A New Chapter

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Becca was a very attractive girl. She had just graduated high school and was in her freshman year of college. For the first time in her life she was free from the control of her parents and felt ready to take on the world. She was beautiful. She had a very pretty face. Beautiful eyes. And she had long, thick and silky ginger hair that reached below her shoulders.

She was in the college bookstore getting her supplies for her classes. When she walked up to checkout she could not help but notice that the cashier was a very beautiful woman. She was tall looked like she was in her 30s and was wearing a summer dress perfectly framing her body. But the thing that caught Becca’s eye was the cashier’s hair. She had a very short haircut. she had wispy bangs that just barely brushed her eyebrows the hair on the back and sides was much shorter (probably less the an inch). The hair was cut clean around her ears drawing attention to her beautiful big earrings.

“I really like your haircut,” said Becca. The cashier smiled. “Thanks! I used to have very long hair many years ago but life got so busy that I just decided that enough was enough so I got it cut super short and I haven’t looked back since.” “Wow that’s amazing,” said Becca, “I wish I could pull off short hair like you. I’m too nervous to cut it.” “If you want to, you really should give it a try!” Replied the cashier, “it is really not bad and it feels AMAZING to get long hair cut off to a new short style” “Where do you get your hair cut?” asked Becca. “I get my hair cut at pixies salon. It’s a really nice place that’s very close to the campus. And best of all, they specialize in short Women and girls haircuts! In fact, I should head down there sometime soon, I’m really in need of a haircut right now,” said the cashier as she caressed her Pixie cut. “Nice! well anyway thanks you have a good day,” said Becca as she left the store.

As Becca walked down the sidewalk, she saw what looked like a boyfriend and girlfriend walking together and noticed that the girlfriend also had a short haircut. She had a short bob with side bangs and the hair was buzzed at the back of her neck. She looked stunning. The boyfriend also looked handsome as he had a classic crew cut. Becca always loved boys with very short clippered haircuts. She loved the masculine, clean cut, athletic, military style look. Every single guy that Becca ever had a crush on in high school had either a buzz cut or a very short crew cut.

Days had passed and Becca’s desire to get a short haircut had grown. She could not get it out of her head. Although Becca really wanted short hair, she was nervous. One of the reasons was, when Becca was a little girl, she used to hate brushing her hair in the morning so her mom would brush it for her, however she hated it so much that she would scream and cry. One day Becca’s mom had enough of the fussing and she took Becca to her salon and asked them to give Becca a haircut short enough that it would not be hard to deal with. The town where Becca grew up was a very traditional small town where men always had short hair and women always had long hair. Despite this the hairdresser at the salon cut Becca’s hair as short as they could while also being what they felt was socially acceptable for a girl. From then on Becca’s mom made her keep her hair in a very short bob where the nape was clippered very short and the sides were cut short enough you could almost see Becca’s earlobes. Her bangs were cut straight across her forehead high above her eyebrows so her hair would never get in her eyes. Becca hated it and dreaded getting her haircut but her mom made her keep her hair in that short bob until she was a teenager. Once Becca was old enough, she grew her hair long way past her shoulders, as that was what all the pretty popular girls did at her middle and high school. Becca was still haunted by the days when she was forced to keep her hair cut short, however things were changing and she felt a burning desire to cut her long hair off. In recent years Becca has begun to admire celebrities that had short pixie cuts. Many models and celebrities all over the world were cutting their locks off in favor of a shorter and more sophisticated look.

After some thought Becca had decided it was time for a change. She was no longer in high school and this was a new chapter in her life. It’s time for a makeover. Becca called pixies salon and made an appointment for tomorrow.

