A Mom’s Desire

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Hello everyone! This is my first story and it contains little bit of Incest content. If you don’t like this genre, please don’t read it. I made some corrections and updated the story. No negative comments please.

It was Saturday night and I was listening to the news, lockdown has been extended for another month. It was 3 months since the lockdown started because of Corona virus pandemic.

I was a single mother and I have a son studying 10th class. Fortunately he didn’t appear for the exams and the government decided to pass all the students. So, he was spending most of his time with his playstation and binge watch.

I work for a corporate company and currently doing work from home. I decided it’s time to sleep, but before going to bed I went to my son’s room. He was busy with the playstation.

“Rohan, time to sleep” I said. Knowing well that he would continue till the midnight

“5 more mins mom” he replied.

I smiled as the expected reply has come and said “good night!”

I went to my bed room and locked the door. Before to bed I went inside the bathroom to brush my hair.

While brushing my hair I looked into the mirror. I have a natural black hair reaching my mid back. As I was looking at my hair, I wondered to myself “how will I look with a shaved head ?”

This was not the first time it crossed my mind. It’s always been part of my bucket list but I was too afraid to shave my head because of the people around me. The thought of “what others will think when they see me bald” has always stopped me from doing it.

I thought to myself “the lockdown is extended, according to the current situation it will continue atleast for the next 2 months. Is it a right time for me to shave my head ?”

“Should I shave my head ?” I questioned myself looking at the mirror.

My heart replied “This is best opportunity to shave your head” but my mind is contradictory.

I went to bed and slept with the thought revolving in my head.

Next day morning I woke up at 8:00 AM, as it was Sunday and I decided that this is the day to get my head shaved.

I brushed my teeth and decided to take the shower after getting my head shaved.Thoughts of head shave sent chills down my spine and made me wet.

I took control over my thoughts and prepared breakfast with coffee. I took breakfast in a plate with coffee mug and sat on my couch.

I went through my Instagram account and completed eating my breakfast. I took my coffee sip and questioned myself ” how am I going to shave my head ?” because certainly I cannot do it by myself.

A thought occured “why can’t I ask Rohan to shave my head ?”

“Was it a bad idea ?” He is my son and there is nothing wrong in getting my head shave with his help.

So I made up my mind to shave my head with Rohan’s help. As I sat there thinking on “how to ask him to shave me ?”.I heard Rohan unlocking the door and looked towards his room. He came and said ” Good morning mom”

” Good morning, seems like someone is working night shifts” I teased him.

” Nah! I slept early yesterday” he replied.

I smiled and replied “I have been listening the same reply from last 2 months, atleast accept it once a week”. He gave a cheeky smile and went over to breakfast table.

I switched on TV and waited for Rohan to join me. He completed his breakfast and joined me on the couch.

After half an hour I thought It was time for me to initiate the discussion regarding my head shave.

“Rohan, would you mind doing me a favour ?” I asked.

“Sure mom, except the grocery store thing !” he replied.

I laughed and said “groceries are not required as of now”

” Ok then wat is it ?” He asked

“Would you mind… Cutting my hair ?” I shyly questioned.

Looking at his confused expression. I replied “The parlour’s are closed and maintaining my hair is getting problematic”.

” I have no problem, but I haven’t done it before and I don’t know where to start ?” He replied.

This statement has certainly relaxed me and i replied “It’s easy just follow my instructions”.

“Ok mom, if u say so. but where should we do it ?” He asked

“Let’s do it in my bathroom” I replied.

I stood up and started walking towards my room. I took a stool and placed it Infront of the mirror in bathroom.

Took 2 scissors and a comb available from my dressing table. I sat on the tool and placed the items on the basin.

Rohan entered the bathroom and questioned “mom are you ready ?” Looking at the scissors and comb.

I replied ” I am ready, go on”.

“Mom, should I wrap a towel or some cloth around your neck.” He asked

I was wearing a saree and looked at myself in the mirror. I thought wrapping a cloth around my neck will not allow the hair to touch my skin.

I decided against it and replied “not required, I am going to take a shower after this.”

He combed my hair and took the big scissors in his hand. My heart is racing, when I looked in the mirror I saw a women sitting Infront of mirror with scissors in her son’s hand.

“Mom, how much length should I cut ?” He enquired.

“Cut it till my shoulder” I replied. Eagerly waiting for my son to chop my hair.

