A hypnotic makeover

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Evie had long chocolate brown hair which usually fell down to the small of her back, but today she had it tied up in a high pony tail. Her hair was naturally a dirty blonde, but she had dyed it dark brown, and it had faded to a mid chocolate brown. She was in the salon today to get her colour evened up to a more natural looking brown. Not cut, just a simple, barely noticable dye job to make her look like a natural brunette. Her appointment was with Leah at 12:30. She had no idea what was in store.

Evie opened the door to SSB salon just off the main road in town. Last time Evie had seen Leah they both had simar styles – both wore leggings with sweaters and had long flowing brown hair. But as Evie walked into the salon the one girl in there did not look like leah. She wore a tight, olive green sports bra style top which fit very snug around well rounded breasts, and super tight denim mini shorts which barely covered her buttocks. Furthermore, her hair was a perfect platinum blonde and tied up into a slick, tight donut bun.

“no way is that leah” evie thought as she walked up to the counter, but as the girl turned to look at her evie instantly recognised leahs bright smile and beaming eyes.
“oh my god, leah, I love your new style!” evie exclaimed.
“hehe, thanks babes, so do it” leah said, pushing her tongue up against her bright white smile as she said so. Evie had always thought it was cute when leah did that.
Leah led evie over to the salon chair and whipped the Cape around her neck. She pulled evies mid brown hair out the back.

“just a colour touch up then babes yeah?” leah asked
“please! Just level out the brown colour, no need to cut” evie smiled.
“great, just look into the mirror a second” leah said
Evie did so, but as she did the mirror suddenly exploded into a huge flash of light. It glowed a colour eveie had never seen before, she was totally entranced by it.
Behind her, leah tucked evies hair behind her right ear and leaned in close.
“you are completely under my control” she whispered sensually “you will obey whatever I say”

Evies mind was going crazy – “what the fuck?! What is going on! Why am I under her control?!”
But her body remained motionless. She just stared into the mirror. “yes” she said in a robotic monotone. “I will obey”
The mirror settled back to its original reflective state, but evie remained entranced.
“so evie, I don’t think you want to stay brunette. I think you want to go platinum blonde, like me, don’t you?” leah said with a smirk.
Evies mind thought “no way! I love my brown hair, and all the bleach would damage it so much!”
Evies mouth said “yes. Make me platinum blonde”
“good girl”

Leah smiled, and began to mix bleach in a purple pot. Once the blue mixture was combined she placed the pot down on the shelf next to her and began to comb out evies long hair.
“you want to cut it don’t you? Just to around your breasts yeah?”
Evies mind screamed “NO PLEASE NO”
But her body would not say it. She just started in a trance into the mirror. “yes. Cut it” she said, robotically.

Leah lined up a comb across evies back, just around breast length. She flicked on a set of clippers. SHINK. The buzzing clippers slid across the bottom of the comb. Evies long brown hair fell to the floor. A blunt chocolate brown lob now hung just below her shoulders.

“OK, colour time!” leah smiled
She brushed out evies now cropped hair and sectioned it into four quarters. Leah dipped her brush into the pot of bleach. “ready babes?” she asked.

“NO, GET AWAY FROM ME! PLEASE NO!” Evies mind screamed.
“do it” her mouth said. The first blob of bleach was painted onto Evies hair.
Leah worked quickly, within ten minutes the whole of Evies head, aside from a small inch wide gap at the roots, was coated in foils filled with the sparkly blue bleach. There was nothing she could do, she would soon have a blonde lob. A single tear rolled down evies blank face.

Leah filled in evies roots with bleach. She could feel a burning sensation on her scalp but could do nothing to stop it.

After 30 minutes she was wheeled over in her chair to the hair washing sink in the far corner. Leah leaned the back of the chair back and placed evies bleach coated head in the sink. She pulled the foils off, binned them, and began to wash the shiny blue mixture off of Evies head. Her once chocolate brown locks were now a light yellow.
“perfect” leah quipped as she turned around to grab a bottle of platinum blonde toner. She placed the tone down next to the sink and wrapped evies new blonde locks in a towel, rubbing them dry. She romeved the towel and quieted skme toner into her hand. She rubbed the toner into evies hair and left it to dye the hair a perfect platinum blonde
After ten minutes Leah washed the toner out of Evies hair, dryed it and led evie back over to the mirror.

Evie looked into the mirror, but didn’t feel as if evie looked back. This girl had a platinum blonde lob. She was sexy. Very sexy. But she wasn’t evie.

Evies mind screamed more and more “NO! PLEASE! NO!”
One more tear rolled down her face, but she remained blank. Completely entranced and under leahs control.
“so, there’s a bit of damage babes” leah said, almost sadly. “we need to cut that off. You want a Bob right?”
“yes. Bob me.” the entranced evies monotonous voice responded.

Once again leah lined up the comb, this time just around 3 inches from the bottom of Evies nape. The clippers flicked on. BUZZ. SHINK. a smaller pile of white blonde hair joined the pile of brown hair on the floor. A perfect platinum blonde Bob hung just above Evies shoulders.

“so I have this serum here” leah began, “if I use it it permanently stops your hair from taking in colour – you won’t be able to dye it. It also removes any colouring parts from the hair follicles – you’ll be permanently platinum. You want this put it right?”
Evies mind was going insane. “FUCKING STOP IT! NO! LEAVE ME ALONE!” she tried to scream. Tears rolled down her face. But all she could produce was “yes”. The serum was rubbed in. Her head burned as the hair follicles were changed from producing a dirty blonde to producing a perfect platinum. No going back. Ever.
Leah whipped evies hair up into a tight, sleek bun and undid the Cape from around her neck. She handed her some clothes – an olive green super crop top and some tight denim minishorts. Just like her outfit.

“put these on” she commanded
Evie stripped down to her underwear and began to slip on her new clothes. She wouldn’t need a bra with a croptop that tight, so she removed hers. Leah stood watching, hands on hips as evie changed outfit.

She pulled the tight top over her sleek freshly bleached hair bun and layed it over her breasts. She slipped on the minishorts, which barely covered the bottom of her buttocks. She assessed her new self in the mirror. Her pretty, contoured face now topped with a ptinum blonde bun, her breasts sitting plump in a tight fitting tube bra, her buttocks barely covered by some denim shorts that highlighted their shape. There was no doubt about it, she was super sexy now. But she didn’t feel like herself at all.

Leah pulled her black denim jacket over her shoulder, and whispered in evies ear.
“I always wanted a twin. Awake”
And she strode out the door, glancing a cheeky smile and a wink at evie as she passed the outside window.

Evie awoke from her trance. She had control back. All she could do was break down in tears.

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