That next day Becca felt butterflies in her stomach she was so nervous. She tied her long ginger hair in a ponytail and got on her bike to go to the salon. The salon was in a small shopping mall area. She locked her bike and walked in the building. When she walked in the salon the butterflies in her stomach grew. There were multiple salon chairs, she could smell that familiar smell of hair product and spray. All over the walls were pictures of beautiful models some recent, some long ago. There were old pictures of flappers from the 1920s with short bob haircuts as well as pictures of women in more recent times with short pixies and everything in between. In one of the chairs was a girl who looked like she was about 13 getting her haircut. Becca could not help but notice that the girls hair was being cut super short. The sides and the back had previously been buzzed short enough to give a faded appearance while still long enough that it appeared soft. Her ears were completely exposed with the hair being cut short enough that there were arches around her ears with no hair touching them. The nape had been buzzed and tapered really short. The hairdresser was cutting the hair on top of the girls head.
Snip snip snip
Lumps of hair fell to the floor. The hairdresser would grab another clump of hair with her comb, hold it a couple inches above the girls head and proceed.
Snip snip snip
After the hairdresser finished texturizing the top, she turned the girls chair around to face her. The hairdresser brushed the girls bangs down flat on her forehead and proceeded to snip away.
Snip snip snip snip
The bangs were cut so short that most of the girls forehead was exposed. The hairdresser blow dried the hair and styled it.
“What do you think?” asked the hairstylist.
The girl looked surprised and shocked at first but as she reached up and touch her new short hair a big smile spread across her face as she said, “I LOVE it!!”
The girls mom walked up and told the hairdresser, “thank you so much. she looks wonderful!” “Absolutely,” said the hairdresser, “she’s at the age where a more mature haircut would suit her. Now she really looks like a beautiful young woman.”
“For sure.”
The mom paid and they left the salon.
Becca was amazed to see such a young girl getting a haircut so super short. That would be unthinkable where she came from.
The hairdresser cleaned up her station, she was sweeping large lumps of hair. It was clear when the girl came in that she had previously had very long hair.
Another hairstylist walked out from a back room.
“Hi, are you Becca?” “Yes I am.”
“My name is Cindy, I’ll be cutting your hair today,” she said. Becca gulped. The butterflies in her stomach had gotten worse. It was her turn to be shorn.
Cindy was a very unusual looking woman. She was slightly chubby yet still had a very curvy physique. Hair hair was buzzed almost completely bald and she wore a lot of makeup along with big hoop earrings. It seemed like nobody ever walked out of that salon with long hair.
“I’m guessing you’ve never been here before, right?” asked Cindy. “Yep that’s right,” Becca said. “Our process begins with a consultation, we discuss exactly what we are planning on doing with your hair, then we do a shampoo and scalp massage, we dry the hair off, we give you your haircut, style it and you are all set! So we will start now with the consultation. What kind of style did you have in mind? You were not real clear when we talked on the phone.”
“I was think of getting a pixie cut, but I’m not exactly sure what kind of cut I want. What do you recommend?” said Becca. Cindy turned and pulled a book from the shelf behind her. “Let’s take a look through here, these are all popular and stylish cuts that we specialize in. Here is a ranking and description of some of the styles,” said Cindy as she pointed in the book.
Becca looked through but was indecisive.
“I’d like to go short, but not too short. I’m not sure how I would look,” Becca said.
“Perhaps we could start by giving you a longer pixie cut and we could take shorter if that’s what you would like?”
“That sounds great.”
“Follow me,” said Cindy.
Cindy took Becca to the salon chair. Becca sat down nervously. She caped Becca.
“I thought we began with a shampoo,” said Becca confused.
“Yes but first we gotta get rid of all this bulk. This is way too much hair to shampoo.”
‘All this bulk?’ Thought Becca. Here it comes. Cindy slightly loosened Becca’s ponytail and grabbed a large pair of shears.
