A New Dawn

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It was a perfect day. The first day of a 3 day weekend. The sun was shining and it was warm, excellent camping weather.
JJ and Dawn had left at first light, it was a long drive to their special place, a small brook fed lake off the beaten path in the mountains. In the 5 years they’d been camping there they had never seen a sign that any other person had camped there for years. This made them feel comfortable enough to spend all of their time there in the nude working on their tans and making passionate love when ever they felt like it. A welcome respite from their work-a-day lives and dealing with men.
Not that either had anything against guys. Dawn had a steady boyfriend while JJ had a steady stream of male admirers who came and went with ridiculous regularity.
“I can’t wait to get to the lake and go skinny dipping” JJ said as they cruised down the highway to the lake.  “Hell,” she added, “Why wait?”
Without another word she stripped off the shirt and shorts and held her top out the window like a flag of freedom.
Eventually they found the hidden turnoff to their special place. As they bumped down the trace the tall grass and twigs that threatened to efface the road told them that once again, they would have the lake to themselves.
Half an hour later, they burst from the bush into the wonderful hot sunny clearing that surrounded their “Special Place”.
JJ spilled out of the car and quickly headed for a cooling dip in the small lake. As usual, Dawn, ever the pragmatist, began setting up camp though, she did strip naked too.
An hour later, the tent was set up, the fire wood was ready for a match and all of their gear was stowed safely. Food in bags hung from trees and sleeping bags in the tent. Only when she had checked everything for a third time did she join JJ in the water. It was, as always, GLORIOUS.
After a bit of playful splashing they settled down and floated languidly in the lake’s crystal clear waters. As they floated along Dawn asked the same question she had every year. “How come you never help me set up camp? It’s not easy to do on my own, you know.”
“I was just too hot! Besides, you’re Sooo good at it. So efficient and it’s so sexy to watch you do it.” jj replied glibly.
“Yes, I know I’m sexy” Dawn replied with a little smile “but, it would be nice if just one time you’d give me a hand with it.”
JJ pulled up behind Dawn and hugged tightly around the waist. Her left hand caressed Dawn’s right breast while her right cupped her sex and began to stroke her stiffening clit. Dawn’s breathing became husky as JJ nuzzled her neck.
“There you go,” she whispered into Dawn’s ear, “I’m lending a hand. Actually two”.
They spent the afternoon alternately making love and lolling  in the cool water of the lake.
AS the sun began to set, Dawn kindled a fire and, as usual, made dinner.  She didn’t bother to ask for help. She’d tasted JJ’s cooking and knew better.
Dishes cleaned, They retreated to their tent to relax.
They engaged in small talk for a while before Dawn broached a subject she had wanted discuss for a while.
“Hey JJ, can I ask you about something?”
“Sure” she replied.
“What happened between you and my brother last week?”
“Nothing, why?”
“Well, nothing that he wanted to happen, that’s  for sure!”
“And what did he want to happen?”
“The same thing he ALWAYS wants to happen…sex.”
“Ahhh…and you shut him down?”
“I sure did. In front of his friends too. Begging is SO not sexy.”
“I see…” Dawn replied knowing full well that this was not the case. Her brother’s friend Casey had caught the entire incident on his IPhone. She’d seen the footage for herself. JJ had been making promises to the boys, shaking out her gorgeous red hair in front of them. Teasing them, Promising their geeky selves that she could be theirs. She told them she would be waiting in the back yard, naked, ready for them. All they had to do was strip and meet them outside. Imagine their surprise when upon striding into the yard wearing only what nature had given them they found not a naked and waiting JJ but, a gaggle of frat boys and sorority  girls, smart phones rolling. They turned to reenter the house only to find that JJ had circled around and locked the doors. The incident hit the web in seconds and her brother had to break a window to get in.
Pretending that she knew nothing about the incident, Dawn aid her plans.
Sunday rolled around and JJ and Dawn woke late. The sunny weather had given way to rain in the night and JJ suggested they pack up early and head home. Dawn suggested they stay on for a bit to see if the weather would clear up a bit.
“That sounds boring.” JJ replied.
“Oh, I don’t know, I think we can heat things up a bit.”
Dawn held up a deck of cards and flipped through them. “How about a nice game of strip poker?”
“Um, we’re already naked you silly goose.” she said, reaching out and tousling Dawn’s hair.
“Well, I’m sure we can come up with ‘other things’ to bet. Perhaps certain sexy ‘acts’? Maybe doing shots? Your choice.”
“Hmmm…tempting. How about shots first and then sexy acts?”
“Works for me!” Dawn answered with a sly smile.
She passed a bottle of Jack to JJ and chose a bottle of white rum for herself.
