A lesson to remember Pt. 2

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A loud knock sounded at the door of Rachel’s home, A normal Summer Saturday, where I’d be living out the last weekend of summer break in panic over school starting. My hand crept up to my forehead area where I would run my hand through the quite shaggy bowl cut Rachel had given me. I had a sulky attitude as I’ve always had coming back to Rachel this summer, flash forward a month and a half since i received my summer haircut where she periodically saw me every other week to keep my hair in shape to look “presentable” as she re-affirmed. I thought it looked hideous! Nobody looked at me the same.

I began to think Rachel wasn’t home until I heard the click of the door happening “Hurry up, please. So we can get this messy mop of yours trimmed up” she spoke with a certain urgency I followed promptly into the living room where I’d see the chair, almost beckoning me to sit. “Come on now sweetie, you know the drill, that hair is getting tidied-up” I sat right after, my knees touching as I had leaned straight, my palms gripping under the seat in a certain nervousy, it seems I’ve gotten more used to my frequent haircuts, but I still can’t help but getting a little sad reminiscing about long hair which ended up on the exact floor I stared at while I awaited Rachel, to the side clipping a guard to the red, bulky clippers, which she remarked as “her favorite”. Just before she had come to begin my cut, she seemed to make a call, to my mother I assumed”

“…. Mhm… Yes! She’ll look absolutely ready for school.. I’m sure of it, You worry to much liz, I’ll have her taken care of” She hung up briefly after, placing the phone away, grabbing a pair of clippers, with no guard presumably “Heard that baby? You’re getting it extra short since your going back to school, this hair will only be a distraction, so don’t give me any tears and sass, okay drama queen?” I nodded, stinged a little but by her comment, what could “extra short” possibly mean? Was it not short enough?

She walked over, her impressive figure emphasized as she came behind me resting the clippers over my shoulder, “I-Is it gunna be different? I kind of prefer my long hair..” I said meekly, only an inch away from drawing tears. She flicked the clippers on, the loud buzz sending chills down my spine “You preferring it means nothing, darling. You’re going to sit nice and still for me why I buzz around, mkay?” I nodded, as she drove the clippers up my back, flicking it sending the tuft of hair from my grown out bowl cut, it just.. felt a little weirder as usual, it felt more breezy around where the clippers ran through my auburn remains. “r-Rachel? What guard is that” I almost sniffled, in a way scared as I couldn’t see what was going on. She spent a moment before responding “No guard darling, I told you we’re getting it extra short, correct?” She gripped my gentle head, forcing down a little, tilting it as she drove the clipper around the entirety of the back, leaving me almost completely scalped! She moved over to the left side, going over the ear sending tingled down my back, the hair flicked over and felt on the cape, sliding down to the floor, where Mommy and Aunt Rachel think it belonged. I nodded at her comment, almost curious as to how short she left me. She turned off the clippers, after lining up my bangs with precise accuracy. I was ready to get up and take a look in the mirror, seeing as she finished, I stood up, taking steps before Rachel had gripped my shoulder, almost placing me back down “And where do you think you’re going? I’m not done sweetie, we’re getting you nice and shaved for your new school year, your mother was happy to know you’re going to come home looking much better” My heart sunk in the moment “Bald? I’m going to be bald!” I thought, the thought having crossed my mind before, but never now. I shed a few tears, I could tell Aunt Rachel was getting angrier “You’re such a baby, you know that? It’s about time you learned some disciple, little girl..” She took the clippers again, positioning them at my forehead, leaving them running over my scalp, emphasizing it as she dragged them through the the remaining hair on my top, the hair rained down more as she aimed to drive it down again, clumps of hair falling down into my lap. “Still, please” She ran the clippers over again, in an aggressive manner, sending down the rest of my previous bowl cut, into my lap where I kind of couldn’t miss it but at the same time missed having some hair to play with or keep at the least.. She took a razor out of the kit as soon as I thought she had finished “So.. Mommy and I spoke it over and we’re going to try shaving you smooth, see how you fare for your first week of school” She brought a canister of shaving cream, shaking it before smearing it all over my freshly shaved head, rubbing it in each spot, the feeling was nice, in a relaxing sense. “You’re going to come back to get stay smooth for the foreseeable future, darling. If I hear you’ve been being a good girl I can let you maybe grow to a cute buzzcut, okay?”. “Ok..” I sighed in resignment, feeling a certain terror about having to see my friends with whatever hair i’ll be left with. “uhm.. Aunt rachel, how much hair will be left? I’d like to keep some..”

She grinned deviously, steading a razor at my hairline, gliding it back to remove any hair in line “Hopefully none, atleast that’s how i’d like it”. The razor scraped back again, leaving a shiny smooth trail behind. “This going to be a much better, understand young lady?”  “Yes, Aunt Rachel” I replied, in a naive voice. she razor over any other hair that would be left behind, to keep my smooth and bald to the skin. She finished up, taking a towel to wipe up any shaving cream catching hold on my mirror or back, where she shaved away my nape.

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