A Little hair adventure. Pt 1: The summer buzz

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Hello everyone! I’m new to this website and glad I found this community of people, who are congenial to me. This is my first story, so, please don’t hate it if you dislike it, but you are always free to criticise constructively. I want to admit that English is not my native language, so I apologise if I messed something with tenses, grammar or punctuation

Summer vacations begin

The last day of pre-final year of the middle school has finally ended. Returning from home, Ben was  thinking about what he would do during the holidays. Of course he was going to spend time on his 2 favourite hobbies: playing piano and video games. Only one thing was detaching him from holiday chill: Ben had an appointment in a barbershop later that day.

Thoughts about a haircut

He haven’t got his hair cut for about 2 months, and despite Ben’s hair was pretty short, it was very thick and messy at the same time. Ben tried to grow his hair out a bit once, but it just became more naughty and hard to style, so from that moment Ben decided to thick with shorter hairstyles. Before finally making his way to barbershop Ben thought, what exact haircut he was going to get. “I’m gonna spend most of daytime at home and go for a walk in the late evening, so it doesn’t really matters how the hair will look; withal I want unpretentious haircut, which is easy to take care of, that is why I definitely should try a buzzcut” — he concluded. “So let it be buzzcut this time” — Ben decided. But there still was a little detail: Ben, as it was said, wanted his hair buzzed, however he didn’t want his appearance to endure a drastic change, which surely will happen if hair will be buzzed super short. “Seems like a dilemma” — thought Ben and made a decision to find something out at barber’s.

First buzzcut

Finally, Ben walked into a barbershop and sat on the barber’s chair. Barber approached to Ben, said hello and asked what he wanted to do with his hair. “I would like a short buzzcut, but at the same time I don’t want a drastic change — Ben said. Then he continued: I have no idea, how different lengths will look on my head, so your advise may be helpful”. “I think the 2.5 guard is alright for such a case” — barber replied. Then he covered Ben with a cape and started preparing the clippers. Being caped, Ben, who actually was very calm and never worried about haircuts, became really anxious. When the clippers were ready, barber put them in front of Ben’s forehead right down the middle, turned them on and began buzzing his head. Massive clippers were running slowly, leaving behind short hairs a bit more than a 6 mm long. After the first stroke Ben saw the buzzed stripe on his head and realized that this length is just right for him. Ben got calm down, relaxed and started enjoying the buzzing. Clippers vibrated strongly giving Ben some king of the massage which he found very satisfactory. Ben got so much pleasure, that he was about to went for a blissful sleep right in the barber’s chair. However buzzing finished very soon — for the first time Ben wanted the haircut to last longer. Ben payed for the haircut and left the barbershop.

Impressions about first buzzcut experience

At first Ben liked his new cut, but later started finding it controversial. On the one hand this buzz made Ben’s head look very neat and didn’t change his appearance heavily: it seemed more like a refreshment. On the other hand Ben hoped, that his buzz would be short enough to bring him a velcro feel while touching the head. “I must take it much shorter next time” — Ben decided.

Going all the way this time

One month passed since Ben’s first buzzcut. His hair, once neatly sheared, now was more like still short though, but really lush mop. Yes, Ben felt like he was in need of a good buzz. Before leaving to barbershop he decided to see some examples of the buzz grades in the net. One picture drew Ben’s attention. It was a totally bare head with a tiny stubble left — zero buzz. “This must be very cool and I should try it, but not now” — thought Ben. In a few minutes he fond out, that the one of the “shortest” clipper guards is a #1 guard. It goes next after an unguarded clippers and leaves behind just a 3mm hairs. Ben really liked examples of the full #1 buzz: hairs were so short, that the scalp was seen through them, but at the same time hairs were still visible unlike zero buzz, which makes you look completely bald.