They trades hands for a while, each time the loser took a swig from her bottle. Neither was a big drinker and they very quickly got potted. Or so it seemed. What JJ didn’t know was that Dawn’s bottle had very little rum and a lot of water in it. Not that it really mattered though as the cards were marked.
JJ’s head was spinning now and she was feeling a bit bold.
“I think I’ve had enough to drink for now. How about we switch to the sexy acts stuff” she slurred.
“Works for me!” Dawn replied as though she too were drunk.
They traded several orgasms using some of the various toys they’d brought with them before Dawn decided to ‘up the stakes’ of the game.
When the next hand was dealt and it was time to anti up JJ bet a Hitachi Magic Wand orgasm. Dawn grinned and upped the anti.
“I bet my bush against yours.”
“Huh? Wha…?”
“If you win, you can shave my bush off. Shave my pussy smooth as a baby’s butt. If I win, I get to take your gorgeous red bush. Deal?”
JJ’s alcohol addled mind mulled the idea over. Lose her beautiful, golden red pubic hair? The idea horrified her. It had been the symbol of her womanhood since puberty. On the other hand, the idea of Dawn with a bald pussy was…intriguing.
Throwing all caution to the wind, JJ said  “Let’s do this!”
The cards were dealt and Dawn let JJ win.
“I’m gonna enjoy this” JJ said as she reached for her shaving kit. Dawn leaned back to let JJ shave her pussy bald and thought “that should allay her suspicions.”
20 minutes later, Dawn’s crotch was smooth and bald.
“Looks delicious.” JJ said as she wiped the remaining foam away.
“Perhaps you’d like a taste?”
“Are you kissing?” said JJ, “I’m on a roll here. Deal the cards!”
“You got anything else you want to bet against my bush sweetie?” JJ’s competitive streak was coming out. THAT was dangerous.
“What would you accept?”
“Hmmm…” JJ reached out and took Dawn by the chin and moved her head back and forth. “How about those perfect eyebrows of yours?”
“My, my eyebrows? I don’t…”
Things were working out perfectly.
JJ cut her off. “Chicken!” she said and sealed her own fate.
“Ok, Deal.”
JJ dealt the cards. 2 Jacks and 2 10s. a decent hand.
“So, the bet is my bush against your eyebrows. Right?”
“Yes” Dawn replied nervously. She picked up her bottle and held it out to JJ who responded, They clinked bottles and JJ said “Call”
To JJ’s complete surprise, dawn had a Full House. Aces over Kings.
“Time to pay up JJ!” Dawn said with a grin.
A short time later, JJ’s pussy was just as bald as Dawn’s
‘Another hand” demanded JJ. Just as Dawn had hopped she would.
This time it was eyebrows for eyebrows.
JJ lost.
“Noooo…”she cried.
“Pay up!”
JJ leaned in and in short order, Dawn shaved away JJ’s perfectly shaped brows. Now, JJ was out for blood
Dawn dealt the cards.
“What’s the bet?” she asked.
“Eyelashes against eyebrows.”
“Are you sure you want to do that? We can stop now if you like.”
“No! Lets go!” JJ knew her luck had to change, and it did. She won.
Reaching for the razor she said “Pay up!”
“OK” said Dawn as she passed the remnants of JJ’s own sheared brows back to Dawn.
“What the hell?” asked JJ in amazement.
“The bet was eyelashes against eyebrows. You won, here are your eyebrows”
“No one said they had to be MY eyebrows.”
“Why you…Deal again! MY lashes against YOUR eyebrows, no tricks!”
When she lost again, she was stunned. A sudden buzzing filled the air as Dawn held up a small pair of clippers.
JJ pursed her lips in anger and closed her eyes. The clippers tickled as Dawn carefully shaved away her lovely lashes.
“I think we should stop now JJ. You’re running out of things to bet.”
“No fuckin way” she snapped. In her anger all she could think about was disfiguring Dawn in the same way her looks had been ruined.
“OK, your funeral”
The bet was simple. All JJ had left was her gorgeous red hair.
The final hand was dealt, the bet was made. JJ called and a groan escaped her lips as she saw she’s lost.
Shink, shink,shink. Dawn snicked her scissors and ordered JJ to turn around and “Pay up”
As the tears rolled down JJ’s face Dawn’s shears bit into JJ’s flawless hair.
Over and over again the shears tore into her hair and in short order JJ’s hair was reduced to a rat’s nest of uneven lengths ranging from close cut stubble to 1″.
Dawn held a mirror up to JJ’s face and she groaned loudly as she saw the absolute ruin that had been so perfect just minutes ago.