“Are you sure ? Don’t you think it is a bit shorter than your usual length ?” He enquired.

“Yes Rohan,  I am sure. Cut it” I replied.

He took the scissors and placed it below my shoulders.

I closed my eyes and I can hear Scrchhh…. Scrchhh.. Scrchhhhh… There was a strange sensation inside me and I can feel the wetness starting.

“Mom, it’s done! Please look at it. I think It looks good on you” he asked.

I opened my eyes and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked good with the hair just below my shoulders, The edges were sharp and for a moment I thought to keep it this way but shrugged off the idea.

“Rohan, Can you cut a little bit more” I replied

He looked puzzled but didn’t question “why”. Instead he asked “can you point the length ?”.

I pointed my fingers to my ear length and closed my eyes.

He didn’t say anything in reply. I can hear him opening the scissors at my jaw line of the right side.

Scrchhhh… Scrchhhh.. the sound continued and I can feel the scissors on the backside and continued to towards the left.

This time I can feel the hair getting parted and my head getting lighter. More wetness started occuring in my panties. I was smiling and opened my eyes to see whether Rohan is watching my expression.

He is fixated on his work and I can see the hair getting chopped on the left side. All the hair from the sides is gathered in my lap. I touched my hair and it felt so soft.

“Mom, it is done and I must say u look pretty in the Bob compared to the shoulder length” he replied with enthusiasm appreciating his work.

I looked at myself in the mirror and he was right I was pretty. I shock my head and I can feel the hair on my cheeks. I thought of getting some bangs.

“Rohan, can you cut some bangs for me ?” I asked.

“I was about to suggest it but I thought u wouldn’t like it ?” He replied.

“You are welcome to suggest, the length of bangs are your choice” I replied.

He took the small scissors and requested me to close my eyes. I closed my eyes and waited.

I can feel the scissors on my forward and he started the cutting. The hair started falling on my face. Soon the cutting stopped.

“Mom, take a look” he said.

I dusted my face with my hands and opened my eyes.

“Oh my god! I look much younger with the bangs” I squealed with a smile on my face.

“Yes mom, people may mistake us as siblings.” He smiled

I played with my bangs for sometime and Rohan thought the cut was completed.

“Rohan, would you mind cutting my hair a bit shorter” I asked.

“Mom it’s already short and I think we should stop with this look.” he replied with a puzzled expression.

“I was planning to get a pixie cut from a long time and I think this is the time to do it” I replied.

“I don’t know how to give a pixie cut” he said.

“Do you know how to give a Bob prior to this ?” I questioned.

“Nooo, but pixie is difficult and alot of things can go wrong!” He replied.

“Son, I trust you and please continue” I replied and closed my eyes.

He picked up hair between his fingers on my forehead and started cutting. I can feel the hair falling on my face.

He started on the right side and I can feel the progress of cut towards my crown. I opened my eyes and started looking at his technic.

I asked him “where did you pick up this skill ?”

“My barber cuts my hair in the same way, am  trying to imitate it” he replied and continued working towards the back.

” You are doing a good job” I gave an assuring reply and closed my eyes.

I can feel the hair falling on my neck and small pieces going through my blouse and back. It is prickly. I loved the feeling and I can feel my underwear is already wet.

I was getting urges to finger my pussy but I controlled myself. As I was in my subconscious mind imagining these thoughts.

I heard “mom, I think I completed the cut and you can look at it”

I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked so different, the hair on top was 5 inches long and the sides & back are 3 inches long.

I took my hands and inspected it. I felt good and different at the same time. I ran my hands at my sides, back and top. It was arousing me.

“Son, I look good by I think this not the style for me” I replied.

He gave a sigh and said “I told you before, that you won’t be happy with a pixie. There is no other way to fix it now”.

I looked at him in the mirror and replied “there is a way!”

“And what is that ?” Rohan replied looking at me

“Shave it all off” I said.

He was shell shocked “mom wat are you talking  ?”

“Yes, there is only one way to fix this. I want you to shave my head” I replied.

“Bad idea mom! Keep it like this, It will grow back.” He suggested

“It’s ok Rohan, it grows even if we shave it. I made up my mind. Please shave my head” I replied.

He looked me and understood that I made up my mind.

“Let me get my clippers” he replied and went to his room.

I stood up, the hair in my lap fell to the floor I looked around the stool. The floor was covered in dark hair of mine.