In the barbershop Ben was calm. He knew, what he wanted. However the fact that that day his barber would be a young female made Ben slightly confused due to he was a bit shy. On her question about how he wanted to look Ben replied as confident as he could: “I would like a full #1 buzzcut.” Barberette smiled and said: “That’s an excellent choice! A perfect option for the summer and probably not only for it! As for me, there’s nothing looks better on you, boys, than a thoroughly, properly shaven head!” She started preparing her clippers. Ben saw the small #1 guard and mentioned, how close this buzz was going to be, close to the scalp. He really anticipated the oncoming buzz. Finally, the clippers were plugged in and guarded. Barberette didn’t sprayed Ben’s hair or used comb on them. Instead she just put clippers right in front of Ben’s forehead and after words —  “Let’s clean up this mess’ — ran the clippers backwards, through short and thick hair. Barberette was moving clippers slowly, shaving each new buzzed stroke twice in order to doublecheck if all hairs were buzzed. Clippers vibrated and due to the guard this time was smaller than during the previous buzz, Ben was feeling this vibration more distinctly. It brought him a very great pleasure. As the buzzcut continued more areas of Ben’s head became shaved down to tiny 3mm so he started feeling unprecedented freshness. Now none of hairs on his head is not long enough to hide the scalp from the fresh air. Finally Ben was completely buzzed. He couldn’t wait to touch his new short buzz and started moving in the chair, but barberette told him to relax and said that “Procedure hasn’t finished yet”. She cleaned Ben’s head from shaved hairs and told him: “Now I’m gonna run this clippers over your whole head again. I just want to perfect your buzzcut, make it extra nice and barbed to give you a tightness you deserve.” This words made Ben as happy as he never was before. By this moment clippers warmed up a little, so each time barberette run them over the Ben’s head, he felt contrast between cool air flowing through his 3mm hairs and very enjoyable heat of clippers. This sensation made him feel almost extatic. Finally this “extra buzz” came to an end. Barberette blown all shaved hairs away from Ben’s properly buzzed head and neck with a hair dryer. After that she used her shaping clippers to sharpen the edges of Ben’s buzz and used hair dryer again which brought her client another huge portion of endorphins. So much work was not done in vain. Ben’s head was really, as barberette said earlier, properly shaven, shaven down to nice and very tight buzzcut. Ben’s head was covered with very thin but visible layer of dark thick hairs, buzzed down to 3mm. Barberette lightly rubbed Ben’s buzzed head, smiled and said: “I like to touch your head now!” Ben was overjoyed. He shyly rubbed his own head too, felt delighted and said: “So do I”. Buzz was super velcro to the touch. Ben felt like there were butterflies in his stomach. Seems like this is what he really wanted for years but didn’t realize. He wished to stay there a bit longer, so he plucked up his courage and asked barberette if she gonna wash his head. She replied: “Oh dear, there is really not much left to wash on your head now. However, let’s give you a little massage.” Ben was pleased with this words not only because he won some extra time with a beautiful barberette, who gave him such a great buzz. He especially liked that these exact words —“not much left to wash on your head now” — emphasised, how short was his buzz and how close it was to complete zero. Like in a dream Ben walked to the washer and sat in the chair in front of it. Barberette started pouring warm water on Ben’s buzz. It was very relaxing. Water didn’t stayed between hairs for much time, making them wet, like it happens not only with medium and long hair, but also with some buzzcuts, if they aren’t short enough. Instead it was flowing around tiny hairs and reaching the scalp directly, bringing the massage feel. Soon barberette stopped the water and applied some shampoo on her hands. It took her about 15 seconds but during this time Ben’s buzzed hair became almost dry except for some small drops of water still located on some spots of his buzz. Barberette mentioned: “You’re drying up almost instantly! It means we buzzed it short enough! Now I’m gonna shampoo what’s left of your hair — it will be tough because it’s not easy to lather up the shampoo on shaved head, but I will do what I can. You must just relax.” Barberette applied some shampoo on Ben’s buzz in order to lessen the friction and touched this point with the inner sides of her palm. After that she started rubbing Ben’s buzz hardly. It took nearly two minutes to finally lather shampoo into a thin layer of foam, lying over Ben’s buzz. Ben in his turn felt himself like in heaven but he just hasn’t knew, what would happen next. Barberette spread her fingers and bend them in the joints, then she started rubbing Ben’s buzz very hard with her fingertips, making sure that she was washing every inch of his scalp. Someone watching this process probably could hardly tell, who of these two was getting more satisfaction. As all good things come to an end, this washing session ended too. Barberette washed out shampoo with warm water and covered Ben’s buzzed head with towel. She smiled and counted to ten, then she took towel away from Ben’s head which by this time already was dry. “Look, no styling and drying for you — nice and easy” — barberette said. Ben thanked the barber and stood up. He payed for the haircut and was about to leave when the barberette approached him and asked if or rather when would he come again. Of course from now on Ben decided to maintain this supershort buzzcut, so he replied: “I think I’m gonna come for another buzz in 3 weeks.” Barberette said: “No way! You are very handsome with your head shaved and I will make sure that you will stick with this 3mm buzz! I got an idea: you planned to get buzzed every three weeks but I offer you to come here every Friday and pay three times less!”. It was an offer Ben couldn’t refuse.

On his way home Ben couldn’t take his hands of his tight buzz. He decided that from that day his hair would not be longer than 3mm, except for some extra millimetres he would grow during the following week after the buzzcut.

To be continued





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