A Necklace Part 3

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Nearly forty inches of wavy blonde tresses slid across the living room coffee table. Their
cut ends carefully came into alignment with a steadily thickening bundle of gold. Clair reached
into the waste basket for more pieces to her unique puzzle.

“Thought you had your mom get over this.” Lizzy watched Mary’s old ponytail being reborn.

“I told her to get over the hairstyles girls liked these days.” A few long strands joined the
bundle. “This is how she’s getting it over it, I guess.”

Deep gonging from the grandfather clock behind Lizzy sounded 3pm. “You’d think after a month she’d
have accepted it isn’t coming back.”

The hours of a diner appeared on Shannon’s phone. “We should get going. We have a couple hour drive ahead of us.”         Red curls shook in her hands as she mussed Lizzie’s hair. “Graduation is next week. And you still want that wig, right?”




Highway ahead stretched over the flat horizon. It’s white lines raced passed Shannon’s new BMW.
Hair cutting and recording equipment filled the backseat.

“You double checked the length?” Photo’s of women with Rapunzel length locks filled Lizzy’s phone.
“I want it to touch the stage. It will be legendary.”

The signal light blinked once, stopped, then Shannon merged. “I know, I know. Don’t worry, she’s
five foot seven with brunette hair that grazes the ground.” She turned the radio down to conversational
levels. “It’s going to drag behind you, shorty.”

“Good, I’m done being a damn ginger.” Plastic rustled at Lizzy’s feet. From the bag she produced the start of a brunette braid. Leaving it’s remaining length in the bag she raised it to her ear she imagined it replacing her more than often frizzy mane. “We flew across the country to get these two, and this women is in our back yard.” She spread the ponytail to cover her body.

“There are so many girls growing their hair now, we won’t know what to do in a couple years.” Shannon
clicked her signal light on, and off. “For now you’ll just have to do with three of those. Your ends should
be more than thick enough.”

“I hope so. I’m going to put your sister’s graduation to shame.” Lizzy continued to model her new hair. “Just a few days at the wig maker, and I’ll put everyone to shame.”




Shannon, and Lizzy stopped at a country diner in the middle of nowhere. Pick-up trucks made the BMW stick out like a sore thumb.

“According to her Facebook she gets off at seven.” Lizzy placed her phone down. Greasy eggs, bacon, and pancakes sat, still untouched, on her plate.

Shannon watched their mid-twenties years old waitress move with finesse. “How does she get around with those crazy buns?” Her spoon stirred her cold coffee. “It’s like she’s moving three little mountains with her head.”

Their waitress looped back to their table with country charm. “Not happy with the food?”

“Everything is great Cara. We’re just here for something else.” The green gem played in Shannon’s fingers. “You look like a woman who wants to help a girl in need get a wig.” She tried to figure out just how those buns managed to evade gravity.

Cara’s hands checked her locks “Like donate my hair? No way.” She ripped a check off her pad. Frozen she held the check above the table. “How much are we talking?”

“You’re not one for going small.” Shannon eyed the spiraled mounds of hair. “You’d want to give it all to help.” Her spoon clicked against her coffee cup.

Cara clutched her two side buns protectively. “Woh, woh. 8 inches I’d have back in a year. All of my hair is out of the fucking question.” Her hands loosened. “Although, it would be cool to go all the way. Not many people could say they’ve done that. And it is for girls in need.” Dimples formed at the idea.

“Looks like we’re settled.” Lizzy snatched the check from Cara’s hand. “We can do it at your place, after you get off.”




The deadbolt to Cara’s one story house slid allowing the door to open. The girls filed into the small, but
homey living room. Peepers, and crickets sounded a harmony in the fields.

Three aluminum legs of the tri-pod clicked into place. “Never more than a small trim? Really?” Lizzy
did her best to align the camera.

“My hair has always been the most important thing in the world to me.” Cara took a beer from the fridge.”Do you girls want a drink?” Her head shook away a thought in the back of her mind.

“Just need a comfortable chair for you.” Shannon oiled a large pair of chrome clippers. “Are you excited
to finally part with that weight on your head?”

Cara hauled a wooden dining chair into the middle of her living room. “This should work.” She unceremoniously took her place. Black vinyl engulfed her from behind. “It’s going to be so weird to not feel my hair tickle my whole body.” Her eyes moistened imperceptibly while she sipped on her beer.

