yeah, ahem, so what style do you desire?”
She sat in my chair and I tried a black, satin cape around her neck.
“I dunno, do you have a catalog of haircuts I can look at?”
I was perplexed, nobody really bothered to use my book of hairstyles.
It was left in my desk drawer, gathering dust.
I asked to be excused to go grab it and the was gracious for me doing so.
It was old and outdated by my standards but the girl turned each page tenderly.
“May I ask your name?”I queried.
“Oh, I guess I didn’t introduce myself”,she said,”My apologizes, my name’s Tracy”.
“That’s a pretty name”
“Thank you”,she blushed,”All these styles are just so cute and they all would fit my face shape.What do you recommend?”
“Me? Oh gosh,(sigh) well, mmm… Nah, I can’t”
“Can’t or won’t?”
“What I am about to suggest is just my opinion, I won’t force you to get it”
“Whatever it is, I’m sure I can handle it”
“Well, in that case, I was thinking a total removal, take off your head hair and shave both your head and eyebrows, again I won’t force you to get it”
Her eyes had a sparkle about them,”How about we start with a headshave and we go from there”.
I smiled,”Yes, ma’am”
I gathered up her hair and tied it with safety rubber bands.
As I pumped up the chair, Tracy was shifting her feet with anticipation, she must’ve really wanted this makeover and I was the man to give it to her.
I fetched my clippers and plugged them in.
She bit her lip affectionately as I started my tool.
It’s hum was exciting to her and I could feel her scalp bubble with goosebumps.
The first pass brought her so much joy that her eyes and smile grew wider with each pass.
Hair cascaded down to her shoulders, her lap, and the grey-tiled.
“You know”,she said,” I have asked so many before you to shave my scalp but they refused, thank you”.
I smiled with happiness spelled across my bottom lip.
“I’m glad you accepted my recommendation”
Soon, all her hair was microscopic stubble.
“Mmm… no more bad hair days”,she exclaimed.
“You want to go smooth?”
“Oh, yes please”
I lathered her scalp, covered the first coat with a hot towel, then applied a second coat for a smooth shave.
She remained still as strip after strip of cream left her scalp.
When I was through, she marveled at my handiwork and rubbed it with care.
“So… how about those eyebrows?”
She thought for a moment:
“You know what, go for it”
Yes, I thought as I clippered her eyebrows away and lathered its remnants. Finally, her head was completely hairless (except the eyelashes) and the process had brought out her natural beauty and illuminated her facial features.
“So, what do you think?”
“To be honest, I should’ve kept my brows”
“Well, it will be a few weeks til they grow back and here”
I opened my makeup kit and drew on some mighty fine eyebrows where her brows once harbored.
“Now”,Tracy started,”These are even better than my OGs”.
I smiled and removed the cape, she dismounted the chair and opened her satchel.
She paid me the cost and a hefty tip.
She hugged me then left, another happy client.
A week later, she returned but she wasn’t alone, a redhead and brunette were with her.
Willing to brave the shave?

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