A Little Extra Motivation

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Like many people across the world, Julia had gained a significant amount of weight during the first year of the pandemic, and was struggling to get rid of it. Every couple months, she would try a new diet and exercise routine, lose a few pounds, lose steam and gain it back. Despite the weight gain, she was still gorgeous. She stood 5’11” with long strawberry blonde hair cascading halfway down her back in ringlets. Still, she missed the body she had, missed being able to go to the pool in a bikini and not feel the least bit self-conscious, missed being able to fit into her favorite dresses. She needed motivation. She needed accountability. So She came up with an idea.

Julia had just finished dinner with her husband Paul. Instead of the healthy meal she should have been eating, they ordered wings, and instead of water or tea, she had a Coke.

“You know, I’ve been thinking.” she mused. “I really want to lose this weight, I really want to love the way my body looks again, but it’s so easy to just slip up and eat shitty foods like this. I need better motivation.”

“Hey, anything you need to reach your goals, I’m happy to help” he replied.

“Starting tonight, I am going to lose 25 pounds in the next 90 days.” she proclaimed.

“Ok, that seems reasonable” he responded.

“And if I don’t…” Julia paused for dramatic effect. “I want you to shave my head.”

Paul’s face went white when she said those words. The truth was, the idea wasn’t exactly out of left field. Julia had borrowed Paul’s laptop and found a folder he’d left open called “2018 Tax Documents”. What was in the folder, though, had absolutely nothing to do with taxes. It was full of videos and images, some very explicit, of women having their heads shaved. Her first reaction was to be disgusted, but her curiosity got the best of her, and she watched some of the videos. Weirdly enough, she actually felt extremely aroused. Since then, she had opened Paul’s laptop a many more times when he had left the house and watched more of the videos. The thought of being the girl in the chair turned her on in ways she neither expected or understood, and now she had a plan to make it happen for real.

“A-a-a-h okay” Paul responded, trying his best not to sound too enthusiastic about it.

“And I don’t mean a short haircut” she added “I mean shave it. Totally smooth”

Paul wondered if she had found his secret stash of videos, but didn’t want to admit anything in case this was truly a coincidence. He gave his most half-assed effort to dissuade her and quickly relented when she insisted that he hold her to her wager.

Julia had worried that Paul might sabotage her weight loss so he would get to shave her head. Instead, it was quite the opposite. He was far more interested in seeing his wife achieve her goal and be happy with her body than he was his own desire to live out his fetish. He went on runs with her every day, and ate the same meals she did. When Julia wanted to order pizza instead of making the grilled chicken they had planned, he made a buzzing noise and pantomimed buzzing her hair off with clippers. When she wanted to skip her daily run, he asked what brand of razors he should get.

89 days came and went, and Julia now looked as stunning as she had a couple years ago, when “pandemic” was a word only heard in zombie movies.

On the night of day 90, a Friday, Julia had spent almost two hours to make her hair look perfect. She had washed, shampooed, conditioned, blow dried and curled until her golden locks looked fit for a Hollywood gala. She sat Paul down on a chair and laid a scale down on the floor. She stepped on the scale gingerly with one foot, and then stepped back.

“Hmm… I just remembered, it’s not an accurate weight if I’m wearing all these clothes.” Julia said playfully as she gave Paul a seductive grin.

She slowly unzipped her skirt, then twirled it around her finger and tossed it in a corner. Then she did the same with her top. Julia bent down over Paul so that her breasts were inches from his face and unhooked her bra, discarding it on the floor. Then she slowly peeled off her panties and dropped them beside it. A few months ago, she wouldn’t even let Paul see her in underwear with the lights on, and now she had the confidence to dance naked in front of him in a fully lit room.

She slid the scale up to Paul to make sure he could see the reading and stood on it.

She had lost 27 pounds.

“I’m… proud of you. You really worked hard for this and did a great job.” Paul reacted, doing the best acting job he could to pretend he wasn’t a little bit disappointed.