“Are we good to go, Liz?” The Clippers clicked on and off in Shannon’s hand.

Lizzy doubled checked the HD camera then pressed record. “Good on my end.”

“OK then.” Cara took another sip then tilted her head to the left then released her buns one at a time. Brunette hair tumbled, and flipped in back-to-back-to-back torrents on it’s way to the floor. There over a foot of it pooled. Dexterously her hands formed the pin-straight mass into a magnificent braid. When she was done she presented it to Shannon. “Please be careful.”

Shannon move the braid’s tassel to avoid tripping. “Head back, please.”

Cara tilted her head back. Her eyes closed trying to block out the impending doom of her life long friend. “Never in a million years thought I’d be doing this.” *CLICK* *BZZZZ* The clippers made for the center of her forehead. Her heart pounded, the clippers moved for what seemed an eternity towards her hairline.  Her beer dropped to the floor spilling on the carpet.” STOP!” she gasped for air.

The clippers stopped. “What’s going on?” Shannon looked at Lizzy who shrugged. “No stopping, you want to donate all your hair to a girl in need.” She tilted Cara’s head back into position.

Cara calmed. “Yes, please go on.” *CLICK* *BZZZZ* again the clippers made for the center of her forehead. She wanted to donate her hair. To be rid of the burden of caring for it, once and for all. To never need an entire day to wash it. She also knew those thoughts were not her own. She wanted desperately to keep it. To grow it yet further. The clippers made progress. Her hair separated from its decades long caring home. Tears welled up in her eyes. “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?”

Lizzy zoomed into Cara’s widened part. “Shannon, what is going on?”

“I don’t know.” Shannon placed the clippers for a second pass, and drew them back. “Calm down, Cara. This is for a great cause you’ve wanted to help this charity for a long time.”

Stress faded from Cara’s body. Her tears still fell from full eyes. “Yes, for those lovely girls.” The clippers made path after path of nude scalp. The urge to be rid of it all merged with her true desire to once more be whole with her hair. To never part with more than absolutely needed to be trimmed. “NO NO NOOO NOO NO NO” her hands grabbed at the clippers. She furiously flailed trying to get out of the chair, but her braid held her in place.

“Settle down, Cara.” Shannon tugged Cara back into place. Proceeding to move the clippers up Cara’s neck. “Just another minute. You’re making a girl so happy.”

Lizzy left the camera on a wide view to help Shannon handle Cara. “This is really not good.”

“MY HAIR! MY HAIR!” Cara sobbed uncontrollably. Her braid twisted as she squirmed. With each pass the clippers left fewer, and fewer of her strands to hold down. She pulled, and pulled, hoping she’d get free, hoping her hair would not leave her. The clippers made their final pass. Cara pulled for her freedom launching herself off the chair, and onto the floor. She convulsed in sniffs, and half breaths. “I — I — I don’t understand. How-HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?”

Lizzy collapsed the tri-pod. “Time to go. This is out of hand.”

Shannon wrapped the braid around her neck twice then unplugged the Clippers. “You wanted this, it’s going to help that girl. Remember?” She made a last attempt to console her victim.

The sniffing stopped. Cara’s bloodshot eyes glared at Shannon in exhaustion. “Get the fuck out, you FUCKING BITCHES!”




Shannon and Lizzy raced to put distance between themselves, and Cara. The necklace failed to get them free gas. It failed to get a couple to give them money out of an ATM.

“Any idea what’s happening, yet?” Shannon’s BMW pulled into her gravel driveway.

Lizzy flicked through her phone. “The necklace can’t control any more people. That much seems obvious. ” Forums scrolled by with more unhelpful information.

“What about the ones already under the spell?” Shannon questioned if she wanted to open her front door. “We’re fine, right?” Calming herself she forged forward.

Mary walked through the living room arch. “How many today, Shan?” Her makeup destroyed by hours of coming to terms with what really happened to her. “How many of us is enough?” A now full braid of her hair swung from her hand. “Don’t FUCKING suppose you can re-FUCKING-attach it?!” A group of bald girls flanked Mary. Her mother stood in the back.

Shannon backed out the door. “Liz, we gotta go.” She turned, and ran to her car. “What do we do?” Shannon sped away from her unwelcoming home.

Lizzy begging anyone that would listen for help searched for a solution on her phone. “We get all of our things from storage. There’s a lot of money in that hair.” Praying she opened another blog. “We get that hair, and our cash, and we run.”

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