I dusted my saree and I feel hair inside my blouse and panties. I decided to clean up quickly before Rohan arrives.

I removed my saree and undid my blouse. Hair is struck between my boobs, I closed the door and Began dusting my boobs with towel.

I opened my panties and it is completed soaked in my juices. I started cleaning my hair on the back.

“Thud!” Rohan opened the door with clippers in hand. I covered my privates with my hands and screamed instantly.

Rohan was “awe!” Struck and didn’t utter a single word. I regained myself and calmed down.

“Rohan it’s ok, it was my mistake I forgot to lock the door. I was just cleaning the hairs” I said.

“Ah.. ah.. ok mom, do u want me come back later” he replied looking away from me.

I thought of getting dressed but dismissed the idea, anyhow I have to take a shower after this and decided that “it’s ok he is my son and I can trust him”

“Rohan I have to take a shower after this,so would you mind shaving my head like this” I replied and sat on the stool.

He hesitated to look at me and was stammering to reply.

I understood and said “Rohan, look at me. It’s ok… You are here to shave my head. Come on shave it”.

I took his hand forward and he looked at me. He walked towards his position behind me and stood there looking at me in the mirror.

I nodded my head and asked him to proceed.

He switched on the clippers. The roar sent a chill down my spin. He placed the clippers at my right side and started moving it to the top. I can see a white patch appearing and was satisfied that he is not using any guard.

He stopped at the top and came back to the side to start the pass again. He moved the clippers along the side mowing down my hair. The right side was bald, he started the clippers at the nape and started moving towards the top. I can feel the steel on my skin and enjoying the vibrations of the clippers.

I was getting aroused and trying hard not to do anything stupid. I closed my eyes and started enjoying every bit of it. He continued the passes on the back side and I can feel the hair rolling down from my neck to spine.

He started at the left side, I thought the back is shaved and felt the urge to touch my nape but I stayed still allowing my son to continue shaving the left side on my head.

He moved to the back side again. I thought the left side is shaved and opened my eyes to look at myself. My sides and back are completely shaved.

He placed the clippers at my forehead and started to shave backwards. I can see the bald patch appearing. He continued the second pass half of my top hair is shaved. I closed my eyes.

He continued shaving the top and after few passes I felt that there is no hair left on my head but I wanted this feeling to continue, so I didn’t open my eyes.

He continued moving the clippers over the sides rolling my ears to shave any left out traces of hair and the neck to get the tiny hairs. He continued towards the crown and forehead area, made couple of passes all over my head.

He began rubbing my head with his left hand and after that he switched off the clippers. I thought it is done.

“Mom, take a look.” He asked.

I opened my eyes and looked at a bald women sitting naked Infront of a mirror. I slowly raised my hand placed it on top of my shaved head.

“Oh my god! It feels amazing. I should have done this long back” I thought to myself and began rubbing my hands all over my head, untill I was satisfied.

“You did a great job Rohan, I love my shaved head” I replied

“Well, am glad you liked it mom” he replied looking at me in the mirror.

“Thank you Rohan, thank you soo much” I replied. Still my hands are fixated on my head. I am enjoying this feeling.

“No problem” he replied.

“Thanks again, you can go now. I will take a shower and come back” I said.

He was looking at me in the eyes and said “mom… ”

I replied “yes Rohan, what is it ?”

“Can I kiss your head once ?” He asked and quickly added “If you don’t mind ?”

I replied “sure thing, Go ahead.”

He smiled and gave a kiss on my head. After kissing, He started rubbing his hands all over my head. It felt great, I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling.

After sometime he felt satisfied and kissed my bald head again. He said “Thank you mom” and left to his room.

I closed the door and locked it this time. I looked at myself in the mirror and sat on the stool. I took my fingers to my pussy and started playing with it. I had one hand on my head touching my freshly shaved head and the other hand fingering my pussy.

The feeling was intense and in no time I had the best orgasm of my life.“Ooh god, this is amazing” I rubbed my head again in pleasure.

Stood up and looked at my shaved head in the mirror. Satisfied with myself, I turned on the shower.

The feeling of water running on my shaved head is amazing. I cannot explain the feeling in words.

Glad that I did it and really it is an amazing feeling to get my head shaved.

Story ends here…. I know it’s a long story but didn’t want to cut down the details. This is my first story, excuse any mistakes. Suggestions related to improvements are welcome.

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