“You ready?”
All Becca could do was nod as she felt like a dear in the headlights. Cindy began.
Schnick schnick Schnick
In no time, Becca’s ponytail was gone and all of the remaining hair fell loose. Suddenly Becca’s head felt so much lighter.
“Doesn’t that feel better?” asked Cindy. Becca nodded with amazement as she shook her head feeling light and refreshed.
As Cindy led Becca to the shampoo station another woman walked into the salon. This woman was a very professional corporate looking woman. She looked like she was in her 40s. She was thin and tall and was wearing a skirt that went down just past her knees. She had a suit on and a white button up collared shirt worn tightly.
“Hi Melissa! It’s been a long time!” said the other hairstylist greeting her, “just here for a haircut?” “Yes just a haircut, I have a meeting to get to,” Melissa said. “That’s no problem, just the usual for you today?” said the stylist as she was putting the cape on Melissa. “Yes I really need to get this mop cleaned up.”
It had been a very long time since Melissa’s last haircut, her hair had grown over her ears and was just starting to touch her collar. Melissa’s bangs had also grown long enough that they were starting to get in her eyes, which annoyed her as she tried to brush them aside constantly.
The hairstylist began spraying Melissa’s hair with the mister. She combed the hair and got all the tangles out and proceeded to start cutting. She held a clump about two inches above the top of Melissa’s head and proceeded to cut away.
Snip snip snip
Locks of her strawberry blonde hair fell to the floor. She continued. She brushed Melissa’s bangs down over her face. They covered her eyes and some of her nose. The stylist held the scissors and began snipping the hair well above Melissa’s eyebrows. Suddenly, you could see Melissa’s beautiful eyes and much of her forehead again. The bangs nicely framed her pretty face.
After the top of the head was finished the stylist moved to the right side and began cutting the hair around Melissa’s ear.
Snip snip snip
After many snips her right ear was exposed. Then she worked on the other side. After the other side of Melissa’s head had been chopped, the stylist snipped away at the bulk on the back of her head.
She put the scissors down and plugged in a pair of clippers.
The stylist slid the clippers up the back of Melissa’s head clipping away all the little hairs around her nape. And proceeded to clip the hair around her ears.
After blending the clipped part with the rest of the hair. The stylist turned the clippers off and grabbed a pair of small electric trimmers to get all the little fuzzies growing around the nape.
She held Melissa’s right ear down as she trimmed the little hair around the ear creating a clean line. She did the same with the left ear.
Melissa opened her eyes after the stylist blow dried her hair.
Melissa loved seeing her hair chopped into a nice very short haircut and was very glad she was no longer looking so shaggy. She also loved being able to see her ears and her eyes again.
“I took the sides and back just a quarter inch shorter than usual so that it would grow more smoothly until your next haircut,” said the stylist. “Looks great as always, this will make my husband happy, we have a dinner date tonight,” responded Melissa happily.
She paid and left.
Meanwhile, while Melissa was getting her haircut, Becca was very relaxed by her shampoo and scalp message. But now it was time for her haircut. As Becca walked up to the salon chair, she could see Melissa walking out of the shop and a whole lot of blonde hair on the floor. It looked like there had been quite a shearing.
She sat down in the chair. Cindy brushed Becca’s ginger hair flat against her neck and grabbed her shears.
Snip snip snip
Becca could feel the cold steel blade of the scissors moving across her nape cutting the hair at the back of her neck. Although Becca could not see what Cindy was doing, she sure felt a lot of hair being cut off. As Cindy moved the comb further up her head more hair was being sliced. After the back had been finished, Cindy moved over to the side and cut the hair so that the earlobes were just barely exposed.
Snip snip snip
She moved over to the other side.
Snip snip snip
Becca’s head continued to feel lighter.
Suddenly Cindy brushed Becca’s bangs flat across the front of her head. They were long enough that they reached Becca’s mouth.

