A little bit of trickery

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Janet loved her job as a hairdresser but hated to see girls walking down the street with a head full of hair. She could see them pass by from her shop window and loathed that they still had tresses. If she became mayor of her city, there would be a rule that ensured youthful heads were always bare at all times. But alas, she was only a hairdresser. Maybe that was a good thing.

By Monday morning, Janet had put a sign in her shop’s window, reading,”Back to school haircuts for young girls and teens. Bring your daughters in to begin to look sharp”. All Janet had to do next was wait. She didn’t have to wait long. A mother soon arrived with her daughter in toe.

The girl was shy and had the fluffiest, thick black hair that Janet had ever seen and couldn’t wait to take off. Janet wrapped an arm around the girl’s shoulders and warmly welcomed her into the parlor. Her skillful hands felt through the hair. It was so soft and velvety.

She sat the girl in the styling chair and quickly caped her. The beautician then pumped up the chair so high that the young lady’s feet dangled in the air. Janet smiled to herself as she sifted through her young client’s hair one more time with her pedicured nails. With some water in a bottle, Janet dampened the girl’s hair with a few good spritzes. A comb came into the picture to rake through the mass of tresses.

Janet used the comb to part the girl’s hair down the middle. She smoothed the girl’s hair down and began to hum to herself as she reached into her white coat’s pocket and pulled out a straight razor. Unfolding it, Janet tilted her girl’s head down at an angle.

It was hard work but worth it to see all that fluff fall to the floor. The girlie had a lot of hair but Janet was determined to shave it all off. Janet succeeded in her endeavor and gave the girl a mirror when she was done.

The girl just looked at her face as if not caring that her luscious locks were gone. Janet was displeased but released the girl from the chair. She walked the girl back to her mother who was satisfied with new haircut.

A good telling of friends later, a queue began to form outside Janet’s shop. Many a daughter’s heads were shaved within the week. The next time Janet looked out the window of her shop, only girls with bare heads passed by.

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