“Ohhh noooo!” Julia said in a playful manner, shrugging her shoulders and biting her lip. “I didn’t lose the 30 pounds I needed to.”

Paul’s eyes lit up. He was fairly certain the number had been 25.

“Well, you know what that means…” She opened the dresser drawer right next to where she stood, pulled out a brand new set of electric clippers with no guard, leaned over to Paul and whispered into his ear “I guess you’re going to have to shave my head.”

At this point, Paul was beginning to sweat. He couldn’t hide the massive erection inside his jeans. Julia set it free by unzipping them and yanking them off along with his boxer briefs. She guided his left hand to feel her moist, warm slit as she turned on the clippers, placed them in his right hand and got on top of him. His girthy cock slid in with ease.

As Julia gyrated on top of him, Paul buzzed a path just above her right ear with the clippers, slowly and gingerly, as he was still in a state of disbelief that this was actually happening. He positioned the clippers to the side again, just above the narrow path of stubble, but Julia shook her head, grabbed his hand and guided it to the center of her forehead. She moaned loudly as Paul shaved a path right down the middle, leaning forward to extend his reach.

Now emboldened, Paul pushed the clippers down the top of her head again next to the stripe of bare skin in the center, and again, and again. Julia was stabilizing herself with one hand while rubbing her scalp with the other He reached around the back of her head and shaved another path starting at the nape. As soon as the clippers’ path of destruction met the short stubble on top of Julia’s head, Paul’s face contorted and his muscles spasmed. They both came simultaneously.

Paul reached up to make another pass with the clippers, but Julia grabbed his hand.

“Ah-ah-ah, we’re saving the rest of this until your friend down there is ready to go again.”

She spent the next few hours teasing Paul. Most of the hair on the top of her head was gone, with only a few thin strips of long hair between the paths of the clippers, and a strip on the side and back buzzed off. Julia’s hair style could most closely be described as a skullet, but the hair that remained was exquisitely prepared. After she cleaned herself off, she had Paul do a photoshoot. First in the nude, then in a bikini she hadn’t worn in years, and then in some new lingerie she had bought. After that, they got in the shower and she instructed Paul to wash her remaining hair, then produced a razor and shaving gel and had him shave smooth only the parts of her head he had already clippered, leaving the rest in tact.

After she blow dried her hair, she sat Paul down on the bed and turned on some music. She danced with the clippers in her hand, moving her body as if she was about to attack her hair with them, but stopping tantalizingly close. He couldn’t wait any longer. He stood up, took her hair in his hands and kissed her for what seemed like hours, but was only minutes. He slipped his fingers between her legs until they were slick with moisture. Then he threw her on to the bed and went down on her with passion. She pushed his head down so hard he could barely breath.

Paul came up for air. “Tell me what you want me to do with those clippers”

“SHAVE ME, BABY” she screamed back, pushing his head back down.

He came up for air again after a few seconds. “Tell me how much hair you want me to leave on your head!”

“NONE!” She exclaimed she started to lose control of her movements.

He licked a bit more and came back up. “Do you want to be my bald slut?”

“YES, YES, OH GOD YES” she wrapped her long legs around him and convulsed in orgasm.

Paul stood up and Julia could see that his cock was rock hard. She got on her knees and took him in her mouth while he picked up the clippers.

It didn’t take long for Paul to reduce the rest of her hair to short stubble on her head and a pile of golden locks on the rug while she fellated him.

She took his cock out of his mouth momentarily. “Just a second.”

Julia ran to the bathroom and ran the sink over her nearly bald head. She came back with a razor and a can of shaving cream, handed them to Paul and continued the blowjob.

As Paul rubbed the foam over her wet scalp, it felt every bit as amazing as Julia had imagined. Bit by bit, he scraped the razor across her head, moving slowly to avoid nicking the skin while she bobbed back and forth on his throbbing dick. Right as he finished the last spot, he exploded in her mouth. He fell back on the bed, heart pounding, catching his breath. After swallowing his load, Julia climbed on the bed and whispered into his ear “I hope it was as good as your videos.”

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