Snip snip snip snip

Becca could see again. Cindy has cut hair bangs straight across just above her eyes at her eyebrow length. This was the first time in a long time that Becca had bangs covering her forehead. For a second she thought she could see that little girl she used to be that hated haircuts but this time was different. Becca’s head felt so much lighter with all that hair cut off.

She was really enjoying her haircut.

After Cindy finished layering the cut she asked “what do you think? Is this a length you had in mind?”

Becca loved the haircut. She looked different, she looked better. Although Becca loved this haircut she still had a burning desire to go shorter and that desire she received.
“I Love it so much, but I think I’d like to take it shorter.”
Cindy was a little surprised considering how unsure and nervous Becca looked earlier.
“How short do you want to go now?” she asked.
“Like the blonde woman who just walked out ten minutes ago,” Becca said referring to Melissa.
“Ahh the classic Jean Seburg short pixie. You can never go wrong there, that look is flattering on just about any woman!”
Cindy grabbed a pair of clippers and plugged them in. “Let’s do it!”
Click. Pop.
Cindy slid the clippers up the back of Becca’s head removing clumps of her thick ginger hair. The last time clippers has been used on Becca’s head was when on her nape when she was a little girl. This brought back memories.
Bzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzz
The buzzing continued. Cindy began working away at the hair on the right side of Becca’s head revealing her ear. The feeling was so soothing. Cindy continued on Becca’s left side revealing two little feminine ears. Becca loved the way she looked with her ears exposed. ‘Why did I keep them hidden for so long?’ She thought to herself.
Soon the clipping stopped. And Cindy snipped away at the top of Becca’s head with her scissors. She held a clump a couple inches above the head and
Snip snip snip
The ginger hair fell to the floor.
She continued the process.
Snip snip snip.
After the hair on the top of the head was cut short, Cindy combed Becca’s bangs down.
Snip snip snip snip
Becca’s bangs were cut very short exposing her eyebrows and most of her forehead. Becca was loving the super short look even more.
After Cindy blended and layered much of the hair, she grabbed a pair of small electric trimmers and buzzed off all the little fuzzies and stray hair around the neck and ears.
Bzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzz
Becca loved the feeling of the trimmers. They felt so soothing. Suddenly the trimmers stopped. Cindy combed Becca’s hair and styled it. “How does that look? Short enough?”
Becca was beaming with excitement.
“Yes! I LOVE it!”

Cindy removed the cape, and Becca had never felt so free. She touched her newly chopped hair and it felt so fresh and soft, especially the buzzed parts around the ears and neck. Becca’s hair was now almost as short as some of the boys in school she had a crush on.

Becca paid and left the shop, as she walked out she noticed that a mother who was sporting a very short haircut herself was bringing her daughter in to get her haircut. Her daughter had long wirey hair and did not look happy but Becca thought to herself

‘She may be young but one day she will learn to love having a short haircut. It may take a while but there is nothing that can reveal the inner beauty of a woman like a super short haircut’

As Becca walked outside, she felt a breeze on her head and there was something striking about that. When she had long hair, she hated windy days. It would always mess up her hair and her hair would get in her face. But now, nothing happened. There was no hair to fly in her face and no matter how windy it was her hair still looked neat and put together. The only thing she now had to deal with was the amazing feeling of the wind blowing on her ears and neck. That was nothing to complain about.

Not only did Becca’s hairstyle just change but with a change of hair Becca also started wearing different kinds of clothes and jewelry. Becca started to wear earrings on a daily basis now that her hair was so short. Since her neck was now more exposed, Becca began to wear more collared shirts. She started wearing more polo shirts, turtlenecks, and button down blouses. Becca also began wearing more dresses. Although Becca would normally wear contacts, she began wearing glasses as she thought they looked good with the pixie cut. Becca also wore more makeup and lipstick.

Becca continued to get her haircut at pixies salon every month. Becca always knew it was time for a haircut when the hair on the sides began to tickle her ears and the hair at the nape started feeling a little shaggy.

From that point on, Becca did not plan on ever growing her hair out again. She loved the way the super short hair feels, looks, and most of all, the practicality. As Becca’s life got busier, she only became happier and more grateful that she discovered the short pixie when she did.

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