“Oh My God! I’m bald!” she exclaimed
“Not yet” said Dawn with an evil grin. In spite of her promise to herself, she was enjoying herself immensely.
The small clippers sprang to life and Dawn plowed them down the middle of JJ’s head. The result was a 2″ wide strip of hair less than one eighth of an inch long.
“There there JJ, this will even you up.” she said
Again and again the clippers attacked JJ’s scalp until, at last, her entire scalp was reduced to a light red fuzz.
“Happy now?” JJ said in anger.
Behind her, JJ heard the ominous squelch of foam leaving a can of shaving gel.
“Nooo..” she cried as Dawn began smearing the gel over her cropped scalp. The razor that followed was merciless. and for the next half hour JJ endure the scrape, scrape scrape of the razor as it reduced what was left of her hair to near nothingness.
Dawn ran her oiled hand over JJ’s bald scalp and just when JJ thought her agony was over. Another high pitched sound cut the air. Holding the Norelco electric razor before JJ’s eyes she said
“I just got this in the mail Thursday, never thought I’d be using it for this! They say it gives the closest shave possible. Maybe you can write a review when we get home?”
The relentless razor was as good an advertised, By the time Dawn was finished even JJ had to admit it was the closest shave she’d ever felt. Then, just for fun, Dawn ran the razor over every inch of jj’s body until she was porcelain smooth from head to toe.
“Well, would you look at the time! We better roll up and get going.”  said dawn as she began packing up her gear.
Just for shits and giggles Dawn ordered JJ to pack up camp while she took a quick, last dip in the lake.
JJ didn’t even argue with her.
As an extra added embarrassment, Dawn grabbed jj’s clothes before she could dress and told her she could ride naked of stay here…naked
The next few hours were torture for jj. She spent most of it trying to tuck herself down low enough that none of the passing drivers could see her complete nudity. Never had she felt SO naked. But, the seat belt prevented her from ducking down enough and anyone passing in a higher vehicle got a good look at everything she had to offer and then some.
Eventually they reached town and jj thought her ordeal was coming to an end. She was perplexed when they headed the wrong way for home.
“Gotta make a quick detour.” Dawn said cryptically.
As they drove down a dark but familiar street Dawn handed jj a ball cap, a hoodie and a pair of shorts.
Get dressed baldie, can’t have you getting arrested. Hell, your head is so damn white people might think it’s an emergency beacon!”
As ordered, jj dressed pulling the hood of her top over the ball cap to hide her hairlessness
They left the car and jj cringed as she recognized the house. Dawn’s kid brother Micky answered the door, surprised to see his sister.
“Come on in.” he said but, as jj stepped forward he placed his hand against her sternum and said flatly “Not her.”
Awww. come on li’l bro, She’s sorry.”
“OK but, she better not make ant trouble.”
“Oh don’t worry, jj’s trouble making days are over. You’ll see.”
They entered the living room and Dawn stood jj on the center of the room facing her brother and his seated friends. They groaned as they saw what the cat had dragged in.
“Guys, guys, jj has changed, you’ll see. She’s here to apologize and show you she means it. No tricks, I swear!”
Not sure what Dawn was up to, jj stood there, shoulders hunched, hands in pockets and silent.
Dawn, standing behind her said “how about we show them the new you?”
Anticipating that Dawn would expose jj’s bald head for maximum embarrassment, jj reached up and placed her hands on top of her hood. Imagine her utter surprise when instead she quickly jerked jj’s shorts down to her ankles exposing for all to see her now hairless womanhood.
Reacting quickly jj reached down to pull up her shorts only to have Dawn snatch the zipper in her hoodie down and open. Not sure what to protect, jj hesitated. In that moment Dawn yanked the hoodie off her shoulders and clean off her arms. Her hands trapped, she was helpless to do anything as Dawn reached up and grasped jj’s hat,
“Ta Da!” she exclaimed as she pulled the ball cap from her head.
The boys sat, mouths agape in startled silence.
“Meet the new jj!”
“Well, what do you think?”
“I…um…I ahhh…”
“Cat got your tongues?”
She glanced at jj who stood there blushing from head to toe.
Dawn gave jj a quick, sharp slap on the ass and she snapped to attention.
“Hey you, New jj, I think you have some promises to keep.”
Bowing her bald head in shame, jj finally understood her true place in the world.
She knelt on the floor and slowly crawled on all fours to Mickey. Reaching up, she opened his pants and drew out his hard cock.
“I’m so sorry I embarrassed you. Please, use me as you wish so I can make it up to you.”
His head fell back in extacy as she took him into her mouth and began sucking.
Dawn smiled, it was going to be a great night she thought as she pulled out her phone and began searching for permanent hair removal salons. But tomorrow was going to be even better
The End.

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