A needed surprise.

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Life as we know happens fast and can sometimes get away from you.  My relationship with my husband and we have stayed blissfully in love in the 15 years since we married.  That being said and while our relationship has never been stronger we have found some of the excitement and passion become subdued.  That is why I decided I needed to give him a surprise and provide a spark.

Recently on a business trip to Chicago we were enjoying a beautiful early spring day.  Still a bit cold but the sun was out and we enjoyed ourselves shopping downtown after brunch.  Strolling the miracle mile and doing a bit of people watching has always been a favorite.  In fact we actually met when I was out for a walk and noticed his striking appearance.  Tall, well built and athletic.  Not my usual studious type.  I was so taken aback by the well defined appearance of his shoulders and smoldering look that I had out of my usual character been caught gawking.  Reacting to my stare he inquired “Do I know you.”  Blushing and embarrassed I awkwardly confirmed that he did not and adverted my gaze to make a quick escape.  His voice reclaimed my attention, “I guess not.  But maybe I should.”

Speechless we made eye contact as he complimented me “Love your haircut.  You look amazing.”  Nothing else was said as he turned his attention ahead and walked down the block.  He was in my head the remainder of the day.  As chance would have it I was out that night on a terrible first date having dinner when he was seated two tables over at the same restaurant with a woman who for reasons I couldn’t comprehend drew the deepest ire I posses out of jealously.  Midway through the disaster I made my way to the restroom for a moment of solace and almost in an out of body moment I strolled past his table and dropped the note I had crafted in the restroom on his table.  This drew the glare of his date and produced the biggest unwitnessed smile ever as I walked out of the restaurant leaving my date.  Who the hell was this and what was I doing.  He called the next day and the rest is history.

As I mentioned, he liked my haircut.  Well, the put him in the minority.  I had always used my hair as an expression or perhaps as my family would say a rebuke of societies expectations.

But back to the present.  Walking into Macy’s he opened the door and as I stepped in I nearly bumped into a young girl coming out.  Exchanging apologies I noticed her as a younger version of myself.  Hip clothes and edgy haircut.  My husband noticed too as he commented “That girl reminds me of you!”

Taking a second look she did.  I loved her style and her haircut was hot.  She wore a super short pixie with a very short back and sides.  When I say short I mean short, like shaved.  The back and sides were a high bald fade and the top was a tossed look with virtually no bangs.  I can tell you it takes guts or frustration and maybe a bit of both for a woman to wear a style like this.  I reached up feeling the nape of my much less adventurous ear length bob.  Reading my mind he reminisced, “I miss when your hair was short like that.”  The wink that followed took my breath away.  The rest of the day was fantastic but I couldn’t get that wink out of my mind.

The next day was a Friday and he had a business lunch.  We planned to meet after work for drinks and dinner.  As he kissed me goodbye and headed out the door I teased “See you tonight.  Dress sharp because I will have a surprise for you.”  Curiously he began to open his mouth.  I pushed him out the door.  “A surprise.  See you after work.”

As he drove off I was online searching for a barber.  I hadn’t stopped thinking about a short haircut since yesterday and was going for it.  Really short.  I located a barber shop that I had noticed recently.  Upscale but hip as has been to recent trend in the city.  I was able to book a spot online at 2pm with a barber who specialized in short women hair thinking that was the way to go.

The rest of my day was spent around the house waiting on my appointment and getting dressed.  I pulled an outfit out that I would have considered a daily go to in my younger days and gained confidence realizing I could still pull it off.  The hair was not working though…

I entered the shop surprised to feel a bit nervous but excited.  Chris, the barber I booked online, greated me “You must be Mia?  Ready for a short haircut.”  “Definitely!” I replied without hesitation.  She directed me to the back “Let’s get you washed up.”

After the exquisite wash and scalp massage she dried my hair and combed it out.  “What a we doing today?”  Smiling I informed her I love my hair short and it I needed it “Really short.”  “Ok, how short are we talking?  I will cut off as much as you want!” Chris laughed.  Without hesitation “I want it buzzed and really short on the back and sides.  Whatever you do won’t be too short.”  Clearly excited Chris asked “As short as mine?”  Glancing at her super short pixie I firmly said “Shorter, buzzed on top and faded on the sides.”  With that the conversation was over and I was caped.  Chris rather nonchalantly said “Ok, one super short buzz cut with a a bald fade coming up.”  Wishing seconds her clippers popped and began to buzz as she replaced the blade.  With a comb she raised my bangs and pushed the large red clipper across the top of my head flicking the hair onto the cape as slid down my lap.  With 5-6 strokes she was done replacing the clippers inquiring “Mid or high fade?  You know what I forgot it was my call.  You are clearly enjoying this.” she quipped.  She proceeded from my right temple around my occiput to my left temple with a trimmer gently stroking downward.  Looking in the mirror I could see the odd effect of the pale white ring she created.  “Lets get this blended in.” and with that she went to work expertly fading it into the top which at this point was just a bit of fuzz.  When she seemed satisfied with the top she stated “Lets get the rest of this off and get you lined in.  Using the red clipper again with no guard she firmly began at my neck and quickly made her way high up my nape and sides.  Glancing in the mirror I could hardly recognize myself or really could again see myself.  I am not sure.  What I could see was that she had just given me the shortest haircut of my life as I realized she wasn’t done when the foil shaver came to life and she feathered it up my nape and high above my ears.  This was followed with a warm lather as she used a straight razor to clean up the rest.  She then cleaned me up with a refreshing warm towel and stroked my nape with her index finger “Nice and smooth.”  The cape was removed and she presented me a mirror.  I admired myself almost entranced.  I was buzzed, no, I was nearly bald and I loved it.  “How does it feel?” Chris raised my hand to my nape.  Well it felt wonderful.  My cool smooth nape transitioned to a firm stubble just at my occipital bone to a velvety fuzz on my crown.  “Short enough?” she laughed.  I smiled “Perfect!”

I walked to the front and paid.  Walking out I soaked up the stares and gasps exiting the shop and walking down the street knowing the acceptance or perhaps primal desire that would await me when Tom realized his surprise.

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  1. Oh, I love the ones where the barber takes control. This was really well written, and I enjoyed the ‘devil may dare’ attitude that Mia had as she gave the barber complete control. I’ll bet she’s back in that chair before too long.

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